How to Reply to What’s Up? 48 Best Responses to WSP

Why Do People Ask What’s Up? The phrase “what’s up” means “what is happening at the moment.” Yet, you can interpret this phrase differently depending on the person.

What’s up can mean how your day was or how’s your health. Or, it’s another way to say or respond to hello. 

According to, “Although ‘what’s up’ is used interchangeably with ‘how are you,’ it’s not the same. When people say ‘what’s up,’ they mean what’s happening.”

Yet, everyone seems to understand the different responses to the phrase. For example, someone might say “What’s up” with the intended meaning, “How was your day.”

If, instead, that person gets the response “I’m doing good,” it is still understood.

So do you know how to respond to what’s up when someone asks you? It depends on who’s asking. You wouldn’t feel comfortable responding to a stranger as you would to your friend.

In this article, we will explore how to respond to WSP. We’ll look at different responses for different people. 

Funny Responses to What’s Up?

Talking to a stranger is different from talking to a close friend. And a funny response is different from a flirty or expected answer. People usually reply in this way because of their sense of humor.

These responses are more of an informal greeting. So, you should avoid using them in formal settings or around people you dislike.


Here are 15 funny responses to the question “what’s up?”

The Sky

This is a cliché response many people use when they’re asked, “what’s up.” They usually say it as a joke or to seem humorous to the person asking.

The sky is up among the clouds, so when someone asks, “What’s up?” you’d be accurate to respond, “the sky.” Yet, that is not what they meant when they asked the question.

According to, this is “a typical answer when someone doesn’t want to answer the question.”

Oil Prices

Seeing as gas prices are high, this might be a funny response to “what’s up.”

This should have the other person rolling with laughter. Oil prices and gas prices are things that always seem to get higher.

So this joke may never get old. Yet, you have many more funny responses here to choose from if it does.

My Blood Pressure

What a funny way of saying that you’re stressed out. If you want to vent to someone about something, this is a funny yet great way.

You may be new at a particular job, which is stressing you out. You want to tell someone but are unsure how to start the conversation. 

The Ceiling

This is a good one as well. Instead of saying the sky, you can be more specific about where you are.

If you tell the person the ceiling, it might give them the impression that you are in a building and not outside.

The Stars

It may be a starry night out, and you want to bring notice of that fact. So when someone asks you “what’s up,” you can use this response to start a conversation on the stars.


What a Christian thing to say. If you’re seeking an opening to start talking about God to someone, what better way to start it than this punch line. 

My Bills

What a hilarious way to say I cannot hang out because I’m broke. Sometimes people say “what’s up” to see if you have any plans.

Try this approach instead of telling them you are behind on bills or do not have money.

Everything That’s Supposed to Be

This is a funny reply. Instead of pinpointing a particular thing in the sky as the moon, sun, or stars, you can sum it up into one.

Everything that should be up is up. Use this response on your good friend or even significant other. You may get a chuckle out of them.

Nothing but Chicken Wings

“Not a thing but a chicken wing.” What a funny saying that has nothing to do with what is being asked.

Yet, it does sound hilarious. This was a famous saying on a television show back in the day, and it has stuck with some people. 

My Rent

After Covid-19, rent has gone up. Thus, it wouldn’t be strange to refer to rent as high, especially if you rent an apartment. This joke is a great conversation starter if you want to discuss renting and high prices.

It can be helpful if you are looking for a new place. Your friend may happen to have a lead on a new apartment.

Not my Salary

We know how it is when you are working for a mediocre salary. Sometimes it’s frustrating, especially when you want to live a comfortable life.

It’s handy when talking to someone you trust about your dire financial situation. It’s an excellent way to bring up the conversation so that it doesn’t sound sad.

How to Reply to What’s up in a Flirty Way?

How to reply to what’s up in a flirty way? Flirting over text can be difficult, especially when having a casual conversation.

So, how can you be more affectionate to your partner or potential partner? You don’t want to seem to overdo it!

Here are a few responses that you can give when asked, “What’s up.”

According to Paired Life, be wary of flirty comments. “Only use these flirty responses if you’re sure that you won’t hurt or offend anyone.

Don’t ever cross the line! If you’re in a real, serious relationship, always make sure to ask for consent first.”

Nothing Much, Just Thinking About You

Are you in the talking stage with someone and not sure how to flirt in casual conversation? This response to the question “what’s up” is perfect.

It is subtle yet bold. It shows that there is something more than friendship going on. 


I’m Better Now That I am Talking to You

This is another way to respond to a “what’s up” in a flirty way. You give off a flirty vibe by saying you feel better now that you speak to your love interest.

Wishing You Were Near Me

You and your partner may have a long-distance relationship. Or they may not be able to spend the night with you.

You can give your partner this response so they can feel loved and thought of. You can use this response even if you are not with the person.

It shows your interest in the person being closer than friends.

Watching a Movie. Wish You Were Here

Netflix and chill is something that is becoming ever so popular. It is intimate and often leads to sexual activity.


If you are trying to flirt, then this might be an excellent way to do so. It might have him, or her think about the possibility of coming over and watching a movie with you.

So Glad You Reached Out

You may have taken your love interest’s number and messaged what’s up.

Getting the response “happy to hear from you” or “so glad you reached out” can be a good feeling. It’s especially nice if it comes from someone you like. 

8 Best What’s up Replies to a Boy?

Guys like to know what the person they’re interested in is doing. It gives men a sense of control, knowing that he is aware of their movements or routine.

So here are eight best what’s up replies to a boy.

Going to Take a Bath

The image of your nude body comes to mind when a guy hears these words. This is because guys are visual creatures, aroused by the slightest things.

Often, when girls give this response, guys would say something like “without me?” or “can I join you” to play along with their fantasies. 

I Just Came Out of the Shower

This response gives guys the impression that you’re clean and you take care of yourself. Saying “I came from showering” when asked “what’s up” is an excellent way to make a guy more attracted to you. 

What Are You up To?

Sometimes males like to know that you’re interested in their actions. Sometimes they’re dying to tell you and may do so either way. Yet, it does make a difference to him when you ask. 

On my Period

Do you want to know how loving or compassionate he is? When he asks you, “what’s up” tell him you’re on your monthly period.

How he responds to that would give you the answer you want. He might be helpful and try to be nice to you, or he might not even care to ask how you feel.

I’m Bored

If you want his attention, then this is the response to use. He should call or text you within minutes if he is into you.

Many girls use this when they want some affection from someone. It doesn’t mean that they do not have anything to do.

It means that they want to talk to you.


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So a girl who can cook is a plus; he can find you even more attractive.

He might ask you what you are cooking, and the conversation can take off. He may see you as wife material.

He may even imagine having kids with you because of your feminine qualities. 

Getting Ready to Go Out

You are going out, and the guy you like ask you what’s up. What is the best way to tell him so that you pique his interest?

Try sending him a picture with the caption “getting ready to go out.” You might want to do a sexy pose with your nice outfit.

If he is into you, this is sure to make his day.

What About You?

Often, guys are the ones to start conversations, and the energy is sometimes not reciprocated.

When a guy asks you, “what’s up?” it is polite to pose the same question to him. You can tell him how you are and ask him afterward.

He might have something he wants to say, but he might not because you didn’t give him a platform.

8 Best What’s up Replies to a Girl?

Guys and girls tend to have different tastes regarding what they want in a partner. Girls are more emotional and need assurance and attention.

Men like the support and casual conversation of women. As a guy, when responding to a girl, you need to consider what she wants.


You also need to know what may catch her attention. Here are eight best what’s up replies to a girl.

Going to Take a Shower

As with guys, girls find this attractive among males. Cleanliness is appealing to both genders. So this is an excellent response to give to a girl as well.

I’ve been thinking of you

Girls like to know they’re on a guy’s mind, especially when they find him attractive.

Even if she doesn’t seem too happy about it, she is flattered by you telling her this. 

I’m Cleaning my Room

Guys are usually messy beings; few of them ever clean their man cave or room.

If he tells a girl that he is cleaning his room, she might like this as it makes him more attractive.

I’m Working, Talk Later?

This can be a hot thing to say as a guy in particular. It shows that you are stable and not a bum playing video games in your mom’s basement all day.

Being unavailable can be very attractive to a girl. It makes them feel like you have a plan or a goal you are working towards. Most women like men who can provide for themselves.

Having a good job with good pay can make a guy so attractive in a woman’s eyes.

Looking at Buying a Car

Showing off can be annoying. But when someone asks you what’s up, it gives you an open platform to say whatever while being humble.

Buying a car’s a big deal, and if you want to impress her, this is a great way to do so. Make sure that you are actually looking, though. Lying makes you look like a fool. 

You can ask her what she thinks about the car you are looking at and even invite her to take a look.

Having a boyfriend that can drive is a very sexy attribute. So she might want to get with you or if you are already together, then she may love you even more.

Working On My Car

When a guy knows how to fix cars, that is so hot to many girls. It gives you a more masculine look.

Even if you are washing the car, that can be appealing to a girl. You can credit this behavior to the many movies depicting hot males cleaning and fixing cars. 

Just Talking to You

What a fantastic way of saying that you are the only one I’m focused on. For a girl, this can make her fall for you.

Every girl wants to be the only best thing in a guy’s life. For him to treat her like the only one is a girl’s dream. 

Studying for Finals

A girl would find you attractive when they notice how hard you work to reach your goal.

According to Better Help, “The study’s subjects ranked intelligence as more sexually attractive than other qualities like humor, kindness, and even physical appearance.

The rising trend of the sapiosexual label seems to be most frequent among younger daters, often referred to as millennials or Generation Y.”

How to Reply to a “What’s Up” Text?

What to say when someone says, “what’s up?” Figuring out what to text someone in itself can be so hard. “Should I use emojis, or is that too much?” “How long should I wait to reply?”

There are many decisions to make when texting someone. Here are some replies for someone who asks you “what’s up” via text message.

Send a Thumbs-up Emoji

Don’t feel like talking? You can send a thumbs-up emoji when asked, “what’s up?” A thumbs up translates to “I’m great.”

This is a common response to someone you do not know very well. It might be a number you do not recognize, so you do not want to go into detail.


Or it could be you are not talking to someone because they upset you, so when they message you, you want them to get the memo.

Whatever the scenario may be, a thumbs-up can do the trick.

I’m Okay

This is a typical response that people tend to give to others. Sometimes, what a person is going through is too much to express by saying, “I’m okay.”

Other times, depending on a person’s mood, they don’t feel like speaking. It is usually said that when a girl responds “I’m okay” to a guy after an argument, she is not okay.

People tend to get straight to the point and not elaborate when annoyed or upset.

I’m Not Feeling Too Well

We all have our times when we are not in the best condition. If you feel sick, you might want to express that to someone.

You can seek advice on remedies to get better. But, recently, people have become more subtle about their health.

That behavior is due in large part to the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone seems to conclude that you have a deadly contagious virus. 

Some people enjoy saying they’re sick when asked what’s up. That’s because they do not feel like conversation or going out. 

Nothing Much

“Nothing special, what about you?”

This has become a cliché thing to say to someone inquiring about your life or health. It is quite an ironic statement because how can you not be doing anything.

Yet, it’s become a standard response as people do not think much of it. “Nothing” means that you are not doing anything important or anything exciting is happening.

Up at 5am Today

You may have started going to the gym or gotten into a habit of watching the sunrise. You could have had to feed the baby or get to work early.

Whatever the reason is, if you want to express how early you have awoken, then this is a good response. It’s an excellent way to start up that conversation.

Same Old Same Old

This is the same as the response “nothing much.” What does it mean? The simple interpretation is that nothing has changed since the last time you talked.

People usually use this when they haven’t spoken to someone long. Nothing exciting happened during that time, so it feels the same as before.

I’ve Had a Busy Week

“I’ve had a busy week.” What a way to start a conversation. It may even be the best way. You can then tell your friend or partner about your busy week and the events.

Yet, this is different than saying “I’m busy,” which can come off as you do not want to talk. 

If you are busy and someone messages you “what’s up,” it is better to get back to them when you are not.

You can then be free to update them on your week. If you do not want to leave them unread, you can say “busy, update you later” with a smiley emoji

I Can’t Complain

This is another way of saying I am doing okay. It implies that you’re not upset even though things are not perfect. So many people go through worse.

It’s a good answer because it shows that you are grateful for being alive. It also gives the impression that you treasure the little you have. 

I Just Woke Up

The person may have messaged you at night, and you see the message in the morning. You might have overslept and didn’t see the message until now.

If this is the case, saying “I just woke up” is a great response. It gives them an idea of what is happening in your life currently. 

They could be messaging you because you both had plans to go somewhere or do something. But, you didn’t wake up in time so saying that is the reason why can be very helpful.

How to Reply to What’s up to a Friend?

Talking to strangers is different from speaking to a close friend. You may not feel comfortable telling a stranger the details of your life, but with a friend, you are.

So, do you want to know how to respond to what’s up when a friend asks?

When talking to your friend, you should be able to be yourself and tell the truth. Otherwise, why is that person your friend?

If you cannot honestly answer how you feel when your friend asks you, “what’s up?” then you need to make new friends. 

If you are feeling depressed, you should be able to express that. If you are having boy problems, you should be able to tell your friend.

Telling your friends your problems should not feel like a big task. They can help you with what you are going through or give you some helpful advice.

How do you reply to What’s up to Coworker?

What’s the best response to “what’s up” when my coworker asks? Talking to your coworker differs from talking to your partner or best friend.

The relationship should be distinct when it comes to the three. Yes, you and your coworker may be close. Yet if the person is only your coworker, you should not tell them everything about your life.

Remember, it’s your coworker, not your best friend. 

If you are on sick leave, your coworker may check up on you to see how you’re doing. How do you know what the appropriate response to your coworker would be?

Here are 5 replies you can use in different scenarios when asked “what’s up” by a coworker.

I Am Doing Well

This is a polite response used in formal settings or around people of high status. You may want to use this when talking to your coworker.

It lets you sound professional in a casual conversation. This is a typical response that you can use in any crowd. 

I’m Feeling Under the Weather Today

Your coworker messages you because you are not at work today. Even if you choose to take a day off and claim sick leave, you shouldn’t let your coworker know.

Remember that the person is still your coworker and can tell on you if they wish. 

Even if you both are close, letting them in on your little secret isn’t a good idea. Your coworkers might feel like you are getting an off day when they have to do double work.

It could very well jeopardize your relationship.

Counting Hours Until the Weekend

Your co-workers would know the struggle, so this response is good for speaking to them. Sharing that same pain of having to come to work every day can make your relationship stronger. 

You and your friends may have been waiting for an event on the weekend, and you’re excited.

Or, your birthday might be on the weekend, and you cannot wait. Replying with this phrase could be a way of reminding your friends of your special day.

How to Reply to What’s up to a Stranger?

How do you reply to what’s up to a stranger? There is so much superstition around talking to strangers, particularly sketchy ones.

So what to say when someone says what’s up, especially if it is a stranger? A simple “I’m fine” would do.

Don’t tell your whole life story to a total stranger you know nothing about. Although some people find talking to strangers comforting, it isn’t a very safe thing to do. 

According to, “They can use all the information provided by you to stalk you or make you the victim of a crime.

Be aware that, in addition to targeting you, a stranger may get close to you to target someone you know.” Still, do try to give a friendly response.

You do not have to be rude even though you do not want to answer. Here’s how to answer what’s up when a stranger asks. 

Show Them a Thumbs Up

A thumbs-up indicates that everything is okay. This is the perfect response if you do not wish to verbalize a response.

Your mom may have told you not to talk to strangers, and you do not want to disobey her. Yet, you do not want to seem rude.

A thumbs-up is an excellent way of replying to this informal greeting without breaking your mom’s rules.


According to, “Depending on their valence, facial expressions may carry different emotional states and trigger different physiological responses in the observer, which can be detected in the sympathetic nervous system.”

Facial gestures can send a message. Smiling for a stranger who asks you “What’s up?” can be a way of saying, “I’m okay.”

It shows you are happy and have a positive attitude towards the question. If everything were not okay, you would have a negative attitude to the question.

Do not Respond

Although this may sound rude, not responding is a response in itself. It gives off the vibe that you do not want to talk.

When it comes to strangers, this is an entirely valid response. Why does a stranger even care about your life?

You don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger. The stranger should understand that. 

Not Bad, and How Are You?

If you feel comfortable talking to strangers, this is a good reply. It is short, and you also allow them to vent.

But, if you’re rushing, this might not be the best response. They might give you a long story about their life that you must pretend to care about.

We’ve come up with 48 possible responses to one question – a staggering number. “What’s up” is vague, and it could be a tad annoying.

How can you tell what exactly the asker is looking for? Sometimes, you have to nudge the person to be more specific so you can understand what they need to know.

At the same time, “what’s up?” can be endearing, especially when asked by someone who cares about you.