18 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

You’re really good friends with a guy, perhaps you grew up together, or you went to college together. Either way, you spend a lot of time with him because you get on great and see him as the brother you never had.

Unfortunately, he’s acting a bit weird lately, and you’ve asked yourself, is my best friend in love with me? Before you start jumping to conclusions, you need to know for sure.

There are some tell tale signs that your friend is into you, and in this article, you will find out exactly what they are. Here are 18 signs your male friend has feelings for you. 

1. His Body Language Gives the Game Away

The only reason why you’re debating whether your friend likes you or not is because he hasn’t told you, and he hasn’t told you because he’s not sure how you feel about him.


So to avoid rejection, he will keep it to himself until he’s either brave enough to tell you, or you tell him that you like him too. Nevertheless, even though he hasn’t confessed with his mouth, his body language will give the game away. Here are some clues:

  • His Body Angle: When a guy wants to have a romantic relationship with the opposite sex, they’ll position their entire body before you. If you’re standing up and conversing, you’ll notice that both of his feet are facing you. He’s trying to tell you that there’s nothing more important to him in that moment than you. 
  • He Leans in towards You: When you like something, you lean in. When you don’t, you lean away. Sometimes, even if he heard you the first time, he’ll ask you to repeat yourself so he can lean in closer. 
  • He Has an Open Posture: When a man is attracted to a woman, they want her to know he’s available and he wants to invite you in, and he’ll do this by displaying an open posture. When he’s seated, he’ll spread out his arms and legs and take up space. 
  • He Smiles All the Time: Smiling means a lot of things, but it’s also a big sign that your friend enjoys your company and he likes being around you. A broad, goofy smile is a dead give away, he likes how you make him feel, and he wants you to know it. 
  • He Mirrors Your Movements: In a regular conversation, people mimic each other subconsciously when they’re vibing. If he mirrors you when you laugh, touch your hair, or sip your drink, he’s trying to tell you that you’re on the same wavelength. 
  • He Grooms Himself: Does he start fixing his shirt, pulling his trousers up, or smoothing his hair over when you start walking in his direction? When we are around people we like, we want to look our best, so when he sees you coming, he wants to be prepared, and grooming is one way of doing so. 

2. You Catch Him Staring at You

Males are visual creatures, when they find something attractive, they look. Some men literally can’t help themselves, they can be walking down the street holding hands with their girlfriend, a hottie walks by, and their head swivels!

That’s just how men are wired, they look at what they like because it stimulates them. But since your friend isn’t sure how you feel about him, and he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship, he will admire your beauty when you’re not paying any attention to him and he’ll get carried away.

That’s when you have that awkward moment where you catch him staring at you. 

3. He Gets Nervous Around You

One of the reasons why you’re friends in the first place is because when he first met you, he was too nervous to ask you out, and he’s still nervous.

He likes being around you because he’s attracted to you, but he doesn’t feel as if he’s good enough for you. When you’re chilling, he’s listening to the negative voice in his head telling him all the reasons why he couldn’t get with a girl like you.

Well as the saying goes, you are what you think, and his thoughts manifest through his actions. You might notice his ears getting red during conversation, he stutters a lot, or he fidgets.

You’ve probably picked up that he’s not very confident, but what you don’t know is that it’s you who makes him feel that way. 

4. He Likes All Your Social Media Posts

The reality is that no one likes every single one of their friend’s posts on social media, we might like a few, but rarely do we like all of them.

Not only does your male friend like every single one of your posts, he comments on them, too. Especially your selfies! Unfortunately, we live in an era where social media does the talking, we pay close attention to who is following whom, and who likes whose posts.

When tabloid journalists want to find out whether certain celebrities are dating, they check out their social media profiles. Likes and comments are an indication that there is a romantic interest between two people.

So it’s highly likely that you’re friend is stalking you on social media to hint that he’s interested and to mark his territory. When other guys that might be interested see his comments, his hope is that they’ll back off. 

5. He Invites You Everywhere

If he’s got a friends wedding to go to, a christening, a work gathering, or any other social event to attend, trust and do believe the first person he’s going to call is you!

As far as you’re concerned, you two are just friends, so you have no problem turning up as his plus one to these events. To you it’s innocent, but not to him! He beams with pride and joy when he shows you off, and the people who know him can tell that he’s into you because he acts different when he’s with you.

While you’re completely oblivious to what’s happening, his mom is planning your wedding! 

6. He Protects You

The male brain is hardwired to protect his loved ones from threats. When a man sees you as valuable, and feels connected, or a sense of ownership towards you, his protective instincts will kick in.


Men offer protection as a show of love and affection. When a man is deeply attracted to a woman, his ‘hero instinct’ kicks in, a term pioneered by relationship psychologist James Bauer. Here are some things your male friend might do to protect you:

  • He Will Give You Advice: Let’s say you tell your friend you’re going on a girls’ night out, he might say something like, “Make sure you take your drink to the toilet with you. I’ve heard men are putting date rape drugs in girl’s drinks.” 
  • He Will Offer to Pick You up: After your night out with your friends, he’ll offer to pick you up to ensure you get home safely. 
  • He Shields You: In potentially dangerous situations such as crossing the road, or coming into contact with a large dog, he’ll shield you to ensure that nothing goes wrong. 
  • Put His Arm Around You: When you’re feeling vulnerable about something, he’ll put his arm around you to show that he wants to make you feel safe emotionally. 

7. He Values Your Opinion

Whether he’s having a problem at work, with his friends, or he’s thinking about buying a new car, he will ask for your advice.

One of the reasons why he’s attracted to you is because he thinks you are wise and intelligent. If not, he wouldn’t ask for your opinion. You think things through, are not impulsive, and live with intention.

These are qualities he admires, and he knows that whatever advice you give him, you will have evaluated his situation from every angle. 

8. He Gets Absorbed in the Conversation

He likes speaking to you and gets fully absorbed in the conversation. The next time you are together, pay attention to his tone, and the level of attention he gives you when you’re speaking.

He might break eye contact occasionally because you make him feel shy, and he’ll smile when he does it. If his phone rings or pings, he won’t check it until you’re done with the conversation.

If someone interrupts, he kindly lets them know that you are the priority and whatever they’ve got to say can wait. 

You should also pay attention to the topic of conversation. He might try and impress you and tell you stories that make him sound masculine and strong.

If he reveals personal information about his friends and family, it’s one of those subtle signs that he feels comfortable opening up to you and he wants you to see his vulnerable side. 

He might give you random compliments and say things like, “I don’t know how any man wouldn’t find you attractive.” He’ll say you look nice even if you’re sitting in the house wearing jogging bottoms and no makeup. Or he’ll find subtle ways of telling you you’re funny or interesting. 

9. He Doesn’t Talk About Women

When a guy friend has a female firmly rooted in the friend zone, he’ll tell her about the women he’s dating and the women he’s attracted to because that’s what he’d do if he were with his guy friends.

One of the hot topics amongst men is women, and if he sees you as a friend, he won’t shy away from speaking about them. However, if he’s attracted to you, for one, he’ll want you to feel emotionally secure, and speaking about other women could trigger feelings of insecurity.

Also, he’ll be trying to drop hints that he wants more than friendship, and him letting you know that he’s perpetually single is one of them. 

10. His Behavior is More Refined

When men are trying to impress women, they don’t act themselves. Men are known for being shameless slobs who fart and burp in public with no remorse.

But when he’s trying to win you over, he’s the most polite person in the world. Here are some of the things he won’t do in front of you if he likes you more than just a friend:

  • Adjust His Crouch: He will never re-adjust or scratch his crouch with you. If he’s feeling slightly uncomfortable in that area, he’ll take a trip to the bathroom, or suffer in silence until the time is right.
  • Appear Unkempt: Every time you see you’re friend, he’s going to smell good, have a fresh shave, and wear his best clothes. No matter what time of the day it is, when you meet up with him, you’ll think he’s just stepped out the shower. 
  • He Gives You Space: Your friend won’t want to appear overbearing, so lets say you’re hanging out at your house, he’ll knock before he enters a room, and ask if he can come in. If you get a phone call, he’ll leave the room and give you some privacy. Or if you’re watching a movie together, he’ll sit on the other side of the sofa so you don’t feel uncomfortable. 
  • He Won’t Burp or Fart: If he has indigestion or gas, your friend will do his best to cover it up. He will go to the bathroom if he needs to pass wind, during dinner, he’ll cover his mouth if he needs to burb, and he’ll apologize when he does it. 
  • He Won’t Complain About Money: Money is important to men, we live in a world that views men with money as superior. Also in general, women prefer it when a man has their stuff together and they can take care of them financially if the need arises And for this reason, many men without millions feel inferior. As mentioned, protecting and providing for their families is what drives men, and if a guy likes a woman, he wants her to feel confident that he can provide for her. Therefore, if your male friend tries to impress you, he’ll never let on that his pockets are empty. He’ll put your meal on a credit card and pay for it later before admitting that he doesn’t have enough cash. 
  • He Won’t Reveal His Insecurities: Men can be just as insecure as women regarding their looks. He might not spend as much time primping as you do, but he cares whether he has a six-pack, if he starts balding, and if he’s tall enough. But since he’s trying to impress you, you’ll never know this, he’ll act as if he’s the most confident person on the planet with no hang ups whatsoever. 
  • He Won’t Dance in Front of You: When he goes out with his boys, even though he can’t dance, he dances as if his feet are on fire. But because he knows he can’t dance, and he doesn’t want to look like an idiot in front of you, you’ll never catch him letting lose. He might do a two step, but that’s about as much as you’ll get out of him. 

11. He Wants to Make You Laugh

Everyone enjoys a good old belly laugh, but there’s more to laughing than the fact that it feels good.

According to a study by Dr. Jeffrey Hall, a woman who finds a man funny is likelier to date him. One of the reasons for this is that funny men are perceived as more confident, and women like men who are sure of themselves.

Most men are fully aware of this, so they will do everything they can to make a woman laugh.

If your friend is always telling jokes and making random funny comments, he wants you to find him funny, hoping that it will make him more attractive to you. 


12. He Talks About the Future

When a man starts talking about the future and including you in it, that’s a sure sign he’s interested.

He is well aware that you’re just friends for now, but somehow, he wants to let you know that eventually, you’ll be his! He does this by doing the following:

  • We’re in This Together: You might have a big presentation at work that you’re really nervous about. Or you’ve got to have an important conversation with your mother about a family issue, and it’s causing you major anxiety. Whatever problem you have, he takes it on as his own, saying things like, “We’re in this together” “I know you can do it.” He wants you to know that you’re not alone, that he has your back, and that if you do ever get together, he’s in it for the long haul. 
  • He’s Willing to Compromise: He doesn’t have a, “It’s my way or the high way” attitude. When a man is willing to compromise on something he really wants, it’s because he sees both of you as part of a team, and he wants to make you happy. 
  • He Apologizes: As friends you will have disagreements, you may even go without speaking for a couple of days. But you will notice that he’s always the first person to reach out and apologize. It’s important to understand that men are extremely prideful, especially when they think they’re in the right. So apologizing is not something that comes easy to them. However, when a guy is trying to win you over, the last thing he will want is to upset you, so he’ll suck it up, and tell you he’s sorry. 
  • Let’s Plan For it: So, you’re watching TV, and an advert about a luxury spa resort comes on. You start cooing about how amazing it looks, and his first reaction is, “Let’s plan for it.” By making an offer like this, he’s indirectly telling you that he wants to grow with you and do things with you, now and in the future. 

13. How Does He Act With Other Females?

A guy who wants to be more than just friends isn’t going to treat you in the same way he treats his other female friends.

There will be very obvious signs because he thinks your are special, and even though you’re friends, he holds you to a higher esteem. You’ll get an idea of where you stand with him if:

  • He Never Flirts: He doesn’t compliment his female friends; he’s polite and friendly, but that’s about as far as it goes.
  • He Talks About You: If you meet a couple of his female friends for the first time, and they seem to know a lot about you, it’s because he’s been talking about you. Perhaps getting advice from them about how he can tell you how he feels about you. 
  • He’s More Attentive to You: If other girls are in the room, he ensures he gives you his undivided attention. That’s his way of letting you know that even though other friends are in the room, you’re the only one he’s interested in. 

14. He Enjoys Doing Things For You

Most men find it difficult to express their emotions through words. One of the reasons for this is because of the way they’ve been socialized; basically, it’s not masculine to be emotional.

But it’s also a part of who they are, men are action-orientated, whereas you’d tell him you fancy him, he’ll do things for you and expect you to pick up on it. Here are some things your friend might do to let you know he’s into you.

  • Wash Your Car: And I don’t mean take it to the car wash. He’ll roll up his sleeves and wash it himself. He’ll spend hours on it too, making sure its sparkling, and then present it to you as if he just bought it brand new. 
  • He Treats You Like a Lady: There will never be a time that you are out together shopping and you’re the one carrying the bags. He’ll open the door for you, he’ll pull out a chair for you. He’ll even pour your water when you eat out. He’ll act like he’s being a gentleman because that’s how he was raised, but the reality is he’s trying to impress you. 
  • He Will Make You Feel Comfortable: Your friend will want to meet all your needs and make you feel comfortable. For example, if you fall asleep on the couch, he’ll put a blanket over you. If you go out and it starts raining and neither of you have an umbrella, he’ll take his coat off and hold it over your head so you don’t get wet. When he sees you’re tired or stressed, he might give you a quick shoulder rub to help ease some of your tension. 
  • He Does the Chores: Does your friend wash the dishes after dinner or give your apartment the once over with the hoover? Maybe he folds the laundry when you take it out of the dryer. Whatever chores he does for you, he’s trying to show you that he’d make the perfect boyfriend if you did ever move in together. 
  • He Buys You Stuff: And I don’t mean clothes, shoes, and handbags; he pays attention to everything you say, and if you mention that you’d like to see the latest movie, he’ll be the first to buy you a ticket. If he notices you’re struggling to cut vegetables when you make dinner, he’ll buy you a vegetable cutter. Your friend is so into you that he wants to make your life as easy as possible, and if that means buying you stuff, then so be it. 
  • He’s Thoughtful: You might have left an assignment until the last minute, and you’ve got to stay up all night to do it. He stays up with you to ensure you finish and brings you cups of coffee and snacks when you need it. 

15. His Texting Behavior

If you’re the type of friend who likes sending good morning messages or inspirational quotes to your friends, you’ll notice that not many of them respond, and if they do, it’s once in a blue moon because they’re usually too busy flirting with someone to pay attention.

But this one male friend texts back to every message, and I mean IMMEDIATELY! He’ll apologize if he can’t reply immediately because he was busy doing something else.

When he responds, he’ll start a conversation about it, and be as detailed as possible because he’s fond of you and appreciates any time he gets to speak to you. 

During random text message conversations, he asks many questions and tries to find out as much information as possible because he wants to get to know you more. Or he might get brave enough to send you flirty text messages to see how you respond. 

16. He Acts Jealous When You Have a Boyfriend

Jealousy manifests in many forms, and one of them is by acting as if no one is good enough for his friend. Since you’ve put him in the friend zone, you tell your friend all about him when you meet someone new.

He asks many questions about him not because he’s interested but because he wants to find fault with him. Your friend won’t say anything right away; he’ll wait until you’ve argued, and then he’ll go in for the kill and tell you why he’s not good enough for you.

When you finally break up, he’s doing cartwheels on the other end of the phone, and he’ll be the first one with chocolates and roses to cheer you up. 


17. He Wants to Solve All Your Problems

For women, talking about your problems is the solution because you want to get whatever’s bothering you off your chest. But for a guy, looking for a solution is how he handles problems.

If your guy friend hasn’t yet figured out that the male and female brains work differently, when you start telling him your problems, the first thing he does is offer a solution.

A lot of women find this incredibly annoying because all they want is to relieve some stress, but because he’s attracted to you, and he wants to make your life easier and be your hero, he gives you a solution. 

18. He Wants You to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Women are often insecure about their bodies because of how the media pushes body image on them. Since you guys are friends, you feel comfortable telling him about the parts of you that you don’t like.

The first thing he does is validate you. He lets you know that he thinks you’re perfect just the way you are. But since he wants you to feel good about yourself, he encourages you to take whatever measures you need to gain your confidence.

He might offer to go to the gym with you, or go on the seven-day cabbage diet. Whatever it is, he will support you in becoming the you that you want to be. 

Final Thoughts

After reading these signs that your guy friend is falling for you, you may have decided that you’re friend has definitely developed feelings for you.

Now, what you do with this information is up to you; if the feelings are mutual, then great, start flirting back and see what happens.

If you’re not interested, you can either tell him that you only see him as a friend, and that’s never going to change, or you can leave it and wait for him to bring it up.

However, what you don’t want to do is lead him on if you don’t want to take things further because, contrary to popular belief, guys have feelings, too, and it wouldn’t be very nice of you to hurt them.