16 Clear Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Losing someone you love is never easy, and we often cling to the hope that they will come back despite evidence to the contrary.

Statistics indicate that in 70% of cases, ex-partners don’t return after ending a serious relationship.

Living with false hopes and dreams stops you from moving forward with your life, especially when there are clear signs your ex is never coming back.

Accepting these signs and allowing yourself the time to grieve for the love you’ve lost will help you to heal, and in time, you’ll be ready to move on.

Keep clinging to false hopes; you’ll be stuck in the past forever.

15 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

#1 They Tell Everyone How Happy They Are

It’s only been a couple of weeks since you broke up, but already your ex is out and about, enjoying life.

Not only do they seem to be hanging out more, but they’ve taken up a new sport and applied for a promotion.


If everything in your ex’s life seems rosier now you’re gone, they aren’t going to turn the clocks back anytime soon.

#2 They’ve Told You to Move On

When your ex tells you you’re better off apart and it’s time to move on, you must respect that decision.

Hanging onto false hope only damages your self-esteem and stops you from healing.


The relationship is over, so there’s no point in investing more emotional energy into it by holding onto the past and trying to reignite the passion.

This behavior will likely irritate your ex, making the situation more painful for both of you.

#3 They Block You on Social Media

A few months ago, all your ex’s social media posts revolved around you. They don’t even like your jokes or comment on your latest photos. This is a good sign that they’re no longer interested in your life.

If they remove all evidence that your relationship existed and completely revamp their profile, they’re sending you a serious sign that this break-up is forever.


While refusing to communicate is a form of personal rejection, blocking someone online is more social.

It makes a public statement that the person doing the blocking no longer values the other person or wants them in their lives.

An ex that blocks you from their social media accounts is sending a crucial sign that they want distance from you and are not considering returning.

#4 There’s No Communication

An ex that cuts off all communication sends a big sign that they want nothing more to do with you.

Ignoring your social media posts is a soft block, but not answering your calls and deleting unread emails clearly show that things are over for good.


This type of hard block typically lasts for a few months, after which some negative emotions have waned, and your ex may be ready to become friends. 

A hard block that lasts longer than a few weeks sends a clear signal. Take the hint. 

#5 They Speak Badly of You

An ex that only has bad things to say about you probably isn’t coming back.

If they bad-mouth you to mutual friends, it suggests they want to hurt you much more than they wish to rekindle the romance.


Perhaps they blame you for the break-up and want to highlight your past mistakes to justify ending the relationship.

Either way, it indicates that you’re never getting back together.

#6 Your Ex is Cold Towards You

If you bump into an ex-girlfriend and she ignores you, refusing to make eye contact and giving only single-word answers, she’s making it clear she wants nothing more to do with you.


If she’s so uncomfortable in your presence that she can’t even raise a smile, it’s time to let her go.

#7 They’ve got a New Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If your ex starts dating someone new straightaway, it could be a rebound relationship, but if it happens a few weeks or even months after your break up, it’s a strong sign that he’s not coming back.

Sometimes, an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend will use a new relationship to make you jealous to get you back, so you must listen to your gut feeling on this one.


An ex who keeps flaunting their new relationship on social media or talking about their new partner probably wants to provoke a reaction.

On the other hand, one that keeps their relationship to themselves and avoids talking about it has probably moved on.

#8 Your Ex Wants to Be Friends

After the break-up, your ex immediately said they wanted to stay friends. This is a dangerous place to end up. Once you’ve been friend zoned, the chances of rekindling a romantic relationship are extremely slim.

Wanting to be friends suggests that your ex still cares about you, not how he used to. The love and passion that were once there have now fizzled into friendship. 


You know your ex never returns when he treats you the same as he treats other friends, with no sign of the warmth or flirtation that was there in the past.

Maybe you still hang out with shared friends, but your ex’s response to you has changed.

Where he used to touch your shoulder or catch your eye, he now treats you like any other friend.

This is one sign that feelings of passionate love have subsided and that only platonic ones remain.

#9 There are No Signs of Jealousy

In a healthy relationship, jealousy suggests that the other person cares enough about the relationship that they fear losing it.

If your ex is perfectly happy seeing you with someone else, it indicates that those feelings are no longer there.

He doesn’t care who you’re with, so he no longer romantically cares about you. 


They show no signs of jealousy or concern, it’s an obvious sign that they don’t care what you do with your life.

If your new relationship does not affect their lives, they’re not coming back any time soon.

#10 Your Ex Gets Married

There’s no clearer sign that a relationship is over than your ex being happily married and settling down with someone else.

This level of commitment shows there’s no regret about the break up, and no intention to try and rekindle the relationship.

Wanting to reconcile with your ex at this stage is bad for your personal development. It also provokes negative emotions towards your ex’s new partner, which are counterproductive. 

Instead of thinking about your ex and what went wrong in your past relationship, focus on what you value in yourself. Engage in pastimes that help rebuild your self-respect.

#12 They Return Your Stuff

When we’re in a committed relationship, items get shared, lent, and borrowed. Then, those items hang around when that relationship ends, reminding us of happier times.

If your partner returns all your stuff, it’s a strong sign that he wants to forget about the past and move on.

Your personal items are a way of maintaining a connection with you. However, once they’ve been removed, the need to stay in touch is also gone. 

In real life, returning your things is rarely as dramatic as in Hollywood movies when clothes are flung from upstairs windows and televisions hurled across the street. 

Just because your ex returns your things neatly in a box doesn’t mean they’re any less adamant about their decision. 

This is a true burning of bridges and should be seen as a clear sign your ex is never coming back. 

#13 Your Ex Moves Away

When we move to a new town or city, it’s usually because we’re looking for a fresh start in life. We want a change of scene and new opportunities. 

If your ex moves away soon after the breakup, it signals the physical end of any relationship.


The chances of you rekindling the relationship long-distance are extremely slight, especially as your ex has moved on, both physically and emotionally.

#14 Your Relationship Was Toxic

Toxic relationships are rife with manipulation, lies, cheating, and emotional and physical abuse. If your relationship ended because of any of these, the chances of rebuilding it are zero. 

An unhealthy relationship is built on a precarious foundation, and any attempt to rebuild it will only cause that foundation to collapse. 

Not only is an unhealthy relationship not worth resurrecting, but it’s also bad for your personal growth.

Returning to it would only mean making the same mistakes again, leading to another break up and more heartache.

#15 Your Ex Avoids You

Not only does your ex make excuses not to meet up, but he often misses your calls, taking days to get back to you.

Then, when you bump into him, he focuses all his attention on someone else and has done it every time since the break-up happened.


An ex who no longer wants to spend time with you or feels uncomfortable in your presence sends a clear signal that they’re not returning.

#16 They Avoid Your Family Members

A long relationship involves more than just two people, and long-term partners almost become part of the family.

Maybe your ex was close to your brother, but since the break up, that relationship has also cooled.

This suggests that your ex is trying to extricate themselves from your life to such an extent that they’re also distancing themselves from your family.

It’s clear from this behavior that your ex wants to sever all ties with you, suggesting that a reconciliation isn’t on the cards.


How Do you Know when your Ex is Truly Done with You?

Not only has your ex blocked all social media contact with you, but they’ve also deleted all mutual contacts and blocked your text messages and phone calls.

These are obvious signs that the relationship is over and your ex is no longer interested in sharing any part of their life with you.

How Do you Know if a Break-up is Final?

There are many signs that a relationship is over, but when your ex moves away to live in a new city, it’s clear the break-up is final. No one makes such a big life change without any underlying doubts.

Rekindling a romantic relationship takes a lot of time, emotional investment, and communication, none of which are possible long distance.

How Do you Know if your Ex is Happy Without You?

An ex that no longer keeps in touch or tries to communicate with you no longer needs you in their life. 

If they rarely mention you to mutual friends and show no sign of pain or discomfort when you bump into one another, it’s time to face the harsh truth that they are better off without you, and the relationship is over.

When Should you Give Up on an Ex?

If your ex consistently blocks all attempts at communication, it’s time to stop waiting and start healing.

Similarly, if your ex has been in a committed relationship for several months longer than your relationship lasted, it’s a sure sign that there’s nothing left to salvage.

To Conclude

We embark on romantic relationships hoping they’ll last forever, and break-ups destroy those dreams. 

Accepting the fact that your ex is never coming back is a painful process that sees you grieving for the love you’ve lost and learning to accept past mistakes. 

At the same time, it’s an opportunity to become a better person, to take stock of what went wrong, and think about what you want from your relationships in the future.

Clinging onto false hopes stops you from moving forward and slows the chances of getting your ex back. 

Recognizing and accepting the signs your ex is never coming back gives you the chance to spend some time on yourself, rebuilding your self-esteem and planning for the future, rather than stagnating in the past.