Why Did She Block You On Everything?

Why did she block you on everything? Why didn’t she tell you from the beginning that she wasn’t interested instead of blocking you after two dates?

Maybe she only decided she didn’t want to take things further after the second date. Or was she being polite by going on a second date with you?

You can speculate all day, but you won’t know the answer to these questions until you’ve spoken to her.

So now, your job is to get back in her good books so you can pick up where you left off and show her that you are a nice guy.

Then, if you’re willing to put the work in, you can get her to unblock you and start dating her again. Keep reading to discover why she blocked you and how to win her back. 

What Does It Mean When A Girl Blocks You On Everything?

Getting blocked isn’t nice, especially when you don’t know what you’ve done wrong.

There are several reasons why the woman you‘re seeing might have blocked you, including she got back with her ex, you did something to annoy her, or she’s being spiteful.


Keep reading if you want to know what it means when a girl blocks you on everything. 

#1 She Got Back With Her Ex

Unfortunately, your date wasn’t always honest when you asked about her ex-boyfriend. She said the break-up was so bad, there’s no way on earth she’d get back with him.

When you heard she’d just got out of a seven-year relationship, you were a bit apprehensive about starting something with her but didn’t want to judge her and decided you’d see how things went.

Unfortunately, your instincts were right. Getting involved with someone who had just exited a seven-year relationship wasn’t a good idea because they’re back together! 

#2 You Did Something To Annoy Her

Certain things trigger some people, and unless they tell you, you’ll never know. Maybe you didn’t post pictures of her on your social media, or maybe it was something else that triggered her.

For example, her ex-boyfriend might have spent their date nights talking about football which is a subject she has no interest in.


Despite her telling him she’s not interested, he continued. When they broke up, she vowed never to date a guy obsessed with football.

So the next man who so much as even mentions football doesn’t get a second chance. 

#3 She’s Being Spiteful

She’s blocked you because she’s being spiteful and wants to get back at you for doing something she wasn’t happy with.

She waited until you’d started catching feelings for her to block you because she wanted to make sure it hurt you in the same way what you did to her hurt her.

So think back to a time when you were in her bad books, and it appeared she had let you off the hook. She didn’t forget about the incident. She had been planning to get you back all along. 

#4 She Chose Someone Else

Your lady friend was dating more than one guy, and she chose someone else. She should have done the honorable thing and told you, but she didn’t feel she needed too.

As far as she’s concerned, you only went on one date, so she doesn’t feel she owes you an explanation. 

#5 She Believes The Rumors About You

The minute she told her friends she was dating you, they started spilling the tea about you. According to the streets, you’re a big-time player with a string of women, and you don’t treat them very well either.

You are known for sleeping around, and even though you want to settle down, your reputation isn’t helping you. As soon as she heard this, she blocked you because she doesn’t feel she can trust you. 

#6 She’s Attention Seeking

If you’ve been asking yourself if she blocks you, she loves you, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for here.

If she loves you and wants to know whether you love her too, she’ll block you on all platforms to see how far you’ll go to contact her.


She’ll conclude you’re not that into her if you don’t make any effort. As far as she’s concerned, if she blocks you, you win because you were probably planning on dumping her anyway. After all, you don’t have strong feelings for her.

This is a pretty immature way of asking how you feel about someone. Most people don’t like asking that question in case they’re rejected.

Additionally, actions speak louder than words. Females pay more attention to what you do than what you say. 

#7 Your Posts Are Annoying

She understands that she can’t tell you what to post online or through Snapchat, so she blocked you instead of complaining about it. This is most likely the reason she doesn’t like any of your posts. 

#8 You Were Too Sexual

When you’ve just met a female, speaking about sex can come across as creepy.

If she’s not looking for a sexual relationship, she will find it very off-putting when you start talking about what you like doing in the bedroom.

Her disgust will be fuelled further if she asked you not to speak about such things, but you continued anyway. 

#9 She Thinks You’re A Catfish

If she’s never seen you before and you went on your first date after chatting for a few weeks online, she may have been disappointed when she saw you in real life.

She probably decided not to take things further if she thought you didn’t look like your pictures. But because she didn’t want to hurt your feelings and tell you she doesn’t find you attractive, she blocked you instead. 

#10 She Changed Her Mind

After a terrible break-up and being single for over two years, her friends convinced her to start dating again. She thought about it for a while and decided to try it.

Her friends helped her set up dating profiles on different apps, and that’s how she met you. When you asked her for a date, she accepted your offer because she genuinely liked you.


She had an awesome time and gushed about you to her friends.

However, it wasn’t long before she realized that she still had a lot of baggage from her previous relationship and would rather stay single until she’s dealt with her issues.

She blocked you because she’s not ready to discuss why she doesn’t want to go on a second date. 

What To Do When A Girl Blocks You On Everything?

When a girl blocks you on everything, it can cause severe anxiety because not only do you not know why she blocked you, but there are very few ways to contact her, and even if you can, she may not respond.

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying. Keep reading to find out what to do when a girl blocks you. 


#1 Send Her An Email

The best she can do regarding email is delete your messages without reading them or report them as spam.

Emails don’t have a blocking feature, so they can still reach her. Write your lady friend a heartfelt message apologizing for anything you may have done wrong, and ask her to contact you.

Leave your phone number just in case she’s deleted it. 

#2 Speak To Your Mutual Friends

In the meantime, if you have any mutual friends, speak to them and see if they know anything.

You can also get them to speak to her. Hopefully, she’ll tell them why she blocked you. However, there is also a chance that your mutual friends won’t want to get involved.

Try sending her a handwritten letter if you can’t get anywhere with this. 

#3 Send Her A Handwritten Letter

Try and pull on her heartstrings by sending her a handwritten letter.

Handwritten letters are much more sentimental than emails because you took the time to sit down and write the letter by hand.

Hopefully, she’ll appreciate all the effort you’ve put into reaching out to her and decide to make contact with you. 

#4 Turn Up At Her Workplace

This might seem a bit stalkerish, but if all else fails, turn up at her workplace. If she starts causing a scene, leave immediately because you don’t want to get arrested.

But if she does speak to you, say you were worried about her because it appears she’s blocked you on all platforms, and you just wanted to ensure she was okay.

In this way, you’re not pressuring her and left the ball in her court. If she decides to open up, great. If not, it may be time to call it quits. 

#5 Let It Go

After you’ve done everything you can to reach out to her and she’s not responding, it might be time to accept defeat and let it go.

Letting go is harder when you don’t have closure because you don’t know why things ended in the first place.

But if she’s unwilling to talk to you, there’s not much you can do about it. 

How Can I Get Her Back If She Blocked Me?

It’s possible to get her back if she blocked you, but that will depend on your actions. You can send her flowers, buy her gifts, or remind her of the good days.


However, none of these will work if she blocked you because she got back with an ex or thought you catfished her. But since she won’t answer you because she blocked you, all you can do is try. 

#1 Send Her Flowers

Send her flowers if you know your lady friend is a hopeless romantic. Better still, send the flowers to her workplace.

She’ll love the attention, and the other women there will encourage her to take you back because you seem to be such a sweet guy. Basically, you can’t go wrong with flowers.


Men have been giving them to women as a romantic gesture since the beginning of time. It’s such a long-standing tradition because it works. Every woman loves a large bunch of flowers, so send her some now. 

#2 Buy Her Gifts

If her love language is gifts, you’ll get her attention.

It will show her that even though she’s blocked you and you are no longer seeing each other, you’re still thinking about her and want to make her happy.

Even if she doesn’t contact you back immediately, the gift will remind her of you every time she comes into contact with it. 

#3 Remind Her Of The Good Days

If you’ve been on some good dates together, remind her of them and tell her how much you were looking forward to making more memories with her.0


By letting her know you want to make more memories with her, you indirectly tell her you want to take the relationship further if she’s willing to unblock you so you can talk. 

#4 Start Dating Again

After you’ve bought her flowers, sent her gifts, and reminded her of the good old days, wait for a couple of weeks and see if she gets back in contact with you.

If not, start dating again. You can’t wait forever; hopefully, she’ll hear through the grapevine that you’re seeing other women, which might stir her to contact you. 

#5 Give Her Space

Don’t overwhelm her by continuously trying to contact her. Instead, start dating again if she hasn’t contacted you in a couple of weeks.

But you need to give her space so she can decide whether she wants to be with you. After all, she blocked you for a reason. 

Final Thought

Now that you know why she blocked you on all platforms, it’s time to swallow your pride and take action.

Your initial thought may not be to try and make contact with her since she’s the one who blocked you.

But if you like her and think she’s worth it, you’ll need to do the work to get her back.