What Kind of Girls Do Guys Regret Losing?

There are relationships that guys can walk away from without a backward glance and girls that he’ll never think of again after a breakup.

Then there are the kinds of girls guys regret losing and can’t stop thinking about months or even years after the relationship ended.

Many kinds of people are looking for something different in the woman of their dreams.

Nevertheless, certain traits and characteristics make a woman unforgettable.

Keep reading to discover what it takes to be the kind of girl guys regret losing.

14 Types of Girls Guys Regret Losing

#1 Girls With Self-Confidence

Guys regret losing a girl who knows her mind and has a clear concept of her self-worth. A confident woman knows she deserves to be treated well and won’t accept anything less.

Girls lacking self-confidence frequently put themselves down and need constant reassurance, which is draining for a guy.


He wants someone who can voice their own feelings, face up to their vulnerabilities, accept responsibility for their faults, and still believe in their own self-worth.

A confident girl knows how to act around a man and clearly understands what’s right for her. She doesn’t need reassurance and is strong enough to stand on her own two feet.

Guys regret losing a woman like this but often only realize it months after the breakup.

#2 Girls That Tell the Truth

It’s not always easy to be honest and open about your life, especially when trying to impress a guy, but without honesty and truth, there can be no trust in a relationship.

Guys value honesty to such an extent that they fear losing someone open with them throughout their relationship.


Keeping things from your boyfriend makes him think he can’t trust you, whereas a girl that’s honest and tells the truth makes him feel safe.

To be the kind of girl guys regret losing, you need to be willing to share your heart and open up on a deeper level. Guys will only regret losing someone they’ve shared a deep connection with.

#3 A Girl That’s Comfortable in Her Own Body

You don’t have to be a supermodel to feel good about your appearance. Just as men love confident women, they also adore those that feel comfortable about their bodies and sexuality.

Guys regret losing girls like this because they put them at ease and give them confidence.

Physical intimacy is a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship, and guys will regret leaving a woman who is at home in her body and knows how to use it to turn him on.


Most women are self-conscious about their bodies, so meeting one that isn’t is a breath of fresh air.

Because it’s so rare to find guys regret losing a woman who feels good about herself physically and who knows how to express that without flaunting it.

#4 A Girl That Knows Her Own Mind

The kind of girl guys regret losing is true to herself and passionate about her own goals and interests.

This kind of girl has the self-confidence to own her truth. She’s an independent woman whose mind isn’t swayed by the opinions of others.


Girls who rarely express their opinions and follow whatever their boyfriend says will be quickly forgotten or seen as low value.

Those who know their own minds and stick to their guns, however, are exactly the kind of girls guys regret hurting.

#5 Girls That Stick With Them During Tough Times

Guys won’t regret losing a girl who only wanted to be around them when things were good.

The kind of girl guys regret losing is one that supports and encourages them during tough times and difficult love situations.

Guys appreciate a woman who doesn’t abandon them in times of need, but sticks with them when the going gets tough, offering comfort and support.


Having someone on your side when times are hard is invaluable, but it isn’t always easy to find, which is why guys regret losing this type of girl so much.

It’s easy to take someone like this for granted, so guys often only realize what they’ve lost once it’s too late.

#6 A Girl That Stands Out from the Crowd

No one wants just another girl – they want someone slightly different who stands out from the crowd.

That’s not to say the girls guys regret losing are strange, but that they’re unique and different from the other girls a guy is used to hanging out with.

Say, for example, a farmer gets together with a freelance journalist. To him, this woman is very different from everyone else in his social circle, making her unique in his eyes.


A girl like this also challenges a guy’s preconceptions, making him open up on a deeper level.

Having had a woman who was different from all the rest makes it difficult for a man to settle for anything less. This experience makes the regret all the more painful.

#7 Girls That Don’t Play Games

Girls that play mind games or try to make their partners jealous won’t last long or be remembered after the relationship ends.

The kind of girl guys regret losing is one that knows how to be real.


She doesn’t play games like “hard to get” or try to coerce her partner into doing something he doesn’t want to do. She’s upfront, open, honest, and direct.

#8 A Girl That Triggers Their Basic Instincts

To be a girl guys regret losing, you need to trigger their most basic instincts. Of these, the hero instinct is the most important.

James Bauer, author of His Secret Obsession, states that men have a powerful biological drive to be needed.

As intense as hunger or thirst, the hero instinct is so strong that without it, it’s difficult for a man to emotionally engage with a woman, let alone fall for her.


The girl who regrets losing knows how to trigger that hero instinct without compromising her status as an independent woman.

A man has “a biological drive to protect and care for their loved ones.” His regret will be devastating when he loses someone who encouraged this behavior.

#9 A Girl With a Sense of Adventure

Dating a girl who’s confident enough to try new things adds an element of excitement to the relationship.

A girl who’s so unsure of herself that all she wants to do is sit on the couch and watch TV won’t evoke regret.


On the other hand, a girlfriend who regularly suggests new adventures and different sexual positions is very much the kind of girl guys regret losing.

Not only do they miss the excitement, but they also regret sharing time with a woman confident enough to embrace life and willing to take a chance.

#10 A Loving Girl That’s Not Too Needy

Guys want to feel valued and loved just as much as women do, so affection is one of the most crucial traits of the kind of girl guys regret losing.

It can be tricky to find the right balance between affection and being overly doting, but the kind of girl guys regret losing knows just how much is enough.

A good woman initiates affection as often as the guy does, and this affection is reciprocated.


Losing a relationship that has that perfect balance is just as challenging as trying to establish someone who remains distant and unfeeling.

A guy might become infatuated with an ice queen, but he won’t regret losing her.

Similarly, a guy will experience relief when he breaks up with an overly doting woman, partly because he knows all that love and affection can’t be genuine.

A loving, affectionate woman who knows how to show her feelings without going over the top is difficult to replace, and just the kind of girl guys regret losing.

They know it won’t be easy to find that balance again.

#11 Girls Who Are Their Soul Mates

You can meet plenty of good girls in a lifetime, but you’ll never forget a soul mate.

A soul mate is someone you feel comfortable talking to about your deepest feelings. It’s someone who you can be much more than just friends with, who makes a man feel needed, understood, and supported.


There’s no roadmap for finding your soul mate, but you’ll never want the relationship to end when you do.

Losing a girl like this can leave a man distraught. He may even spend the rest of his life regretting his decision to let her go or have to seek advice from a certified relationship coach to help him get over his distress.

#12 Girls That Hold On To Their Principles

No guy wants to lose a girl with firm principles. She is firm in her beliefs and self-assured enough that she doesn’t need to force those beliefs on anyone else.

This is very different from how most men assert their beliefs and it makes a guy see things from a different perspective.


Suddenly, he’s forced to consider other people’s feelings, which makes him focus less on himself.

#13 A Girl That Makes a Positive Difference in His Life

A girl that’s fun to hang out with is just another girl. A good woman that you’ll regret leaving is one that made a positive change in your life.


No one wants to be bullied, but a woman that is assertive and confident enough to encourage positive change in her partner’s life will be missed the most.

#14 Girls That Look After Themselves

A girl that cares so little for themselves that they overlook their personal appearance and development is easily replaced.

The kind of girl guys regret losing are those that put their health first, taking care of their bodies and their minds so they can be the best possible version of themselves.


A woman who is so negative about herself that she does little to improve her physical or mental well-being lacks the self-respect to make her a true partner.

Men rarely regret breaking up with a woman like this, but will sorely miss the one that knew she was worth the effort.

When Do Guys Regret Losing a Good Girl?

A guy might be hurt just a few minutes after breaking up with a good woman, but he may not start feeling regret for several weeks or even months.

He may see his ex out with another man and feel jealous, but the full realization of what he’s lost may not hit him until later.

However, when the harsh truth hits home, he’ll feel like his world’s been turned upside-down.

His self-respect will flounder, and he’ll start to worry that he’ll never feel the same way about another woman again.

At this point, he may start seeking relationship advice to help him get over his sense of loss and hurt.

He may even ask a relationship coach for tailor-made advice on how to win his ex back.

It takes men a long time to get over losing someone they connected with on a deeper level, especially when they realize that that kind of girl doesn’t come around very often.

Should You Make Him Regret Losing You?

If you’re the kind of girl guys regret losing, you won’t have to do anything to make your ex regret losing you.

Your natural confidence and love of life will make him regret losing you.

Men don’t tend to feel regret straight away. It can take them up to six months before they start to regret losing a good woman. 

One of the things that will make him regret it sooner is seeing you with someone better than him. 

Not only will this invoke feelings of jealousy, but it will also make him look at his mistakes in his own life. 

Every guy wants to believe he was the best for you, and seeing you with someone else will force him to look his shortcomings. 

Other women will fall short of his expectations because he still values the traits he once loved in you, and he’ll struggle to come to terms with everything he’s lost. 

By simply being yourself, you’ll make your ex regret losing you because the remorse he’s feeling only exists because you’re not in his life anymore.

To Conclude

Men regret losing women that they’ve been able to connect with on a deeper level. The more a man loves and respects you, the more regret he’ll feel when he loses you. 

While there’s no definitive roadmap about how to be the kind of girl guys regret losing, there are some traits that most of these women have in common. 

A man won’t regret losing someone who undermines him, lies to him, or smothers him in affection. 

The kind of girl guys regret losing is confident, fun-loving, affectionate, comfortable in her own skin, and sure of her self-worth.