11 Things To Text Her After The First Date

Are you tired of feeling unsure about what to text a woman after a first date?

Perhaps you’ve been on a date that went well but didn’t know how to follow up afterward. This can be frustrating.

Some examples of what to text after a first date could be:

  1. “Thanks for a great night! Let’s do it again soon.”
  2. “Had fun with you, looking forward to seeing you again.”
  3. “You made me laugh a lot last night, let’s hang out again soon.”
  4. “Good night, I had a great time getting to know you.”

Let’s guide you through the art of texting after a first date with confidence. You’ll learn what to say and what not to say, how to make a great first impression, and how to keep the conversation flowing in your texts.

What Do You Text Her After The First Date?

Communication with your crush will change after the first date for several reasons.

Now you know you’ve got chemistry in person, got to know each other a little bit more, and feel more comfortable around each other.

You’ve also got more to discuss because of what you did on the date.

As long as the date went well, you should have good energy you, and there should be less tension because you finally got to meet each other face to face.

After your first date, you should keep things light but focus on how the evening went and what to do for your second date. 

11 Things To Text When The First Date Went Well

There are several things you can text a woman when the first date went well, such as, did you get home okay?

I really enjoyed our date, and I can’t wait to do it again sometime. Or I had an absolute blast last night.


I especially enjoyed the part when… Here are eleven things to text when the first date went well. 

#1 Did you get home okay?

There is nothing forward or suggestive about this message. You’re simply asking if your date got home safely, which is a normal thing to do.

It shows that you’re a decent human being, and you’re concerned about her safety more than anything else. If the conversation continues after this, then great, but make sure you say this first. 

#2 I really enjoyed our date, and I can’t wait to do it again sometime

The whole point of continuing to talk to a girl after a first date is to go on a second date. She’s probably just as worried as you about how the date went and wants assurance that she didn’t mess things up.


After all, speaking to someone on the phone is different to meeting them in person.

Letting her know that you enjoyed the date and can’t wait to do it again leaves the door open for a conversation about why you enjoyed the date and when is the best time to go on a second date. 

#3 I had an absolute blast last night; I especially enjoyed the part when…

A text like this adds another dimension to your conversation.

Before your first date, you’ve enjoyed speaking to each other but lacked common ground. But now that you’ve spent time together, you’ve got more talking points. 

#4 I like the sound of that restaurant you mentioned. Are you free this weekend?

Her plan worked, and you took the bait. Women will often tell you what they expect from you by dropping hints about what they like.


She mentioned the restaurant because she likes you and wants to spend more time with you by going on a second date. 

#5 You’re a really nice person. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Women are used to men focusing on their looks and complimenting them solely on their physical appearance.

When a man highlights what he likes about her personality, he lets her know his interest in her is more than physical. 

#6 Thanks for a great evening; I really enjoyed spending time with you

A girl would hope that you enjoyed her company, and by telling her this, you’re letting her know how you feel about her without getting too emotional.

Until you see her next, you can lace your messages with reasons why you enjoyed spending time with her. 

#7 I loved the outfit you wore last night; maybe you could style me on our second date

Most women put effort into what they wear when they go on a first date because they want to make a good impression.

“You’ve killed two birds with one stone” is a popular saying, but in this instance, ‘you’ve killed three birds with one stone.’

First, you’ve complimented her dress sense; second, you think her dress sense rocks so much that you’d let her dress you; and third, you’ve let her know you want to go on a second date with her! Not bad for one text message! 

#8 Where do you suggest we go on our second date?

If you arranged the first date, let her choose where to go on the second date.


You can use this as an opportunity to challenge her and see how far she pushes the boundaries.

Where she decides to go will give you more insight into her personality. 

#9 Next time, let’s do something where we can talk more

With a text like this, you are most definitely killing two birds with one stone. First, you’re letting your lady friend know you had such a good time with her you want to go on a second date.

And second, you want to talk to her more, which indicates you’re intrigued by her and want to get to know her even better. 

#10 I just saw a trailer for [name of the film]. Do you fancy going to see it?

Before you send this text message, make sure it’s a film you know she’ll want to see.

You wouldn’t want to bore her and take her to some sci-fi movie you’ll love, but she’ll probably fall asleep watching. 

#11 Our taxi driver was hilarious; I hope we get the same guy next time.

One of two things will happen when you go on a date with a woman. She’ll think you’re a decent guy, or you’ll bore her to tears. If she’s really good at hiding her body language, you won’t know whether she enjoyed the date or not.

One way to find out is to drop a hint that you want to take her on a second date. It will save you the embarrassment of being rejected if she says no. With a text like this, you indirectly say you want to go on a second date and leave the ball in her court.

If she doesn’t throw the ball back with a response like, “So where are you taking me next time?” You can safely assume she’s not interested in going on a second date. 

5 Things To Avoid Texting After A First Date

There are several things you should avoid texting after a first date including, don’t mention anything about sex, don’t talk about what you didn’t like about her, and don’t discuss who should pay for the second date.

Here are four things to avoid texting after a first date. 

#1 Don’t mention anything about sex

Even though you want to sleep with her, don’t mention it yet.

She’ll think you’re just trying to get her into bed, and you’ll probably never hear from her again.

#2 Don’t talk about what you didn’t like about her

Maybe you thought she wore too much makeup, you didn’t like her outfit, or she talked too much. No one is perfect, and there is bound to be something you didn’t like about your date.

However, keep it to yourself, and if it really was a deal breaker, let her down gently. 

#3 Don’t discuss who should pay for the second date

Unless you want to come across as cheap, talking about who should pay for the second date is not a good conversation to have. 


#4 Don’t discuss where the relationship is going

You’ve only been on one date, and you barely know each other. At this stage, you shouldn’t think about where the relationship is going.

You should focus on getting to know her well enough to decide whether you want to be in a relationship with her. 

5 Things To Text After A Bad First Date

After a bad first date, you can text several things, including, thank you for last night, but I don’t think we had enough chemistry to take things further.

Thank you for meeting up with me, but I don’t want to take things further. or you’re a really lovely girl, but just not for me.

Here are five things to text after a bad first date. 

#1 Thank you for last night, but I don’t think we had enough chemistry to take things further

If you don’t have chemistry with a person after the first date, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have any at all, so it’s best to call it quits now. 

#2 Thank you for meeting up with me, but I don’t want to take things further…

If you’ve decided not to take things further, let her know.

It might be because you don’t think you’ve got enough in common, she was slightly more overweight than you were expecting, or she was an outright catfish.

Either way, let her know and keep it moving. 

#3 You’re a really lovely girl, but just not for me

Sometimes, the girl you went on a date with isn’t the right fit for you and your instincts will tell you this isn’t right.

There’s no need for an explanation, say you’re a really lovely girl, but just not for me. 


#4 After the commute yesterday, I don’t think long distance is for me

You may have thought you could handle a long-distance relationship until you went on your first date and realized it wasn’t for you.

#5 I’m sorry yesterday didn’t work out as planned. I hope you find what you’re looking for

Despite the effort you put into arranging the first date, your lady friend was a spoilt brat and complained about everything.

She’s the type of female that will never be satisfied, and that’s not the type of person you want to be around. 


When to text a girl after a first date?

Assuming you walked the girl to her door after the first date, a good time to text her is when you get home. Let her know you arrived safely, and thank her for a wonderful evening.

If not, the polite thing would be to text her the next day unless you want to play by the three-day rule. However, the three-day rule can either work for you or against you.

The rule is about playing hard to get, and it states that you wait three days after going on a date with someone to contact them.

You don’t want to appear too eager, and you want to allow each other to process the date and decide whether you want to see each other again or not.

But if she knows nothing about the three-day rule, she might assume you’re playing games and continue dating other people. Therefore, proceed with caution.

My best advice to you would be to follow your heart. 

Who should text first after a first date?

That should depend on who initiated the date. If the guy asked the girl out, he should text first. If the girl asked the guy out, she should text first.

Don’t feel obligated to text first because you’re a man. If she started off leading, let her continue. 

Before You Go

So now that you know what to text your lady friend after the first date, it’s time to get texting. Remember, keep it short and sweet.

I know you’re excited, but there’s no need to write an essay! Tell her you had a great time and you can’t wait to see her again.

Trust and believe you’ll be on a second date in no time.