What Makes a Man Want to Kiss a Woman?

A man may want to kiss a woman if he feels strongly attracted or connected to her.

Physical cues, such as proximity and eye contact, can also affect a man’s desire to kiss a woman.

Building a strong emotional connection and creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere can also increase the likelihood of a man wanting to kiss a woman.

You may see it as just a kiss, but it makes your relationship closer, warmer, and more comfortable. It fosters an emotional bond that makes you feel like you belong together.

Did you know that men are often the ones who ask for smooches in the average romantic relationship?

Of course, not every guy likes to kiss, but it remains one of the ways to express genuine love.

So, why do guys want to kiss? Because it is the first step of a physical connection between a woman and a man.

Below, we’ve listed 20 reasons why guys love kissing girls. Read on to find out more!

20 Things that Make a Man Want to Kiss a Woman


It makes him feel a strong connection to you.

Passionate kisses aren’t always about sex. It can mean so much more than that when a man kisses you!

Some guys yearn for romantic relationships with lots of affection and touching.

Kissing can provide both these things. It’s the start of a physical relationship where he feels your soft lips, making him want to explore the rest of you.

He’s into you.

This becomes more apparent if he likes kissing you on your forehead. That actually shows sincerity and care. It’s a sure-fire way to know he’s into you and not your physical appearance.

He will always be there for you and love you with all his heart.

Your confidence.

Charm and grace are the hallmarks of a confident woman, making her more attractive to most guys.

Your self-assurance makes him feel safe around you, which makes him want to be with you. He wants a woman who is not looking for approval from anyone else.

Are you the kind of girl who knows she’s beautiful? He’s sure to love that!

Your approachability.

Your guy will feel worried about kissing you if you’re standoffish and playing hard to get.

He will feel more comfortable making the first move on a woman who makes it clear that she wants to talk to him.


Don’t be the girl who flirts up a storm with other guys. That won’t make him want to kiss you, let alone have a relationship with you.

He enjoys every moment he spends with you.

Guys know spending time with you is the key to unlocking your trust. So your love interest will find time to be with you.

He may or may not tell you how he’s feeling. The more time he spends with you, the more these feelings grow.

It may reach the point where kissing you is the only answer.

He wants to move from talking to kissing.

So you’ve started going out, and you’re having fun. He can no longer hide his desire to kiss you.

It’s not always easy to define what makes a man want to kiss a woman, but it’s clear that something about you attracts him.


He is ready for that first kiss. He wants to feel the rush of excitement and emotion when he touches your lips with his.

He’s never kissed you before.

Writer Justin DeMarco interviewed a guy who said that the first kiss has a weird danger. “There’s a rush to it because you don’t know what the after-effect will be.”

You might pull away, saying you don’t believe in kissing on the first date. Most men fear rejection at that moment, especially if they have fresh wounds.

He kissed you, and the first time was fantastic.

Your technique makes him crazy for you, and he can’t get enough. He may feel a special connection, and now his mind is racing to where he wants you to be his girlfriend.

This guy may definitely be interested in you. Only he does not have the words. He might even see you as a potential life partner.


He wants to sleep with you.

It’s no secret that sometimes, kissing is passion-driven and is far from platonic. 

Research shows that men do it to introduce sex hormones and proteins. These hormones and proteins make women more receptive to their sexual advances.

Open mouth and tongue kissing increase the amount of saliva produced and exchanged. Thus, this type is especially effective in upping the level of sexual arousal. 

Kissing feels good.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating or been going out for a while. Your lips contain more nerve endings than any other part of your body.

So, when your guy grabs the back of your head and gives you a passionate kiss, it takes him over the moon.

Like a hug (but much better), smooching lowers cortisol levels. Thus, it reduces his anxiety, making him feel less stressed.

Kissing triggers his hero instinct.

Author James Bauer gives a great definition of the hero instinct.

He says it’s a man’s deep, built-in desire to protect and provide for those he loves. Your guy wants to be your hero, and kissing you makes him feel heroic.

A real man feels good when he makes you feel good, and kissing is a way of connecting on that level.

It makes him feel needed like he could be the hero in your life.

Kissing makes him feel wanted and desired.

When you play hard to get with a guy, you set up barriers that make him guess your true feelings for him.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a girl playing hard to get. But do you want a relationship with him?

If so, you must balance making him chase and giving him what he wants.

He senses your love and affection for him

Men are likely to fall for women who show them they care. So, treat him well and show him that you’re interested.

Let him know he’s dating you for the long haul.

The answer is to help him build his trust in you – if you succeed, you will receive a lifetime’s supply of smooches from him.

Your lower lip looks juicy

When a man ends up kissing you, it’s because he feels drawn to your lips, so highlight them somehow.

Take a moment to apply a pop of red lipstick or highlight your nude lip with lip liner. When women do that, it makes a guy want to lean in and make out with them.


Guys love it when a girl makes that kind of effort for them. It will make him want to be with you even more.

You smell good

Other things like what you’re wearing and how you’re standing can turn your guy on.

But if you smell delicious, it will make him crazy for you. Your smell will make him lose all his inhibitions even if he’s a shy guy.

You may have heard that the right perfume blends with your body’s pheromones. Thus, it increases your sexual attractiveness.

So, take a trip to the perfume counter, baby. You can’t go wrong!

He thinks you’re sexy

You may be more beautiful than you even realize. Your figure, beauty, and wit may turn him on more than he wants to admit.

So instead of trying to explain that to you, he leans in for a kiss, hoping that that will clear up everything.

Now you won’t have to guess or wonder. He hopes that you will see him as boyfriend material after that.

He wants to express his feelings

Kissing shows his feelings, and it’s one of the ways he can show his affection for you.

Men are not the most expressive creatures, so they use actions to express their feelings.

Women need to know that kissing unmasks a man’s true intentions. It can give you the real answer to whether he likes you once you pay attention.

Your body language gives him the green light

People kiss when vibrating, so go for it if you feel a spark between you! Make it evident that you want to kiss him, too.

Don’t expect him to take complete control of the reins. He might be as scared or embarrassed about everything as you are.

So, smile at him for no apparent reason, lock him into your gaze, and move closer to him. In other words, invite him to make the move!

He’s assessing your potential as a mate

Men, as well as women, use kissing for mate assessment. So, long before you sleep with him for the first time, he will test you with a kiss.

He’s likelier to choose you as a partner if you’re a good kisser. In other words, lousy kissing can be a deal-breaker.

You may need to brush up on your kissing technique to ensure that he stays interested.

He wants a relationship

If a guy has feelings for a girl, a kiss on the lips will be, for him, a good sign. You might see it as a small token of affection, but it may be much more than that.

It means he likes you, cares about you, and may even love you. Are you at the point where you’ve just started dating?

Things will become more intense as your relationship progresses.

How Do You Make a Guy Wanna Kiss You?

So, you’ve been going out for a while now, and life has become beautiful again. But … no kiss. Does your breath smell bad? Does he think you’re a dull date? Why isn’t he kissing you?

You may think that guys would be all over you as a woman. But men are not one size fits all. Some are shy, while others are bold enough to kiss girls on the first date.

So, here’s how to make a guy want to kiss you. Who knows? It might be the start of a beautiful relationship!


The first step to getting him interested is to find the right location. Take charge of the dating plans:

  • Go see a movie.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Hang out somewhere else that will set the stage for a kiss.

Having other people around will pressure him, and it will also kill the mood. Find a way to be alone with your guy if you want him to kiss you.

Once you get him alone, you need to show him that it’s okay to touch your body. You can show that by holding his hand or hugging him.

You might not be able to get past the touch barrier at first. Touching is awkward and may even be traumatic to some.

It may take repeated attempts before he is comfortable with you touching him. Ultimately, he will want to kiss you after making physical contact.

How Do You Know a Guy Wants to Kiss You?

Physical cues such as prolonged eye contact, physical proximity, and lingering glances at lips indicate a man’s desire to kiss.

He may also touch his hair, make physical contact, or express romantic or flirty comments.

Communication and consent are crucial in determining whether a kiss is appropriate.

Kissing often means that a man cares about a woman, or he likes her a lot.

But how will you know when he’s ready to take that step? You’ll need to look for the signs. 


The first hint is that he gets quiet. You can’t kiss if your mouths are busy talking. Notice him getting quieter? Lulls in conversation create a relaxed (and sexier vibe).

They also help him work up the nerve to kiss you. Be quiet and resist the urge to fill the silence with chit-chat.

Instead, flash him a sexy smile the next time he gets quiet for a few seconds.

Another sign is lingering eye contact. If he starts looking at you as if he thinks you’re delicious, you can be positive that a kiss is soon to come.

He might break the ice by touching you in subtle little ways. Look out for a hand on the cheek, a arm stroke, and even a one-armed side hug.

These are all ways he will get you used to his touch before he gets even closer.

While you’re talking, do you feel his eyes on your mouth the whole time? If he can’t tear his eyes away from your lips, it’s a sign.

All the hot chemistry between you inundates him.

Want to know for sure? Give him a quick hug. If he doesn’t pull away, it’s a sign that he’s looking for the right moment to move in. 

When Does a Man Kiss a Woman?

A man may kiss a woman when expressing affection or desire, during a romantic moment, or when both individuals are comfortable with each other. The timing of a kiss depends on mutual attraction and consent.

Men use kissing as a means to an end (sex). According to psychologist Susan Hughes, “Males are kissing primarily as a means to increase arousal for their partner.”

In contrast, women tend to use kissing to create a bond with their potential partners.


Women also use it to assess them as future mates. Both sexes use kissing to measure relationship compatibility. 

Life is full of nuance, and like many other girls, you may prefer to err on the side of tradition when on a date.

Still, he hasn’t touched you, and you’re itching for it. What makes a man want to kiss a woman?

The answer is proximity. Most women stand an arm’s length away when they’re dating a new guy.

But he’s likelier to kiss you if you’re in his personal space. The answer is to find an excuse to get there!

Move your body closer to his so he’s breathing your scent. That is sure to intoxicate him.

Men also tend to kiss women when they’re sharing a laugh. If he smiles and leans in to kiss you, remain in his embrace, so he feels empowered.

Some men prefer to ask first, so in case he does, prepare your answer. 

First Kiss Prep

Make sure and prepare yourself for your first kissing session. You’ll want to smell good – all over your body.

You can get a two-in-one deal with a light lotion: it will make your skin smooth and soft and produce a pleasant smell.

Ensure you also put on some deodorant and a hint of a complementary perfume or body spray.

Taking a bath with a soft, natural oil like rose or lavender will give you a lingering scent that isn’t too strong.

Don’t forget your breath! Give your teeth an extra scrub with minty toothpaste, and remember to brush your tongue.

If you have issues with bad breath, gargle some mouthwash, suck on a mint, or chew some gum. Remember to spit it out before your date!

Why Does a Man Want to Kiss a Woman?

The University of Albany ran a 2007 study that showed men and women have very different reasons for kissing.

Men look at a woman’s body shape and weight, and they say that a good kiss includes her making moaning noises.

The study also showed that men use kissing to weed out unsuitable mates. More often, they use it to make themselves appealing to desired ones.

Study author Gordon Gallup says, “Men tend to kiss as a means of gaining sexual favors, or as a means of effecting reconciliation.”


Why can’t he be upfront and say he wants to kiss you? Your guy may be afraid you will reject him, so he’s not making the first move.

He may not want to come off as too strong or you might think he’s forcing you to kiss him.

His mind is most likely racing before he decides to kiss you. Most men are careful not to violate your boundaries.

They’re scared of making you think the only thing they want from you is to get you into the bedroom.

Why Do Guys Like to Kiss so Much?

Passionate, sensual kissing is what men enjoy. The kind of kiss where your tongue is not rolling around their mouth and lips.

The perfect kiss involves more expertise and less spit. Here’s why guys want to kiss you.

A kiss can drive a guy wild. Your adoration, affection, and level of comfort with him all show up when you kiss him.

A good kiss can be even more intimate than sex. 

When a guy kisses you, it’s easy to tell what he is thinking if you pay attention to his body language.

Is he leaning in? Mirroring your movements? Is he leaning in when he looks at you? That is no ordinary kiss, baby! He is smitten.

Pay attention to the type of kiss he gives you. For example, a peck on the cheek can mean he’s not into you.

In contrast, a Casanova-style kiss (you know, one of those from the romance novels) is a sign that he’s interested.

Some girls dislike the open-eyed kiss, where he stares at you the whole time. Then there’s the kiss on the hand, which is always charming.

What Makes You Want to Kiss Someone?

So, we’ve dealt with why guys want to kiss you.

Let’s flip the coin now and discuss why you want to kiss them. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., explains that the lips are one of the thinnest layers of skin on the human body.

Note that lips are full of nerve endings. They allow you to pick up on the taste, temperature, and smell of someone.

People can assess all kinds of information about others through smell. For example, it gives clues about their fertility or the health of their immune system.

When you kiss, you’ll pick up his scent, laden with all these subtle clues.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things men can do with women. It’s a way to express love, desire, and affection.

And it’s something that most of us remember for the rest of our lives. 

For years, people have had a preoccupation with kissing. It’s often the climax of great Hollywood love stories. Poets and singers alike celebrate it.

In fact, kissing is nothing more than two people putting their faces together. Then they exchange saliva. But how did something so gross become so appealing? 

A few theories exist on why we kiss. One is that it’s a way to share pleasure and intimacy. Another is that it’s a way to show affection and care.

But besides the biological aspect, it’s clear that we kiss because we like it.

Kissing makes us feel desired, and it’s also a precursor to what we hope will be a beautiful relationship.

So pucker up, ladies! Great snogging is a-waiting.

Can a Guy Kiss a Girl Without Feelings?

Yes, a guy can kiss a girl without having feelings. In some situations, a kiss may be a physical expression of affection or a way to participate in social norms, without any deeper emotional connection.

However, it’s important to remember that every individual and situation is different, and a kiss can have different meanings for different people.

Will a Man Kiss a Woman He is Not Attracted To?

A man may choose to kiss a woman he is not attracted to in certain social or cultural situations, such as in a formal greeting, as a polite gesture, or in an attempt to be friendly.

However, it is less likely for a man to initiate a kiss with a woman he is not attracted to, as the desire to kiss typically stems from feelings of attraction or desire.

Why Do I Want To Kiss Someone So Badly?

The desire to kiss someone can stem from various emotional and physical factors.

Intense feelings of attraction, love, and affection can create a strong urge to express these emotions through physical touch, including kissing.

Hormonal changes and chemical reactions in the brain can also contribute to the desire to kiss, creating a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Additionally, societal and cultural norms and past experiences can also play a role in the desire to kiss.

However, it’s important always to prioritize communication and respect the boundaries and comfort levels of the other person.