What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

What does it mean when she calls you daddy? What should you do when your girl calls you daddy? And why that word?

Girls calling their guys “Daddy” is not a new development. The practice started in the early 1900s. It is standard and even expected when a girlfriend calls her guy by that name.

Professional therapists even encourage partners to give each other pet names. So, what does it mean when you’re called “Daddy?”

According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin, “‘Daddy’ can mean ‘father,’ but we also use the term to indicate when someone is the boss, in charge, a protector, or doing a good job. That’s usually the meaning women are going for in the bedroom.”

It’s common to hear a girl calling her boyfriend daddy nowadays. Still, it’s off-putting to some men. The word “Daddy” conjures up a little girl looking up to a father figure.

Could it be that your girl had issues with her actual daddy? You might even hate it when she calls you daddy because it sounds incestuous. Not everyone is on board with hearing the word “daddy” said sexually.

Still, we need to ask ourselves why we sexualize the word “daddy” instead of seeing it as a simple pet name.

After all, a woman is unlikely to take offense if her boyfriend calls her “hot mama.” And both sexes have gotten used to calling each other “baby.”

The daddy meaning in a relationship shouldn’t be a significant concern. Consenting adults are the ones who use it as a pet name in private times.

So rather than acting like it’s a dirty word, we should embrace it as just a name for you.

Here are some reasons a woman calls her significant other “Daddy.”

Pet Names Guys Give Girls:

16 Reasons Why Girls Call Their Boyfriends Daddy

#1 You’re a dominant person, especially in bed.

Okay, your girl called you the D word, and you can’t help wondering why.

Relax: she doesn’t have daddy issues. Some women like calling dominant men “Daddy.” It doesn’t mean she finds you overly controlling.


So are you a take-charge kind of guy, especially in bed? Then you can take it as a compliment when your girl refers to you as “Daddy.”

She may call you daddy to signal that she thinks you’re the dominant person in the relationship.

Your can-do attitude appeals to her. See it for what it is: a term of endearment in a hetero-normative relationship.

The “daddy” meaning in a relationship differs from traditional familial definitions.

Some men like being called daddy because it makes them feel respected. When a girl calls her boyfriend daddy, she wants to make him feel significant, confident, and strong. It gives men an ego boost unlike any other.

#2 She wants to be submissive.

Dominant women will say, “Daddy.” Why? Because they want to have a dominant/submissive relationship with you when it comes to sex.

They’re powerful in the boardroom but surrendering in the bedroom builds sexual tension.

It makes them hot for you. If your high-achiever gf calls you daddy, it may mean she wants you to take control in bed.

#3 You remind her of her father.

Don’t start feeling defensive: we’re not saying you look old! That’s not what we mean when a girl calls you daddy.

So, what does it mean when she calls you daddy? When a girl calls you daddy, it could be because you have a few gray hairs or even because you behave a bit like her father.

So if your girlfriend calls you daddy, embrace it. It could be because she likes the qualities and behaviors she sees in you.

#4 She likes to watch p**n, and it has influenced her.

Many women enjoy watching p**n. What do the women in **n movies like to call their men?

That’s right, you guessed it. Daddy! So now she’s thinking that you want to hear it sexually.


She may even think it’s a huge turn-on. It’s a good sign that she’s trying her best to please you in bed.

#5 She’s calling you “Daddy” as a term of endearment.

If your girl uses the term “Daddy,” it may mean she’s very fond of you.

Your girlfriend calling you “Daddy” does not always have sexual overtones.

Nor does it mean she’s trying to transfer her feelings for her real father to you. It’s nothing as complicated as that. She loves you. She feels secure, so she’s calling you by a pet name.

#6 She knows you hate it, and she’s teasing you.

Some women find calling you by a pet name you hate fun. You’ll know she’s calling you that because it makes you uncomfortable.

So, fight fire with fire by giving her a nickname too. See how she feels when the shoe is on the other foot. She might even cut it out.

#7 It’s her preference.

We’ve already discussed the common misconception that a girl calling you “Daddy” is a red flag. Daddy is not some super creepy nickname.

In fact, it’s on par with him calling you “Baby.” It does not have to refer to any family dynamic.

Instead, she might like using this term with you because it’s her preference. In her mind, the nickname has a nice ring, and when she calls you Daddy, she does so with great affection.

#8 She feels safe with you.

A girl might call her boyfriend “Daddy” because she feels a sense of protection or security. There’s a power dynamic that reminds her of a parental relationship.

Your girl may feel comfortable calling you daddy because she feels you’re her protector.

Again, it doesn’t mean that she sees you as a replacement for her actual dad. Still, she acknowledged your efforts to make her feel safe, loved, and cared for.

That’s why she likes to use the term daddy in the bedroom to help you understand her feelings.

#9 It turns her on

What does it mean when a girl calls you daddy during sex? Believe it or not, she’ll call you “Daddy” because it turns her on.

She finds you sexy, especially when you take the lead in bed. She’s likely saying it to make you feel good about your encounter.

#10 She thinks it turns you on

The average man gets turned on when a woman calls him daddy. And you know what a woman finds incredibly sexy?


A man who’s turned on. So if she thinks she can help matters by calling you daddy, she will. Once you’re okay with being her proxy dad, everything is fine.

#11 You’re a father

What does it mean when a girl calls you daddy and you’re an actual father? In many cases, if you already have a child, your wife or girlfriend will call you daddy.

She does so to emphasize that you’re the father in the family. In this case, she could be addressing you like that to remind the children of who their father is.

It’s important to stress the following point. Only someone with great affection for you will likely use this new nickname.

Thus, it’s not common to be called daddy by a girl or a stranger who’s just getting to know you.

#12 She finds you attractive.

Her attraction to you is one of the most common reasons for pet names like “Daddy.” Women often call men “Daddy” in committed relationships.

It stands to reason that to convey the fact that she finds you attractive, she would want to call you “Daddy” or something like it.

When she calls you “Daddy,” it’s her way of saying “you’re hot” in a flirty, fun way.

#13 She wants to make you the king of her fantasy.

What else does it mean when a girl calls you daddy? When girls call you daddy, do you feel like a world-class seducer?

Do you feel proud and strong when your girlfriend calls you “daddy”?

She might be doing it on purpose: turning herself into a helpless baby to bring out your manliness.

Girls like to empower you in the bedroom, to make you feel like you’re the only one in their world.

#14 She wants to role-play.

Some women like to be the baby in the role-play of an unequal power dynamic.

So she might call you daddy if she’s pretending you’re her boss and you’re seducing her.

As a committed boyfriend, it’s okay for you to get into character. Role-playing is beneficial as long as the relationship has a healthy power dynamic.

#15 She wants to remind you of her unconditional love.

Girls tend to have complete and unconditional love for their daddies. So when a girl calls you daddy, there’s a high possibility that that’s how she wants to make you feel.

Loved, adored, and even worshipped, with no strings attached. If you can get your girlfriend to call you daddy, don’t you start to believe you can do anything for her?

#16 She’s into BDSM

Or, more specifically, a branch of BDSM. Such a girl calls you daddy because she enjoys it when you treat her like a child.

Be aware that your girlfriend might not even be role-playing. When a DDLG girl calls you daddy, it feels authentic, natural, and effortless for her. In contrast, playing the role of a grown-up feels false and unnatural.

Rest easy if your girlfriend is into DDLG. Health professionals don’t link it with pedophilia.

Dr. Margaret Squire states, “it’s likely to be in a healthy relationship. You’re getting back to very early warm attachments.”

Why The Word “Daddy”?

Relationship coach and sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer says, “Fathers are caring, supportive, assertive.

Calling your partner ‘daddy’ is about them embracing those qualities in the relationship.”

When your girlfriend calls you daddy, she might be testing boundaries.

That is, the boundaries of your relationship. Another reason why your girl calls you daddy? She is embracing the “daddy” qualities that you’ve shown her.

“The kind of women who’d call their partner ‘daddy’ in bed – are actually pretty high-powered in their day-to-day lives,” Hellyer adds.

So, when your girlfriend calls you daddy, she engages in role-playing. It’s a way of letting go and giving in to vulnerability.

When a Girl Calls You Daddy, What Do You Call Her?

When she calls you daddy, you can call her “baby girl.” One of the reasons why your girlfriend or wife calls you daddy is that she sees you as a hero.

Thus, this response is very appropriate. “Princess” is another appropriate nickname for a girlfriend.

Or, depending on the situation, you can call her your “naughty princess.” If you’re Latino (or even not), you can go with Mami or Mamacita.

Another response would be to ask her which nickname she prefers. You can give her options, like honey, sweetie, and cutie pie, and let her choose the one she likes best.

What if You Don’t Like It When Your Girlfriend Calls You Daddy?

It’s normal to call a guy daddy. It’s a simple nickname for husbands and boyfriends. “Daddy” is becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms across America each year.

Most guys enjoy it when their girl calls them Daddy, especially in bed. But not all men are the same.

You might dislike being called daddy if you had issues with your father. Or, despite our best efforts to normalize the nickname in this article, you still feel weirded out by it.

If “Daddy” bothers you, suggest that she find another nickname. If you tell her nicely, she’ll most likely be understanding. You can say, “I don’t like the nickname ‘Daddy’ very much.

I know you’re sincere, and I love how affectionate you are with me, but can you call me something else? Like maybe a scary animal nickname?”

Still, we’d like to reemphasize that we’re not talking about her father.

During intimacy, a woman may not even remember who her father is. The catch lies in the evolutionary conditioning of women to love powerful men. Nothing wrong with that!

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of reasons she could be calling you “Daddy,” and almost all are positive. The most important part of this is how it makes you feel.

Ideally, this could lead to a more fulfilling and spicy relationship between you, but if this makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone.

Feeling weird or some discomfort when your girlfriend/partner calls you “Daddy” is not uncommon at all. And whether you learn to appreciate it or prefer to ask her to stop doing so, both can be the right decision, depending on you and your relationship.