The 28 Best “Get To Know You” Card Games for Date Night

Do you feel like your relationship has become stale lately? Do you want to get to know your partner on an even deeper or more intimate level? Are you looking for something different or fun (and inexpensive) to do together on date night?

As it turns out, games aren’t just for children! Couples can foster a meaningful connection with one another. Best of all? They’re easy to play, accessible to anyone, and can be used whenever possible.

Here are the top get-to-know-you card games for couples.

Why Should You Play Get To Know You Card Games?

Card games make for easy icebreakers and are a fun way to interact with your partner without the intensity of a forced conversation.

If your partner struggles with communication, these games offer a helping hand to ease the process.

You can leave a deck on your coffee table or in the car and play whenever. Or, you can set a designated time to play during date nights or other special events.

The 28 Best Get To Know You Card Games

#1 Love Lingual


With 10,000+ positive reviews, Love Lingual is one of the couples’ most popular card games. The game has 150 questions designed to help partners strengthen and deepen their relationships.

The cards are divided into five categories: family, intimacy, couple, individual, and past & future. Players can focus exclusively on one category or go through the whole deck and mix and match different cards.

Aside from that, there are no real rules. This means you and your partner must create appropriate rules that work for you! Many people find that the initial answer sparks the conversation- it’s up to you two to keep talking!

#2 Conversation Cards For Couples

With 632 conversation starters, this is the ultimate game for couples who really want to get to know one another intimately. The question topics vary, but you’ll be asking each other about likes/dislikes, dreams, dating goals, and fears.

The reviews are mostly positive, with most people saying nothing is overly personal or controversial. And with so many cards, you certainly don’t have to worry about running into the same question twice!

#3 Let’s Get Deep

If you want to move past the surface level, this game aims to achieve exactly that. Made by the creators of What Do You Meme (a well-known party game brand), this game has three levels: icebreaker, deep, and deeper.


The player who made the first move in the relationship gets to draw first. In each round, you will pull 1 icebreaker card, 2 deep cards, and 2 deeper cards.

The deeper cards best represent the intimacy deck. It’s best for couples who really want to know each other as much as possible.

That said, despite the intentions, the game’s reviews yield some mixed results. Some people state that the game is geared more towards newer couples just getting to know one another.

Others state that it’s simply a fun way to engage in unforgettable conversations while learning new things about your partner.

#4 Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Sure, asking each other thought-provoking questions that foster a deeper connection is important. But what if you want something a bit more seductive?


Talk, Flirt, Dare! helps couples take things up a notch. The game’s creators know it’s important to challenge each other to take risks outside the comfort zone.

The “talk category” consists of prompts focused on getting to know the other person. This is where meaningful conversations happen. The “flirt category” prompts flirting and seductiveness.

Finally, the “dare cards” focus on direct action. This part is extra dirty- you’ll be prompted to engage in flirty dares (like eating whipped cream off your partner’s body or spanking them until it hurts).

Most of the reviews are positive! People state it’s a great way to enjoy a staycation or try new things. Some argue that the prompts are too risque or immature.

#5 SweetHearts & Cards

Looking for something new to play on your anniversary or date night? Here’s an easy game that encourages depth and meaningful discussion.


The rules of the game are easy. Pick a card and ask your partner the question. Go back and forth, answering the prompt and sharing any related details with one another.

The game is new, at least compared to its competitors. But the reviews are positive, with people saying it’s sparked interesting and insightful conversation.

#6 The Skin Deep Card Game

Ready to get up close and personal? Hoping to learn more about the other person’s life? Here’s the game for you!


If you really want to get to know your partner, this deck contains 199 questions designed to foster a deeper connection. Like other similar games, partners take turns asking each other questions and sharing answers. Many of the questions draw from concepts from the infamous love language theory.

The game’s creators have come up with several versions of their game, including versions for kids, family, friends, and long-term couples. The couple’s edition is meant to be “heartfelt, deep, and connective.”

Most of the reviews are positive, with people saying they enjoyed playing it on date nights or road trips. Some stated that the questions were a bit too controversial or potentially harmful to the relationship’s well-being.


Is your love language sarcasm? There’s a quirky card game for you!


If you’re looking for something beyond a standard game, SERVD has you covered. Unlike the competitor card games, this game doesn’t contain any deep questions. Instead, it offers real-life challenges and reveals actions for couples with a sense of humor.

The game contains 54 cards. Couples are encouraged to agree on a timeframe (a week, every three months, etc.) and split the cards in half. They can then “assign” the cards whenever they want.

For instance, the ‘food envy card’ means that you think your partner’s meal looks better than your own. By redeeming your card, you get to switch!

The ‘hobby hater card’ means that your partner gets to come along with you to enjoy your hobby- even if they’ve never been interested in it before.

The reviews are somewhat mixed. Some people state that the card assignments feel stereotypical and sexist. Others state that it’s a perfect game for flexible couples with a generous sense of humor. You’ll have to try for yourself to make that last call!

#8 The Ultimate Game For Couples

If you want a purpose-driven card game, here it is. This game contains 200 cards and focuses on cultivating quality time with your partner. There are two choices: playing one-on-one or competing against other couples to determine who knows each other best!


Most of the conversation starters are relatively light, but the reviews state that it’s good for both new and long-term couples. Some say it’s a great way to connect with best friends also in committed relationships.

#9 Questions About Love

How well do you really know your partner? How often do you two ask each other intriguing, thought-provoking questions?


Questions About Love advertises itself as an “excellent gift for couples” and promises to turn “dull date nights into extraordinary moments.” The card deck features eleven categories, from respect to emotional connection to mindfulness.

This is a new game on the market with very few reviews. However, the response does appear to be positive. Furthermore, it’s a significantly cheaper product than most of its competitors.

#10 The Adventure Challenge Blind Dates

Talking to each other is one thing. And yes, deep conversation is important, especially for building connections. But making long-lasting, special memories is where love really grows!


Think about it- when was the last time the two of you enjoyed a spontaneous date? Or when did you try something new for the first time?

This card deck comes with 30 scratch-off blind dates intended to break the ice when asking someone out. They’re intended for new partners just getting to know each other, but the stakes are low (as are the date costs).

Each card comes with a price range (from $0-$50), a time duration (with times ranging from 1-2 hours to 4+ hours), and the time of day.

The reviews on this game are excellent. Although it’s designed for newer couples, many people said they again enjoyed dating their long-term partner with this fun deck!

People called it exciting and stated that the scratch-off effect intrigued things.

PS: This deck makes for an excellent wedding or engagement gift if you’re not in a relationship! The happy couple will be grateful for all the fun new date ideas.

#11 Unpack That

What secrets have you been holding onto? What feelings do you need to get off your chest? Are you harboring any fears about your relationship or resentments toward your partner?


Unpack That- also known as ‘therapy in a box’- features 125 meaningful cards intended to help people connect on a deeper level.

The company also creates other card decks, including Under The Influence and its relative expansion pack.

Unpack That acknowledges that it isn’t a substitute for professional therapy. However, the reviews are positive, with people stating that the cards have helped them resolve issues, release emotions, and cultivate a sense of gratitude.

#12 Better Together

Do you think that you and your partner are better together? This game helps reaffirm your love and strengthens your connection.


Better Together contains 100 original questions for partners to ask one another. The creators recommend playing it on date night or when you want to get to know each other better.

Like other card games, the questions range in intensity and depth. Some are sweet and flirty and others are more seductive and dirty.

The game also has an expansion pack of 50 ‘spicier’ cards to invite more kink and passion into your relationship.

Like similar card games, the reviews are relatively mixed. Fans state that asking each other these questions is fun and exciting.

Critics state that some of the questions feel cliched and don’t necessarily apply to all couples.

#13 Convo and Chill

You’ve heard of Netflix and chill. But watching TV doesn’t offer much to feel connected to the people in your life. That’s where this activity comes in.


Convo and Chill isn’t just a card game for couples- it can be played with friends and family. While couples can play one-on-one, it’s also recommended for group settings like birthday parties or office functions. You’ll get to know each other better as you play and talk.

The card game contains 99 questions designed to be “mentally stimulating.” But the questions aren’t so deep that they stir controversy or arguments.

Most of the reviews state that the game is best played in large groups. Many people report that they left laughing and feeling more connected to their friends.

#14 Talking Point

Talking Point is a popular activity that’s been around for many years. The game comes in numerous editions: perfect date, family, kids, teens, Christian, generations, and couples. The friends and family card game editions seem to be the most popular.

The couples edition card game is intended to increase communication through open-ended, relevant questions. There are 200 cards, most focusing on intimacy, communication, and connection.

The reviews are mostly positive. Most people said they learned things they hadn’t known about their partner (or other players).

#15 Uncommon Questions

Many question card games start to feel way too similar to one another. And in a world where things often feel surface-level, you may be craving more depth in your relationships. If you want to explore some truly unique conversations, this option might be best for you.

Uncommon Questions comes with 200 conversation starters designed for couples (although the game can also work for groups).

The questions are intentionally random (what’s the last inanimate object you spoke to?) and are meant to make you laugh instead of engaging in serious, heart-to-heart discussion.

Most of the reviews are positive. Most people call the game fun and state that playing with best friends or extended family is a great option.

#16 We’re Not Really Strangers

Designed by the brand, We’re Not Really Strangers, this card game focuses on cultivating purpose and meaningful conversations. The game consists of crafted questions and wildcards, all crafted to foster connection.


It isn’t a card game to drive flirtiness or increase sexual angst. Instead, it’s more about facilitating healthy communication and learning new ways to relate to each other.

The idea is that nobody in the world is as alone as they think. Instead, when we can connect to another person, we feel safer being vulnerable and expressive.

The reviews are positive, although some say the questions are “too serious” or “too existential.”

But how you answer is entirely up to you. You can keep things as light or serious. as you want. Most people believe the game sparks great conversation and builds deeper connections with the people in your life.

#17 I Should Have Known That!

Need a card game that’s really different this game night? Want something beyond a basic conversation starter pack? This card game has you covered!


I Should Have Known That! is a trivia game that contains 440 questions. Couples can play together, but you can also try it at your next party, dinner night, or family get-togethers.

The questions are vast, and most people found the game fun. A few state that the questions are too generic and that the trivia loses its appeal after playing a few times (once you know the answers).

Like with most games, you’ll want to look for the latest version of this one- that way, the topics are most current.

#18 OpenMinty Box of Meaningful Conversations

This box of meaningful conversations includes 130 question cards designed to help you strengthen your relationship.

You can play this game anywhere, and couples alternate asking each other questions. The game also comes with a goal-setting checklist where you and your partner can write down any notes or reminders.

The cards are split into four categories: personality & self-awareness, love, values & beliefs, past, future, & fun.

This is a relatively new game, but the recent reviews are positive. Most fans state it’s a great way to get to know your partner and spend time together on date night.

#19 Drunk in Love

If you like drinking games, here’s the card game for you and your partner! Drunk in Love includes 100 playing cards, and you take turns drawing cards. If you draw a “…or drink” card, you must do what the card says- or you must take a drink!

So, for example, you need to “give your partner a lap dance” or take a drink. Or, you need to “drink if” you wear the pants in the relationship.

Most of the reviews are positive, with people saying it’s fun and a great way to make one another laugh. Critics argue that playing in one sitting is fun before things become redundant.

#20 Table Topics

Table Topics is the #1 bestselling conversation starter game for couples.

The questions are meant to be thought-provoking and intended to spark deep conversations. Topics range from romance to past experiences with dating, intimacy, and adventure.

Table Topics are also available in different modes. For example, a version called Best Things Ever, a dinner party edition, and a date night category.

Most reviews are positive, with many people stating it’s a great game for newer couples. Some critics argue that the questions become repetitive, and the nature of some of them may stir questionable, big talk that may trigger conflict.

#21 Our Moments

Do you want to enjoy the nostalgia of your relationship? Do you enjoy reflecting on some of the positive memories you two have shared in the past while also sharing your hopes and dreams for the future?


Our Moments aims to do that! This card game is about strengthening intimacy- most cards are focused on depth and connection.

There are 100 cards in the deck. The reviews advertise the game as “clean fun,” meaning that the question cards aren’t focused on sex or raunchy topics. Instead, it’s about building a strong foundation and getting to know one another better.

#22 Exploding Kittens

Couples who love playing Russian Roulette will also love this fun game!


Exploding Kittens is a cat-themed game- the winner wins by avoiding the exploding kitten until the final card has been played. Whoever draws the exploding kitten loses unless you possess a defuse card.

The game is simple, although it does contain a mixture of luck and strategy. But it’s not suited for intimacy or romance- most reviews suggest it’s played as a party game with a large group.

#23 So…Cards

Want to cut to the chase and get personal with one another? So…Cards is another card game that blends both small talk and big talk.

The deck contains 52 question cards, and the creators advertise that you will “get from HOW are you to WHO are you?” It’s designed for people who crave deep conversations but need support to reach that deeper level.

There are multiple game volumes, and some editions are recommended for larger groups. The ‘More Than Friends’ card pack is intended for partners, and the questions are meant to encourage you to open up to one another.

Most of the reviews are positive, with people stating the questions are deep and introspective.

Some critics argue that there aren’t enough questions (when compared to other games) and that there isn’t much use for the cards after going through the whole deck.

#24 Why Don’t We?

Want a game that features a variety of questions? This one ranks the intensity of each of the 150 cards from mild to spicy.

While the initial questions may feel like standard icebreakers, they progressively get juicier the longer you play.

Most reviewers say good things: they found it helped them learn things about their partner. A few suggested that could be even kinkier!

#25 Who’s Most Likely To…?

Although this game isn’t intended exclusively for couples, it’s a great, fast-paced option for groups of friends or families.

It has 250 prompt cards with questions like, Who’s most likely to laugh at jokes they don’t get, or, Who’s most likely to make terrible first impressions?

The rules are simple: you need a party of four, and then you all take turns deciding who should be “tagged” the card and why. The first one to receive seven cards loses but there are no winners here!

The reviews are generally positive. Most people say it guarantees good laughs during game nights. A few critics argue that such a party game may appear too judgmental.

#26 Topix

Topix is another game that applies to couples, families, and groups of friends. The creators recommend leaving the game out in a visible place like a coffee table or in the car.

You can flip through the deck at any time. So, there’s a card for everything, whether you’re on a first date, hanging out with friends during happy hour, or just lounging with your best friend at home.

Most of the reviews are positive. With 424 cards, this pack is significantly larger than many of its competitors. Likewise, you can play with mostly anyone- the questions are neutral enough!

#27 Big Talk

Hate small talk? This fast-paced game might be perfect for you. You can answer questions with your partner and play with friends, new hires, employees, and family.

The game developers even insist you can try the game on yourself to increase your self-awareness.

The game has 88 thought-provoking questions: Where do you find peace? What is one question you would ask a fortune-teller?

Most reviews are positive, with people stating each question card draws meaningful conversation.

#28 400 Conversation Starters for Friends

Although this game is advertised for friends, you can certainly answer questions with a romantic partner or while you’re dating someone new.

The game has what it advertises: 400 questions and each answer is intended to create powerful conversations.

You can use the cards anywhere; they’re small enough to take on the road or while traveling.

The majority of the reviews are positive. Most say it’s great for new and old friends to play and answer. And because so many questions are available, you can play multiple games repeatedly.

Final Thoughts on Card Game Conversation Starters

Date night doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Having ongoing conversations is often the best way to create closeness in committed relationships.

Playing games together can promote relationship-building and good laughs. These activities allow you to connect with your partner without the pressure of awkward interaction.

It’s a low-pressure way to create more stimulating conversation. And just because you think you know each other well doesn’t mean you know how they’ll answer certain questions!

Remember that it may be helpful to purchase a few packs to have various questions on hand!