13 Signs He Told his Friends About you

Are you looking for signs he told his friends he likes you? Some of the main signs include his friends knowing your name; they call you his girlfriend, or his friends are intimidated by you. 

Are you dating a guy who’s not telling you much about how he feels about you? But for some reason, his friends seem to act weird around you. Not in a bad way; they seem a little overly excited. 

Well, that’s probably because he’s told his friends all about you, and they can’t wait to meet you. 

Some men never gush about the girls they’re dating. When a conversation comes up about her, it’s usually a casual one, which means he’s not that interested in her. 

But with you, he’s all smiles, can’t stop talking about you, shows them how hot you are in photos, and constantly misses in action regarding a guy’s night out. 

Your new boyfriend most certainly likes you a lot, and if you suspect he’s told his friends about you, here are thirteen sure-fire signs he has.

Do Guys Tell Their Friends About The Girl They Like?

Do guys tell their friends about the girl they like? The truth is that women aren’t the only ones who talk about their love life. 

Females like to talk, so even if you locked eyes with a cute guy at the grocery store and didn’t exchange numbers, it will be the main topic of conversation the next time you guys get on the phone.



And when a girl falls for someone, the conversations get even more intense. The assumption is that men don’t do this and that they only speak about women when they’re talking about who they shagged the night before. 

Men have been given a bad reputation when it comes to their feelings. Yes, some men do tease their friends for falling in love and so tend to keep their girlfriends and feelings a secret. But this is not always the case. 

If your boyfriend is mature, his friends are probably just as mature as him, and when he meets a girl he likes, he’s very comfortable talking about it with his friends. 

13 Signs He Told His Friends About You

It’s a great feeling to be in a relationship with a guy who wants to take things to the next level. 

One of the signs that he’s serious is that he will tell his friends about you. He might not tell you he’s told you, but there will be plenty of signs, including his friends knowing your name, they call you his girlfriend or his friends are intimidated by you. 

Keep reading if you want more insight into the signs he’s told his friends about you.


#1 They Know Your Name

You haven’t been officially introduced to his friends yet, but they call out your name when you call and you’re with him. 

His friends are happy that he’s finally found someone he really likes, and they want you to know that they’re down for it. 

So calling out your name is their way of saying, “Hey, we might not have met you yet, but we feel like we know you already because he talks about you all the time.” Basically, his friends are giving you their seal of approval. 

#2 They Call You His Girlfriend

Again, you haven’t met his friends yet, but any time they call and you’re with him, they tease him about being with his girlfriend. 

You’ll hear them going on about him being with his girlfriend, perhaps because your guy has a reputation for having multiple romantic partners. 

If he’s with a woman, it’s usually because he’s sleeping with her and nothing else. But with you, it’s different; he’s put a label on it and refers to you as his girlfriend when he’s having conversations with his friends. 

#3 His Friends Are Intimidated By You

Picture this scenario… you’ve been best friends with someone since you were two years old. 

You do everything together, shopping, attending weddings, nights out on the town, going on vacations together. If you’re not with each other, you’re on the phone together. 

Everyone refers to you as ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ because you’ve got each others backs like that, and all your friends know how close you are. But one day, your best friend gets a boyfriend, it’s serious, and all the time she spent with you is now spent with him. 

She tries to fit you in when she can, but she’s besotted with him and gets way more enjoyment from being cuddled up in bed with him. To make things even worse, when she does speak to you, the entire conversation revolves around him. 

So now, you’ve basically been unintentionally kicked to the side-line. How would that make you feel? Not too good, I’m assuming. So even though you’re not intentionally being mean, when you meet him, you’re not trying to be nice because he’s taken your best friend as far as you’re concerned. 

So you might feel a little intimidated or jealous in his presence. 

I said all that to say this – when you meet his guy friends, and they’re acting a bit funny around you, it’s probably because he spends way too much time talking about you, and he’s more dedicated to you than he is to them. 

So instead of being happy about his new relationship, they see you as a threat. 

#4 You Are On His Social Media Accounts

People use social media platforms as dating sites. Let’s face it when you’re single, it’s an easy way to advertise yourself to plenty of potential romantic partners. 

But when a guy gets serious about a girl, in most cases, the first thing they do is start posting pictures of you on their page. Not only does he want to show you off to his friends and loved ones, but it’s also a way of letting other females know he’s unavailable. 

If he has told his friends about you, but you haven’t met them yet, you’ll know because their comments will make it obvious. Instead of saying things like, “Oh, she’s pretty. Is that your girlfriend?” They will write comments like, “I’m so happy for you, you two look so good together, I can’t wait to meet her.” 

#5 He’s Invited You To A Wedding

Weddings are important events, and you don’t just invite anyone. When the bride and groom get their guest list together, they are very intentional about it. 

They know who their closest friends’ romantic partners are and will include their names on the invitation. If the person is single, the invitation will say something like, ‘plus one,’ or ‘plus a guest.’ 

However, when your new boo brings the invitation around to your apartment to tell you all about the wedding he wants you to accompany him to, the invitation will have your name on it. 

This will seem odd to you because you’ve never met any of his friends, but that’s just one more sign he’s told his friends all about you. 

#6 He Says He’s With You When They Call

Your boyfriend is really popular for all the right reasons. To his friends, he’s like the wise old sage who always has words of wisdom to give to anyone who asks. 

So when a friend calls, nine times out of ten, it’s not for banter, but they’re looking for advice. Anytime you’re together, he wants to give you his undivided attention, so when a friend calls, he lets them know he’s with you, and he’ll call when he gets home.

 He doesn’t say, “I’m with a friend now.” He says, “I’m with [your name] now.” The friend doesn’t ask who you are because they already know. 

#7 His Friends Interact With You On Social Media

Like most people, your social media accounts are private, so only your followers can access your page. 

Some people are nosy, and they want to know every last detail about your life. Since your boyfriend has been telling his friends all about you, they want to know more. 

You haven’t met, so they send you friend requests on social media because they want to know more about you. Once you become social media buddies, they’re all up in your posts and stories. 

They like and comment because they want to know what’s going on in this person’s life who has captured their friend’s heart. 

#8 His Friends Try and Impress You

Your boyfriend has the nicest friends, and they’re really happy that he’s found someone he’s serious enough about to introduce them to the pack. 

If one of them has a dinner party and asks him to invite you, they go above and beyond to welcome you. 

They might buy you a gift or welcome you in a way that lets you know they want you to like them just as much as they like you. 

#9 His Friends Give You Relationship Advice

When you meet his friends at this dinner party, they might pull you aside for a personal chat. 

You probably haven’t asked for advice, but since they’ve known their friend a lot longer than you and probably seen several of his relationships fail, they want to make sure this one goes right for him. 

So they take it upon themselves to tell you exactly what your boyfriend needs in a relationship. 

Your boyfriend may not have told you why his previous relationships failed, but his friends will tell you. 

Remember, if this does happen, please don’t get offended, as it’s all in good faith. They’re not trying to tell you what to do or interfere in your relationship; they want to ensure you have all the information you need so that the relationship is a success. 

#10 He Is Comfortable With You Around His Friends

When a guy first introduces his new partner to his friends, he might be a bit nervous. There are several reasons for this. 

First, he hasn’t told his friends anything about you or even shown them a picture, so he doesn’t know how they will react. 

Second, men like teasing each other, and they might say something that either makes them look bad or makes you feel uncomfortable. 

However, since he’s already given them the complete low-down about you, they’ve seen pictures and are excited to meet you because they feel as if they know you already. 

#11 They Know Everything About You

It might seem as if you’re meeting his friends for the first time, but they seem to know you very well. They’re finishing your sentences as you’re talking and telling them about yourself. 

They know your school, how many brothers and sisters you’ve got, what you do for a career, and who your best friend is. 

This is a good sign; it means your boyfriend is so obsessed with you that he can’t stop talking about you. 

He’s told his friends so much about you; they already feel you guys are best friends. 

#12 He’s Affectionate With You In Public

Some men won’t show affection to their date in public because they’ve got something to hide. 

They might be seeing someone else or don’t want their friends to know they’re seeing anyone. 

So if he’s out in public with you, he might act standoffish because it’s the easiest way not to end up in a situation. He can palm you off as a friend if he bumps into someone he knows. 

Whereas if he’s all over you, he’ll have some explaining. But if he’s got nothing to hide, and he’s already told his friends all about this new lady he’s seeing, but you just haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet, he’ll have no problem being all over you in public. 

#13 He Let’s You In On Their Code Language

Some guys talk in code when other people are around because they don’t want outsiders to know what they’re talking about. 

So if one of his friends calls, and he’s speaking in code because he’s not in a location he can speak freely. 

But he’s put him on loudspeaker, he’ll openly let you know what the conversation is about, and his friend won’t have a heart attack because he already knows all about you. 

His friends know how he feels about you, and they’re perfectly fine with you having full access to their code language. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells His Friends About You

One of the first signs that a guy really likes you is that he tells his friends about you. 

Sometimes it’s because they’re used to seeing him all over women when he goes out. Or he’s always talking about a different girl because he sleeps around a lot.


But recently, he hasn’t been talking about other girls, and the last time he went out on the town with the boys, he stayed to himself. There was no bumping and grinding on the dance floor. 

Afterward, when the dust had settled and the alcohol had worn off, they asked why he wasn’t himself, and he told them it was because he’d met someone. 

But don’t get too excited; just because he’s told his friends about you doesn’t mean he’s decided to put a title on your relationship. 

What Does It Mean If He Introduces Me To His Friends

When a guy introduces you to his friends, it can mean many things, including he’s in love with you, wants his friend’s approval or wants to show off. 

Here are four reasons why your boyfriend has introduced you to his friends. 


#1 He’s in Love With You

Let’s hope this is the only reason he’s introducing you to his friends! 

When a man falls in love with a woman, he sees her as an extension of himself and wants her to become a part of his world. One of the many ways he does this is by introducing her to his friends. 

A man’s friends are important to him; he spends a lot of time with them and wants his girlfriend to like them just as much as he does. He also wants his friends to love you just as much as he does. 

#2 He Wants His Friend’s Approval

Some men don’t have a mind of their own. Before they move forward in a relationship, they’ve got to get their friend’s approval. 

They value their friend’s opinions so much that if their friends decide they don’t like his new girlfriend, he won’t proceed. He might not dump the girl immediately, but he’ll put the breaks on until he’s found enough courage to tell her it’s over. 

This is a difficult one because he will introduce you as his girlfriend. His friends will be really nice to you and ask you loads of questions. 

To you, it will appear as if they’re trying to get to know you. This is true; the problem is they’re getting to know you for the wrong reasons. 

At the end of the evening, his friends will give him the green or the red light. If they’re not sure, it will be the amber light, and they’ll meet up with you again to try and get to know you better. 

#3 He Wants To Show Off

Listen, being the hottest girl on the block isn’t always ideal. A lot of traditionally pretty women complain about having to weed out all the guys who want an attractive woman on their arm. 

It can get frustrating when you’re a woman of substance, but men only see you as arm candy. Men like this are typically really insecure, and they’re always looking for external validation. 

Unfortunately, one way of getting the reassurance they crave is by having a trophy woman on their arm who they can show off to their friends. If this is the case, it wasn’t a normal introduction when he introduced you to them. 

He would have done something like make a big deal out about your looks, had you spin around in front of them, or they would keep going on about your looks. 

If that’s how he sees you, I’d advise you to run a mile. 

#4 He Didn’t Want To Be The Odd One Out

Your new date might not have any intention of getting serious about you. 

As far as he’s concerned, he’s just passing the time until someone better comes along. A few weeks after he met you, he decided that your union would never get past first base because you’re not what he wants for a long-term girlfriend. 

But maybe you’ve started sleeping together, or you’re a good cook; it might even be because he likes your sense of humor that he’s sticking around. He’s never referred to you as his girlfriend, and you’ve not discussed the direction the relationship is heading. 

However, one day, he invites you out with his friends. All his friends have girlfriends, and since they will be inviting theirs, he doesn’t want to feel like the odd one out, so he invites you. 

You’ll know whether he introduced you to his friends because he didn’t want to be the odd one out and had no intention of making you his girlfriend if he didn’t introduce you as his girlfriend. 

If your name is Mary, that’s who he introduces you as. When you guys are alone, he’s all over you, but in front of them, there are zero PDAs! 

Your conversation with his friends is very formal, and they don’t say anything about you guys being a cute couple. There’s no conversation about how you met or anything along those lines.

Let me give you a helping hand; your guy friend has most definitely told them all about you. 

But not in the way you would like, he’s said something like, “I’ve met a girl, she’s really nice, but I don’t think I’ll be getting serious with her. 

I’m sick of being the odd one out, so I’m inviting her for that reason only. Please don’t ask her about our relationship because we’re not in one.” Yes, it’s very cowardly of him, but some men are cowards! 

Final Thought

As you’ve read, there are many signs the guy you’re seeing has told his friends about you. 

In most cases, the reasons behind why he told his friends about you are good. But in some cases, they’re not so good. 

Your instincts will tell you where the relationship is heading, and if you feel that there are more sinister reasons why he’s introduced you to his friends, you might want to consider calling it quits before he does.