What Do Girls Like to Be Called?

Girls appreciate being called by their name, sweet nicknames, compliments, inside jokes, and supportive phrases that make them feel valued and loved. 

So, what do girls like to be called? Baby Girl? Cutie Pie? Hot Stuff? Some women are okay with those names, while others find them cheesy.

What is the best way to determine what things girls like to be called? And why do people prefer to give them nicknames instead of calling her by her real name?

The questions might sound silly, but everybody knows that ladies like pet names.

It gives your lady a special feeling knowing that you tried to pick a pet name for her. Your girlfriend will love you for the genuine emotion behind the pet name you’ve selected for her.

We’ll look at the many answers to the question “What do girls like being called?” in this article.

Personal Preference: Not All Girls Like the Same Pet Names

If you use a nickname that doesn’t fit or is something that she doesn’t like, it might scare her off.


At the very least, she’ll suspect your emotional intelligence is a bit out of whack.

You may have called a girl “Babe” while trying to flirt via text, only to receive a confused-face emoji. Or you may have tried “Honey Bear,” only to have her accuse you of moving too fast.

If you’re only hooking up, you might want to know, what do you call a girl to flirt? Just started dating?

You might need a nickname that will make your shared experience more affectionate. Pet names are the simplest way to start.

So, deepen your bond by creating a name to make her heart perk up. The only problem is finding a suitable name.

People are different and may prefer what they like to be called. You need to factor your girl’s personality into the equation.

Certain cute nicknames might annoy her if she’s not the lovey-dovey type. Some handles may feel old-fashioned, sexist, or condescending, depending on who she is.

Pet names represent a milestone in a relationship. Giving her a pet name verifies that you’re heading together for a new era. We’ll help you find a cute nickname just right for her.

She’ll love you for it, regardless of her personal preferences. So, which words do girls like? Here are some names girls like to be called:

Common Nicknames



This nickname is simple but effective. This term of endearment has stood the test of time, though some might consider it outdated. Still, it’s a tried-and-tested nickname.

It’s familiar and inoffensive. It makes girls feel sweet, and it’s a safe nickname for people who have just started dating each other.

Some girls might be wary of it, though. YouTube user David C. had an interesting take. He commented on Annabella Rose’s video titled Top Three Things a Girl Likes Being Called by a Guy.

David said, “I like how some of them like to be called names like that. One guy I used to work with used to call all his girlfriends Babe/Baby so he wouldn’t accidentally let slip when he was cheating on them by using the wrong name!”

Baby Girl

This nickname is lovely and will make your love feel special. It’s suitable for more established couples who have a deep connection. It’s great for when you’re spending time together.

Remember that some women might not like being called “Baby Girl” since it causes them to feel subordinate or inferior. Still, this handle is a good one. It will make your girl feel loved.

Baby Doll

This nickname brings to mind feelings of cuteness, and it’s an adorable nickname. It makes women feel appreciated and cherished. It’s popular among girls because it’s cute and makes them feel cared for.

But she might not like you associating her with a fragile doll or a figure made of plastic. Sometimes, guys use the name in an erotic context, which she might not like.

Still, you can try it out and see if your girl goes for it.


“Pumpkin” is a safe bet if you’re in the market for a corny nickname for your girlfriend. It’s a cheerful and delightful name.


“Cutie” is another way to refer to your girl. When you refer to her as “Cutie,” you’re being kind and complimenting her on how adorable she is. It’s a nice way to tell her she’s beautiful and you’re falling for her. What girl wouldn’t like that?

Cutie Pie


This pet name will make your girl feel special. The addition of “Pie” to “Cutie” enhances the sweetness. It works well if you have a cute lady because it’s lighthearted.

It’s great for teasing your lady and making the atmosphere silly and playful. Girls like “Cutie Pie” since it’s so fun with such a good vibe.


Another great way to show your girl how you feel about her is to call her “Love.” It’s an excellent nickname since it shows your girl your affection for her in one word.

It’s also sweet and romantic. She will feel at ease because it’s romantic and charming.

Girls enjoy hearing it because it reminds them of your love. This nickname is ideal for every relationship stage because it focuses on how you feel about your lady.


You should nickname your girl “Princess” if you want her to feel pampered.


Try “Honey” if you find “Sweetie” or “Sweetheart” too outdated. “Honey” is a dignified nickname that many married couples like. But it’s suitable for any stage of the relationship.

It’s a gender-neutral name that works well in most situations. It’s also a light moniker with little meaning behind it.

You can use it in both romantic and casual circumstances. Girls like this handle since it makes them feel sweet, treasured, and loved. If it fits your relationship, go ahead and try it.

Be mindful that it’s standard practice for perfect strangers to call people “Honey” in the southern parts of the US.

Honey Buns

The nickname “Honey Buns” is a somewhat sweeter form of Honey. Men use it when they want to induce thoughts of love and sweetness.

It’s excellent for lighthearted circumstances. Or you can use it to brighten your companion because it’s so lively.


Sugar is an older moniker. It might seem creepy if you don’t know the female very well. It is also a sexual nickname.


Thus, it’s best to leave it for circumstances that are already charged. Do you already have sweet chemistry?

Then it’s okay to call your girl “Sugar” without sounding weird. “Sugar” appeals to girls because it implies they are caring and sweet.

Sugar Plum

This name is a variant of “Sugar.” It layers sweetness on top of sweetness, making the original sound more fun.

But first, it’s essential to understand your girl and her level of playfulness. Feel her out before using a humorous nickname like “Sugar Plum.”


Boo” is cheerful. It’s entertaining and suitable for the first phases of a new romance. Ladies like “Boo” since it makes them feel connected and essential to someone.



It’s important to know that a compliment isn’t a one-off thing. You may have told your girlfriend she was gorgeous when you started dating.

You can remind her each day that you’re together. So use this flattering term as a pet name. She might get flustered when you refer to her as “Gorgeous.” Still, it will affirm her.

Hot Stuff

Nicknaming your girlfriend “Hot Stuff” is a delightful way to poke fun at her while making her feel desirable. It’s a sweet nickname since it’s amusing. Yet it suggests that you find your girl appealing.

This name depends on the other person’s mood, similar to “Sexy” and any other provocative moniker.

It works well when your girl’s mood is right – if she’s not, she might not like to be called that. Still, you can make it lighthearted or entertaining enough to make her smile.

All you need to do is deliver it with the appropriate charm. Girls appreciate the name because it’s ridiculous yet makes them feel desired. It supplies a safe space to communicate if they’re interested (or not)



Sexy” appeals to girls since it implies that they’re desirable. It can also increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Why? Because they know you feel attracted to them. It’s an excellent nickname, and your girl will feel good about herself when you call her by it


“Darling” is one of the most tender-hearted nicknames you can call a girl. This sweet nickname is the domain of couples in long-term relationships.

It became popular on the silver screen in the early 1900s. Girls love it because it gives them a connected feel.

They also feel respected and desired. It indicates a relationship where both parties know what they want.

Unique Nicknames

Do the tried and true nicknames feel too conventional for you? Can you use unique or unconventional handles?


There’s always the possibility of using unique or unconventional nicknames. It’s essential to consider the other person’s feelings. You should also ensure they’re comfortable with the handle.

How do you make sure they’re acceptable? It would help if you grasped your girl’s mood as well as the vibe of the place. If she becomes agitated or shows other signs of disliking the nickname, quit using it right away.

So besides the common nicknames, what do women like to be called? Here are some safe options to try:


Referring to your girl as “My Sunshine” or “Sunshine” can cause her to fall in love with you.

The sun causes people to feel cozy and happy. Nicknaming your girlfriend Sunshine gives a subliminal hint that she’s something you can’t live without.

Why? Because without the light of the sun, we will all perish.

Thus, this nickname is romantic. Girls like it because it gives them a sense of being wanted.


When your girl is doing something funny, silly, or ridiculous, call her “Giggles.” Calling her “Giggles” will only make her laugh harder, and she won’t be able to stop.

Is there anything purer than making your girl laugh?


Does she have buttery smooth skin? Now you have a good name for her.


This pet name is perfect for a hot chick.


Scarlet is a brilliant red color, so this pet name is temporary. Use it when she’s wearing a red dress or has red lipstick or nail polish on.


“Precious” is a sweet nickname, especially from the person you love the most. Girls love to feel special, and “Precious” will make that happen. She’ll grow to love the nickname in less than no time.

Sugar Dumpling

“Sugar Dumpling” is a fun nickname when you’re in a new relationship. It can relieve some awkward tension and help ground both of you.

This variation of “Sugar” is playful and fun, especially with a girl with a sense of humor.

It’s excellent for use in lighthearted situations or when trying to get a laugh out of your girl. But using this name, silly as it is, requires finesse. Some girls might take great offense to it since it might imply you’re making fun of their weight.

Baby Boo

Baby Boo is for an adorable girl. It’s like Peanut, Sweetie, and Baby Girl.


Call a girl “Spicy” if she’s sharp-looking or a deep thinker with strong beliefs.


Another user, this time on the British chat room The Student Room, swears by Tiger. Other unusual nicknames gleaned from The Student Room are “Sugar Tits,” “Bitc*,” and “My Pamplemousse of Divinity.”


In the Bible, Delilah is a seductive but treacherous woman. Is your girl acting a little too dirty? Calling her Delilah will let her know.

Cultural Differences

How can you be mindful of cultural differences when choosing a nickname? Depending on your location, you can use simple names that imply familiarity.

But it’s essential to do so without coming on too strong. For instance, it’s common to call a woman “Sweetness” in the Caribbean.

People may nickname you “Cher” in New Orleans. “Shorty” works fine in urban areas. “Love” is an acceptable name for a woman if you’re in the UK.

Mixing up these names may confuse your girl if she needs to know your intent. If you call a girl “Love” in the US, you might scare her off instead of endearing her to you.

Ask The Expert!

Q. Which words do girls like to be called most?

A poll conducted on Guys Ask Girls garnered hundreds of opinions. Many of these responses leaned toward “Beautiful. The word Beautiful always makes an impression.

The words “Pretty” and “Cute” did not seem to have the same impact. Nor did “Sexy” or “Hot.”

Q. How can you ensure your nickname is respectful and appropriate?

Using the proper term of endearment or nickname can feel amazing. Using the wrong one can offend the other person or turn them off.

Some handles might seem too much if you’ve been dating only briefly.

Others may seem too casual if you’ve been dating for a long time. Knowing which term of endearment to use is an art. It comes down to understanding the individual and their preferences.

In a Nutshell …

Relationship guru Nicky Curtis has excellent ideas on the issue of choosing a nickname. She says you should go about selecting a nickname for your lady on a case-by-case basis.

“What your ex-girlfriend might have liked, your new girlfriend may hate,” says Curtis. “It’s never a good idea to recycle names this way.”

How can you make it feel more special? Create something connected to your current relationship. Remember, you can use terms of endearment and pet names to get closer to your girlfriend.

This article has given you several loving names to call your leading lady. Some are more suited to specific lifestyles, situations, or dynamics.

But anybody can apply them with a bit of practice. Try out these nicknames and make your girl feel cherished and valued.