The 10 Best Excuses to Not Hang Out With Someone

What are some good excuses not to hang out with someone? Has someone ever asked you to go somewhere, and you didn’t feel like going? Yet, you fail to come up with excuses not to hang out.

There is always that one friend who wants to know why it is you cannot come. They may even come up with alternatives for your excuses.

You do not want to be rude by telling them you don’t want to go with them.

This is why people come up with little white lies that make it easier to get out of plans. This article will explore the 10 best and worst excuses for not wanting to go.

What Do You Say When You Don’t Want to Hang Out?

What’s a good excuse to not go out with friends? Have you ever made plans with someone and were super excited? Yet, you don’t want to go as the day gets closer?

You do not want to seem like you are a terrible friend. So, instead of telling the truth, you want to devise a reasonable excuse.

Many people make up excuses when they don’t feel like hanging out. The reason why people do this varies.


Yet, most of the time, they are afraid to tell the truth. What happens if someone keeps blowing off plans with you?

Your mind would go to the possibility that they do not like hanging out with you. So by not confronting the issue, you are.

Luckily people have become creative. They have devised ways to get out of engagements without being straightforward. So, what are some really good excuses? 

Here are 10 good excuses to not hang out with someone. These excuses will leave the person clueless about your real feelings and intentions.

10 Good Excuses to Not Hang Out With Someone

What are some good excuses to not go somewhere? The real reason people cannot hang out with someone can be embarrassing.

For some people, the lie they come up with is what others hide. For example, someone with strict parents may feel a sense of embarrassment. But, another person uses that as leverage.

People usually want to be what they’re not. So, the person who has strict parents may want to appear cool to their friends.

Making up an excuse like “having plans” gives them a sense of security. They remain in the desired perception. Whereas someone free to go and come as they please does not need to feel ashamed of something they’re not. 

So, what are some good excuses to not hang out with someone?

#1 I’m Not Feeling So Well

This may seem like a poor excuse. No one would ever force someone who’s ill to go out and party with them.

This excuse is foolproof, and is oneOften, people say they’re sick, and we know they’re not. To execute this, you should give them hints in advance.

In regular conversations, start by saying, “I’m not feeling too well today.” Girls find it much easier to pull off this plan due to the inevitability of menstruation.

Many girls use period cramps to get out of going out with friends or to things they do not want to attend.

#2 I’ve Got Work Tonight

Having a work shift is a great excuse to get out of going somewhere with someone you don’t want to go with.


It’s not like that person will expect you to ditch work and go out with them. This excuse is excellent when you work night shifts or when your work schedules vary. 

#3 I Have to Wake Up Early Next Morning

Being a student or even an employed person, you would know the struggle of going to bed late.

It’s a real fight when you have responsibilities. So this is an excellent excuse to give when you do not want to go out with someone.

#4 Family Emergency/Pet Emergency

Pretending that someone in your family or pet has an emergency is a great excuse. Yet, some people shy away from this excuse due to the intensity of the lie.

This excuse is also pretty hard to come up with. You have to remember it so that you won’t forget your lie days, weeks, or even months later.

Your friend may bring up the topic surrounding your lie. Thus, you must remember to give an update on the family member’s condition. So make sure to plan a complete storyline if they have questions later.


This excuse is usually best last minute so that it seems like a real emergency. It is better to cancel plans this way. You can’t tell them a week in advance for this one.

So, how believable would they find this excuse? The truth is you may never know what a person is thinking. Yet, things happen to people all the time.

Have you been talking about how excited you are to go? Then bringing up the emergency is likely to make them less suspicious.

#5 Still Tired From Last Night

You have been partying with your friends all night, and they ask you to hang out again the next day. You do not feel like going but do not know how to tell them.

This is a great excuse to use for this scenario. “Last night was so eventful’ “I’m still so tired from last night.” 

Tell them that you had fun, and you can even express having a hangover that you haven’t gotten over yet. By putting a positive light on the night before, suspicions of you not wanting to hang out may vanish.

#6 I’m Broke

According to, “Telling people that you’ve no money can be a little embarrassing. Instead, try using the alternative “I’m running a little low on funds.”

“I’m broke” is an excuse some people try to cover up. Yet, others find joy in using this excuse when they’re not interested in going.


Times fall hard on the majority of mankind. That’s life. Use this as an excuse when you don’t want to go somewhere.

#7 I Am Trying to Save

If you are looking for an excuse not to go out when you have been going out a lot, this is one you can use.

If your problem is with the person and not the event, this may not be a good excuse.

Imagine seeing a person you consider your friend out every night with other people.

They tell you that they’re trying to save when it comes to you. It can feel like you are less important to them or that they don’t want to hang out with you. 

Although, if the event you’re going to is too pricey, then this excuse may work. You can also use “I’m trying to save money” instead of saying “I’m broke.”

You can tell them that you are saving for something important.

So, you cannot go out because of this. If it’s your friend, then they should be understanding.

#8 My Parent/Parents Said No

This is the perfect excuse when you do not want to go somewhere. Giving your parents your voice makes it easier to avoid friendship problems.

Yet, some people do not like this excuse because it makes them look like they have strict parents.

People might think you are sad. Yet, if you don’t want to go, you still may have nosey friends who would try any and every way to get you out of the house.

This is a great excuse to make someone stop questioning you as it pertains to why you cannot attend.

Having strict parents isn’t something people, especially teenagers and kids, brag about. So, this is not a very popular excuse. It is still one of the best excuses to get out of going out with someone. 

People do not want to get in the mix when parents have a say. I mean, who is going to argue with your mom or dad? Thus, this falls under good excuses to not hang out with someone.

#9 I Already Have Plans That Day

This is the safest excuse. “I have to attend something that day” leaves little room for argument.

Well, unless they change the date of the outing to accommodate you. Then you may have no choice but to confess the truth or devise another excuse.

You can tell them you have a hair appointment or you have to babysit for your sister. Make the reason you cannot go sound dull and not enjoyable. They may feel sorry for you instead of hating you for not coming.


This excuse will work when your friends make plans at the last minute. You may have gotten a last-minute call from your friends or significant other.

If you don’t feel like going, you say you have already made plans. Your friends will think nothing of it because of the late notice. 

You can also tweak it to work for events your friends tell you about way in advance, but you’ll need some acting skills to pull it off.

A couple days before your hang-out date, or even on the day itself, tell them you forgot you had a prior commitment. You’re going for a sense of urgency tinged with regret.

Something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, I forgot I had to go to ________. Can we hang out another day instead?”

#10 Tell the Truth

Many people find themselves in a position where they feel the need to tell a white lie that is not necessary.

Telling the truth is always a good thing to do. Although you may risk losing friends if you don’t like hanging out with them, why are they your friends?

If you were to get an invitation to attend a party or some event and do not want to, you could say, “No, but thank you very much.”

You may want some alone time or don’t feel like hanging out that day. It is okay to tell them you do not want to socialize or you do not feel like going to that place.

Be sure that you respond. So many people get into a position where they are unsure how to handle saying no. So, their first instinct is to lie or not respond. Being able to say no is very empowering. 

10 Bad Excuses and Mistakes to Say When You Don’t Want to Hang Out

Although they may be true, many reasons can be unacceptable to someone because of how cliché it is. Many people use it to get out of scenarios. So, even if you may be sick or tired, it can rub someone the wrong way.

According to Better by Today, “Eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume said that a good excuse shows that you typically do the right thing.

Imagine that you lie to your girlfriend about what you were doing after work, and when she finds out, you say that it’s not a big deal because normally you don’t lie.” Here are 10 bad excuses to not hang out with friends.


#1 Car Trouble/No Transport

“My car broke down. It won’t even start. I’ll have to get it checked in the morning.” Or “My car has a flat tire.” These are is a reasonable excuse.

Yet, you need to consider the possibility of an alternative they may give for the reason you come up with. In this case, your friend can arrange for someone to pick you up.

There are taxis and buses, and your friends may even have personal transport. When planning an excuse, you must think of alternatives or loopholes in your plan.

#2 Using Too Many Excuses

You may have found yourself in this situation. You have a mediocre reason, and one of your friends has a solution.

Then you make up another not-so-good excuse, and another friend has a way out of your problem. Your friend may say, “You are looking for an excuse,” or ask, “Do you even want to go?

Giving too many excuses may leave the impression that you do not want to go. This is why you must plan out one reason that has minimal loopholes.

Cover all areas of possibilities. It may feel like a lot of work, but at least your friends won’t hate you for not wanting to hang out with the person asking you.

#3 Saying Nothing

To avoid an argument, people sometimes say nothing. They leave it up to the other person or people to realize that they’re not interested. Yet, it is a lousy excuse because it doesn’t help keep the friendship. 


#4 Not Showing up after Agreeing

Not showing up is one of the worst things you can do to someone. Ghosting someone is not very nice, especially if the outing was between two persons.

Imagine getting dressed up and going to the event. There you find out your friend or significant other has ghosted you. That can be hurtful.

The idea may not be intentional in the beginning. Yet, if you cannot make it, you should let the other person know.

#5 Food Poisoning

This is a bad excuse because it takes so much planning and faking. It is better to say you are sick than to put all that stress on yourself to fake food poisoning.

People who get food poisoning usually need medical attention. Would you admit yourself into the hospital as well?


There are so many other reasonable excuses than claiming food poisoning. Why go through all that work? Is it so that you wouldn’t seem like a loser or less of a friend for choosing not to go?

#6 Helping a Friend

This is not a good excuse when blowing off plans. It can make your other friends feel jealous or lesser. Imagine inviting your friend to your party only for them to say I cannot come because I’m helping a friend move out.

Even though it may be a reasonable excuse, it can still hurt someone who wanted you to be there.

Instead of saying I’m helping a friend, you can say, “I promised I’d help a friend.” By saying promise, it sounds like an obligation more than a choice.

#7 I’m Really Tired

This excuse is on the lower side of convincing. It can sometimes work when the person is aware of your day. Yet, if you lie with this excuse, it might not convince anyone. 

#8 I’m Busy

This is one of the worst excuses not to hang out. Many people have hectic lives, but the reality is that people make time for who they care about.

Using the term “I’m busy” to reply to an invitation is rude. It’s a way of saying “I’m not interested,” especially if you fail to explain further.

When making up an excuse, you need it to sound like you would have loved to attend. But, you cannot go because of something else. Leave little to no room for speculation or doubt.

#9 My Grandma Is Dead, and I Have to Go to Her Funeral That Day

This is a cliché thing to say when you do not want to go somewhere with someone. Why go to such extreme measures? Death is a painful thing that you shouldn’t make light of. Third, this is one of the hardest excuses to pull off.


Faking someone’s death isn’t a five-minute task. You’ll have to remember the lie and pretend that you have a dead grandmother when you’re around your friends for the rest of your life. This is not even a white lie because death is a serious matter.

If you have to fake a family member’s death to get out of hanging with friends, then you need new friends. Fake excuses that are this extreme don’t make sense. Going somewhere that you don’t want to take less energy.

#10 My Partner Broke up With Me

Going through a breakup can be challenging for most people. So, if you say you have just broken up your friends may understand. Yet, this isn’t a good excuse to give because of course, your friends will want to know more.

They may also start to hate the guy you claim broke up with you. This reason can stem from a lot of drama; it takes good acting skills to make it believable. If you start crying, it can make this scenario feel real. They’ll more so believe that you are sad and groggy.

The downside to this excuse is that they may encourage you to go out and get over the guy instead of leaving you alone. Many friends do this in hopes that they can lift your spirits. They’ll try to make you forget about the guy who broke up with you.

Should I Feel Guilty About Lying to My Friends?

You may have lied to protect yourself or someone else’s feelings. Yet, lies can be hurtful, and they may ruin your relationship with the person.” 

You shouldn’t have to come up with a lie to people who you consider your friends. They should respect that you don’t feel like hanging out for a night or two.

Don’t want to be around your friend group anymore? Then you may want to shy away from hangouts so they’ll get the memo.

But, do not say you are going, and then don’t show up with no heads up. That is what you should feel guilty about. 

By not responding, you avoid having to come up with an excuse. Unless your friends ask you in person, you wouldn’t have a choice.

Still, it complicates matters if the person asking you to hang out is your friend. If you do not reply, it gives the impression you’re not interested. 

If you do not want to lie, the best method is, to be honest. Are you so scared to tell the truth that you must devise an excuse not to go somewhere? If you do not want to go somewhere, why not call and cancel your plans?

According to Oprah Magazine  “You think you have to invent some elaborate excuse. You think it’s a big, huge deal to say that you’re sorry, you can’t. You say: “I’m sorry, I can’t.”