15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

Some signs your cousin is sexually attracted to you include awkward energy between you, a lot of discreet flirting, and they touch you subtly.

Even though it’s socially unacceptable for family members to be attracted to each other, according to the experts, it’s normal.

It’s one of those taboo subjects that no one talks about, but it’s more common than you think.

A quick Google search will inform you that many people worldwide are dealing with this uncomfortable dilemma.

If you want to be certain that your mind is not playing tricks on you, here are fifteen signs that your cousin is sexually attracted to you. 

15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

If you suspect your cousin is sexually attracted to you, you may have noticed there is awkward energy between you, there’s a lot of discreet flirting, and they touch you subtly.

Here are ten signs your cousin is sexually attracted to you. 


#1 There Is Awkward Energy Between You

Energy is powerful. Whether good, bad, or awkward, we sense it. The energy between you and your cousin is awkward because there’s pent-up sexual frustration in the air whenever you’re together.

They can’t risk telling you how they feel in case it ruins your relationship; therefore, they’re forced to suffer in silence and not tell anyone, especially not you. As a result, when they see you, they feel shy and awkward, hence the energy shift. 

#2 There Is A Lot Of Discreet Flirting

Your cousin low-key flirts with you when they’re with you. But it’s so discreet that sometimes you wonder if you’re imagining things or taking what they say out of context.

For example, your cousin seems to act differently when they’re around you. They don’t talk or laugh as much when they’re with your other siblings, but when it’s just the two of you, you see a side of their personality that no one in your family can see. 

#3 They Touch You Subtly

Let’s say you’re watching TV together. Your cousin will sit as close to you as possible and keep touching you throughout the show. They will laugh and pat you on the thigh if they find something funny.

However, if you’re watching a scary movie, any time something makes them jump, they’ll bury their head in your arm or move closer to you. You can avoid this by creating distance between you and your cousin.

When they sit next to you, politely ask them to have a seat in another chair because you want to sit alone. 

#4 They Hug You Longer Than Your Other Siblings

When your cousin greets you hello or goodbye, they hug you and squeeze you tighter than your other siblings. While hugging you, they might say, ” the tightest hug goes to my favorite cousin.”


But they’re hugging you like that because they think you’re hot, and they just want to touch you, and because they’ll miss you when they leave.

Since you don’t want to embarrass your cousin in front of everyone, when it comes to greetings and goodbyes, make sure you’re nowhere to be found.

#5 They Are Always Checking Up On You

It’s normal for cousins to check up on each other, especially if they’re close. But your cousin isn’t checking up on you because of your cousins.


Instead, it’s because they miss you and want to make contact. Also, most of the time, these check-up calls lead to them arranging to meet up with you. 

#6 They Want to Go Out All The Time

As mentioned, your cousin always calls to check up on you, and it’s not because they want to ensure you’re okay. Instead, there is an ulterior motive behind it.

The conversation ends with, “I’ve seen a cool pair of sneakers, and I was wondering if you’d take a trip to the mall with me so I can buy them?”

Or, if your cousin knows you like a certain type of movie, such as sci-fi or romance, when one comes out, they’ll get in touch and ask if you want to go and see it together.

Now that you know what’s really behind all these seemingly innocent date night, start declining the invitations. 

#7 They Stare At You A Lot

Whether you’re in a room with other people or alone, when you sense someone staring at you and you look up, it’s always your cousin.


Of course, they will immediately look away when you catch them, but the stare is intense and makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s almost as if they’re undressing you with their eyes. 

#8 Other People Have Noticed It

From your siblings to your friends, everyone who sees the two of you interact can tell that your cousin wants to be more than just cousins. It’s become a running joke in your family.

You weren’t even suspicious until people started pointing it out. But then you started paying attention and realized something may be happening here. 

#9 They Compliment You A lot

Whether your cousin is complimenting your looks, dress sense, or your achievements, they are constantly showering you with flattering words.

There is nothing sexual about these compliments; they’re the kind of accolades you’d give to a friend, which is why you’ve never really thought anything of it. 

#10 They Always Want To Stay At Your House

Your cousin has no intention of taking this sexual attraction they have towards you further. It’s something they play with within their mind, and that’s as far as they’ll go with it.

But because they are so drawn to you, they always want to be in your presence. Since you live at home with your family, it doesn’t seem odd with them wanting to stay around all the time. They are always arranging sleepovers and movie nights.


To you, it’s just innocent fun. You think your cousin’s cool, but to your cousin, it’s always the highlight of their week. If your cousin always asks to sleep in your room when they stay over, even if they sleep on the floor while you sleep in the bed, start saying no.

The more you let them know you’re uncomfortable with their attraction to you, the sooner they will get over you. 

#11 They’re Always Asking You Question

According to a study conducted by Harvard psychological scientists, asking many questions increases your likability. One of the main reasons for this is that people generally are self-centered and like talking about themselves.

When they’re asked questions, it gives them the chance to do so without coming across as conceited; after all, they’re talking about themselves because they’re being asked questions.

By asking you many questions, your cousin is killing two birds with one stone, they are getting to know more about you, and you will like your cousin a lot more because they’re asking you questions. 

#12 They’re Always Smiling Around You

Research suggests that the most attractive faces are smiling faces. Even a person considered unattractive is seen as more attractive when they smile. So the more a person smiles, the more attractive they become. 


Studies have also found that smiling connects us to each other. When strangers smile at someone, they automatically smile back despite not knowing each other. Additionally, we smile when we are around the people who bring us the most joy.

So, consciously or unconsciously, your cousin smiles a lot when they’re around you because they want you to find them more attractive and connect with you deeper. 

#13 They Laugh When You Tell A Joke

Even if your cousin doesn’t find the joke funny, they’ll laugh anyway because they want you to be yourself around them. It can be slightly embarrassing when someone tells an awkward joke, and no one laughs.

Also, laughter makes a person more attractive, so in your cousin’s mind, the more they laugh around you, the more attractive they’ll become to you. 

#14 They Tease You A Lot

According to life coach Jaya Jaya Myra, teasing the person you’re attracted to is a way of testing your ability to handle a joke. They will throw out a backhanded compliment and see how you respond.

Are you the type who can give as good as they get, or are you offended? We are generally drawn to people who don’t take themselves too seriously because it’s a sign that we can be ourselves around them.

But it’s also a way of letting someone know you’re interested in them without saying it outright. 

#15 They Buy You Nice Gifts

Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, or some other special occasion, your cousin goes all out in the present department.

They make you feel really special by buying you exactly what they know you’ll like because they’re always questioning you about the things you’re interested in.


Sometimes your cousin buys you random gifts out of the blue. When they come over, they’ll have a small present and say they walked passed a certain shop and thought of you.

In the past, you’ve happily accepted the gifts you’ve been given; however, now it’s time to decline politely. Special occasions is okay, but put a stop to the random gifts. 

Why Are Cousins Sexually Attracted To Each Other?

According to experts, cousins are sexually attracted to each other because blood relatives are raised in the same environment.

They become so familiar with each other that even if they appreciate one another’s physical appearance, there is a feeling of repulsion if they think about having a sexual relationship.

However, when they don’t see each other often, they’re not familiar enough with each other for feelings of repulsion to set in.


Therefore, any time they see each other, they experience sexual chemistry. Although society does not deem sexual relationships with family members acceptable, psychologists state that it is a normal biological reaction.

Additionally, depending on which part of the world you live in, it’s legal to marry your cousin. For example, marriage between cousins is legal in the United Kingdom.

In some parts of West Africa, there is nothing shameful at all about marrying your first cousin.

They even have a saying, “cousins are made for cousins,” in other words, cousins were meant to marry cousins.

However, in the United States, it is either against the law, or restrictions are placed upon cousins marrying each other. 

What Is It Called When You Are Sexually Attracted To Your Cousin?

Genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is when adults related by blood are attracted to one another when they meet for the first time.

The term was originally coined in the 1980s to label the attraction between adopted people who meet their relatives for the first time.


So basically, if your mother had two children from two different men, but you were not raised together, there is a chance you could be attracted to each other when you meet. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve read, it’s perfectly normal to be attracted to your cousin, and you might be reading this because you’re attracted to the cousin you suspect is attracted to you.

However, if you’re considering things further, you’ll need to consider some things.

First, depending on your country, find out the law about having relations with your cousin because you don’t want to get into trouble.

Second, are you mentally prepared to face the backlash of dating your cousin?

Third, your friends and family members might not accept your decision. Therefore, spend some time carefully evaluating the situation before moving forward.

Finally, if you’re not attracted to your cousin and feel uncomfortable about the attention you’re getting, you might want to have a word with your cousin.

Hopefully, it won’t spoil your relationship, but if it does, it’s better to take control of things now instead of becoming a problem later on.