20 Big Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

Marriage is not a joke. It is the highest form of commitment one can make to someone.

For a guy to want to marry you, he considers you tailor-made for him. When you get married to someone, that is a huge step in life.

You are now sharing assets with your partner, and you have to think of your partner in everything you do. Many people get married, and there are endless reasons why.

Then others don’t want to get married, and motives are also endless about why that is.

To reach the point where you’re considering marriage, the relationship between you and your partner has to be stable.

People get married for many other reasons, like getting a green card or for money. But getting married for any reason besides love isn’t wise.

Some people prefer to date and not make a long-life commitment to marriage.

Others want to get married but are unsure if the person they are with is the one. Then some women want to get married but are waiting for him to pop the question.

What are the Signs He Wants to Be with You Forever?

How would you know if he is going to marry you one day?

This is a question that a lot of women are dying to know. “Is it polite to ask him about it?” and “Would it be weird if I proposed to him?” These are other questions that are often asked.

The topic of marriage should not be something to shy away from. You should know that your guy is going to propose to you. The only surprise should be the exact date.

Staying in a relationship waiting for him to pop the question without even knowing if he wants to marry you is not a good idea.

You can save a lot of time by communicating. You should sense your partner’s intentions from the get-go in a relationship.

Does he see it as a temporary fling? Or a real relationship with the possibility of marriage?

It’s important to ask yourself these questions. If you cannot answer, you must see what he is about.

This leaves the final question, “How can you tell if he sees you as marriage material?” So here are some signs he sees you as marriage material.

20 Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You


#1 He Talks to You About Getting Married

If he talks about getting married to you, he most likely sees himself as your future husband. What is a better sign than his literal words?

Yet some men say this to keep you from leaving them.

So if he is telling you he wants to marry, you watch his actions. Is he showing you he wants to marry or making broken promises?

#2 He Involves you in his Future Plans 

Being a part of his future plans is a great sign he wants to marry you.

He will marry you one day if he includes you in big purchases like a house or car.

It shows you that his thoughts and feelings about you are not temporary. If he uses “we” more than he says “me,” that is a great sign that he sees you in his future.

#3 He Asks you to Meet his Parents and Family 

If he sees himself marrying you, he wants you to meet your in-laws.

When his family members know you are his girlfriend, that is a big commitment move.

It means that he sees the relationship lasting and the possibility of you being his wife one day.

You are wife material if he takes you to family events like Christmas day or Thanksgiving dinner. He wants you to be comfortable because he wants to make you a part of his family.

Take note of his behavior when you ask to meet his parents. You shouldn’t even have to ask.

He should want you to meet them. If he hesitates bringing you around his family, you should question it.

#4 He Calls you his Wife even before Marrying You

In relationships, couples usually give their partners cute names like babe or baby.

He loves you if he refers to you as his wife even though you guys are not married.

He sees himself marrying you in the future. If he even has you saved in his phone as “My wife” or some other cute sentimental name, then that is a plus.

But, if he has you under an alias like “Uncle Kevin” or “Pizza Hut,” you should start worrying.

#5 He is in Love with You

According to Melissa Mason from Marie Claire Magazine “Love is beautiful and magical and powerful. We experience it in so many ways.”

Love is a strong feeling: the strongest one can have for another. If he is crazy in love with you, that is a good sign that he will marry you one day.

Most people would not want to spend the rest of their life with someone they don’t love.

#6 He Only has Eyes for You

When a guy only has eyes for you, it is an excellent sign that he wants to marry you someday.

He realizes that no one else would match up to you in his eyes.

It may be because he considers you perfect for him. Other women do not matter to him because you are the one.

He has already envisioned a future with you and is completely committed to you. 

#7 He’s Ready for you to Move in with Him

The world has evolved. Not only the technology but relationships as well. Whereas it was common for couples to get married and then live together, it is the opposite today.

Partners are moving in together before marriage. Moving in is a big move in a relationship, so it is a good sign if he is happy for you to move in with him. It means he wants it to be a long term relationship.

#8 What’s His is Yours

If a guy is open to sharing his life with you as if you’re already married, then he sees himself marrying you.

Do you live together, share a joint bank account, and make big purchases together? Then it’s like you’re married. The papers are all you need to make it legal.

Some men do not want to mix their money and personal business with their relationship.

This is usually because the person they are dating or in a relationship with isn’t wife material. They do not think the relationship will last.

A lot of rich people especially do this. Many of them fear that the person they are with is only in the relationship for the money.

If a guy is comfortable sharing his account with you, consider yourself wife material. In his eyes, that’s what you are to him.

#9 He Knows Everything About You

A man who doesn’t see himself marrying you wouldn’t waste his time knowing everything about you. Does he know the most minor details about you?

For example, does he know what you usually eat for breakfast or your top ten favorite songs?

Then you have the potential for a proposal. When he isn’t interested in the little things about you, it’s cause for concern.

If he’s into you, he’ll want to learn everything about you or at least the essential details.

His finding out details like your birthday and favorite movie are some of the biggest signs.

#10 He Makes time to Hang Out with You 

Time is money, and this includes relationships. Why would anyone invest their time in someone they don’t see in their future? If he spends all his time with you, he sees something he likes in you.

He is not uncomfortable around you, or why else would he spend most of his time with you?

If you notice that he calls you, messages you, or comes to see you whenever he is free, then he is in love.

#11 He is Happy When He’s Around You

Happiness is something that everyone wants. You’ve struck gold if he is ecstatic around you and smiles when he looks at you.

Body language is a good sign to tell how someone feels about you. If you make him the most contented he ever was, he wouldn’t want to lose that feeling you give him.

#12 He Takes you Everywhere with Him 

You are always his plus one. He takes you to every event he attends. He always brings you with him, from staff parties to art galleries.

If he takes you everywhere, then you are his wifey. He is unafraid to show you off to the world and enjoys your company.

He has nothing to hide from you so that he can bring you anywhere. Many men fail to do this because they fear you will uncover their secrets.

#13 He Uplifts You 

A man who wants to marry you wants to make you the best version of yourself. He would care about the things you care about and be there to support you.

He isn’t interested in marrying you if he is not doing these things. Any man who tries to break you down when you are trying to make a good life for yourself does not have your best interest.

#14 You are His Personal Journal 

When he tells you every detail about his day, it means that he feels comfortable talking to you.

You notice that he expresses his feelings to you and can speak to you about any and everything.

If this relationship dynamic applies to you, then you have the potential to be his wife. Men usually keep their thoughts and emotions hidden.

They are not very vocal when it comes to their feelings. You are his soul mate if he tells you things that he wouldn’t say to another person.

It means he feels that he can trust only you with things like his fears and aspirations. He’s even okay telling you about past experiences that may have been traumatic for him.

#15 He Gets Jealous of Other Guys 

A guy who sees you as your wife will get jealous when other guys try to make you theirs. He should not be okay with this happening because he wants you to be his wife.

Jealousy isn’t toxic. It is a normal feeling everyone in love experiences.

Yet, too much of anything is not good. If jealousy and mistrust consume your relationship, that is a bad sign.

#16 He Sends you Flowers and Other Things you Like. 

A person’s love language can be different from yours. Whereas your love language may be physical touch, his might be gift-giving.

If you notice that since you have been dating this guy, he has been sending you gifts, then he loves you. He is consistent and shows his love the best way he knows.

Yet, if your man is not doing this, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Before you judge him learn what his love language is. It could very well be that his love language is affection and not gift-giving.

#17 He is Affectionate With You 

According to  Clair Burley, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist in the U.K., “We are more drawn to kissing, hugging, and touching when we’re falling in love.” 

Yet love languages are not the same for everyone. He might like physical touching more than you do, and that’s fine. But don’t confuse him using you for sex as his love language.

Physical touch can be hand-holding, hugs, kisses, or even massages.

If he is affectionate with you not only in private but public, then he may very well be the one for you. You bring out the loving side to him; because of that, he sees you as his future wife someday.

#18 You Match His Love Language

Don’t get me wrong, having different love languages isn’t a bad thing, and for some people they enjoy it. Yet, there is better appreciation and less conflict when you share the same love language.

For instance, let’s say your love language is quality time together. If he is always busy, things may get messy in the relationship. But, if his love language is also quality time together, there will be less conflict.

Your love language will be more appreciated and reciprocated. Getting comfortable with someone’s love language can take time. It can sometimes be stressful, especially when your love language is different.

So if you share the same love language, you will feel more at ease and content.

These can stir up thoughts of marriage into his head. What are the odds that he finds someone like you who shares his love language?

#19 He Considers You His Soul Mate 

A soul mate is someone meant for you, who you’re supposed to be with for the rest of your life.

They are the other half of you to make you whole. So if a guy finds someone he believes is his soul mate, he would have thoughts about marrying her.

#20 You are His Best Friend

According to Glamour Magazine , “Prince Harry fell in love with Meghan Markle “So incredibly quickly,” as he tells it.

But both Kate Middleton and Prince William have said that getting to know each other over a long period, just as friends, was key to their love.” 

You must be more than just a couple for your relationship to work. First, you have to be friends.

Study shows that when you are friends first, the relationship lasts longer. You get to know the person even before dating.

Your partner should be your best friend. He most likely sees himself marrying you if you are that to him and his girlfriend.

It is like he would be marrying his girlfriend and best friend in one, and how awesome is that.

How Do You Know if He Thinks About Marriage?

No one can read another’s mind. Yet it would make a great superpower.

If everyone could read minds, it would break a lot of hearts. Many hearts would also be whole again.

So how do you know if he thinks about marriage? Here are six signs he wants to wife you.


He Talks to You About Marriage

His word is significant. If he expresses wanting to marry you, then he is most likely thinking about it. Noncommittal men usually avoid the subject of marriage.

Have you had discussions about wedding plans? It may be because both of you have been in a long-term relationship. Who knows, wedding bells may come soon.

He Asks You About Your Dream Wedding

Everyone knows that weddings are more exciting for the bride. Yes, he wants to get married, but the event, on the whole, doesn’t matter to most guys.

If he asks you about wedding details, it is a sign that he thinks about marriage.

He Sends You Videos Relating to Marriage 

With social media being all the rage, you can tell what people think based on what they share.

So if he shares videos about marriage, he has thoughts about marrying you. He may pretend it’s a joke, but he thinks about it deep down inside.

He Names Your Future Children 

It is not uncommon for people to think of baby names before having a baby. Many people in relationships like to see if their names are compatible together.

If he suggests baby names to you, it could very well be a sign that he sees you as a great mom and, better yet, wife material. He talks to you about future children and plans out his life with you in it. 

He Has a Lot of Married Friends

If he is always around married couples, the topic more than likely crossed his mind a few times.

If he isn’t already in a serious relationship, his mindset might be to settle down and get into one.

He uses the “If we were married” Phrase 

It is in a man’s nature to throw out hints and make slick comments. Have you noticed your partner using the “If we were” phrase? It’s a sign of what he wants.

So has he told you something like, “if we were married, I would buy you the world?” Or “if we were married, I would be the perfect husband?” Then he has marriage on his mind.

How Do You Tell if He Sees You as Marriage Material? 

A man has an idea of the wife he wants, but everyone has their preferences. There are some things that every man wants in a woman. Physical and mental attributes are as important to men as to women.

Here are some signs he sees you as his future wife:


He Knows You Love Him

If there is no mutual love, then the relationship will not last. If you are the only one putting in the effort, it can be stressful and draining.

He sees you as marriage material if you love him as much as he loves you.

It tells him that you will also stick by him through tough times. A woman’s love is something every straight man wants to experience. Someone who would ride with them through thick and thin. Someone who would follow through with the vows “for better or for worse.”

You are Faithful to Him 

No man wants a woman who is sleeping with other men. If you are faithful to him when you are in a relationship, that is one of the most prominent signs.

He will see you as marriage material because you have high standards for yourself.

Guys like it when girls carry themselves well and don’t take nonsense from men.

It shows him your level of self-control. It makes him confident that he wouldn’t regret it if he marries you.

The average guy doesn’t want to be with a woman who has cheated on him with someone else.

He can Trust You 

Honest love is the strongest feeling to make a relationship work. But, without trust and honesty, it wouldn’t last. He will feel more comfortable if he knows that you are trustworthy and stick to your word.

He’ll be happy to be a serious relationship with you. Being able to trust your partner is a blessing.

It lessens the possibility of hurt and embarrassment. It shows you that they respect you enough to tell the truth even if it is not good.

You are Loyal to Him

Commitment is essential to guys and females too. Men love to know that their girl’s got their back no matter what.

Yes, you may not agree with what he did or might do, but you don’t leave when things get tough. Guys like to know that if they go broke tomorrow, you won’t leave.

Your Beauty Captivates Him. 

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” are the words of the Greek philosopher Plato.

Whatever a guy’s definition of beauty is, he’ll look for that image in a person. If he finds you beautiful, then you meet his standard. Beauty can be physical attributes as well as personality.

If he finds you beautiful, inside and out, that is a sign that he sees you as marriage material.

Who doesn’t want a pretty wife? For some men, external beauty is perfect for them.

Others look at the heart of the person they want to spend eternity with. The way you dress and smell also adds to your external beauty.

He Loves your Cooking 

According to American novelist, Fanny Fern, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The world is moving away from women being housewives in some places, but it is still prevalent.

Even now, many men still prefer a woman who can cook well. So if you have that special touch regarding food, consider yourself a great catch.

You’re Good with Children

Like women, men notice and appreciate when a woman is good with children. That’s especially true if he already has or wants children in the future.

If you love children and do a good job caring for his kid or siblings, that says something to him.

It puts that nurturing idea into his mind. He will see that you would be a great mother to the kids he already has or those he may have.

It shuts down any fear of you not being a good mother when he sees how caring you are.

If he has kids from a past relationship, this would be one of the most important signs. Especially if he is a good father, his kids will come first in his mind.

He Tells You

When a man tells you you are wife material, you would make the perfect wife in his eyes.

How Do You Tell if a Guy Sees a Future With You?

Knowing how a person feels about you is essential. You waste less time. If a guy sees a future with you, he loves you and considers the relationship lasting.

You check off all his boxes as being wife material. How would you tell if he feels this way?

It is not like you can read his mind or hear his thoughts. So how do you tell if a guy sees a future with you? Here are 5 signs he sees you as his future wife.


He Spends Most of his Time with You.

If a guy sees a future with you, he will spend most of his time with you.

He will be around so that he doesn’t lose you and also because he loves you. When he spends time with you, he grows to love you even more, and the bond becomes more robust.

He Calls and Messages You Every Day

If he consistently talks to you daily, he sees you in his future.

He has no time to entertain other women because he has you to speak with.

This is a good sign that he doesn’t see the relationship as temporary.

Guys who have no interest in a future with you would not be consistent in talking to you. They can go days without replying or making contact.

He Posts You and Shows You Off

This is a big sign that he is serious about a future with you. Why would he introduce you as his girlfriend if he doesn’t see it lasting? In this modern time, social media is skyrocketing.

Everyone uses it, especially apps like Facebook and Instagram. So if he posts you, look out for wedding bells in the future.

You Made a Couple’s YouTube Channel Together

One of the most significant signs is having a YouTube channel together. He likely sees a future with you if he has asked you to make a YouTube channel.

YouTubers are more of a recent modern trend. People can create and publish videos on the YouTube app for others to see.

If he has brought the idea to you, then it must be that he sees you both lasting a long time together.

What are some signs he wants you in his future? Here are 20 indications he sees you as his future wife.

How Long Before He Wants to Marry You?

Men usually know when they found the one before women do. Keith Dent from upjourney.com says, “There is no set time for a man to fall in love with and marry a woman.” 

Sometimes a man may know he wants to marry you mentally, but his financials aren’t ready.

Getting married isn’t cheap, especially if you’re going to have a big wedding.

He may want to save up enough to feed all your family and friends. A wedding requires a lot of planning, and it can be time-consuming. 

But if we are talking about mental preparation. A man knows when he wants to marry a woman when she is everything he envisioned.

According to Brittney McNamara from Teen Vogue Magazine, “A new study found men actually fall in love quicker than women, and the reason could be biological.

A study of 173 college students found men reported falling in love earlier than women and expressing that sentiment first.”

Before even getting into a relationship, most guys know the kind of person they want.

An individual that checks off all their boxes. You must know what you want in a husband and see if you match up. Marriage is lit when you do it with the right person.