What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Lady?

Men often call women lady when they don’t know her name, but there are also several other meanings, including being polite, being impressed by you, or trying to get your attention.

Therefore, it can be difficult to determine what it means when a man calls a woman a lady. However, the meaning will depend on the context and the tone in which it is said.

Additionally, you’ll be surprised to know that it can also be an insult and used as a form of sarcasm to belittle a woman and make her feel small.

So, before you get excited, or offended about a man calling you lady, let’s look at what it could mean when a man calls a woman lady. 

Is Lady Considered A Compliment?

As you will soon read, whether being called lady is a compliment will depend on the context in which it was said. He could be complimenting you, or he could be insulting you.


Therefore, it’s important to listen to his voice’s tone and inflection when it’s said. Nevertheless, it’s not always a compliment when a guy calls you lady. 

Pet Names Guys Give Girls:

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Lady?

It could mean several things when a guy calls you lady. Keep reading to find out what it means when a guy calls you lady. 


#1 He Is Being Polite

If a man has just met you and he doesn’t know your name, he might call you lady as a sign of respect.

Most men know how intimidating it can be for women when random men approach them, so to let her know he’s a gentleman and she doesn’t need to feel threatened, he’ll call her lady. 

#2 He Is Impressed By You

Maybe you work together, or he’s a family friend, so he’s been around you for a while. During this time, he noticed you’re kind, caring, and considerate.

You’re always upbeat and make people feel at ease around you. During conversation, he might say, “You’re a real lady.”

It might throw you off because you’re so used to men complimenting your appearance, but some men are more impressed by a woman’s heart than what she looks like. 

#3 He’s Trying To Get Your Attention

Was he running down the street shouting, “hey, lady!” Most women don’t like being approached in the street by men; additionally, since lady isn’t your name, he could have been speaking to another woman.

But when he got close enough to make it obvious he was speaking to you, he either asked you to help him with something or tried to converse with you because he found you attractive. 

#4 He Finds You Charming

He finds you charming because you don’t take life too seriously. You poke fun at yourself, which makes people feel comfortable to be themselves around you.

You are carefree and take pleasure in the small things. You are present in all conversations and would rather listen to what others have to say instead of dominating a conversation.

You see the good in everything despite how negative the world can be. These are just a few of the reasons your guy friend finds you charming and calls you lady. 

#5 He Is Complimenting You

Your guy friend has noticed that you have a refined character, and by calling you a lady, he’s complimenting you. He has observed your sensitivity towards others.

You’re considerate and go out of your way to ensure others have what they need, whether it’s emotionally or physically.

You also practice restraint; he has witnessed your response in several unsettling situations where you could control your feelings and expressions to avoid causing offense and escalating things.

He also finds that you’re a woman of great wisdom who speaks with eloquence and poise. 

#6 He is Being Sarcastic

If you disagree with a man, he might call you lady to remind you that you are indeed a female, and there’s no point in trying to square up to him because you can’t fight a man.

It can be offensive and annoying when a man talks down to you in this manner because it’s clear he’s trying to belittle you and make you feel small. 

#7 He Thinks You’re Sophisticated

A sophisticated woman carries herself with an air of superiority. She doesn’t think she’s better than anyone, but she’s confident in who she is, and to some, that can come across as arrogant.

On the other hand, everything you do is composed and graceful, and it is clear that you’re a cut above the rest. 

#8 He Thinks You’re Good Natured

Your good nature shines through for all to see, and you’re loved by many. You have a heart of gold, and it’s clear that your actions are not transactional.

You’re not nice to people because you want something in return. You desire to help people and make the world a better place.

#9 He Calls All Women Lady

Some men call all women lady because it’s a term of endearment. It’s like how men call each other ‘homie’ or ‘bro’ even when they don’t know each other.

They are saying, “I respect you, and there’s no tension here.” So sometimes, when a man calls you lady, he’s saying, “I respect you as a woman.

I’m not trying to hit on you; I’m just acknowledging your feminine presence. 

#10 He Thinks You Are Beautiful

He might not say you’re beautiful because he doesn’t want to come off as corny and embarrass himself, but that’s what he’s thinking when he’s speaking to you.

Some men don’t want to tell you they’re interested immediately because they want to test the waters first.

He may assume that men call you beautiful all the time, so to distinguish himself from the other guys who approach you, he calls you lady.

When A Guy Calls You Lady Is He Flirting?

If he says something like, “Hey pretty lady,” he’s definitely flirting with you because he’s made a point of letting you know that he finds you physically attractive.

However, if he says, “excuse me, lady,” he’s most likely not flirting but trying to get your attention.

Therefore, whether the guy is flirting will depend on the context in which he said the word lady. 

How Do You Respond When He Calls You Lady?

There are several ways you can respond when a guy calls you lady, be polite, ask him to explain himself or call him gentleman.

Here are four ways to respond when a guy calls you lady. 


#1 Be Polite

Assuming you don’t know the guy and you’ve just met him, be polite when he calls you lady.

Ask how you can help him because he may need assistance.

Since men in public often harass women, you may assume he’s trying to get your number. But listen to what he’s got to say first before responding. 

#2 Ask Him To Explain Himself

If you are familiar with the guy, maybe you’ve had a couple of interactions with him, and he knows your name but has chosen to call you lady, ask him why.

He may have a valid reason for doing so. 

#3 Call Him Gentleman

His body language and facial expressions will tell you he’s flirting with you.

If you think he’s cute, and want to flirt back, respond with, “And how are you doing today, gentleman?”

Say it with a smile so he knows you’re open to conversing with him.

Your response will open the door for him to take the flirting to the next level, and it will probably be at this point that he tells you he thinks you’re beautiful. 

#4 Ignore Him

If the man calls you lady in a sarcastic and demeaning tone, please ignore him and keep it moving.

You will hear it in his voice that he’s being antagonistic, and if that’s the case, don’t entertain him because you don’t want to endanger yourself.

It’s a waste of your time and energy to argue with a man who has no respect for women. 

Final Thought

As you’ve read, there are several reasons why a man calls a woman lady, and what it means will depend on the context and the tone in which it was said.

It’s not common for a man to call a woman lady, hence the reason you are researching what it means.

In most cases, it’s a good thing; the guy is polite and wants to get to know you better.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to determine what it means when a guy calls you a lady is to ask him. You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer.