What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You boo Or Bae?

When a guy calls you “boo” or “bae”, it usually means that he is showing affection toward you. “Boo” is often used as a term of endearment for someone special to the person saying it.

Similarly, “bae” is an abbreviation for “before anyone else” and is often used as a term of affection for a significant other or someone the person is interested in romantically.

If you’re crushing on a guy and he calls you boo or bae, do you get all giddy inside thinking that he likes you just as much as you like him?

Or maybe a male friend has all of a sudden started calling you boo or bae, and it’s made you feel slightly uncomfortable?

Both scenarios are valid because, as we know from songs such as  ‘My Boo’ by Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys or ‘Get it Bae’ by Pharrell Williams,

The word boo is typically associated with someone you’re more than friends with.

After hearing your guy friend call you boo or bae, it’s only natural that you’ll want to know what it means. The truth is that it could mean several things and if you want to know what they are, keep reading. 

Is Being Called Boo Or Bae A Compliment?

Before I answer that question, it might help that you understood the exact definitions for the words boo or bae because most people only started hearing these words in songs such as ‘My Boo’ by Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys or ‘Get it Bae’ by Pharrell Williams.


The word boo originates from the French word ‘beau,’ which means ‘beautiful.’ Today it’s a slang word typically used between two people in a romantic relationship.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word ‘bae’ is the acronym for ‘before anyone else.’ It’s also short for ‘babe’ or ‘baby.’

However, you will also hear friends refer to each other as boo or bae, which means, for some people, it’s a term of endearment. So, to answer the question, is being called boo or bae a compliment depends on the context in which it is said. 

Pet Names Guys Give Girls:

8 Reasons Why A Guy Calls You Boo Or Bae?

There are several reasons why a guy calls you boo or bae, including he’s extending an olive branch, he thinks you’re cute, or he’s forgotten your name. Here are ten reasons why a guy calls you boo or bae. 

#1 He’s Extending An Olive Branch

Some men are too shy to tell you how they really feel, so they’ll drop hints, hoping you’ll get the message and let him know you feel the same.

If that’s the case, he’s expecting you to start calling him boo or bae, after which he might gain enough courage to make things official. 

#2 He Thinks You’re Cute 

As mentioned, the word boo is originates from the word beautiful in French. Even though most people don’t know this, the word is typically used by people in a relationship.


So even though you’ve just met or only been on a couple of dates, he calls you boo or bae because he thinks you’re cute. 

#3 He’s Forgotten Your Name

If your guy friend is a player and sees more than one female simultaneously, there’s a chance he’s forgotten your name.


If that’s the case, to avoid calling you the wrong name, he calls you boo or bae until he gets the chance to find out what your name is.

You’ll know this is the case if he never calls you by your name. He may have even stored your number as ‘boo #2’ or ‘bae #3.’

#4 He Wants To Know How You’ll React

Everyone knows that the words boo or bae are typically used by people in a relationship.

If you’ve just started dating and want to test the waters with pet names, he’ll call you boo or bae to see how you’ll react.

He wants to know which pet names will make you blush the most, so don’t be surprised if he calls you something like sweetie or hun a few days later. 

#5 He’s Flirting With You

Is calling someone Boo flirting? YES, a great way to flirt is to call the person you’re crushing on boo or bae. It lets them know you see them as more than a friend, and you might be romantically thinking about you.

However, before you conclude that he’s flirting with you, pay attention to his body language when he says it. Does he look you in the eye with a smile on his face?

Does he lean into you? Is he mirroring your behavior? These are all subtle signs that he’s flirting with you, and he’s hoping the feelings are mutual and you’ll start flirting with him too. 

#6 He Wants To Take Things To The Next Level

When a guy wants to take things to the next level, he might start over using pet names such as boo or bae to get you used to the idea that things are about to change.


You’ve progressed from seeing each other every two weeks to every couple of days, and it’s clear the relationship is changing because he wants to spend more time with you. 

#7 It’s How He Refers To His Girlfriends

When your guy friend has a girlfriend, he refers to them as boo or bae to distinguish them from his other female friends.

He wants you to feel special, so he makes a point of calling you pet names. He does it even more so when his female friends are around. 

#8 He Calls All His Female Friends Boo Or Bae

Some men use the words boo or bae as a term of endearment, and that’s how they address all their female friends.

Therefore, there’s no motive behind him calling you boo or bae. He doesn’t see you as any different than his other female friends. 

What is the meaning of Boo In A Relationship?

There are several things boo can mean in a relationship, including he thinks you’re beautiful, it’s a nickname for you, and he misses you. Keep reading to find out what boo means in a relationship. 

#1 It’s His Nickname For You

It’s always nice to hear the guy you like call your name, but it’s even better when he’s got a nickname for you. A nickname is a great way for someone to tell you how they feel about you without getting emotional.

When he calls you boo, he associates pleasurable feelings with it, which makes him like you even more. 

#2 He Thinks You’re Beautiful

As mentioned, the original meaning of the word boo is beautiful in French. Even if he’s not aware of this, when a man finds his woman beautiful, he might call her boo to express how he feels.

#3 He Misses You

If you haven’t seen your partner in a while, he might call you boo because he misses you.

If he’s away on a business trip or vacation with the boys, when he calls to check in on you, he’ll say something like, “hey boo,” or “how’s my boo doing?” 

What Do You Say Back When Someone Calls You Boo?

You can say several things to a guy when he calls you boo, including call him boo back, ask him not to call you boo, and don’t react.

Keep reading to find out what to say back when someone calls you boo. 

#1 Call Him Boo Back

If you sense he’s flirting and you want to get in on the action, call him boo back. Your participation will give him the confidence to continue flirting with you because you’ve responded positively to his charms. 

#2 Don’t React 

If you’re playing hard to get, and your crush is calling you boo to get a reaction out of you, don’t give him one. Maybe you’ve been dating for a couple of weeks, and he wants to know how you feel about him without asking you directly.

He starts referring to you as boo and bae to see how you’ll respond. Will you start blushing or get flustered? If so, he’ll know you’re feeling him too, if not, he’ll keep pursuing you. 

#3 Ask Him Not To Call You Boo

If you’ve heard through the grapevine that your guy friend is attracted to you and now he’s calling you boo, ask him not to.

It might seem a bit harsh, but you don’t want to give him the wrong impression by allowing him to refer to you flirtatiously.

If he hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell you he’s interested by calling you boo, he’s probably dropping hints in hopes you’ll get the message.

Save him the embarrassment by asking him not to call you boo because your boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate it (say this even if you don’t have a boyfriend). 

Final Thought

In general, if the guy you like calls you boo or bae, that’s a good thing. He’s probably into you, too, and wants to continue in the relationship’s direction.

However, don’t get too excited because he might use it as a term of endearment and call all females boo or bae.

So before you confess your undying love for him, spend more time getting to know him and observing how he interacts with other women.