How To Flirt And Approach Your Gym Crush?

It’s not uncommon for people to have gym crushes; after all, you’re surrounded by individuals with hot bodies, and someone’s bound to catch your eye.

The problem is that it’s rare for men and women to hit on each other at the gym.

It might seem like the perfect place to meet your future spouse, but most gym bunnies are too focused on their workouts, and hitting on someone is the last thing on their mind.

Nevertheless, it does happen because plenty of couples meet at the gym. If you’re unsure how to flirt with and approach your gym crush, you’ll find some great tips in this article. 

What Is A Gym Crush?

You have a gym crush when you find someone attractive at the gym. You may see this person several times a week, but you’ve never talked with them and don’t know their name.


Your feelings are purely based on the physical. In case you’ve asked yourself, is it normal to have a gym crush?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal, and most people will have one or a few at some stage. If you don’t have a gym crush but have been wondering how do you get a gym crush? The answer is simple: wait until you see someone hot. 

How To Flirt With Your Gym Crush?

Is flirting in the gym okay? Yes, it is. There are several ways to flirt with your gym crush, including asking her if she needs help, making eye contact with her, and smiling at her. Keep reading to find out how guys and girls flirt at the gym. 

How Do Guys Flirt At the Gym

Guys can flirt at the gym by asking her if she needs help, making eye contact, and smiling. Keep reading to find out how guys flirt at the gym. 

#1 Ask Her If She Needs Help

Women like being rescued, and if you can find a way to help her, you’ll most definitely score some brownie points. If she’s bench pressing but seems struggling, rush over and ask if she needs help.

You can do this for any of the equipment she’s using; make sure she looks like she needs help, or she might get offended. 

#2 Smile At Her

According to the experts, smiling makes you appear open and friendly, and that’s the exact impression you want to give.

The next time you see your gym crush, give a wide smile, make eye contact, and hopefully, she’ll smile back. 

#3 Make Eye Contact With Her

Eye contact is a great way to flirt with someone; don’t stare, or you’ll look like a creep.

If you’re on speaking terms with your gym crush, the next time you’re conversing with her, look her in the eye with a slight smile on your face for about three seconds and then divert your gaze.

If you haven’t started speaking to her, do the same thing the next time she’s walking in your direction or you’re walking past her. 

How Do Girls Flirt At The Gym?

Girls can flirt at the gym by working out beside him, making friends with his friends, and not looking too serious. Keep reading to find out how girls flirt at the gym. 

#2 Make Friends With His Friend

A great way to flirt with your gym crush without being direct is to make friends with his friend.

Strike up a conversation with him, and completely ignore your crush. If you play your cards right, the friend will introduce you to your crush, and you can take it from there. 

#1 Workout Next To Him

To flirt with your gym crush, you must get as close to him as possible. Do your best to work out on equipment next to him. The idea is to get him to see you. 

#3 Don’t Look Too Serious

Although you’re concentrating on your workout, try not to look too serious when moving from one piece of equipment to the next.

The aim is to look as approachable as possible so that when you do run into your crush, they’re not afraid to talk to you. Keep a slight smile and a relaxed face to avoid looking like a misery guts. 

Do’s And Dont’s Of Talking To Your Gym Crush

If you’re ready to approach your gym crush but are unsure how, here are some tips on talking to them without sounding like a jerk or appearing desperate. 

How To Talk To A Guy At The Gym?

There are several ways to talk to a guy at the gym; these include making small talk, asking him to spot you, or ask him a question. Keep reading to learn how to talk to a guy at the gym. 

#1 Do Make Small Talk

There’s no need to have a deep and enlightened conversation with your gym crush. You don’t know what he’s into; he might think you’re weird.

You’re best off starting with small talk and saving the woke stuff until you get to know him a bit better. 

#2 Do Ask Him To Spot You

Intentionally put too many weights on the bench press and ask him to spot you.

Walk up to him and say, “You look really strong, and I’m trying to increase my weight. Do you mind spotting me?”

Men like helping women they’re attracted to, so if he thinks you’re hot, he won’t say no.

When you’re lifting, it will clear you’re struggling, and you can get him to help you remove them.                                       

#3 Do Ask Him A Question

Pay attention to what he’s wearing, carrying, or how he does his workouts, and ask him a question about it.

For example, if he’s wearing some fitness device like a fitness tracking band, you can ask him where he got it from and if he recommends it. 

#4 Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Showing too much skin isn’t advisable when approaching a guy unless you’re looking for a booty call.

Of course, you’re not going to the gym in a baggy sweatsuit, but there’s no need to go half-naked.

If you’re interested in more than sex, you’ll want him to respect you and pay more attention to your mind than your body. 

#5 Don’t Give Physical Compliments

Everyone likes compliments, and there’s nothing wrong with telling your significant other why you find them physically attractive.

But your gym crush isn’t your significant other, so complimenting his physical appearance could work against you.

If he’s buff, he’s probably used to women telling him he has a great body, and he’ll most likely write you off as just another female.

However, if you say something like, “You’ve got amazing stamina. You’ve been running since I got in here,” your compliment will stand out.

This is a great way to start a conversation because after he’s said, “Thank you,” ask how he manages to run for such long stretches because you’re struggling. 

#6 Don’t Act Jealous

If your gym crush speaks to other girls at the gym, it will probably make you feel some way.

All sorts of thoughts will go through your mind, such as whether he’s attracted to them and if he finds them more attractive than you. It’s perfectly normal to think like this; however, your gym crush doesn’t need to know about it.

So don’t do something ridiculous like butt into his conversation when he’s chatting to another female.

Or ask him who he was speaking to in an accusatory tone. Any signs of jealousy will send him running in the opposite direction from you. 

How To Talk To A Girl At The Gym?

The dos and don’ts of talking to a girl at the gym include making sure you don’t stink, asking her to record a set, and respecting her personal space. Keep reading to learn how to speak to a girl at the gym. 

#1 Do Make Sure You Don’t Stink

Good hygiene is necessary if you want to get past first base because women don’t like smelly men.

Even though you’re at the gym and you’ve probably worked up a sweat, that’s no excuse.

To avoid putting her off, either speak to her before starting your workout or go into the changing rooms, give yourself a wipe-down, and apply some deodorant before approaching her. 

#2 Do Ask Her To Record A Set

If your gym crush isn’t busy, ask her if she can record a set for you.

You can say that you usually come with a stand, but you were in a rush and forgot it today. This is the perfect opportunity to tell her your name and get hers.

Make it short and sweet; the interaction should go something like this: “Excuse me, my name’s [your name]; what’s yours? [she tells you her name] Would you mind giving me five minutes of your time and recording one set for me? I left my stand at home.”

When you’re done, thank her for her time and get on with your workout. The next time you see her at the gym, say, “Hi [her name], how are you doing today?” Hopefully, you’ll have a longer conversation with her. 

#3 Do Respect Her Personal Space

Respecting a woman’s boundaries is extremely important, but even more so when you’re just getting to know her.

You can start by not getting too close when speaking to her; according to the United States Proxemic Zones, when you’re in a social space, make sure you stand four to twelve feet away from the person you’re talking to.

If you’re not sure how far this is, practice by measuring the distance from a wall beforehand.

So this means no coming up behind her, tapping her on the shoulder, or bumping into her intentionally. 

#5 Don’t Show Off

While it’s true that some women like strong men, they don’t like show-offs, and the research proves this.

One study found that women prefer men who don’t take risks because it indicates they will be around to protect and provide if they were to have children together.

Not only do women find show-off type behavior childish, but it’s also a sign that a man won’t be a good mate. The only people impressed by show-offs are men, and since you want to attract a female, it’s best you stay in the slow lane. 

#4 Don’t Force The Conversation

A forced conversation is awkward and uncomfortable; you will want to avoid it at all costs.

You want to ensure she wants to speak to you again, and if she’s left with a cringe-worthy aftertaste from your first interaction, she’ll have no desire to speak to you again.

It’s best to ask open-ended questions so she can’t give you one-word answers. If you can’t think of anything else to say, politely end the conversation and wait for another opportunity to speak to her. 

#6 Don’t Act Like a Sleaze Ball

Please understand that women are tired of being hit on by sleaze balls. Sadly, too many men don’t know they fall into this category!

So if you’re unsure whether you’re one of them, a sleazeball is a man who makes it very obvious they are sexually attracted to a woman.

They’ll do things like staring at her breasts or for too long in general or catcalling her. If the sleaze ball is lucky enough to converse with the woman, everything he says will revolve around sex. 

Ask The Expert

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about a gym crush. 

Q: How do you know if your gym crush likes you?

You will know if your gym crush likes you because their body language will give it away.

They probably won’t walk up to you and say they’re interested, but when they see you, they’ll react.

For example, a female might look in your direction with her head tilted to the side, twirling a lock of hair around her finger.

A guy might start primping himself by pulling his socks up or smoothing out his hair anytime he sees you. 

Q: What if my gym crush is avoiding me?

Unless your gym crush dashes the door any time they see you, they are probably not avoiding you.

Most people who go to the gym focus on their workout and ignore their surroundings. So it could be that your gym crush hasn’t even noticed you yet. 

Q: I have a gym crush but already have a relationship

There is nothing wrong with having a crush on someone when you’re in a relationship; make sure you don’t act on it.

If you don’t think your relationship will work out, break things off with your partner before making a move on your gym crush.