31 Bets to Make With Your Boyfriend

Want to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend? Try making bets with your boyfriend once in a while. It’s fun and exciting, and there’s a reward waiting for you half the time.

This article will cover 31 bets you can make with your boyfriend, categorized by flavor. You’re about to learn funny bets, flirty bets, good harmless bets, and even bets you can make with him over text.

Check the following bet ideas out and see which ones sound fun to you. Then, surprise him by making a bet—he’ll love the friendly competition.

9 Funny Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

These fun bet ideas are great because they’re always good for a laugh no matter who wins.

And when you can have fun with each other, there’s a better chance your relationship will turn out just fine. Try these out:


#1: “The loser has to sing a song. The winner chooses the song.”

Simple, right? Whoever wins the bet makes the loser sing any song they wish. To make things more fun, take a video of the performance and watch it together. The sillier the song, the better!

This is also a good bet idea for when you’re both at a karaoke bar. Make the loser sing karaoke in front of an adoring audience. It’ll make for an interesting memory, that’s for sure.

#2: “The loser has to share a private or embarrassing story with the winner.”

This one’s perfect for new couples just getting to know each other’s deeper, darker, dirtier secrets.


Even if you lose, that’s a good thing—you’ll be building a stronger bond with your boyfriend in the end. (Though, let’s hope you win and learn more about him instead!)

#3: “The loser can’t use their phone for the rest of the day.”

If you’re both ready to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, this one’s a bet that’s as tough as it’s funny.

We all can stand to use our phones less, and so whoever loses the bet gets a free exercise on self-control.

Who knows? They might rediscover an old hobby or learn to read maps or something.

#4: “The loser has to drink something the winner picks.”

If you and your boyfriend don’t mind drinking games, this one will be a blast.

Make a bet, lose it, and drink something your partner picks for you. It’s fun to do at parties or bars where many different drinks are on tap—you can get as creative as you want.


Of course, stay responsible and avoid making him drink more than he can handle.

#5: “The winner chooses the outfit the loser will wear on our next date.”

Ever wanted to date a clown? Now’s your chance. Of course, this bet can backfire on you, and you might wear the clown nose on your next date night.

Go ahead if you’re feeling daring, but you might want to draw limits with your boyfriend on what the winner can make the loser wear.

#6: “The loser has to wash the winner’s car this weekend.”

Of course, this bet only makes sense if you both own your own cars. But this one’s much simpler, right?

Make a bet, and if you lose, you just wash his car—no need to put on clown makeup. He might make you wear a swimsuit, though…

#7: “The loser has to drive the winner around town for a day for the week.”

Speaking of owning your own cars, this is another funny bet. The loser has to schedule a day when they’ll be their partner’s designated driver.


You’ll be surprised—what may sound like a minor hassle can make some fond, interesting memories for you both.

#8: “The winner is free of all chores today.”

A tempting bet if we’ve ever heard one, right? A 50-50 chance of getting a day of no chores—that’s just too good to pass up.

So go ahead, make the bet, and everyone is happy. Except, of course, if you make the loser do the winner’s chores.

#9: “The loser has to buy the winner a week’s worth of snacks.”

Lastly, this one’s a fun, straightforward bet to make. The winner lists snacks they normally consume in an entire week, and the loser has to buy them promptly.

If you truly love each other, this shouldn’t be a big deal, right?


Any of these nine bet ideas are enjoyable for the winner and easy on the loser, so it’s a net gain in fun for you both.

Just remember—it’s only a game, so if things are getting heated up or uncomfortably competitive, feel free to call off the bet anytime.

6 Flirty Bet Ideas

Now, if you want to spice things up in the relationship, you can give your bet a flirty edge.

These six bet ideas are great, as they open opportunities for kinky, naughty fun. Just ensure you’re up to whatever he might tell you to do if you lose.


#10: “The winner gets three wishes, and the loser is the genie.”

The standard wish-making rules apply. No wishing to kill someone, fall in love with someone, or bring someone back from the dead.

Other than that, the winner’s got it, and the genie should be more than happy to grant their pleasure. Three of them, to be exact.

If you’re feeling daring, you can bump the number of wishes to five. You can bring it down to just one wish if you’re not. It’s totally up to you.

#11: “The loser has to plan our next romantic date night.”

No matter how much you love each other, you and your boyfriend probably have different ideas on what makes a date night romantic.

Well, this bet will give you both a 50-50 chance at realizing that ideal romantic date night—so why not give it a shot?

Plan a mystery date to make it worth it if you lose the bet. Don’t tell your boyfriend about what you had planned before that same night.

#12: “The winner gets to pick what to do in the bedroom tonight.”

Speaking of different ideas—you’ll likely also have different tastes in kinks in the bedroom.


Why don’t you find out what they are? Make this bet and prepare to surprise—or be surprised by—him. Either way, you win.

#13: “The loser has to write the top 10 things they like about the winner.”

This can either be naughty, sweet, or funny, depending on what the loser writes about the winner.

It’s also an opportunity to learn more about each other and deepen your bond.

#14: “The loser does the winner’s bidding for the rest of the day.”

This is a variation of the genie-and-three-wishes bet (#10), where the loser does whatever the winner tells them for the rest of the day.

If you want to hedge your bets, you might want to make this bet in the afternoon or evening.

#15: “The loser gives the winner a massage of their choice.”

This should be fun. When one partner massages the other, one thing tends to lead to another—and that’s exactly what you’d want to happen, right?

If you lose the bet, give your boyfriend the most unforgettable massage he’s ever had. If you win, get ready for yours.

Simple, right? These six flirty, sexy bets are enough to inject some welcome spice into your relationship.

Make them whenever you feel you and your boyfriend need some excitement.

8 Good Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Now, your bets don’t necessarily need to be excessively fun or naughty. Sometimes, they can be good, harmless gestures of love.

The following 8 bet ideas are good ways to show how much you appreciate each other, regardless of who wins or loses.

#16: “The loser makes breakfast in bed for the winner tomorrow.”

This one’s simple and sweet, and not too imposing. If you love each other, the loser of the bet should all too happily comply with the bet consequences.

If you’re not a particularly good cook, that’s fine—you can tweak this bet to allow ordering in.

You may need to get up earlier to make the order, but the smile on your boyfriend’s face when he wakes up will make it more than worth it.

#17: “The loser watches the baby tonight.”

Naturally, this one’s only for couples with a little bundle of joy. Watching the little bub can be exhausting, and the bet can allow one of you to express your love and give the other a much-needed break.

The best part? If your boyfriend has been watching the baby lately and is extremely tired, you can lose the bet on purpose. He’ll love you for it.

#18: “The loser does the groceries next week.”

This is another harmless way to show each other your love. Getting groceries can be tiring, and if one of you will gladly take it off the other’s hands, this is a fun wager to make.


#19: “The loser does all the winner’s chores for the day.”

This is a great bet to make when you and your boyfriend share a roughly equal share of the chores in the household.

One of you gets to take a break while the other gets a little busier.

Just keep in mind, though—if you’re already up to your neck with chores in the household, you might want to skip this bet and use the next one instead…

#20: “The winner gets to plan the next date.”

This one’s a much more fun bet, especially since there are no extra chores for the loser to handle.

Instead, the winner gets to plan the next date. They might pick a place they’ve always wanted to see or an event they’ve always wanted to attend.


However, which way it goes, this bet guarantees a date and opens an opportunity to experience something new.

#21: “The loser has to pay the winner a specific amount.”

This is the quintessential type of bet, where the loser pays the winner a specified amount of money. “I’ll bet you $5 that…” or, “I bet you $10 that…” You get the idea.

This bet won’t make sense if you and your boyfriend share a bank account.

In that case, you can switch the amount with a gift card from the winner’s favorite mall, shop, or restaurant. That way, the winner has an excuse to get something nice for winning the bet.

#22: “The loser makes dinner tonight.”

This is a simple variation of #16. Instead of buying or making breakfast the following day, it’ll be for dinner on the same day.

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the loser, and it gives the winner a chance to have something they really like.

If you want to expand each other’s options, you can make the loser take the winner out on a dinner date somewhere nice.

#23: “The loser has to eat something hot and spicy.”

…or extremely sour, or extremely pungent—you can get creative on this one.

Ever had a type of exotic food you’ve always been curious about but never dared to try? You just might get to rope your brave boyfriend into trying it for you—if you win the bet, that is.


Now, let’s switch gears a bit. What if you’re in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to make your bets over text or online.

And that’s up next:

8 Bets to Make With Your Boyfriend Over Text

When in a long-distance relationship, it’s always smart to nudge things towards the next face-to-face meet-up.

The more frequently you meet, the better your chances of making it work in the long run.

So, try the following bet ideas with your boyfriend and subliminally send the message that you will see each other again very soon:


#24: “The winner decides what we’ll do this weekend.”

It doesn’t matter if you lose the bet. You’ll still meet him this weekend, and that’s a win for you both.

That makes this the go-to bet to make with your boyfriend over text—if you could meet up every weekend, that’s a great sign.

#25: “The loser has to bake something for the winner.”

This one’s a fun bet for long-distance relationships. Whoever wins the bet will get to enjoy some baked goodies with the loser the next time they meet up—hopefully soon.

#26: “The winner picks our next vacation destination.”

I hope you’re seeing the trend so far. If you’re in a distance relationship, most of your efforts should be focused on making the next date happen.

And few things can beat a vacation destination where you can spend several days with each other.

#27: “The loser has to send a nude to the winner.”

If you lose this one, you’ll still motivate your boyfriend to meet you soon.


So, be sure to send your photo with a caption like: “Come and get me.” Trust me—he will.

And if you win, well—enjoy the view!

#28: “The loser needs to make a Tiktok dance video.”

This bet’s pretty straightforward—the loser picks any Tiktok dance video and sends it to the winner.


The winner can pick which template the loser should use to make things more interesting. It’s great fun when neither of you is a good dancer.

#29: “The loser has to buy coffee for the winner.”

Again, this bet invites him to meet you for coffee sometime soon. Like most of the other bets in this category, it doesn’t matter if you lose—you’ll end up scheduling a date with him, and that’s a win for you.

#30: “The winner chooses what to watch on our next movie night.”

If you’re unable to meet each other soon, then this bet will make for the next best thing—you can watch a movie together online, and the winner gets to pick which one.

#31: “The loser will take the winner shopping.”

And lastly, you can offer to take each other shopping on a bet. It can get expensive, but to meet each other and spend quality time is worth any price.

There you have 31 fun bet ideas you can make with your boyfriend. There’s at least one for every occasion, so try them out.

Your relationship will be the better for it.

What Are Good Things To Bet On?

Now, to wrap up, what exactly should you bet on? The possibilities are endless. See which of the following categories are relevant to you and your boyfriend, and practice making fun bets on them:


How much something costs

Let’s say you and your boyfriend see an expensive-looking watch, car, or hotel on TV.

You then make a bet on how much it costs. The one whose guess comes closer to the actual cost (You can probably Google it) is the winner.

Who wins in a game (Video, board, cards, etc.)

If you play games with your boyfriend often, you can make things more interesting by making bets. The healthy competition will make victory all the sweeter.

Who wins or loses in a sports game

Are you both sports fans? Then try making bets on the outcomes of certain games or perhaps guessing the final score. The one who wins gets a sweet bonus.

This is an easy choice for following the same sport but different sports clubs. Every time the two clubs meet is an evening, you block off on your schedules.

Who can eat/drink the most of something

If you’re both foodies, then this should be fun. Pick a food or drink and challenge each other to see who can eat or drink most of it. The last one standing (or sitting) wins the bet.


How a movie ends

Watching a new movie with your boyfriend? Make a friendly bet on how the movie ends, and the one whose guess comes closest to the actual ending wins the bet.

Fair warning: You might want to avoid making these bets in a cinema, where you’re supposed to be quiet. Save it for when you’re watching a movie at home.

Which event happened first

When you’re talking about history with your boyfriend and one of you gets confused about which event happened, quickly make a bet with him—then check Google for the answer.

Whether a mutual friend will do something or not

When you’re talking about a mutual friend who’s about to make an important decision in their life, bet with your boyfriend on what they’ll do.

Place Your Bets!

Hopefully, this article gave you some great ideas on bets to make with your boyfriend.

It’s a fast, easy, free way to make your relationship a bit more interesting and fun.

And in the case of long-distance relationships, it’s also a sneaky way to schedule more meet-ups, dates, and vacations with your boyfriend.

Do be careful, though. Some bets may make him uncomfortable or upset. This is a sign he’s not much into healthy competition, so don’t push it.

He might also be overly competitive and take even the smallest challenges way too seriously. This is also not a good sign, and it’s a situation you’ll want to avoid getting into in the first place.

It’s best to start with harmless bets first. Then, if he takes to it well, ramp it up to flirtier and more daring bets.

You might even make a little tradition with him—such as betting on sports games—to deepen your relationship and strengthen your bond.

So, start with a small bet and see how it goes. Good luck!