What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Bro?

What does it mean when a guy calls you bro is a question you might ask yourself if the guy you’ve been crushing on refers to you as such.

It will throw you off because you know that men call each other bro.

It’s a term of endearment for them, but why would a man refer to a woman as bro?

Is it because he sees her as one of the boys? Maybe it’s his way of letting her know he has no romantic feelings for her and they’ll never be more than friends.

What if it’s an insult? Does he think she looks like a man? These questions are all valid, and you won’t know what it means when a guy calls a girl bro unless you ask him.

But before you do that, here are ten reasons a guy would call you bro. 

Is Bro A Compliment?

In a general sense, bro is not a compliment. Most people associate the word ‘compliment’ with someone saying they have a nice personality or a nice smile, or a good dress sense.


These are direct compliments, you know what they’re referring to, and you can respond by saying thank you.

However, bro can be an indirect compliment because it’s a term of endearment. It’s short for the word, ‘brother,’ so if someone calls you bro, they’re saying you’re so close to them, you could be family.

So in this way, it can be a compliment. However, this is not always the case, and as you’ll soon read, men call women bro for several reasons. 

10 Reasons Why A Guy Calls You Bro

There are several reasons why a guy calls you bro, including you’ve been friend-zoned, he calls everyone bro, and you remind him of a friend.

Keep reading to discover what it means when a guy calls you bro. 


#1 You’ve Been Friend Zoned

If a guy calls you bro, it could mean that he wants you to know you are just friends, he is not in the least bit attracted to you, and he has no intention of taking your relationship further.

On the other hand, he may have noticed that you try and flirt with him sometimes, and before you embarrass yourself and tell him how you feel, he wants you to know that he sees you as a friend and nothing more. 

#2 He Calls Everyone Bro

Some men call everyone bro, and that includes their female friends. It’s a habit and doesn’t mean anything.

He just says it when he’s interacting with people. To him, it doesn’t mean brother, it’s just how he expresses himself around certain people.

However, he doesn’t call random people bro, just his nearest and dearest. So if your guy friend calls you bro, he sees you as someone close to him. 

#3 You Remind Him of a Friend

He may be attracted to you, but you remind him of one of his friends. Not because he’s friend zoned you but because you might share the same mannerisms, the same sense of humor, or the same taste in movies.

You reminding him of one of his friends is a good thing. You have nothing to be worried about. It’s a sign that he can envision himself being with you long-term. 

#4 He’s Joking

Were you guys clowning around when he called you bro? Because there’s a chance he said it as a joke.

It was his way of being funny, and he didn’t mean anything by it. Maybe he gave you a light punch on the arm and laughed while he said it. 

#5 He Thinks You Look Like A Man

Do you have short hair and always wear baggy jeans and a hoody? Are you a tomboy?

There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s your style and how you express yourself.

However, some men think it’s weird that a woman would want to dress and act like a man.

They are attracted to feminine women who get their hair and nails done and always wear heels.

So when they encounter a tomboy, they treat her like a man because they assume she wants to be a man.

It’s a very ignorant way of thinking, but it’s one of the many reasons a guy calls a girl bro. 

#6 He Is Comfortable With You

When a man is comfortable around a female, he lets his guard down and shows you who he really is.

He’ll stop leaving the room when he’s on the phone because whatever he’s got to say, he doesn’t mind saying it in front of you.

He calls you to talk about how his day is going or to tell you something funny.

Your guy friend also feels he can speak to you about anything, and you won’t judge him.

In a nutshell, he trusts you like he trusts his friends, and calling you bro is one way of expressing this. 

#7 He Is Testing You

If he’s attracted to you and unsure if the feelings are mutual, he’ll test you by calling you bro to see how you react.

He’s figured out that most women attracted to a guy would get offended if he calls her bro, so he wants to see how you respond.

He’ll assume you’re not interested if you carry on the conversation as normal without displaying a change of emotion.

But if you punch him in the arm and say something like, “I’m not your bro!” He’ll feel more comfortable pursuing you. 

#8 You Are Acting Masculine

There’s nothing wrong with a female acting masculine, in the same way, there’s nothing wrong with a male acting feminine.

Men and women possess masculine and feminine energy, which is revealed depending on the situation.

A man will pick up on masculine energy from a female; unfortunately, some men don’t like to see it.

They think men should act like men and women should act like women. So he might call you bro, to bring it to your attention that you’re acting masculine and hopefully shame you into not doing it again because it’s a turn-off to him. 

#9 He Is Not Used To Being Around Females

Maybe he attended an all-boys boarding school and hasn’t been around females much.

He is used to hanging out with the guys, and they always call each other bro when they’re together.

But now that he’s spending time with you, he reacts on autopilot, forgets you’re a female, and addresses you as bro. 

#10 He Struggles With Words

Some men can articulate themselves very well. They are naturally good with words, and what they want to say flows effortlessly.

You are never confused about what they say because their communication style is clear and concise.

On the other hand, some men find it difficult to communicate, especially when they get overly emotional.

To express themselves, they will curse or repeat certain words. So if he is having an intense conversation with you, and he keeps saying bro, it’s because he struggles with words. 

Does Bro Mean Friend Zone?

As you’ve read, there are several reasons why a guy calls a girl bro, one of which is that she’s been friend-zoned.

In other words, it doesn’t mean that exclusively, but it could mean that. 

How Do You Respond When A Guy Calls You Bro?

There are several ways you can respond when a guy calls you bro. These include asking why he’s calling you bro, calling him bro back, and asking him not to call you bro again.

Here are three ways to respond when a guy calls a girl bro.

#1 Ask Why He’s Calling You Bro

If you want to know why he’s calling you bro, the best way to find out is to ask.

In this way, you’re not jumping to conclusions, and you’ll know exactly what’s going through his mind when he calls you bro.

However, don’t expect to get an honest response if he’s testing you or insulting you because he’ll never admit that. 

#2 Call Him Bro Back

Call him bro back if you see him as just a friend or as comfortable with him as he is with you. It can become your style of banter. 

#3 Ask Him Not To Call You Bro Again

There may not be any malicious intent behind your guy friend calling you bro, but if you don’t like being referred to with masculine terminology, the best way to get him to stop is to tell him.

If he calls everyone, bro, he might be unaware of it, so don’t get offended. Just ask him to stop. 

Final Thought

So now you know the answer to the question, what does it mean when a guy calls you, bro? Hopefully, you’ll feel more at ease about it.

I understand that using male terminology to refer to a woman can be slightly unsettling, but in most cases, it’s harmless banter, and the man isn’t trying to demean or belittle you.

So the next time your guy friend calls you bro, ask him why, and you’ll find that it was an innocent statement.