What Makes a Woman Memorable To a Man?

What makes a woman special to a man? How do you make a man see you as memorable? It could be that he finds your laugh funny or your voice sexy. Whatever that thing is, no one else can do it as you do.

This may be the most significant part of everyone being unique. What makes someone memorable is a unique and specific thing that is hard to describe as it is something general.

Do you want to know what makes a woman memorable to a man? I made a list of 15 things that make a woman special to a man.

15 Things That Make a Woman Memorable to a Man

Many things can make you special and memorable, from your smile to how you make pasta. Yet, the differences stand out the most about all these things.

You become memorable to a man when you have something he can’t get from another. Men have different tastes in women, so what makes you stand out among the other women wouldn’t be the same.

Here are 15 things that make a woman memorable and unforgettable.


#1 You are stunning

Your physical features are stunning to him. Beauty is different for everyone. If a guy considers you beautiful, then he would remember you.

Have you ever started dating a guy who told you he noticed how beautiful you are and had to get your number? That is because beauty is the instant thing that a guy recognizes. It could be your eyes, facial structure, or body.

Many people have types, which is a particular feature that interest them. For example, a guy can be into women with brown eyes or blonde hair because that is his type. But, consider yourself memorable if he is into you and you weren’t even his type.

#2 He loves your personality

According to Marie Claire Magazine, “We all know that people tend to be attracted to other people who are, well, attractive.

But we might have been wrong about what exactly they’re responding to. It’s not all about shiny hair, winning smile, and cut-glass cheekbones—actually, according to a study out of Monmouth University, personality can make a big difference in whether someone finds you aesthetically pleasing.”

Although beauty may be the first catch, personality keeps the conversation going. Yes, looks are appealing to the eye of a man.

They see beauty first, but things can change when they know your personality. No matter how good on the outside you look, inner beauty counts. 

#3 You are intelligent in your conversations

Intelligence is attractive not only to women but men as well. Being able to hold a proper conversation with someone is a heart-warming thing.

He would notice that you are knowledgeable in different areas. You gain points if he can converse with you and discuss stuff even though you may have different opinions. That’s so much better than the ” hello ” conversation and “how are you” all the time.

#4 He loves your vibe/aura 

Your vibe attracts him. You ever went out with a guy, and you hit it off. He matches your energy, and you can laugh and talk about anything without feeling weird.

He will find you memorable if you feel like best friends, even if you haven’t been dating for long. Meaningful connections are something that men look for in women.

#5 You cook well

Your cooking makes you memorable because men love their bellies. If you’re on a date and you cook for him and ask for more, he digs your cooking.

Guys love when their woman can make their favorite food. This is attractive to many guys. Although the world has evolved from women in the kitchen, some parts have not. 

In some countries, women are still required to be housewives, caring for the home.

Even in more urban, modern places, some men still follow that principle, whereas others prefer a woman who can cook. Whatever the reason, cooking is a skill that can make you memorable to a man.

#6 He loves your sense of humor.

“Laughter is the best medicine.” Like women, men tend to look for a goofy partner who can make them laugh when they’re down.

You don’t have to try to make him laugh every time. It should be natural. If he finds you funny, then it means that your sense of humor amuses him. Guys see that as memorable because not everyone can match your goofiness. 

You both can watch something and laugh together, whether it be a movie or something in real life. He sees you as his other half even before marriage because of your sense of humor and how you make him laugh. 

#7 You have a sensational scent

You take care of the way you smell. Perfume is attractive to men. According to perfumes.com, research shows that “men are attracted to the fragrances that claim aphrodisiac tendencies such as vanilla and cinnamon.” 

The sense of smell is the second strongest. Many perfume companies stress this fact, and many of them use it in their quest to make their fragrances unforgettable. 

Whenever he smells that scent, he would think about you because that is the perfume you use. Even if you’re not dating anymore, that perfume scent will remind him of you if you were persistent with it.

Men find perfume attractive. It gives the impression that you have good hygiene. Also, it indicates to him that you care how you smell around him. 

#8 He feels valued in your life

When a man feels appreciated and needed, that makes you memorable in his eyes. Many women these days like to be independent, and while that is good, sometimes men want to feel important.

It might be a turn-off if you handle everything yourself and do not accept help. Even if you can fix the sink or change the tire, sometimes ask him to do it. It makes men feel special when you involve them. It is the hero instinct in the male gender. 

#9 The sound of your voice

He admires your voice and the way you speak. If he hears your voice without seeing your face and knows it’s you, consider yourself memorable.

He has stored your voice in his subconscious mind. He can recognize you even though you are not visible. If this is not memorable, then what is.

How would you know if he considers your voice admirable? He may tell you over the phone when you guys talk, or he might not even say it in those exact words. Instead, he may want to talk to you on the phone for hours.

When it is time to hang up, he lingers or begs you to keep talking. If you notice him doing this, it may very well be that he loves hearing your voice.

#10 You are consistent

Consistency is one of the biggest things that makes a woman memorable to a man. If you check up on him daily and converse with him when he reaches out, then you stand out to him. He would realize how dedicated you are in the relationship, which would likely leave a mark on him. 

Consistency is not only in texting. If you spend time with your guy, it can also count as being consistent. It makes you memorable when you commit to seeing him often and avoid blowing off date nights.

#11 You are great in bed

When you have sex with him, it is off the charts. Has he expressed that you are great in bed? Or that he has never experienced an intimate connection as he does with you? Then you are memorable.

You may have some unique skills in the bedroom that he likes and hasn’t experienced before. Yet, passionate sex shouldn’t be the only thing that a man finds memorable about you.

#12 You are always well dressed

Men recognize when a woman is neat in the way she dresses. Ironed clothing, clean shoes, and clothes stand out to men.

A man looking for someone to date isn’t going for one who doesn’t keep herself clean. Cleanliness is important because it reflects how tidy your home is. There is a psychological relation between both. Men find it very attractive when you take care of yourself. 

#13 You mirror him

Guys tend to enjoy it when their girlfriends mirror them. It could be words that he would use or dress alike. Here is a scenario to explain further.

You both have been together for a while and may even live together. He notices that you try to match with him every time you go out. Even though they may not say it, guys like it when their girls mirror them. It shows unity and loyalty.

You are telling the world that “Yes, this is my man, we are together.” It also gives off the impression that you like his style. 

#14 You are a modest woman

In some cultures, modesty is a big deal for men. Religions like Islam and Christianity support modesty. In some Islamic cultures, women must wear the hijab. Only their husbands and males in their immediate family can view their hair. 

When your dress style is modest, it leaves a good impression on some men. They may take it to mean that you are saving yourself for your husband.

Wearing too much revealing clothing that shows off your private areas can be a turn-off for many men. The men who you attract with revealing clothing are only those who want to sleep with you. 

#15 You’re supportive 

Supportiveness can lead to you becoming memorable. Being a supportive woman doesn’t take a lot. It could be that he plays a sport and you always come to his games.

Or it could be that he got a promotion at work, and you are happy for his success. Men appreciate supportive women. It gives them the assurance they need to know if you will stick by them through good and bad times. 

A more significant sign that he finds you memorable is if he went through a challenging situation.

Whether it was losing a family member or getting fired from his job. He would find you memorable if you were there with him throughout that.

What Qualities in a Woman Attract a Man?

There are specific attributes that most men find attractive when finding a good woman. Although all men have differences in what they want in a woman, there are some common qualities.

So, what qualities/personality/skills do some women have to be memorable to a man? What qualities in a woman attract a man?

Honesty, love, self-respect, and loyalty are qualities that make a woman attractive to a man. So, if you want to know what makes a woman intriguing to a man, then: 


#1 Honesty

Every man appreciates honesty from the woman they are dating. They value the respect it takes to them the truth even when you did something wrong.

For example, they prefer that you tell them upfront if you cheated. They like you to be honest even in small things such as telling him where you are instead of lying.

Honesty is a virtue that men treasure. It builds trust and keeps relationships together.

It also prevents public embarrassment. Imagine your guy not knowing that his girl cheated on him and everyone else does. That is embarrassing. Even though your honesty can break up the relationship, he will appreciate that you told him and didn’t hide it.

#2 Great communication skills 

You communicate with him daily and show interest in talking to him. It is attractive when you don’t take too long to respond and share when things go wrong.

It shows him that you are into him just like he is into you. You are not playing games and want to be in a serious relationship.

#3 You are self-confident

According to Best Life, “In the study, confidence beat out status and dominance and was the only attribute that was associated with romantic desire and an interest in taking the relationship further, proving that radiating confidence is the number one thing that makes men more desirable.” 

A man is more attracted to a confident woman than one who lacks self-confidence. This is because it shows independence.

Although guys like it when you need them, they do not always want to convince you you’re beautiful. When you are confident in yourself, this attracts men because you would build each other up. It can get annoying when a woman always mentions flaws that might not even be in his eyes.

Being sexually confident is also a big turn-on. You know what you want in bed and are comfortable in your body. Men glorify that certainty. 

He sees you as more beautiful when you are confident because you tell him how good you are. It shows him that you are not dependent on what he thinks, which keeps him on his toes to ensure he doesn’t lose you.

He is less susceptible to cheating when you have confidence in your worth because he knows you can move on.

#4 You are a good listener

He should feel comfortable talking to you about the details of his day because you listen to him. Maintaining eye contact when talking to him in person is a good practice.

Nodding is another good listening skill because it shows that you’re engaged. He’ll appreciate your attentiveness, and this would make you even more attractive.

When you are on your phone, if he starts speaking and you put it away to listen, that is a big beautiful move. 

#5 Self-Respect

If you have respect for yourself, he’ll notice. Men sometimes test you to see what kind of woman you are. Sometimes they are not even trying you, but it gives them a different view of you based on your response.

For instance, you and this guy meet at a club and start talking. You guys seem to hit it off, and he offers to take you back to his house. He has shown you his intentions, so you decline his offer. You tell him, “I don’t sleep with guys I just met.” 

This gives him the impression that you are not out and hooking up with guys on your first date. The longer you make him wait, the more he sees you attractive. Yet, this only applies if he is into you other than for sex. He might not be as interested if you two have nothing in common.

#6 Loyalty

Loyalty is an attribute that most men, if not all, find attractive. It is something they crave. Loyalty is when you are with a guy and don’t entertain other men.

You don’t tolerate men getting your number out of intent to form a connection. It is the utmost respect one can have for another. So, if you wonder what men find most attractive in a woman, this may be it.

This is attractive to men because it makes them feel unique and loved. It also makes them be able to trust you because of your loyalty.

His mind can rest when he knows you don’t seek attention from the opposite sex because you are with him. Such women are hard to find, so if he is smart, he’ll never want to let you go.

#7 Love

The strongest feeling one person can have toward another is love. With love, you are all the things mentioned above and more.

Love includes so many things: kindness, patience, gentleness, and much more. If you love your partner, you would not want to make him uncomfortable or resistant. Love is sacrificing for both of you to be happy. Consider yourself memorable if he knows you love him as much as he loves you. 

#8 You have motivation 

Independence is a quality that a lot of men find sexy. Independence is caring for yourself and not depending on them to provide for you.

Yes, men do like to feel included and spoil their special lady. But it should not be to the point where you can’t live without his money. 

A motivated, career-driven woman usually has a plan for her life, and men like that. Glamour magazine states, “I love hearing a woman talk passionately about something, whether it’s world peace, her favorite television show, or her mother’s lasagna. Seeing what’s special to her shows me what’s special about her.”

Guys love when a woman has the passion to succeed in life. That is attractive because success is contagious. If she has the mindset, then she can transfer it. It would make a guy feel that he must also show motivation to build a great life together. 

How to Be Unforgettable to a Man?


What makes a woman unforgettable? There is only one thing that makes you exceptional to a man. You are not like other girls. Sounds unreal, right?

How can there only be one thing that makes you never leave his mind? This is because there is no rule book on what makes you unforgettable. Every man has a different preference. Like the one stated above, there are qualities that most men want in a woman. Yet, the diversity of human beings makes it hard to pinpoint. 

So why is the answer so simple? Well, that is because when a man finds an unforgettable woman in his eyes, no other woman can compare to her. Even if things did not work out for some reason, you are still memorable. 

So, what do men find most attractive in a woman? You changed his life in some way that he’ll never forget.

It could have been because you stood by him when something terrible happened. Or, you may have some physical qualities that no one else has.

Many things can make you unforgettable to a man. But keep in mind that every man likes different things. What can be impressive to one man can be unnoticeable to another.