22 Romantic Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You

Sometimes you can go out with someone immediately knowing they’re the one.

But that doesn’t always happen. People have a good way of concealing certain emotions that would make them feel different.

This is due to many reasons. A common reason people tend to hide their true feelings is to prevent heartbreak. It is a self-defense mechanism that they may have formed. It could be due to past rejection experiences. 

The thought of “Yes, I find her attractive, but is she attracted to me?” clouds a guy’s mind when he catches feelings for you.

If you’re playing hard to get, he might do the same out of pride or fear of rejection. So, how do you know if a guy has strong feelings for you?

How to Know if a Guy Has Feelings for You


Getting into a relationship would be easier if we could read someone’s feelings for us.

Having to guess what someone is feeling inside for you is hard. It is even more complicated and confusing if they give you mixed signals. 

“Do they want me or not?” This question may run through your mind when you feel the person is giving you mixed signals.

So how would you know if a guy has strong feelings for you when trying so hard to hide it? 

22 Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You

What are signs he’s catching feelings for you? There are many ways you can tell.

Body language can indicate what a person feels around you. Does he seem distant or close when around you?

Does he listen to every detail when you speak, or do you find yourself repeating a lot? Here are 22 signs he has romantic feelings for you.


#1 He Smiles/Blushes When You Are Around

Even on a bad day, he is happy when you are around. He can’t stop smiling.

Your presence brings him joy, which you can sense when around someone.

If he acts differently when you are around it can tell you much about his feelings about you.

For instance, he has strong feelings for you if he has a bad day yet gives you a big grin when he sees you.

#2 You Have Met His Parents

Meeting a guy’s parents is a big deal. It means he is comfortable enough to show you off to the most essential people in his life.

It’s one of the sure signs he wants to be with you. When a guy is unwilling to introduce you to his parents, you should be suspicious about why.

Is there someone else in his life that his parents know about? All these questions and more should run through your mind. 

No guy should keep you a secret from the world. You do not have to hide your partner to keep your relationship private. 

#3 He Talks to His Friends About You

If his friends call you his girlfriend even though he has not expressed his feelings for you, this is a big sign that he’s fascinated with you and wants to be your boyfriend.

His friends are the ones that would know the things you don’t. Thus, when you are around his friends, look at how they relate to you. 

Do they acknowledge you as off-limits because of him, or do they flirt with you as if you belong to no one?

The slightest things can indicate how a guy feels, so paying attention to how his buddies treat you is good.

#4 He Asks You Out

He asks you to go to places with an intimate or romantic vibe. For instance, he might ask you to go to the movies with him to watch a romance novel.


As innocent as he may act, it could be that he is into you but is afraid to say it.

He’d like to be with you more. To be in your company is something he always thinks about.

#5 You Both Share Common Interests

He likes spending time with you and would allow you to see him. If someone is into you, he will try to relate to you somehow.

Different reasons may cause him to want to pick up hobbies you like. He may believe it will cause you to like him more, or he wants something to discuss with you.

Whatever the reason is, you may notice how you have some common interests. It may be in your taste in music or instruments.

According to Today.com, “If a man takes an interest in something that you like and he probably does not like that is the ultimate sign that he is flirting with you.

No man wants to be doing something that he does not enjoy. But he might be willing to suck it up for you.”

#6 He Hears You

The guy is usually a hard head when listening, especially to those in authority.

He might be a hothead or have some anger issues. Yet, with you, he is not like that.

He is different when you are around. You may be high school sweethearts, and you feel for the bad boy who never listens to anyone and does what he likes.

You are the only person he is kind to, and you find that amusing because you feel special. I do not know what will if that doesn’t show you how much he loves you.

#7 You Are Always His Plus One

He invites you to every event that he can bring others to whether it is a staff party or as simple as a small barbeque get-together.

This is because he enjoys your company, and you being at an event he attends makes the whole event better.

It could be due to your sense of humor in boring situations that excite things. Or it could be how you light up a room with outstanding social qualities. 

#8 He Is a Great Friend to You

If a man likes you, he will try to be the best friend he can be to you. This is because a best friend is second best to a significant other.


So he tries so hard to be a helpful friend to you. He most likely is in love when you can call him to do anything with or for you.

Guys pursue women who they feel a strong connection with. The one that ticks off all their boxes. The one that they envisage in their future.

#9 Your Text Messages Get Freaky

It isn’t uncommon for individuals that are not together to play around when texting.

Yet, there is truth below the jokes. He wouldn’t be goofing around with you over text messages if he wasn’t infatuated with you. He might not talk to you at all.

His responses would be sporadic, and sometimes he might not reach out to you for days. 

#10 He Respects You

His temperament is not that of a respectable young man. So you find it quite strange that he behaves differently with you. “Why is he so different with me?”

It could be a show to get what he wants from you, or it could be genuine. The best way to find out is by giving it time. A person can hold in their true colors for only so long.

Even though he hasn’t gotten sex or money from you, he is still respectable around you. That’s a sign that he might be into you. 

A guy who loves you wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone he’s not. He will change his ways for you altogether. Your view on his character means so much to him, so he tries his best to be good.

According to Glamour Magazine , “Good manners, even if you’ve been dating for years.

He had you at “Hello,” but what makes him think he can keep you at “Sup?”

#11 You Are His Personal Journal

He tells you everything about his life. You know his past and present. You even know his plans for the future because he chose to share that with you.

Does he trust you enough even to tell you about his deepest secrets? Then, consider yourself unique.

This is an emotional connection he is making with you, and he may not even know it. Showing his vulnerable side to you is a rare thing men do.

This is because men like to act tough to impress women and society’s expectations. 

#12 He Is Not Dating Anyone Else

He is single and not dating anyone. His focus has been on pursuing you. If he isn’t dating anyone, that is a good sign that he may be into you.


A guy in a relationship with someone else might make it more complicated regarding how he feels for you. 

A guy not dating anyone means that you have less stress and baggage to deal with. Imagine if a guy expresses in words or actions that he has strong feelings for you.

Yet, he is in a romantic relationship with someone and may even be married. It makes things ten times more complicated. 

It is easier if he isn’t dating anyone and shows you how loyal he is in his pursuit of you. Why would a guy date someone else when he is in love with you? He couldn’t be happy with her.

#13 Can’t take his eyes off you

If you usually find him looking or staring at you at random moments, that is an obvious sign that he likes you.

He sees your appearance as attractive and may even like some of your qualities. Your eyes, your smile, and the way you talk. He makes eye contact with you for long periods. 

The look you give him back can also fuel his growing love for you.

According to Glamour Magazine, “I crave The Look. The one my wife still shoots me after many years–a little coy, a little cocky, a little innocent, a little sophisticated, always subtle. It says: I am a grown woman.

I am beautiful. Lots of men could be looking at me right this minute. And I’m looking at you.”

#14 He Values Your Advice

Your input has a significant impact on his life. He considers your advice as gold and would do anything to make you proud of him. This is an excellent sign that he is into you.

Men look for women who can support them in whatever they’re going through.

Some men look for a replica of their mother. A woman who can blow a kiss and put on a bandage where it hurts to make everything better. If he finds this in you, you may be his future wife.

#15 He’ll Start Things

He texts and calls you often. He is usually the one to contact you first and seems to have no problem doing so.

A guy who feels for you would want to always talk to you. It brings him great joy to hear your voice.

When a guy takes the time out of his busy schedule to plan dates and check up on you, then he is into you. He’ll initiate things because he has confidence in himself. That is a good attribute when looking for a partner.

#16 He’s Romantic

Even after he expresses his liking for you, how do you know if he has strong feelings for you?

After all, words are good for nothing without actions. He sends you your favorite flowers at work or leaves you cute notes in the morning.


You feel like you’re on Cloud 9 when he is around. I can assure you he feels the same if this is the case. He is putting in much effort to see you happy and smiling. This is how you would know he is in love. 

Another sign is when he calls you his soul mate. He may also go above and beyond on celebrations like Valentine’s day or your birthday.

The repeated effort of his trying is an obvious sign of his strong feelings for you.

#17 He Asks You to Marry Him

According to Forbes.com, “Like women, men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable.

They want a wife who will stand by their side and, considering divorce rates, it’s no surprise that dependability would continue to be attractive.”

Marriage is a big deal. Getting married for love means that both parties know where they stand with each other.

When couples get married, they become one unit. If a man asks you to marry him, it says that he is ready to settle down with you. He chooses you among the rest because his feeling for you are deep. Be on the lookout for possible signs he bought you an engagement ring.

#18 He’s Nervous Around You

When he is around you, his nervousness is noticeable. He may stutter when he speaks or break concentration on what he was doing before your arrival. These tiny signs are a way of letting you know that he is falling for you.

If your palms are sweaty, it’s also a sign of nervousness. Sometimes, some of these hints can be a turn-off to women. Yet, you may be turning down your endless love.

Do you prefer a cool guy who acts like he doesn’t care or one who is a little nervous when you are around?

According to Entertainment Times, “It’s normal to feel nervous around someone you like.

So if your guy friend is nervous around you, it might be a sign that he likes you.

Some signs of his nervousness include stuttering, blushing, behaving nervously, etc. This nervous behavior could indicate that he is into you.”

#19 He’s protecting you

He is keenly interested in the people you date or even associate with.

Thus, he might get overprotective and overstep friend boundaries. It depends on his personality as it plays a big part in his reaction. He’d like to be with you but is afraid to tell you.

He tries his best to keep you happy. So he is protective and would keep you safe from anyone trying to hurt you.

When a man doesn’t feel for you, he wouldn’t care to be protective. His mind would only be on protecting himself in dangerous situations.

#20 He Doesn’t Like Any of the People You Date

He may bring up the negative aspects in every single person you date. This is because he doesn’t want you with anyone else but him. This is one situation that may bring out his vulnerable side to his love for you.

When other guys get involved in your life, it can cause his jealous side to emerge. Most times, he doesn’t intend for that to happen.

#21 He Isn’t in a Rush to Have Sex With You

Hackspirit.com says, “When a guy uses you for your body, he often takes his time getting back to you. He might seem to disappear for a while, but contact you at the last minute to see what you’re up to.


His messages to you are usually sexual or at least very flirty. Don’t hear from him unless he wants to have sexual intercourse with you.”

Sexual intercourse is something that many guys break women’s hearts over.

Some men pretend to like women to get sex from them. This is one of the reasons women play hard to get. It is an effective way of protecting themselves from guys who want to use them. 

If his feelings are strong, having sex with you wouldn’t be his first thought. He wouldn’t consider you a hook-up.

In fact, he’ll see you as the opposite. Emotional connection should be his priority, and he shouldn’t be in a hurry to get into your pants. 

#22 He Has Financial Stability and Doesn’t Ask You for Money

You do not have to worry about him using you for your money because he has his own.

Women who are independent and doing very well tend to have a problem with men using them for the money. They protect themselves from men who fake love so a woman can care for them.

A man with strong feelings for you won’t let your financial status become an issue.

Whether you are filthy rich or poor, it shouldn’t matter if he loves you for you and not what you have. As crazy as it seems, people pretend to be in love so they can have lavish lifestyles. 

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love?

Falling in love is an experience everyone should be able to feel. Yet, ladies find it is difficult to tell a man’s true feelings. How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

Men usually keep their feelings hidden. Many of them believe showing feelings makes them weak. But when a guy falls in love, he uses more physical touching like hugs and holding hands. 

He would want to see you more. Take you out on dates and talk about life. If a guy is not into you, he will not pursue you consistently.

He wouldn’t message you often or even call you. If he only contacts you when he wants to have sexual intercourse, then he isn’t in love.

No matter how much he tells you, he loves you. If his actions say something different, then he isn’t in love.


He Talks to You Often

Talking, especially for long periods, can be so intimate. New couples, in particular, tend to have conversations for hours.

Getting to know someone is beautiful and can even make someone fall more in love with their partner. 

He Gives You Compliments

He gives you sweet compliments so that he can see you smile and be merry. He is a verbal expresser, so he wants you to know the parts that he thinks make you beautiful.

Everyone likes compliments. By complimenting you, he is trying to get you to notice him. Usually, guys use compliments to start a conversation with a girl. They know by doing that, they might have a chance to speak.

Technology has become the most convenient way to communicate. Thus, it makes it easier for a guy to be confident when talking to a girl online.

Guys can hide behind their screens, and rejection hurts less when it is not in person.

He Watches You While You sleep

You may think waking up to your romantic partner staring at you is creepy. But, it could very well be the hint you needed to know that he is in love. 

He Is More Open With You

You notice he is honest with you and acts like you are his best friend.

He tells you everything about his day and secrets he wouldn’t tell his closest friends. Your guy behaves like this around you because he falls in love with you.

He wants you to know everything about him. In that way, you wouldn’t doubt in your mind if someone says that he has done something terrible.

Either you would have already known, or the person is lying. That is a level of trust he wants to have with you.

He Acts Goofy and Silly

You notice a change in how he is with you. At first, he was solemn and mysterious, but now he is goofy and makes jokes.

He acts this way now because that is his true self, and he feels comfortable showing you that side of him.

He Acts a Little Possessive

A guy who is in love wants to claim his person. You become off-limits to his friends even though nothing is official. The word possessive can leave a bad taste in your mind.

Yet, knowing that being a little possessive is not bad is essential. It is our human instinct that we protect what we own. 

You can’t expect a guy to be okay with his future wife sleeping or flirting with other men. Thus, possessive tendencies can effectively hold on to the ones you love.

Yet, being possessive is not healthy. It would help if you allowed your partner to have friends, even female friends. But, there should be boundaries.

He Tries to Impress Your Parents

The parents are usually the ones to judge good character. Usually, they have a big part in the decisions their children make.

So, if a guy knows this and is falling for you, he would try his best to impress the parents. Nervousness is a sign that a guy wants her parents to like him. If he is afraid and expresses that he wants to know what they like and don’t like, he’s made an effort. 

Does he act indifferent around your parents? If he doesn’t even want to meet them, he doesn’t consider you wife-material. Although he might not tell you, in his mind, it makes no sense meeting people that aren’t going to be his in-laws. 

How Do You Know if a Man Is in His Feelings?

How to know if a guy has feelings for you: It seems like a simple concept.

Yet, it can be difficult to distinguish between infatuation and pretense. You work together, and you both like each other a lot. Yet, no one will ever know because feelings are hidden in camouflage.

Guys catch feelings for women who fit their perfect girlfriend or wife profile. There are many signs he caught feelings for you.

Some of these we listed earlier. When men are in their feelings, they usually smile and talk to themselves randomly—reminiscing on memories with the person on their mind.

How Do You Know if a Guy Has Feelings for You Secretly?

“Does he have feelings for me? Why can’t I tell?”

More direct men tend to be guys who often date different women. Guys heartbroken by a small list of women tend to be less straightforward. So, if a guy is being secretive about how much he likes you, his feelings may be genuine. 

So how can you tell if a guy has strong feelings for you? There are obvious signs a guy would give if he has a romantic interest in you.

He Makes Fun of You a Lot

A guy might make fun of girls so his true feelings remain unnoticed.

Making jokes about your appearance or how you do certain things could indicate that he likes you. However, you must know the difference between painless and spiteful jokes. 

He Finds an Opportunity to Sit Near You

Being next to you is all he longs for. But he doesn’t want to seem like a creepy dude, so he tries to hide that fact.

He might sit as close as he can. Close enough to make some interaction or move. 

He Calls You Pet Names

When a guy is in love with you, he may make up a name to call you. Something only he knows. It may have been an inside joke that you both know of.

Or it can be something relating to your attributes. If he is comfortable with this with you, it might be because he has been getting to know you.

What Does He Mean When He Says He Has Feelings For Me?

Most men find it hard to express their feelings to women. But it doesn’t mean that love is not there.

You should always look for these 22 signs and try to understand each one. They answer your question about whether he has feelings for you.

A guy who likes you will do everything to impress you. He might not tell you in words, but you will see at least a few of the signs we’ve studied in this article.

Trust a man when he says he has feelings for you, especially if those feelings are strong.

Believe his word. If he has feelings for you, you’re on his mind, which means he cares about you.

He may choose a gentle way of telling you he has a strong affection for you because he can’t say the “L-word” yet. In case you’re still not getting it, that is good news and there are probably some signs he wants you to say I love you first.