When Someone Calls You Beautiful What Do You Say Back?

Being told you’re pretty is one of the most exciting and stressful things. When someone calls you beautiful what do you say back?

Really, what can you say? How do you judge the person’s intentions? Can you accept the compliment without appearing arrogant?

Is it possible to respond without looking incredibly awkward? 

Responding to such a big compliment is a complicated dance, one where you have to make split-second decisions about where you want this interaction to go.

There are many different situations where you could receive a compliment, and all of them can elicit different reactions depending on who’s speaking to you.

These are some of the best things to say when someone calls you beautiful.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You are Pretty or Beautiful?

No matter how modest you think you are, almost all of us would like to be told that we’re good-looking.

It feels good, especially if you’ve been improving your appearance.  

If someone says you’re beautiful, they make a fairly bold statement. Of course, you can’t be certain of what they find beautiful about you, but you must admit it’s a strong choice of words.

If you’ve never met before, they could be complimenting your face or body, but if they’ve had some time to get to know you, the compliment could be referencing your personality or spirit. 


The vocabulary matters too. What if their word choice was a little different?

Someone saying you’re pretty may have very different intentions; they could be flirting but also give a low-key compliment.

They might enjoy your sense of fashion, how you carry yourself, or how you did your hair today. When a guy calls you pretty, it feels more temporal than when he says, “You’re beautiful”.

Just as important as the person’s word choice are their intentions; why is he complimenting you like this? Why are they complimenting you at all?

People’s motivations can be complex, and it’s hard to know how to respond to “you are pretty” if you don’t know why it’s being given.

These are a few of the most common reasons someone would compliment you.

They’re Someone That Pays Compliments

Paying compliments feels like a lost art these days, especially for men.

It’s possible to tell someone they’re naturally beautiful just because you want to make them feel good, without an agenda behind it.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most common reason for men to give compliments, especially if they’re around the same age as you.


Usually, older men will tell a woman that she’s pretty without any ulterior motive.

However, if the guy pays you a compliment and then moves on with his day without trying to strike up a further conversation, you know he’s just trying to be a nice person. 

They Want You to Like Them 

Telling someone they’re beautiful or that you like something about them is a good way to start a relationship, regardless of if it’s a friendship or something more romantic.

When people say nice things about us, we typically have more positive feelings towards them.


Be careful, though. Narcissists and other manipulative people can use that against you, causing you to like them more simply because they boost your self-esteem.  

They’re Trying to Start a Conversation

Men and women utilize this strategy despite their reasons for striking up a conversation differ significantly.

If a woman compliments you, it’ll usually be about something specific – “that’s a great pair of earrings.

Where’d you get them?” It’s an invitation to be social and maybe establish friendships if you have something in common. 

It looks a bit different since men usually only compliment you if they’re interested in a romantic or sexual relationship.

When he calls you pretty, he doesn’t know anything about you. He knows he’s attracted to you and wants to talk – what else can he say?

He could rattle off some pop culture news or say something about the weather. Let’s be honest, though. That probably won’t draw you into a conversation.

On the other hand, if he calls you beautiful, you might be interested in hearing what else he has to say.

It’s just an opener; if you’re both lucky, you’ll keep talking and hitting it off. 

Is that always the case, though? Do men only compliment you when they’re attracted to you?

If a Guy Says You’re Pretty, Does He Like You?

Given how few compliments guys dole out, you’d think that him saying you’re pretty is good evidence that he likes you, right? In most cases, yes, it means he likes you.

If a guy says you’re beautiful, he’s probably flirting with you. He sees you as girlfriend material.

If he were just interested in sleeping with you, he’d probably use a cheesy pickup line instead of being bold and saying you’re beautiful.


There’s a good chance he’ll ask for your number later in the conversation.

The exception would be if you’ve been friends for a long time, and he says it when you need a self-esteem boost.

In this case, it could be platonic and no different than when one of your girlfriends says you’re pretty.

The difference is usually easy to spot; if you’ve known a guy long enough, you’ll have some idea of whether he’s attracted to you and would be making a move. 

How Do You Respond When Someone Says You are Beautiful or Pretty?

It feels good when someone compliments you, but what do you say when someone calls you beautiful? In most cases, you need to respond somehow.

This person has put themselves out there as a friend, a potential romantic partner, or just as a kindly stranger on the street to lift your spirits.

You want to let them know you heard them and that you appreciate the compliment.


There are some exceptions. If a random person catcalls you and says, you’re one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen, feel free to ignore him.

Catcalling is intended to make the person hearing it feel diminished and the speaker feel powerful, the complete opposite of a compliment. 

If the compliment is genuine, these are some of the best things to say when someone calls you beautiful.

#1 Thank You

It’s the most polite, non-committal, straightforward answer you can give.

You’re acknowledging the compliment and show appreciation for it, but you’re closing the conversation.

If he wants to keep talking, he’ll need to say something more, something more unique or that goes deeper than “you’re pretty”. 

It’s a great option for when a stranger compliments you, too, because it can shut down catcalls.

He has nowhere else to go with it unless he says something more vulgar, and if the guy genuinely wants to start a conversation, he has an opportunity to go further with it.

#2 Smile and Nod

Many people have difficulty responding to compliments, especially when it’s focused on their looks.

Saying anything at all can be a challenge, and in that case, your best bet is to just smile and nod.


The speaker will know you heard them and appreciated it (assuming your smile appears genuine), and you can both move on with your day.

#3 I Know!

Receiving a compliment, especially from someone you’re not interested in, can leave you feeling nervous and powerless.

You feel like they’re in control of the conversation, and you don’t know how to end it without making things worse.

On the other hand, responding with an assertive answer like ‘I Know’ hands you back that power and shows the complimenter that you’re in control. 

Save this for when a sleazy guy hoping for a hookup calls you beautiful. You don’t owe him anything, and you know he says the same thing to dozens of other girls, playing the odds that it’ll work on one of them.

If you’re responding to a friend, your boyfriend, or even your crush, this can also be a playful way to take the compliment, and you can follow it up with a joke or a self-deprecating comment to show you’re actually not that arrogant.

#4 So Are You

This is a common method for turning the compliment around and giving it back to the person who said it.

It should be used cautiously, though, as it can feel disingenuous, especially with the wrong body language or tone.

Also, since they’re the ones who initiated the compliment, giving one back to them can appear forced.

What to Say When a Guy Calls You Gorgeous?

It’sWhen a guy calls you pretty it’s not always clear what to say. Maybe he’s just being nice. Maybe he’s interested in you, maybe he’s madly in love with you already – the words aren’t clear-cut enough.

On the other hand, when he calls you gorgeous, you can be fairly certain he’s into you. Words like gorgeous aren’t used lightly. He wants you to know he’s expressing interest.

So what do you say to that? Does it matter if you like him back or not?

#1 I’m Flattered

Like “thank you”, this is a non-committal response that’s perfect for when you don’t have romantic feelings for the speaker.

You’re being truthful. You appreciated the comment and are flattered by it.

It doesn’t diminish their feelings towards you but doesn’t show you reciprocating them.

#2 Thank You, You’re Looking Great Too

As mentioned before, turning the compliment around can feel like you’re diminishing the speaker’s intentions.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s all you can do without turning this into an awkward situation.

#3 You Have Excellent Taste

This one is ideal for when you’re interested in the guy and feeling flirty.

Not only are you acknowledging the compliment, but you’re also letting him know that you find his interest in you sexy.

He sent you a clear message by calling you gorgeous. Return the favor with a response that is just as unambiguous. 

#4 Oh? Do you Think So?

Again, only use this one if you’re interested in the guy. On its face, the response sounds like modesty, but you’re actually asking him to continue complimenting you.

He’ll need to explain what he finds so attractive about you, ideally in excruciating detail. 


#5 Thanks, But No Thanks

Aren’t interested in the guy but don’t want to respond too rudely? Tell him thanks but that you’re not interested.

Unfortunately for him there’s little he can do to worm his way out of the complement and save face.

He said you were gorgeous and was rejected, he’ll need to swallow his pride and move on.

What to Say When Someone Calls You Pretty Over Text?

Face-to-face compliments are something of a rarity these days. For better or worse, most of our communication is done through texting, DM’s, etc.

Calling someone beautiful in a text is also much easier than saying it in person; the person sends their message out into the ether and patiently waits for a response without worrying about their facial expressions, body language, or tone of voice.


It’s also less demanding for the person receiving the compliment as they have plenty of time to craft a response and mull over the speaker’s intentions.

So what do you say when someone calls you pretty in a text?

#1 When “Thank You” Isn’t Enough

A simple “thank you” is fine when the compliment is made in person, but can feel brusque when done over text.

The speaker can’t see your smile or hear your voice’s sincerity, so you’ll need to use your words to convey your appreciation for the compliment.

#2 That Means a Lot to Me

Append this to your “thank you” message to convey considerably more gratitude towards the sender.

Of course, it’s only six words, but it demonstrates your appreciation and doesn’t sound like some auto-reply.

#3 Send Him a Photo

This guy just said you were gorgeous, so why not send him a photo of your smiling face receiving the compliment?

Save this for guys you are interested in, or better yet, already have some relationship with. 


#4 That’s Sweet, but I’m Not Interested

If a man compliments you, he’s probably hoping you’ll go out with him. While you don’t want to be rude or disrespectful, you’re under no obligation to reciprocate his romantic feelings.

Let him don’t gently by acknowledging his kind words while giving a firm no on things going any further.

He may try to cover and say that his compliment had no romantic overtones.

#5 That’s Not Cool

If a random guy gets your number from a friend or some creep slides into your DM’s to tell you that you’re beautiful, let him know in no uncertain terms that his behavior is unacceptable.

Guys do this because they get away with it, with the woman either ignoring him or giving him a weak acknowledgment that doesn’t call him out for his boorish behavior.

What to Say When Someone Calls You Pretty on Instagram?

When you post photos of yourself on Instagram or any social media platform, you open yourself up to comments, compliments, and criticism.

Having others publicly discuss your appearance is incredibly stressful, so many people post photos of their dog, their kids, or highlights from their last vacation; it feels too intimate uploading photos of yourself. 

It’s near impossible to avoid social media and remain connected with friends and family though, and posting photos of yourself is expected, at least occasionally.


Knowing what to say when someone calls you pretty on Instagram can help you better navigate this perilous environment and limit unwanted experiences on social media in general. 

#7 Someone You Know

If a close friend or family member says that you’re beautiful on Instagram, it can have different meanings than if a stranger says it.

More than likely, they’re hoping to boost your confidence. They know that putting yourself out there with a photo can be scary and they want you to feel okay about it.

There’s no hidden meaning behind their comment, so you can just say “thank you”, “you’re beautiful too”, or “you’re too kind”.

A positive acknowledgment of their comment is all that’s needed.

On the other hand, if a guy calls you pretty and he’s an acquaintance or not-especially-close friend, he may be trying to take the relationship to a new level.

Commenting on your beauty is a way of expressing interest and if you’re interested in him, you’ll need to do more than say “thank you” in response.

If he posted the comment publicly, you could comment on one of his posts. A fire emoji on a photo where he’s looking particularly sexy will let him know you’re just as interested in him.

If he sent the message privately, as a DM or replying to a story, message back to see if he’d like to meet up sometime soon.

#8 If That Someone is a Stranger

Depending on your personality, compliments from random strangers on Instagram can feel very invasive or buoy your confidence. It all depends on whether you 

If the person posts a fire emoji or something similar, you can just ignore the comment the same as if they’d simply liked your photo.

These innocuous likes and emojis aren’t the type of online harassment that women worry about on Instagram.


Just as often you’ll have random comments where the guy calls you pretty or sexy. Again, you have to wonder what his motivation is.

Does he like to compliment women he finds attractive online or is he hoping you’ll respond and this will start a conversation that could lead to an in-person date?

Your best option is to say thank you or ignore the comment entirely. He may feel slighted by your brief response, but you can always block him if he comments again.

When sharing stories, you can limit their reach to people you consider “close friends”.

Your close friends list is easily accessed by tapping the menu icon, and you can add or remove people from the list without them being notified.

The close friends feature is also useful when posting photos of children, who could be vulnerable to online predators if their image and location are posted publicly.

How Do You Respond to a Compliment in General?

Any compliment, whether it’s about your looks, intelligence, or career accomplishment, can feel awkward.

We’re taught to be humble and accepting a compliment feels boastful, even though the complimenter intended to make us feel good with it.

For that reason, many of us don’t compliment others, especially strangers, because we know it doesn’t always lead to a positive reaction.

Fortunately, accepting one is fairly straightforward once you get past that knee-jerk reaction to resist the compliment.

All you need to say in response is a simple “thank you”. Unless it’s appropriate for the situation, don’t deflect the compliment by complimenting them back or diminish it by saying something modest.

Instead, just accept it and try to compliment others when it feels right. It’s really that easy.

How to Reply When Someone Says You’re Beautiful?

When someone compliments your looks, crafting a response can be tricky.

You don’t have much time to assess the person’s motivations: who are they, what are they actually thinking, what do they want from you?

Even if you recognize the compliment as genuine and pure, your gut-level response will likely be a show of modesty that diminishes the compliment’s goal of boosting your mood and self-esteem.


Avoid this reaction as best you can. The person complimenting you wanted you to feel good, and you should allow yourself those positive feelings. 

Often though, the person complimenting you wants something. They may want you to return their affections or compliment them.

Don’t feel obliged to; compliments should always come from the heart without expecting anything in return.