What Does A Kiss On The Cheek Mean?

Care, love, and admiration are some emotions one can evoke with a simple cheek kiss. A cheek is a meaningful gesture that one does not have to reciprocate.

These kisses show affection between two people. In many cultures, cheek kissing can also be a greeting “hello.” A simple brush of your lips on another person’s cheek can brighten them up on a gloomy day.

A quick kiss on the cheek can seem innocent enough. But this sweet gesture does not always have a singular meaning. Not knowing what it means can be nerve-wracking for many.

It’s awful if one tends to be awkward in social situations. Context is essential every time. The “when,” “where,” and “who” can change the meaning of the kiss, how it feels, and what it conveys.

Since cheek kisses can be ambiguous, we will explore them in detail in this article. First, we’ll put these kisses in context and explain what it means when different people kiss you.

A Kiss on the Cheek and What it Means

Cheek kissing can be a ritual or social gesture. It can show family relationships or friendships.


This simple kiss can be between people who wish to greet each other. It also confers congratulations, provides comfort, and shows respect.

In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, cheek kissing is very common. It’s also customary in Eastern and Central Europe, the Low Countries, the Horn of Africa, and Latin America.

What Does a Kiss on the Cheek Mean from a Guy?

A male friend kissing you on the cheek could signify that he likes you. That’s usually the case if it wasn’t a formal setting and if he only did it with you.


It could also be a sweet way to reassure you, or he might be polite. However, it can be hard to tell what this kiss means.

So it’s essential to consider his body language and the context in which he did it. By doing so, you’ll better understand why he kissed you on the cheek.

What Does a Kiss on the Cheek Mean from a Woman?

If a grown woman kisses you on the cheek, don’t take it as a romantic gesture. It’s unlikely to be a sign of sexual attraction. Instead, it could be something she does instead of shaking hands.


As mentioned earlier, a cheek kiss is a standard greeting in many countries. For example, in Spain and Portugal, women kiss each other. They also kiss members of the opposite sex. If the woman is a family member, she may be showing affection.

What Does a Kiss on the Cheek Mean from a Girl?

If you’re a guy and you’re best friends with a girl, and she kisses you on the cheek, you might not know what it means.

Is she trying to show affection? Or is it something more? The most obvious reason is that she likes you.

Or it could be that she likes you only as a friend. The third reason is that she’s incorporating you as a sibling. Or, she’s being nice. Again, you will need context to be able to judge her meaning.

What Can an Unexpected Kiss on the Cheek Mean?

It’s common to get unexpected kisses from family members. But, if one of your close friends does it, he may be looking for something more. He might want a romantic relationship or a stronger bond with you.


It may also mean simple affection, love, or appreciation. If it’s your first time meeting that person and they give you a good kiss on the cheek, it’s a sign that you’re very likable.

An unexpected kiss can also be a greeting, especially from a foreign person.

What Does it Mean When You Get a Kiss on the Cheek While Hugging?

Again, if he only does it with you, it could mean he likes you. As with the other types of kisses, it will be helpful to consider his body language. It’s also vital that you look at the context of the situation.


The most likely scenario is that you’ve been friends for a while, and he wants more. If that’s the case, look for other signs in his body language.

For example, he might find excuses to touch you or adjust his posture to be more upright when he notices you. or glance at you and then look away when your eyes connect.

What Does it Mean When You Get a Kiss on the cheek After a First Date?

Unlike the French kiss, a cheek kiss is always appropriate for a first date. Guys, you can always go for a kiss on the lips on date two.

But there’s no set-in-stone rule for leaning in for a kiss on the first date. It’s best to trust your judgment. If there’s no kiss me vibe, then push the kiss to the back burner.

A French kiss on the first date can be sexy, though. So try to make it a great first kiss that leaves her wanting more.

Kissing on the Cheek and Cultural Differences

Cheek kissing is standard greeting etiquette in many countries, and each has its own way of doing it. One kiss is enough in Colombia and Mexico. Kissing from cheek to cheek is preferable in Hungary, Italy, and Brazil.

And if you’re in Ecuador, you might notice that people greet women with a single kiss. Ecuadorians kiss only on the right cheek.

When greeting a woman in some European countries, a man should give her a hand kiss.

These countries include Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Hand kisses, when combined with a bow, express affection and respect. We often see members of the British Royal Family receiving handkisses from their subjects.

In other places, people kiss on the cheek three times, starting with the right. Kiss three times if you’re in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Slovenia, and North Macedonia.

France follows this custom in some provinces, for example, Provence. If you venture up to Nantes, you will discover they give four.

In some cultures, lip kissing is a romantic gesture, but that isn’t always the case in others. For instance, people in Australia and South Africa kiss on the lips with closed mouths.

That is a standard greeting among friends, especially in the Outback. People in the Land Down Under also greet each other with an air kiss. Men in Belgium and Italians (except Northerners) are also partial to air kisses. The locals in Spain give two air kisses, starting with the right cheek, but men prefer to shake hands.

Early explorers of the Arctic observed the Inuit tradition of greeting. Inuits greet other people by rubbing their noses against their cheeks, nose, or forehead.

The explorers dubbed this tradition the “Eskimo kiss.” There’s a reason for this nose kiss. The Inuit only have their eyes and noses exposed when greeting each other for the first time.

Does a Kiss on the Cheek Mean Friendzone?

According to Swoon, the cheek peck is the friend zone kiss. If either gender kisses the cheek, that’s the most likely meaning. A quick kiss on one cheek can mean your love interest likes you but wants to keep their distance. It shows they’re not looking for a romantic relationship.

Swoon thinks they will try kissing you on the lips if they’re interested in you. After that, they might go for single-lip kissing, which is more seductive than a mere peck because the mouth is tiny. It’s an excellent prelude to a French kiss.

But Maxim disagrees, citing research done by Jennifer Sedgewick and Lorin Elias. They maintain that the direction in which a person leans when kissing says a lot.

It gives you all the information you need to determine your relationship status. It doesn’t matter if it’s a French kiss, a forehead kiss, or a peck on the cheek.

The study analyzed hundreds of people engaged in romantic versus non-romantic kisses. It found a distinct left-side preference for non-romantic kisses. Romantic kissers tended to lean in on the right side.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Would you like the passionate kiss to be the norm? Have you noticed that your love interest enjoys giving you cheek kisses from the left?

Then you have some work to do. Our first suggestion is to treat yourself as a great catch. You must know that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread before your love interest sees it.

Do you always focus on them? Make yourself the priority. Raise your confidence by doing things you like (self-help books are also a good idea). You can also tap into the Ben Franklin Effect by asking them for a favor.

The Ben Franklin Effect says that when you ask someone for a favor, they will likely like you back. It’s classic psychology, and it works.

We conclude that this platonic kiss can mean you’re in the friend zone, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re the person receiving the kiss, pay attention to the kisser’s stance and how they lean in.

And remember, even if the other person is French kissing you, it doesn’t mean you’re not in the friend zone. So offer up that left cheek! Because if they’re leaning in from the right, that’s where the kiss will go.

Can a Kiss On the Cheek be Flirty?

Cheek kisses are often exploratory in nature. When a potential partner kisses you on the cheek, it can cause you to wonder what it means. Many people use it early in relationships.


It’s a great way to show their interest while taking things slow. Sharing a kiss is a great way to build your bond and let your partner know you care.

Most people don’t see this kissing as flirty. Unlike the French kiss, the peck is a mere sign of affection. Use it in place of its other hard-to-place cousin, the forehead kiss.

Both types can be platonic. Couples use both kinds of kisses at the beginning of a relationship. They serve as a bridge before people start going for heavy stuff like an earlobe kiss or a few neck kisses.

New couples typically give each other a quick peck after a first date to show that both parties had a good time.

Not exactly flirtatious, right? Our conclusion is that knowing the context, as always, is essential. A kiss on the cheek can be flirty depending on the circumstances, but it’s more often a sign of affection.

How to Respond to a Kiss on the Cheek? 

Cheek kisses can be meaningful and essential. They matter – to both the giver and the receiver. This type of kiss says, “I see you, and you matter.” They’re not like high school cheek kisses, where the receiver feels like a loser. 

So how do you respond to this type of kiss as an adult?

A hug is acceptable for someone you know well. Are you in a less familiar situation? You’re best served by touching the other person’s shoulders.

Don’t hang back when you’re receiving the kiss. Instead, mimic what the other person is doing.

Return it or accept the kiss gracefully if it’s a cultural greeting. But don’t stiffen up because you’re not accustomed to it.