What Does It Mean When A Boy Stares At You?

A random boy staring at you can be intimidating or flattering, depending on who it is.

When a boy stares at you, it could be because he thinks you’re hot, you remind him of his ex, or he’s being nosey. Females find it creepy when a guy they don’t find attractive sits and stares at them.

Especially if he looks a bit scruffy, if she feels threatened, she may move so she’s out of his way. But a good-looking, well-dressed man might get a smile back and even a conversation if he decides to start one. It’s not fair, but that’s life.

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you want to know what it means when a boy stares at you because you’ve got a crush on this guy and hope the feeling is mutual.

If so, keep reading to find out the answer to the question, what does it mean when a boy stares at you?

What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares At You And Smiles?

When a guy stares at a woman and smiles, it could mean he thinks she’s cute, likes her hair, or is being friendly.

A man staring at you is one thing, but a man staring and smiling is a bonus as we could all do with more smiles in our lives.

Keep reading to discover what it means when a guy stares at you and smiles. 


#1 He Thinks You’re Cute

When a guy thinks a girl is cute, it doesn’t necessarily mean he finds her attractive.

He may have noticed that you don’t wear heavy makeup and finds it appealing because you’re confident enough to display your natural beauty. It could mean there’s something about your face that he finds endearing.


You might think you have a button nose or Disney Princess eyes. A guy thinking you’re cute is a compliment, but if that’s why he’s staring and smiling at you, don’t get too excited about it because you might remind him of his little sister. 

#2 He Likes Your Hair

Men are just as enamored by women’s hair as they could be about their legs or breasts.

He might like its color, how it blows in the wind or how the sun reflects off it. Check where his eyes are most focused if you want to know whether he’s admiring your hair.

If he’s looking towards the top of your head, he’s more interested in your hair than anything else. 

#3 He’s Being Friendly

Some guys take being friendly to the next level and will stare and smile at everyone.

If you hang around him for a few days, you’ll notice he does this with everyone. He walks around grinning and smiling at people.

It can seem a bit strange because most people are very standoffish with strangers, but he’s just a happy person and wants to share his joy with everyone. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares At You Without Smiling?

When a guy stares at you without smiling, you have no way of knowing what he’s thinking because he probably has a blank expression.

But it might mean he’s lip reading, not staring at you, or trying to determine if he’s attracted to you. Keep reading to discover what it means when a guy stares at you without smiling. 


#1 He’s Lip Reading

Although you’re not speaking to him, he may have overheard snippets of your conversation and finds it interesting. But because there’s too much noise at your location, the only way he can lock into what you’re saying is by lip-reading.

Since he doesn’t know you, he’s probably too shy to walk up to you and ask to join in the conversation, so he observes from a distance instead.

When you notice him staring at you, glance at his eyes. If he’s looking at the bottom half of your face, he’s lip-reading. 

#2 He’s Not Staring At You

Some people stare blindly in any direction, and they’re not staring at anyone in particular.

It will appear as if he’s staring at you because he seems to be looking right at you, but he’s not.


There’s a high chance he hasn’t even seen you, and his mind is focused on what he will eat for dinner tonight or the deadline he needs to complete in a couple of weeks. 

#3 He’s Trying to Figure Out If He’s Attracted to You

All men have a type and are instantly attracted to their type when they see her.

But every so often, they notice a rare beauty, and they can’t help but stare because it’s clear she has an amazing face, but it’s not the type of face he’s generally attracted to.

So he stares at her for a while to see if those familiar feelings of physical attraction come to the surface. 

Why Do Guys Stare At Girls?

Guys stare at girls for several reasons, including he thinks she’s hot, she reminds him of his ex, or he’s being nosey.

Here are eleven reasons why guys stare at girls. 


#1 He Thinks You’re Hot

According to sex expert Candice Smith, the male brain needs visual stimulation to get aroused. So they get turned on by looking at the things they find sexy. If a guy is staring at you, it’s because he thinks you’re hot.

Everyone knows it’s rude to stare, but a lot of men find it difficult to control themselves when their eyes lock onto a sexy woman. This guy staring at you may be in a relationship or married, but that doesn’t stop him from looking.

He’ll look away when you notice him staring, but as soon as you return to what you’re doing, his eyes will be right back on you. 

#2 You Remind Him Of His Ex

As mentioned, men have a type, and you’ll notice that they date girls who look similar. If you were to do a lineup of the average guy’s girlfriends, they typically look similar.

That’s why some women are so shocked when they see one of their exes with a female so far on the opposite end of the spectrum to what they typically go for.

So if a guy has just been dumped by his girlfriend, and he sees a female that looks like her while he’s out and about, he’s going to stare at her. 

#3 He’s Being Nosey 

Are you reading a book or carrying a few shopping bags? Perhaps he’s staring at you because he wants to know what you’re reading and what’s in your bags.

Men can be nosey like that. Sometimes they stare at women not because they’re attracted to them but because they’re intrigued by them. 

#4 He’s A Weirdo

Unfortunately, some men are just weirdos. They have zero self-awareness and don’t even realize when they’re acting creepy. Some of them simply don’t care.

A normal man will look away when the woman catches him staring, but the weirdo will keep staring with deep intensity and won’t even attempt to divert his gaze 

#5 He Likes What She’s Wearing

Certain outfits on women drive men wild, such as high-waisted jeans that are tight on the bum and accentuate her curves.

Or a spaghetti strap top that reveals the skin around the chest, shoulders, and upper back. Or it might be the color you’re wearing. Studies suggest that men find red outfits on women incredibly sexy.


So there’s a chance he’s staring at you not because he finds you attractive but because he’s in total awe of your outfit. 

#6 He Wants To Have Sex With Her

Some men take being attracted to a woman to another level and stare at her because they’re fantasizing about her. As mentioned, men need visuals to get aroused.

It may not even be that you’re wearing a low-cut top or a short skirt, but your red lipstick or long black hair might do it for him. Research suggests that a man’s gaze indicates his sexual motivation.

Their pupils dilate when they see sexual images and look at women longer when they find them attractive. It was also discovered that men focus on the chest and waist area because these parts of a woman’s body are symbols of fertility.

So as he stares at you, he’s imagining what you’ll be like in bed, the shape and feel of your breasts, the curve of your waist. What it would be like to kiss you.

If you’re not remotely attracted to this guy, suspecting that a man is undressing you with his eyes is intimidating. 

#7 He’s Being Rude 

It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless, that some men are just jerks and get a kick out of intimidating women. And staring at them is one of the ways they do this.

There are several reasons men do this, including they are constantly rejected by the women they’re attracted to and so become bitter and resentful towards women in general.

They might have abandonment issues when children are put up for adoption, or their mother left them at a young age, and their dad raised them it can cause psychological problems that manifest in them hating women.

These deep-rooted psychological problems can lead some men to treat women in the most horrific ways.  

#8 He Wants You To Notice Him

When a man decides he’s attracted to a woman, he wants some indication that the feeling is mutual before making a move.

You see, in the dating world, men are expected to approach the women they like and ask her out on a date. But the woman lets the man know it’s safe to approach by giving him subtle hints that she’s interested.


She might flip her hair to the side, smile slightly, or look down when they lock eyes. A man who understands the rules will wait for a sign from the woman before he initiates a romantic advance.

If you’re interested in this guy, you better throw him a hint that it’s safe for him to approach, or he never will. First, men don’t like getting rejected, and second, they don’t want to get labeled as the creepy weirdo who keeps trying to pick up women who don’t like them. 

#9 He’s Trying To Figure You Out

Women are not a homogenous group who think and act the same. They all have their individual needs, wants, desires and values. Intelligent men understand this and know that not all women are attracted to the same things in men.

Despite all the gurus out there claiming to have the key to the hearts of all women, it’s simply impossible to figure them out as a whole. When a man thinks he understands how females work, he meets a woman who shatters his stereotype.

So there’s a possibility he’s staring at you because he’s trying to figure you out. He wants to know whether you’re the independent type, vulnerable, passionate, or headstrong.

While staring at you, so many questions are running through his head, and he’s looking forward to the day when he can ask you personally. 

#10 You Inspire Him

There’s a chance that the man staring at you is creative, and your face has inspired him. He could be an artist, a photographer, or an author, and he’s picturing you on a canvas, on a photo shoot, or as the main character in one of his books.

He might ask you to work for him if he sees you again. 

#11 You’re Out Of His League

All men desire to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman. But not all men are capable of getting the beautiful woman they want. One of the main reasons for this is insecurity.

Maybe he doesn’t feel good-looking enough, rich enough, or overweight. Because of these insecurities, he’s either single or settled for a woman he’s not really attracted to because she was the only female who ever paid him any attention.

So whenever he sees a beautiful woman, he stares, admiring her beauty but knowing he’ll never have someone that looks like her on his arm. 

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Stares At You?

When your crush stares at you, it could mean that he’s mesmerized by you, just noticed you, or wondering if you like him too.

You may very well be your crush’s crush too! Keep reading to find out what it means when your crush stares at you. 


#1 He’s Mesmerized By You

When a guy thinks a woman is beautiful, he stares at her because he can’t believe how gorgeous she is and takes in all her features.

You might be chatting with a friend, and although he’s on the other side of the room, you sense that someone’s watching you.

You turn around, meet his gaze, and he gets shy. You’ll catch him staring at you a lot, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a group or he’s driving you somewhere, he’ll keep glancing over at you.

He knows taking his eyes off the road isn’t the safest thing to do, but he’s so mesmerized by you, he forgets about safety for a while. When you lock eyes and smile at him, he gets so struck by your beauty that he looks away.

He doesn’t want to appear too whipped in case you’re the type to take advantage of Mr nice guy. But he keeps staring at you because he can’t hide the fact that he’s crazy about you. 

#2 He’s Just Noticed You

Whether you go to school or work together, he’s just noticed a hot girl in his space.

He’s staring because although he finds you attractive, he’s the type of guy who’s drawn to certain features on a woman and wants to ensure you’ve got them before he makes a move.

He might be into smiles and is attracted to women with warm, genuine smiles. He could be big on grooming and prefers women with manicured nails, smart clothes, and shiny, fresh-smelling, clean hair.

Maybe he likes a genuine and warm laugh. The list is endless, but whatever he’s into, he wants to make sure you’ve got it before he approaches you. 

#3 He’s Wondering If You Like Him Too

If he’s the type of guy who studies women and has read books about female body language and signs that a woman likes a man, he’s staring at you because he’s trying to figure out if you like him too.

He’s looking for signs like licking your lips when you look at him, playing with your hair, and smiling. Once you’ve made it obvious enough that you’re interested, he’ll stop staring and approach you. 

What Should You Do When A Guy Is Staring At You?

It can be pretty awkward and even scary depending on whether you’re getting positive vibes from the guy staring at you.

When a guy is staring at you, you should move out of his radar, stare right back, look away, or smile back. Keep reading to find out what to do when a guy is staring at you. 


#1 Move Out Of His Radar

If you’re getting weirdo vibes from this guy, I would advise you to move away from him so he can’t see you. The last thing you want is some creep you’re not attracted to, making you feel uncomfortable.

Remember, he could be fantasizing about you and undressing you with his eyes, or he might be trying to intimidate you. Whatever his reason for staring, you don’t want to be assaulted by his eyeballs.

If you’re on public transport, move to another seat. If you work together, ask if you can move desks. If he is someone you see often and keeps staring, report him as it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

#2 Stare Right Back 

Maybe you’re on a packed bus, and there’s nowhere for you to move, and this guy staring at you is making you feel uncomfortable. Instead of becoming the victim to his unrelenting gaze, don’t hang your head and look timid.

Stand your ground and stare right back. But give him a glare that says, “I’m not the type of female to tolerate your nonsense.” Hopefully, you’ll manage to intimidate him.

He’ll get embarrassed and stop staring. But if he keeps staring and gives you a sinister smile, say aloud, “Can you stop staring at me.”

He should come to his senses and stop, knowing that other people will now observe his behavior. Call a friend and get them to meet you at the bus stop just in case he tries to follow you. 

#3 Look Away

If you know the guy is staring at you because he finds you attractive, but the feelings are not mutual, look away when you catch his eye.

Don’t look back once you’ve looked away because you don’t want to give him the wrong impression.

He doesn’t fall into the category of creep or weirdo. He’s not your type, and smiling, or making eye contact might give him the wrong impression, and he’ll approach you, and you’ll have to let him down gently, and I doubt you want that. 

#4 Smile Back

Women know when a guy is staring because they’re attracted to them. There’s an undeniable twinkle in their eyes, and the air is charged with sexual energy.

If that’s the case, and you’re crushing on each other, smile back. In this way, he knows you’re interested too and might ask you out on a date. 


Final Thought

If you’re attracted to the guy staring at you, you’ll want to move quickly and let him know that the feelings are mutual, or he’ll move on to the next.

Most men will not approach a woman if they’re not getting the signs that she’s available and want him to approach her. So the next time you catch him staring at you, lock eyes with him for a few seconds and smile back.

Your beautiful smile will give him the confidence he needs to approach you.

On the other hand, if you’re not interested and the guy’s acting creepy, tell him he can’t bully you, and if he crosses the line, report him.