30 Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around

How do you know if he misses you? You have to recognize the subtle and obvious signs! Luckily, once you know what you’re looking for, it’s relatively easy to tell.

From drunk texts to asking for pictures, most guys make it pretty obvious. Here are 30 signs he misses you when you’re not around.

Do Guys Miss You When You Are Away?

Maybe you’ve been on a few dates together, and things seem to be going well. Or, you’re in a committed relationship and must spend some time apart. So, what are some signs he misses you while away? Does he even miss you at all? 

First of all, YES, a guy who cares about you will miss you when you’re gone! This is a universal truth that applies to most men. 

If a guy is really interested in you, he loves any chance he gets to spend time with you. That said, seeing you in person is one of the best ways for him to stay connected to you. 


If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

And even if he doesn’t exactly know what he wants, if he has any feelings for you, he will still miss you when you’re gone. In fact, many times, him realizing just how much he misses you is one of the best ways he can tell he actually likes you as more than just friends.

30 Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around

What are the signs your crush misses you while you are away? What if you’re in a long-distance relationship, and he’s giving mixed signals? Can a guy miss you but not contact you?

Will a guy honestly admit when he misses you badly, or will he give you a lame excuse? And how do you know if a guy is thinking about you? 

Let’s get straight to the point- you’re tired of guessing and playing games. You need direct reassurance. You want to know if he is missing you right now.

You also want to know how to know if he misses you, particularly if you’re still unsure about the status of your relationship. Here’s everything you need to know! 

#1 He Texts You Nonstop

Does he text you all the time when you’re apart? If so, that’s probably the best sign that he really misses you! His texting clearly indicates that you’re on his mind, and he wants you to know it. 

Consider the context of these texts. Does he wait for you to respond? Or does he have no problem sending you a string of texts even if you don’t have the chance to reply? Does he continue to ask you questions, hoping to maintain an engaging conversation?


If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

When guys miss someone, they will do what they can to show you they are paying attention to you. That means sending you everything from a simple, how are you text to a more elaborate story about his day! 

#2 He Calls You

We all know that phone calls are a dying art. Most us prefer the instant gratification of communicating by texts or via social media.

So, if he’s up for calling, it’s a good sign that he misses you. He doesn’t just want to hear from you- he wants to hear your voice. He wants things to be personal. 

#3 He Wants to Face-Time or Video Chat

If calling is more personal than texting, then face-timing and video-chatting is far more personal and intimate than even calling. So, if that’s what he suggests doing, it’s a definite sign that he misses you! 

Next to seeing you in person, this is the closest option for connection. It means he wants to hear your voice, see your face, and enjoy all your mannerisms simultaneously!

#4 He Responds Very Quickly

How fast does he get back to you when you text him? If he misses your call, does he call back right away? 

If he responds very quickly to you, it means he misses you. A less interested guy will take his time. He might see your message but avoid replying for several hours. 

Of course, you should also be mindful that some guys will try to pretend as if they’re busier than they really are. These guys will also want to make you miss them. And so, they will purposefully delay responding to your texts or calls. 

But, most of the time, the intent is obvious. The faster he responds, the more eager he is to talk to you! 

#5 He Drunk-Dials You

Most of us have heard of the concept of alcohol as a truth serum. And whether that’s completely true or not, we all know the temptation of reaching out to someone when we’re drunk. Our inhibitions are lower, and we feel more courageous than usual.


If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

So, drunk-dialing is one of the clearest signs he misses you badly! This is especially true in the context of ex-boyfriends who might come back to the relationship

#6 He Asks You to Send Pictures

A guy who cares about you is definitely going to want to see you as much as he can. So, if seeing you in person isn’t an option, a picture is the next best alternative.

And, remember, asking for a picture doesn’t mean he should be asking for nudes (that’s a totally different story). But if he wants to see your face or see what you’re wearing, those are clear signs that you’re on his mind, and he wants the visual reminder of how much he cares about you.

#7 He Sends Pictures to You

Of course, if a guy misses you, he will definitely want to see your face. That explains why he’ll usually ask for a photo. 

But guys will also send pictures of themselves in return. That’s because they want you to be thinking about them (and missing them, too). In that way, things feel more reciprocal. 

He’s hoping that your receiving the photo will elicit a special reaction. Whether you compliment him or ask him a follow-up question about the question, he wants to keep the conversation going. 

#8 He Stalks You on Social Media

Whether it’s liking your pictures, commenting on your statuses, or simply watching your stories, any passive or active stalking means he probably misses you.

If he can’t spend time with you the way he wants, he’s choosing to do it in the next best way: by entering your virtual world. 

#9 He Tags You on Social Media


His stalking you on social media is one thing. But, what if you’re not very active on there?

If that’s the case, he might default to tagging you in things he thinks you will enjoy. This could be anything from funny memes to inspirational messages to snappy tweets. The premise here is simple: he’s thinking about you and wants you to get that notification as soon as possible! 

#10 His Friends Tell You He Misses You

Have any of your mutual friends given you any inclination that he has difficulty when you’re not around? If so, that’s a good sign you’re on his mind. 

Sometimes, this can be as direct as telling you he misses you. Other times, the clues are more covert. For example, they might say, I bet __ is having a rough time right now! I know how much he cared about you. 

#11 He Asks Lots of Open-Ended Questions

Think about the general nature of your typical conversations. Does he typically ask you questions intended to keep the conversation going? Does he seem to value your input or opinions about specific circumstances?

If so, that type of pattern means he wants to stay connected to you! He’s hoping you don’t end the conversation abruptly. He’s also hoping that you two keep talking for as long as possible. 

#12 He Always ‘Accidentally’ Runs Into You

Does he keep showing up at the library where you typically study? Or is he suddenly at the same party as you? When confronting him on these “coincidences,” does he seem a little sheepish or embarrassed?

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

Him “running into you” means he’s actively trying to find opportunities to see you! Of course, this could be somewhat creepy (especially if you have concerns about him legitimately stalking you). But on a less serious note, this could be a way of him wanting to get closer without being direct about it. 

#13 He Becomes Jealous

Whether you’re away with friends or busy with work, a guy who misses you may become jealous of these other priorities. He may try to conceal this jealousy, but it could come out with comments like, I wish I were there with you, or They’re lucky to be with you!

Of course, you should be mindful of excess jealousy. That’s more of a toxic trait associated with possessiveness, narcissism, and other forms of emotional abuse. Healthy, occasional jealousy is normal when you care about someone- intense and uncontrollable jealousy is not!

#14 He Makes You Feel Special

When you two do talk, how does it feel? Does he make it seem like you’re the most important person in his world? Does he genuinely praise you? Does he enjoy your company?

If he cares about you, he will undoubtedly miss you when you’re away. And when he misses you, he will always go to those extra lengths to show you how much you mean to him when you two reunite. 


#15 He Sends You Gifts

It doesn’t matter what they are, but any tangible gift is likely an indicator that he cares immensely about you. You’re on his mind, and he wants you to know it.

Bonus points if it’s a gift that he knows you will love (like your favorite kind of flower or chocolate). That means he pays close attention to the unique details in your life, and he genuinely wants to make you happy.

#16 He Becomes Overly Nostalgic

Does he keep bringing up happy memories from the past? Does he reminisce on when you two first met or talk about the “good ol’ days?”

If so, he might be subtly suggesting that he really misses you. This is especially true when you’re communicating with an ex (and you’re unsure about their intentions). But it can also be true when he feels disconnected from you.

#17 He Drops Plans to See You

How does he react when he is allowed to see you? If he’s willing to change his plans or inconvenience himself, that’s a sign he really misses you. He’s willing to do what it takes to see you as soon as possible!

Of course, you should be mindful of a pattern where someone is always available. That behavior may signify his lack of personal identity or boundaries with others. Over time, this may mean that he becomes overly dependent on you for attention and approval.

#18 He Tells You News Instantly

Did he have a rough meeting with his boss? Did he embarrass himself during his best man speech at his friend’s wedding? Did he ace that interview with a new contractor?

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

If you know the news right away, that’s a good sign! He cares about you, misses you, and wants you to know things in his life in real-time. He doesn’t feel the need to wait to tell you- he wants to talk about it immediately!

#19 He Often Talks About the Future

Whether it’s telling you about a restaurant he can’t wait to take you or musing about the idea of moving in together, a guy who misses you is probably thinking about the long term. 

But in that regard, the future can mean anything from cementing tomorrow’s dinner plans to discussing what you both want to accomplish several years from now. 


Regardless of the context, it’s a good sign! On the contrary, a guy who doesn’t care much about you will only focus on the present. He’ll only care about what’s happening right now; any talk about what’s to come will inevitably freak him out. 

#20 He Remembers Random Details

He knows your favorite coffee order by heart. He texts you when he hears your favorite song on the radio. He even checks in on you after your doctor’s appointment to see how things went.

What does this all mean? He pays close attention to the details in your life. It doesn’t matter how significant or mundane they are! If he finds them to be important, he will classify them as such! That means he’ll catalog this information to keep conversations fresh and engaging. 

#21 He Becomes (A Little) Withdrawn

Some guys might feel embarrassed by how much they miss you. They might also worry that you don’t feel the same way. As a result, they will want to downplay their feelings. They may even pretend like they don’t like you.

So, if he suddenly presents as more evasive or guarded when he talks to you, don’t automatically dismiss it. He just might be trying to protect his heart (or avoid sharing his real feelings). This is common in the early stages of getting to know someone.

But, if you’re already in an established relationship and this is always how he responds when you’re away, be careful. He may be engaging in more questionable behavior- or he may no longer really care about you.

#22 He Talks to Your Friends About You

Do your friends tell you that he goes on and about you? Have they joked that it seems like he can’t get enough of you? Does he pump them for information about your life?

If a guy can’t get what he wants directly from a girl, he might resort to the next, best strategy: her friends. He’ll love talking you up because you’re his favorite subject in the world!

Of course, you should always be mindful of what your friends say. It’s one thing if they tell you that he seems sweet and wants to know more about your life. It’s another thing if they’re concerned he’s downright obsessed with you and won’t leave them alone!

#23 He’s Concerned About Your Safety

Guys often like to feel like heroes. They need to feel important and competent- they want to shield you from pain and protect you from the inevitable bad stuff that happens in the world.

And so, if he misses you, he will probably check in on you often. For example, if you spend time with him at night, he might want you to text him when you get home (because he’s concerned about you driving). Or, he might call you after he knows you had an anxiety-provoking dentist appointment.

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

More importantly, these kinds of guys will try to put your safety in their hands. If they notice your tire looks a little flat, they will put air in it. Or, if the fridge looks sparse, they’ll head to the grocery store. 

#24 He Always Makes Opportunities to Hang Out

Whether it’s asking if he can accompany you on a boring errand or seeing if you want to come over to watch your favorite movie, he’s always creative in finding ways to see you. It never feels forced or awkward.

If this is the case, that’s a good sign that he likes you (and misses you). After all, if he didn’t, he’d probably be perfectly satisfied with the amount of time you spend together! 

#25 He Never Seems Bored or Disinterested


If he misses you, he will truly cherish any chance he gets to spend time with you. As a result, that time together will feel meaningful and fulfilling. He certainly won’t be scrolling through his phone or making excuses to leave early!

If he’s always enthusiastic (even if you only have a short amount of time together), that’s a very positive sign. It means that he enjoys you and appreciates whatever time he has with you!

#26 He Tries to Be Flexible With His Schedule

If a guy misses you often, he’ll be willing to make sacrifices to see you. So, for example, if he normally works out at night, but that’s the only time you’re available this week, he’ll switch his gym time to the morning. Or, he’ll skip the occasional guy’s night to plan a special evening with you.

Remember that if he’s super rigid (and never willing to make accommodations), he probably isn’t that into you. At the same time, if he always jumps at the chance to change his schedule for you, he probably lacks personal boundaries and commitment to others (not a good sign!). 

Ideally, it should feel balanced. And if you’re into him, you’ll have no problem being flexible when needed. You’ll also want to see him whenever you can. 

#27 He Always Solidifies When He Can See You Next

If he misses you, he will make the best effort to really pin down the next time he sees you. He won’t just make loose plans. He will want to know exactly when (and where) you’ll hang out again.

This forward approach can certainly be refreshing, especially if you’re used to guys ghosting you or acting wishy-washy! 

#28 He Reaches Out to You in The Middle of The Night

It’s one thing if he texts or calls you during the day. But if he’s contacting you in the middle of the night (even if he knows you’re asleep), that’s a clear sign that he misses you!

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.

Of course, he shouldn’t be bothering you or trying to intentionally wake you up (that’s often a form of manipulation). But a sweet, hey, I know you’re sleeping, but just thinking of you, definitely means he misses you! 

#29 He Tells You How Much He Enjoys Spending Time Together

Mature guys don’t want to play games when they’re interested in someone. Instead, they want you to know exactly how they feel about you so they won’t have any problem telling you directly.

So, if he frequently comments on how much he likes hanging out with you (or if he lets you know right away that he had a great time), it’s a good sign! He’s showing you cares- and making it known that he misses you when you’re apart. 

#30 He Tells You He Misses You

All the subtle signs are great, but nothing beats the explicit message. If he tells you he misses you, he’s being honest about his feelings! Don’t overthink it! 

Don’t read too deeply into what may or may not be there. After all, the signs don’t get any clearer than this! 


Can A Guy Miss You But Not Contact You?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. 

Some guys won’t contact you because they want to respect your boundaries. For example, if you told him not to contact you, him following that direction is simply him adhering to your limit! He doesn’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position or risk you resenting him.

If you two are in a fight, he might miss you but also be stubborn and try to ignore you. So, in that case, he may wait for you to contact him first. Or, he may wait until he has more clarity on the situation and feels ready to handle the conflict maturely. 

Other times, guys might feel anxious or intimidated at the thought of you contacting you. For example, if you two are getting to know each other, he may not want to come across as clingy or overly attached. Instead, he may try to play himself as being aloof or even disconnected. He may “test the waters” to see how much communication is too much. 

Finally, some guys will avoid contacting you if they know you’re committed to someone or something else. They might back off altogether if you’ve made it known you’re pursuing another guy. They don’t want to make things more complicated for anyone.They also might not be interested in dealing with competition at the moment.

And don’t overlook guys being busy as well! Life can undoubtedly get hectic, and him being nonresponsive (or even minimal in his replies) could mean he has a lot going on right now. However, if that’s a persistent pattern, it’s probably more of a red flag than a temporary response. 

Of course, you can spend a long time trying to decode a guy’s behavior. But at the end of the day, you probably won’t know for sure unless you ask!

Final Thoughts

So, with everything you’ve learned, what do you do now? How do you know if he misses you? You have some excellent points to consider if you’ve read this guide!

Of course, if you want to know for sure, the best strategy is to ask him directly. You can even start the conversation by letting him know that you miss him! That invites him to express his feelings in return. 

Remember that the right guy will be flattered that he’s on your mind. And beyond that, he certainly won’t have any problem telling you his honest truth! 

If your ex still has feelings for you, they’ll give you plenty of signs, such as you are still on their social media, they ask mutual friends questions about you, or he/she keeps bringing up things from the past.