How To Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text?

You like someone but need to know if they like you back. You’re scared to tell them because you don’t want to feel the pain of rejection. But not knowing the answer is worse than facing rejection. So, how do you tell someone you like them over text?

With our help, expressing your feelings to your crush over text will become easy. If you follow our advice, getting a positive answer is easy. You’ll feel proud that you’ve tried, even if you don’t get the response you’re hoping for.

We’ll work with you to brainstorm ways to start conversations with your crush. We’re talking about conversations that can take you out of the dreaded friend zone to become something more.

This article tells you everything, from sending flirty texts to avoiding a big mistake. It will show you the right and wrong techniques to tell someone you like them over text.

So, let’s learn a few ways to tell your crush you like them over text.

How Do You Hint You Like Someone?

Try giving your crush hints that you’re into them and see how they respond. Do it, especially if you’re nervous about revealing your feelings.

Gaze at them for a few extra seconds when your eyes meet. Look into their eyes when you’re talking to them. Send teasing, flirty texts telling them that they’re on your mind.

Vice President of, Maria Sullivan, says, “It can help diffuse any associated pressure and motivate your crush to consider a relationship with you.”

How Do I Subtly Flirt Over Text

If you want to keep your crush on their toes, flirting can make you seem even more mysterious and desirable. Here’s how:

  • Use their name. Dropping a person’s name can sound like music to their ears. It will give you major brownie points.
  • Tease them. Act flirty and playful, so the person wants to keep talking.
  • Make brief mention of the things you like to do. Hinting at what you do in your free time will intrigue the person.
  • Reveal more about yourself over time. Keep your life mysterious so the person wants to learn more about you.
  • Make yourself seem busy. Sometimes it’s good to tell your crush you already have plans. In that way, they will value your time more.
  • Take your time responding to their messages. Give them a chance to miss you.
  • Try not to overreact to things. Even if your crush mentions that they like you, play it cool. Respond with something like, “I’m feeling a bit of a connection too.”

How to Tell a Girl You Like Them Over Text?

It can sometimes be your best bet to tell a girl you like her over text. If you’re too shy to admit your feelings face-to-face, texting is the next best thing.


Try to learn more about her by chatting over text. It makes it easier to take the next logical step: hanging out together in person. Once you establish a texting relationship, she’ll get the message that you like her.

She’ll be more open to going out with you on a fun date. Here’s what you need to do:

#1 Check the Number Before Texting

Texting the wrong number is a common mistake. But mistakes are bound to happen as you will be nervous when sending the text. Check and double-check your crush’s number before you press “Send.”

This check becomes even more critical if you’re multitasking. Let’s say you’re texting a friend while also reaching out to your crush. You want your friend and your love interest to get the right messages!

#2 Be Direct

Dating coach Cher Gopman has excellent advice for telling someone you like them. She tells you what to do if you’re nervous about confessing your feelings. She says, “Remember that it’s okay to tell somebody exactly how you feel.

In society, we’re always scared to tell people how we’re feeling because we’re afraid to get hurt. But the way to really fall in love and to be in love is to be vulnerable.

#3 Be Clear

Telling a girl you like her over text is different from talking face-to-face. She can decode your text in a thousand different ways, depending on how she feels.

Her interpretation also depends on her relationship with you at the moment. It’s essential to ensure that your message is clear about your feelings. Let a friend read it before sending it if you’re unsure.

#4 Ask a Question

Try getting to know her with open-ended questions. This question requires more than a “yes” or “no” answer. Open-ended questions are an excellent way for you to get to keep the conversation going.


Ask about her favorite books, movies, games, and places to visit. You can also ask about her favorite YouTube channels, TV shows, and anything else.

For example, don’t ask her, “Do you like books?” Instead, ask, “Who’s your favorite author?”

#5 Share Something in Response

If your crush asks you a question, give her detailed responses. Avoid one-word answers. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions! The quickest way to kill a conversation is to send a “yeah” or “k” response to a text.

Converse about the things you have in common with your crush. Sometimes, different opinions can help keep the conversation going. So, feel free to disagree with her.

#6 Use GIFs and Emojis to Keep Things Playful

There’s nothing quite like a funny meme to break the tension in online conversations. And if you can make a girl laugh, it will keep her interested in the conversation. Nowadays, there’s also a GIF or emoji for every occasion.


Drop something silly into the thread; what happens next may surprise you. It shows that you’re not taking the conversation too seriously. It also indicates that you have a fun side, which is endearing.

#7 Make it Funny

If you can make your crush laugh, it puts you in a better position to get a date. The lighthearted message type discussed in the previous tip is also a good bet.

Use it if you need clarification on whether she feels the same about you. Be creative when telling her how you feel. Do it in a way that would be easy to laugh off if her answer isn’t what you hope for.

Something like, “My dog has a crush on you and would love it if you could come with us for a walk in the park. He asked me to ask you if Saturday afternoon is a good time.”

#8 Send Her a Song

A love song (or any song for that matter) is an excellent tool to tell a girl you like her. Get one that makes you think of a joyful moment.

Or it could be a love song that expresses your feelings for her. You can remind her of the memory attached to the piece:

“Remember the night when we sang karaoke in that restaurant? That was the song we sang.”

You can also highlight a memorable lyric or portion of your favorite song.

#9 Give Her a Compliment

Everyone likes getting compliments. So make your crush’s day by sharing the little things you admire about her. For example:

“I was so impressed with your speech!”

“You’re an amazing tennis player. I admire your backhand.”

“That dress you were wearing last night was very nice. I like how it showed up the green in your eyes.”

#10 Keep it Short

Avoid going into a ton of detail when crafting the message telling your crush that you like her. Simple and short is the way to go. Try something like:

“I have a crush on you. No pressure or anything. I only wanted to share my feelings.”


“I like you. Let’s hang out sometime!”

Time this message with care. The best time is a few weeks after you start sending each other flirty messages back and forth. That way, it won’t be a big surprise to her that you like her.

How Do You Tell a Guy You Like Him Over Text?

Letting a guy know you like him over text is no walk in the park. Communicating through text takes skills. The guy you crush on can’t hear your voice or see your expressions.

It’s not like when you’re face-to-face or on the phone. You have to rely on the cold, dark letters on the screen. A lot can go wrong, but we’ll help you.

So here’s how to tell a guy you like them over text:

#1 Make Sure He Has Time

Expressing your feelings for him through texting is okay if you do it correctly. Texting about such an essential thing when he’s busy at work is terrible.

Pick an evening or a weekend when he will be more open-minded. Text about his favorite subject matters first to get the conversation going, then go for it! Ensure you wait for an answer before you respond.

#2 Make Sure He’s Focused

The last tip showed the importance of ensuring you send the text when he has time. In the same way, it’s a good idea to ensure that he’s not distracted by video games or hanging out with friends.

He should be in the conversation with you. Get a decent back-and-forth going so you know he’s paying attention, and then bring it up.

#3 Keep Things Light

Keep the conversation relaxed and light before texting your guy. Compliment the exciting and fun things he says and does. That way, the vibe won’t be too serious, and there will be some chemistry between you.

Laugh at his jokes, make him smile, and generally make him feel relaxed when he’s with you. Send him the critical text that lets him know what you’re feeling. Ensure that you get his positive response.

After that, you can move on to more profound things. Have patience, and don’t rush things.

#4 Gather Your Friends

The more support you get at this critical moment, the better. So gather some of your closest gal pals together for moral support. You can have them edit your texts before sending them to your crush.

Your girlfriends are there to boost your ego and give you pep talks even when you’re unsure about your crush’s feelings. They will also look after you if the text results in a rejection.

#5 Send Him a Funny Picture

A funny picture is worth a thousand words. It sets a lighthearted mood. After you send it, chat back and forth to understand how your guy is feeling.

If he seems relaxed and in the frame of mind to talk, say something like, “I really like you. We should hang out more.” Or you can be bold and say, “Hey, I’ve always wanted to tell you that I’m crushing on you.” When he responds, you can act accordingly.

#6 Don’t Keep Texting

If you message your crush and are waiting to hear back from him, it can be tricky to know what to do next. You may be tempted to resend the text if your crush takes a long time to respond. An even more common mistake is to ask him to reply.

Some people even demand to know why it took their crush so long to get back to them. That’s a bad reaction, especially if your crush is not interested.

Double texting can annoy the receiver, and it comes off as desperate. Many people view it as taboo in modern dating.

Everyone knows the truth, even if you say it was a network issue. Give your crush space to respond to the message once you send it. 

#7 Ease Into the Discussion

Preparing your guy before sending a text expressing your heart’s desire is essential. The idea of owning up to having a real-life crush is terrifying.

Still, try maneuvering your way into it instead of just stating your feelings in an unrelated conversation. You can do some light flirting via text and then tell him you have something important to say.

That way, your crush will know what’s to come.

#8 Don’t Express Your Love

This text marks the first time you tell your guy how you feel. But the best way to go from being a crush to a girlfriend is up your flirt factor. Could you take it to the next level? We believe you can. 

It would help if you were honest about how you feel. But you must take things slowly, even if you’re in love with him. Do not express your love for him in this first text.

Doing so can push him away. Instead, could you do your best to get closer to him? Tell him something along the lines of, “I like you,” and then continue your text exchanges. 

#9 Don’t Play Games

Be mature about the whole thing. Know your boundaries when you’re flirting. It can get out of hand and confuse your crush. Another thing that makes no sense is playing hard to get.

You might snag a guy that way, but you risk losing your hook and bait along with the guy. Instead of making him more interested in you, he might think you’re not into him.

It’s better to let him know how you feel before he loses interest or gives up in frustration. 

Sample Texts

You can use these sample texts if you can’t think of anything to say:

“You distracted me at work today because I was dreaming about you all day.”

“I heard a song on the radio that describes us to a T.”

“I was going to hold off on texting you for another day or two, but there’s no way I can wait that long to talk to you.”

“Let’s forget the small talk and go straight to flirting.”

“It’s been too long since the last time we spoke. We need to change that.”

“Be honest. Were you waiting for a text from me?”

Key Pointers

  • Expressing your feelings through texting is good if you do it correctly.
  • Be straightforward, but keep things casual and playful. The appropriate time for big gestures of romance is when you’ve been dating for a few months.
  • Wait for your crush to respond, and avoid double texting. No one likes rejection, but you don’t have to lose your cool and freak out if things don’t go your way. Your moment might not be now. If you remain friends, that time may be in the future. But if you blow up at your crush, that can kill the friendship, so keep your feelings under control.
  • Have your friends as a backup plan. You can turn to them to vent your frustrations if things go badly.

Avoiding mistakes is essential when you want to do things right. When emotions run high, it’s easy to make mistakes before realizing what happened.

That’s why planning is such an important thing. No matter what happens, if you think about the guidelines in this article, it will be easier to keep your cool and respond in a way that you can feel proud of.