What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Mommy?

Picture this scene. You are hanging out with your boyfriend and having a good time together. And then, out of nowhere, he calls you mommy. What??

You might, at first, find the term off-putting or negative. Does calling you mommy indicate some weird mommy issues? Does it mean he’s still obsessed with his mother or parents?

Or, another part of you might find the nickname a little hot. Calling someone mama or mommy is more taboo than your average pet name. Is this a sexual thing?

As it turns out, when it comes to your dating life, your boyfriend calling you mommy can have many different meanings. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Mommy a Compliment?

Guys compliment women in all kinds of ways. They call them beautiful or sexy or hot. They use pet names like sweetheart or baby.

You can almost guarantee it’s a good thing if he calls you mommy or mama. He wouldn’t just be using that term with any girl he meets.

Remember that men have been calling women ‘mama’ for a long time. This also doesn’t apply to romantic relationships.

A doctor, for example, may refer to a child patient’s mother as ‘mom’ to keep things simple during their interactions.

Or, in the case of large families, everyone may call one female figure ‘mom’ because they all perceive her as a maternal figure.

Pet Names Guys Give Girls:

11 Reasons Why a Guy Calls You Mommy

So, what are the real reasons a guy calls you mommy or mama? And does it make a difference in the context of your relationship? Here are some reasons to consider.


#1 You Remind Him of His Own Mother

Maybe he sees you in a positive light, just like any upstanding mother figure.

Before you cringe, consider that this isn’t a bad thing. If he’s close to his mom, he already sees her in a positive light. He’s probably been looking for a woman like you for a long time!

And how a guy treats his mom can tell you everything you need to know about how he’ll respect you.

#2 He’s Telling You That You’re Hot

Hot mama! Sexy mama! Look at you, mama!


If he’s dishing out phrases like that, it means that he definitely finds you attractive. You can guarantee that s*x is on his mind and that he’s hoping his compliment takes things up a notch.

#3 He’s Just Teasing You

Sometimes guys experiment with different nicknames to see how their girl reacts. And teasing is just another form of flirting.

#4 He Thinks It’s a Sexier Twist on Babe

Babe is safe. It’s easy and predictable, especially for young couples.

So, if he takes the leap and calls you mama, he’s being very intentional with his word choice. He wants you to notice the change (and maybe even ask about it).

#5 He’s Honoring Your Pregnancy

If you get pregnant, he might start using the word mama to familiarize himself with you actually becoming a mother.

This is an endearing way to show that he’s getting used to having a child and that he’s grateful for the adventure you two will have together.

#6 You Already Have Kids

He may call you mommy if you have two children because he’s used to hearing them say it! Or, he’s trying to model healthy behavior at home.

In this sense, mama is more of a pragmatic term. It’s your name at home, so he might just slip it out without realizing it.

Or, it may just be a form of affection to show how much he values you as a parent.

#7 He’s Just Being Sweet

You can spend all this time trying to guess why he’s calling you mommy, but maybe the answer is simple.

He just finds the term sweet and thinks it sounds loving and kind. There may not necessarily be more to the story or behavior!

#8 He Just Thinks You’re Perfect

Most men look up to their mothers and even idolize them. That’s just a part of human nature, and it may have nothing to do with s*x or romance.


So, if he’s using that term- and you’re either his girlfriend or wife- it means he certainly sees you in a significantly different light than any other female.

Take that as a compliment!

#9 He’s Commenting On Your Youth

Sometimes men fondly refer to their younger partners as mommy or mama. After all, many of us associate motherhood with youth and vitality.

If there is a significant age difference between the two of you (and he’s much older), it could be a “reverse” phrase from calling you, baby.

If you aren’t that young, and. he still calls you mama, he may signal that he finds you youthful and playful (even if you don’t always see yourself that way).

#10 He Wants to be Your ‘Daddy’

His calling you mama might be him throwing a bone to see what you’ll call him back.

If he gets turned on by being called daddy, he might be subtly engaging in his own role-play fantasy with you.

#11 He’s Condescending You

In rare cases, a guy might use the word mama if he feels nagged or annoyed in his relationship.

For example, let’s say you’ve asked him to do the dishes a few times. Instead of taking over the chore, he might roll his eyes and say something snarky like, Whatever you say, mama.

Of course, this isn’t a healthy way to express his feelings. If he’s using the word ‘mom’ in this situation, he’s trying to dig at you.

He’s comparing you to the negative features associated with motherhood.

What Does Momma Mean in a Relationship?

Most of the time, momma is just another slang term for mama, mommy, or mamas.

The specific word a guy ultimately uses all comes down to preference. He may use this word if they think it seems cuter, sexier, or more attractive.


But momma rarely means you two are friends. Momma isn’t really used in casual relationships.

A wouldn’t use this comment if he weren’t totally serious about you- or if he just wanted your time together to be a one-time thing.

Momma almost always has undertones of affection and romance. Sometimes, it’s a romantic way to highlight just how much he cares about you.

You aren’t just any woman to him. You’re as special as his own mama- and that’s a big deal!

How Do You Respond When Someone Calls You Mommy?

How should you react if your guy calls you mama? Your response, of course, will depend on the context of the word, your relationship, and your own feelings about your man.


Here’s some advice.

Ask Him What He Means

So, you heard him call you mama. Before you respond, you might consider clarifying what he meant by the term.

It’s much easier to get a direct answer than to spend days trying to decode his body language or figure out his intentions.

Take It as a Compliment

  • Thank you! I love you.
  • You’re so romantic!
  • That’s so sweet, baby!

One of the easiest responses you can give him is thanking and complimenting him back.

Tell Him it Makes You Uncomfortable

Don’t worry if you don’t like being called mommy or mama. Those terms aren’t for everyone; there’s nothing wrong with how you feel.

But it’s important to be upfront and honest with your partner.

  • Hey, that word makes me feel a bit weird.
  • Sorry, I don’t really find that romantic.
  • I know you’re trying to be romantic, but I prefer you don’t call me that.

Give Him Other Terms

If you don’t want to be called mama, that’s perfectly acceptable. But it can be helpful to give your boyfriend some other suggestions that do make you feel good.

And if you just want him to refer to you by your name, that’s okay, too. As a woman, you can decide what you’re comfortable being called.

Call Him Daddy

Most guys love it when a girl calls them by a pet name. This can be true if you just started dating, but it can also be true even if you’re in a long-term, committed relationship.

If it feels right to you, don’t shy away from playing his own game. He may love being called daddy or papa.

And if the idea of him in a father figure role turns you on, don’t be afraid to initiate that fantasy!

Final Thoughts

One of the key signs a guy is into a girl is by how he addresses her.

A friend may use nicknames, but someone genuinely interested in you will aim to be much flirtier.

The word mama can mean so many different things in a relationship. But when in doubt, asking a person (particularly when it’s your partner) what he meant never hurts.