What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Love?

When a guy calls you “love,” the possibilities are vast. It could be that that guy calls you “love” because he likes you. It could also be that he loves you, he could be flirting, or he may have dozens of other reasons.

Depending on his personality, a guy calling you “love” may invoke deeper feelings for him … or the opposite.

Read on below and explore what it could mean when a guy calls you “love.”

12 Reasons Why a Guy Calls You Love


#1 He’s British

It may be a case where the guy calls all his female friends “love,” akin to referring to other guys as “Mate” or “Buddy.”

Expecting more from it may only make things awkward. It is common for people to use “love” as just a pet name in Britain.


It’s a sign of affection with no romantic inclination behind it. Other cultures also use the word “love” in this manner.

Pet Names Guys Give Girls:

#2 He’s attracted to you

Are you the only person he calls “love?” Does he show positive body language signs and behavior around you? That can be a very strong sign that he’s attracted to you. 

Done by itself, if a guy calls you “love,” it may not be a sign of attraction. Why? Because there are several reasons why he may say it. If he calls you “love” because he’s attracted to you, he may show you some body language signs.

Look out when a guy calls you “love” while talking. It’s a pretty obvious sign that he wants to be more than friends. He will reserve pet names like “love” for only you if it’s a romantic inclination. 

This guy won’t call other women or female friends “love.” He wants to see your reaction because he isn’t sure if you’re attracted to him. So, he will also look at your body language to decipher if you like him. 

#3 He’s saying he loves you

Even more evident than when a guy likes you and calls you “love” is when he loves you and says it. He may have passed the attraction stage and is now ready for a romantic relationship. 

“Love” is one of the romantic nicknames guys like to use. So if a guy calls you “love” out of the blue, he may expose his feelings for you. Look for clues such as prolonged eye contact and dilated pupils to determine if he loves you.


Also, look out for other romantic nicknames. Your guy’s use of them shows he hopes to start something new with you. When this guy calls you “love,” you realize he wants to be more than friends. 

Have you been talking to this guy for a while? Have you managed to go on a date with him? He may have developed strong feelings for you. He may have convinced himself that the two of you are a “thing.”

#4 It’s a term of endearment

If the guy is older than you, it can be a term of endearment that means he sees you as a younger person he likes. In this case, he sees you as a sister, so don’t consider it a romantic pet name. 

As we mentioned earlier, the British fondly call a woman “love.” So he may have heard the term and decided to adopt it.

When a man calls you “love,” he may also express affection for you. Do you like it when this guy calls you “love,” or does it feel wrong?

#5 He doesn’t see “love” as a serious pet name

“Love” can be one of his pet names, but it doesn’t mean he’s in love with you. When a man calls you “love,” you can tell he likes you quite a bit, but he doesn’t see the term “love” as a big deal.

It’s only a casual nickname that doesn’t carry the same weight as “I love you.” He may have started calling you “love” because he heard it somewhere and thought it sounded nice.

Instead of overthinking it, try playing games to see each other’s favorite pet names.

#6 It’s his nature

For some men, referring to a woman as “love” is normal. It’s their way of showing respect. It’s not safe to jump to conclusions with this type of guy because the word “love” has no special meaning for him.

Some men naturally call women “love” when talking to them. That might have been the reason he called you “love.” If that’s the case, you may notice him calling other women “love.”

He might also be thinking of calling women “love,” but he says it to you for a different reason. 

If that’s so, his body language will differ when he’s around you. Still, before you conclude that he likes you because he calls you “love,” you need to be sure he’s not saying it to other women.

#7 He’s trying to flirt with you

Does being called “love” ever feel wrong? Women love it, and many blush when guys call them that. The playboys have discovered it and are already using it to their advantage. 


When a guy wants to dive in for the kill, he will try to put on his most flirtatious performance. It’s no surprise that “love” (and other sweet names) are part of the show. So he starts calling you these pet names to find the one you’ll fall for.

#8 He wants to see if you’ll date him

That will be the case if he calls you “love” to see how you will react. He wanted to see your reaction because he’s attracted to you, but he isn’t sure if you feel the same way.

If he’s looking for a response, then it’s likely that he’s shown some other signs of attraction.

Does he call his other female friends “love?” This and some other signs can tell you if he’s testing the waters to see if you will date him.

Not interested in pursuing a long-term relationship? Let him know the feelings aren’t mutual. 

On the converse, if you’d welcome a guy calling you “love,” it would be good to let him know you like him too.

#9 You bring out his inner hero

When a guy calls you “love,” it could mean that you bring out his inner hero. The hero instinct is a new dating theory, and it’s causing quite a stir. According to this theory, most guys have specific innate drivers.

When you come along and trigger these drivers, it causes a robust response. Understanding how the hero instinct works can boost your relationship status.

#10 Your new relationship is progressing

If your partner calls you “love” immediately, it clearly signifies that he feels comfortable with you. For him, all other women have faded into the background.

He’s ready to share everything with you: hopes, fears, dreams, dark secrets, etc. 

One of the signs that he wants a more intimate relationship is that he pays attention to detail. He’ll also want you to meet his friends and family. His plans will now start with the word “we.”

Other signs are that he’s always there for you and worries about your happiness and well-being. He will strive to get to know you and want to spend time with you; the list can go on.

Are you in a new relationship? Calling you “love” may be something he’s always wanted to try out as a term of endearment.

#11 He’s comfortable with you

If he’s comfortable with you, he’ll call you “love” as a friendly nickname. If that’s why, you’ll notice that he also calls your good friends “love.”

He will display the same body language signs with them as he does you.

He may even use the word “love” to tease you, especially if you’ve told him you don’t like people calling you that.

#12 He’s ready to say the big three words

Unlike other nicknames, “love” says everything it needs by itself. Men have trouble communicating their feelings, and uttering the L-word is no exception. 

Using a nickname like “love” can be a big deal. It’s how your guy can feel close to you and enjoy the intimacy before taking the plunge and saying those three words.

Depending on the relationship and its seriousness, you’ll know if that’s the reason. But the best way to know for sure is to ask him. If it is something serious, you should consider your response.

That response depends on many factors. For example, you should consider how often he brings up other guys and friends.

What Do You Say Back When Someone Calls You “Love?”

Has your guy reached the stage where he feels comfortable calling you “love?” He may show you body language signs that he wants a relationship. At the same time, he looks for similar body language from you.

He’s chipping away at the old friend zone barrier. He’s also showing you multiple signs that he’s interested in you.

He’ll angle for more face-to-face meetings so he can spend time with you.

Another sign is that he’s always talking about you. You’ll find him making adjustments to his plans to include you. He’s clarifying that he wants you to be a part of his daily life.

Only the guy calling you “love” knows how he feels

In other words, get a sense of his intent. What does it mean when a guy calls you love?

We’ve shown that when a guy calls you “love,” it doesn’t always mean he’s smitten with you. It would be helpful to consider his body language and tone to understand better why he said it. 

Think about your relationship with him. Its status will also impact why he would call you “love.”

Sometimes, when a man calls you “love,” he expresses his affection for you. He may call you “love” to say he cares for you, or he may do it as a term of endearment. Either way, it’s a good sign.

Body language signs

Look at your love interest’s body language to see if he’s attracted to you. For example, does your guy make prolonged eye contact?

Does he find excuses to touch you or stand close to you? He’s definitely into you if he couples these signs with calling you “love.”

On the flip side, if he called you “love” when disagreeing with you, it could be a case where he’s being disrespectful.

If that’s why he called you “love,” he will likely show other negative signs around you in his body language. For example:

  • Having tight lips when you’re talking
  • Smirking
  • Crossing his arms
  • Not taking your words seriously
  • Looking down at you while pointing his chin up

Stand up for yourself if he’s being condescending. Be calm, make eye contact, and assume a neutral facial expression.

If you don’t like it when he calls you “love,” tell him not to use a pet name to address you. Let this guy know how you’d like him to address you.

  1. “I don’t like you calling me “love.” Could you please use my name?
  2. “Other girls may think it’s okay for you to call them “love,” but you and I don’t have that dynamic. So please, can you stick to my name?”

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You “Love” Via Text?

Several factors come into play here. First, it depends on if the feeling is mutual. So, what does it mean when a guy calls you “love” in a text? And more importantly, how should you respond to him? 

When he calls you “love” via text, you can check other behavior he shows whenever you’re around him. These other signs of attraction will tell you his true intention. 


For example, when a guy calls you “love” and buys you gifts, it shows how much he likes you. 

It’s essential to consider his body language and the other things he says. Why? Because there are many reasons for calling someone “love.” 

How to respond if he calls you “love” via text message

If he calls you “love” via text message, he may not be ready to say it in person. Or, he could be trying to make his texts more intimate and personal by using a pet name. 

If you feel some attraction to him, you can say something like:

  1. “I have a huge smile on my face rn. People must think I’m crazy.”
  2. “Someone just asked me why I’m grinning at my phone.”

If you prefer to keep him in the friend zone, for the time being, you can say:

  1. “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that.”
  2. “Whoa! Can we take things slower?”
  3. “Thanks for telling me that, but in my humble opinion, it would be best if we remained just friends.”

Final Thoughts

The depth of your connection with your guy will impact why he likes calling you “love.” This guy may want to be more than just friends. 

If you’re not familiar with him and he’s not your friend, then there is a possibility that the guy is hitting on you, or he uses the term with all women.