18 Subtle Signs He Doesn’t Want To lose You!

You and your guy are in a stable relationship. Things are getting serious, and you are so in love that the thought of losing him in any way makes you feel sick.

Yet you wonder if he feels the same way towards you. Are you curious about how he feels for you? Are you scared that you might be the only one in your relationship in love?

Figuring out if a man is in love is hard for many women. Men tend not to express their feelings. Their tough exteriors can sometimes be deceiving. The reason is that, in society, we raise men to be the stronger ones.

People often ridicule men who are in touch with their emotional side. But society is accepting of women who show emotion. For this reason, many heterosexual relationships have conflict.

So let us dive into some signs a guy may show that he is happy that he has you and doesn’t want you to leave him. Here are some subtle signs that he doesn’t want to lose you.

18 Signs He Doesn’t Want to lose You


#1 He is with you more than with his friends

One of the signs he doesn’t want to lose you is if he spends lots of time with you and prefers to hang with you than with his homeboys.

When he wants to be around you always, that is a sign that he doesn’t want to lose you. He feels you are superior to his friends, and he’d rather spend time with you than with them.

Don’t get me wrong. He still goes out with his friends often. So insist that you want to stay in one night.

If he doesn’t have a problem with it, he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

Women need attention from the person they are dating, and men know this.

Men are not oblivious to it as even they need attention at times. So if a guy is not giving you that, it is because he is not serious about you.

#2 He gives you the royal treatment

A man who doesn’t want to lose you will try to provide you with everything you deserve.

He goes does everything in his power to make sure you are happy. In fact, he may buy you gifts or tell you loving words to boost your confidence.

He tries to lift you instead of tearing you down. He treats you the best, so no one else has to.

No one else can make you feel wanted. Forget about other guys telling you that you’re exceptional. You don’t need them because you already are all these things to him.

#3 He tells you everything

Hiding things from you and lying about where he has been or who he has been with are signs of cheating. A guy in love with only you wouldn’t have a problem with you knowing where he is.

If he isn’t okay with you checking his phone when you are suspicious, then something is up. He may be talking to someone else and meeting with them behind you.

#4 You are his best friend

Being best friends with the person you are with is a plus on the solid relationship scale.

The sexual relationship you both are in isn’t the only thing he would lose if he lost you.

The friendship you both share is also a factor. So it would hurt as twice as bad.

Many people who are together were friends first. The getting-to-know-someone stage can be long.

Also, sometimes you don’t plan the relationship part, but it happens.

In another scenario, you are not together, and he says he only wants to be friends because a relationship will mess up things.

When he says he doesn’t want to lose you as a friend, it means that he is unwilling to pursue a relationship with you.

It could be that he doesn’t want the relationship to affect the friendship.

#5 He supports you in what you do

Anothersign he doesn’t want to lose you is if he supports what you want to achieve in life.

If you tell him that you want to travel abroad to get your master’s degree, he supports you.

He might be sad because of the long distance, but he is still open to it because he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you. 

His support shows that he is rooting for you and wants you to excel.

Some men bring successful women down because of their egos. Is he telling you to give up your dream?

Or is he making you feel incapable? Then he is not suitable for you.

He had supported and watched you come far from when he first met you.

The accomplishment of helping you grow is something of which he is proud. The thought of you leaving him for another guy to break down what he has helped you achieve should hurt him.

#6 He doesn’t stay mad at you

He tries to make up after an argument even if you were wrong or used harsh words.

If he calls you after a verbal fight you had or comes to your place to apologize, he is putting his pride aside, and he’ll work hard to make up.

That’s something many men don’t like to do. So if he does that with you, he must like you.

He doesn’t want you to stay mad at him. Lack of communication is not healthy for relationships. Often, when couples argue and remain angry for long, it leaves room for outsiders to slide in.

A healthy relationship needs to have communication. How else would one know how the other is thinking?

Built-up emotions are not suitable for a person, especially in a relationship. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to your partner about your feelings.

Talk about what they do that makes you mad or uncomfortable. If you don’t do this, the relationship will not flourish, making you unhappy.

According to Oprah Daily, “Just because you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to break up, separate, or divorce.

Sometimes, you can fix issues with therapy or a marriage therapist. In other cases, staying together might not be the best choice for either of you.”

So, is he giving you lousy treatment at the dating stage? Then it makes sense to get out while there is not much attachment.

#7 He compromises

Your guy gives in to your suggestions even though he wants to do it his way. If he’s like that with you, he is head over heels. He doesn’t want to make you upset or feel uncomfortable.

For instance, you both are deciding on a restaurant to go to. Although he feels like eating at McDonald’s, he would go to Taco Bell because you wants to eat there.

#8 He knows what you like

A guy who notes what you want, especially without asking, is a treasure.

If you notice that he is on point with gift-giving or if he sees things about you that few people do, he is special. His interest in you is a reflection of how he feels about you. 

Pay attention if he doesn’t know the small things about you, like the color of your eyes. If he doesn’t know how you like your cheese sandwich, then he may not be into you.

#9 He takes an interest in what you like

You make your guy do things he wouldn’t have done without meeting you. You cause him to do something like skydiving, eating foods he never liked or going places he never would go.

He does what you want so that you won’t leave him for someone who likes the stuff you like. Even if he doesn’t like it, he will do the activity because he loves you.

#10 He makes time for you

If he is not eager to see you or hardly makes time for you, he is not the one for you.

A guy should not only make time for you on special occasions. Valentine’s day and anniversaries are special. But he should make time for random occasions as well. His interest in seeing you reflects how much he is into you.

A guy who wants to see you regularly would be less likely to leave than one who doesn’t.

The more time spent together is the more memories created. The closer you both become when spending time together, it would be harder to let go.

If he postpones events to hang with you, he is into you. The thought of you spending your time with another guy is something he never wants to happen.

So he makes an effort. Men usually know what women need in a man. He doesn’t want you to be the “one who got away” because he didn’t spend enough time with you. Many songs and movies depict this situation.

Men know what to do to keep women happy. But they often do not put in the effort because they do not care if they lose you. You are not of great value to him if he is always busy and never has time for you.

No one is ever too busy. People make time for whom they want to make time for.

Don’t be an easy replacement for anyone. While he might not appreciate what you have to offer, your personality may be what another guy is looking for.

A man who doesn’t want you spending your time with anyone else would put in the work so that you never have to leave.

If he only calls you for sex, you are a booty call for him. You wouldn’t be his first choice when he is ready to settle down.

Sex doesn’t make a relationship work. Not because he is willing to have sex with you means he finds you’re wife material. It could be that he is looking for a hook-up, nothing serious.

#11 He is your hero

He is there when you need help—always trying to give advice. Men like being their girlfriends’ hero. The one that can help stop the suffering and save them from everything.

He is always trying to help you, whether he tries to be your mechanic or plumber.

According to bestselling author James Bauer, “The hero instinct is in men’s biology, and it’s basically a strong attraction and commitment that a man experiences when he protects or “saves” a woman he’s interested in.”

#12 He treats your family like his own

He gets along well with your family members. He tries his best to do so because he loves you. Anyone that you are close to he tries to get along with. The family usually has the most substantial influence on people.

That is especially true of parents. So if he doesn’t want to lose you, he would try to impress your parents.

The first impression is critical, so if he is eager to make it the best, then he is afraid to lose you to them.

If he treats you like a secret and doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family, he’s not proud of you.

According to Glamour Magazine, he doesn’t want to show you off or involve you in his life.

If he doesn’t care about meeting your parents and making a good impression, he is not afraid of losing you. That is even more evident if he talks bad about your family.

Or if he is, then is it most likely because he knows that his voice matters more than theirs to you.

That is not a good thing. It’s how possessive behavior starts. Sooner than later, you may find yourself isolated from your family and friends by him.

#13 He listens to you

Women like to feel heard. So is he listening to you? When you are having issues, does he try to give you the best advice he can? Then he cares about your happiness.

Whether you had a long day at work or you’re going through family drama, he is always there to listen.

That is an incredible feeling to women. Only a man who is afraid of losing you would listen, really listen to you.

If the guy is always distant and never can recall conversations, he has not invested in you.

You serve a purpose for him, and listening to your problems doesn’t quite fit into his agenda with you.

Don’t fall for guys like this. If he is doing something you don’t like and you tell him about it, there will be no effort to change. Men change for whom they want. If he can’t change for you, you are not the one.

#14 He takes you everywhere

For example, he takes you to his staff parties and lets you travel with him to business meetings.

He even brings you to places where some men don’t even think to bring their girlfriends or wives.

If he does that, it means that your company to him is like gold. He considers you as a supportive person and treasures you.

A man who lets you into his life, around his friends and coworkers, usually do this because he has nothing to hide.

It’s also because he considers you the prize of his life. An accomplishment that he doesn’t mind showing off.

#15 He gets jealous

His jealousy is one of the most obvious signs that show he doesn’t want to lose you.

Being jealous is something that almost everyone has experienced. No matter how small, it’s the feeling of fear that the person you love may be in love with someone else.

According to the director of The Intimacy Institution in Colorado, Jenni Skyler, sourced from Oprah Daily, “Feeling jealous at some point is totally normal.” It’s because it’s a Band-Aid emotion.

Everyone experiences two core emotional fears. There’s fear of not being good enough and of being left out. “We all have at least a little degree of one of those two issues. We’re basically wired that way.”

If he is afraid of losing you, he will care about whom you interact with when it comes to men.

He is not jealous because he doesn’t feel anything for you. It can also be that he is also talking to other people.

So are you being flirty with another guy, and the one you are with doesn’t get jealous of isn’t bothered by it? Then he doesn’t consider what you both have a serious relationship.

#16 You both share the same values

Finding a guy who shares your values and morals can be challenging. So when you do find that someone, it can be hard to let go. Meaningful conversations make leaving it hard, especially when you both want the same things.

#17 He’s overprotective

He is very protective of what you wear or where you go.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and feel abusive if too much. Yet, in general, women usually like men who are a little protective, which comes directly from the fact that he is afraid of losing you.

We don’t want them policing what we wear, but we like to see a little jealousy when we’re around other men.

Women also tend to feel safer walking with their boyfriends than walking alone, especially at night.

In the world today, crazy things are happening, especially to women. Many women are in constant fear of someone raping or kidnapping them.

For some, it has happened already and others are in terror that it will. So when a man tries to protect his girl from danger, it’s because he doesn’t want to lose her.

In short, these signs he’s scared to lose you imply how important he thinks you are to his life and happiness. If you are unsure whether you mean anything to him, look for any of these signs.

His love for you is solid and genuine if he does anything we’ve mentioned.

Now that you know whether he doesn’t want to lose you, what does it mean? Is that good or bad when someone doesn’t want you out of their life? Well, it can very well be both.

#18 He makes future plans with you

Future plans and baby talk are one of the biggest signs he doesn’t want to lose you, EVER. A guy who wants to commit to you is showing him he deeply cares about you and wants to spend his life with you.

What Does it Mean When Someone Doesn’t Want to Lose You?


When someone doesn’t want to lose you, it means that they value what you contribute to their life. It could be that you make them happy and content.

Or maybe you do things that they like or enjoy. When a guy says he doesn’t want to lose you, consider the reason why before you fall for his words.

Why is he is saying these words, and how genuine is it? Is it because you do his laundry every weekend, or is it because he considers you his soulmate? If the love is authentic, you will know how he treats you.

Actions speak louder than words. If he isn’t acting like you or valuable to him while he still has you, what makes you think he doesn’t want to lose you?

Also consider that sometimes it takes him losing you to know what he had.

How do you make a guy scared of losing you?


Situations can show you how a guy feels about you. You may be ill or close to death, and his response shows how much he fears losing you.

He might fear losing you because you provide him with something he would rather not live without.

It could be that you have loved and supported him as no one else has ever done.

Or it could be that you are funny and make him laugh so much. It can also be that you provide him with food and shelter.

You should ensure he loves you for you, not for what you have. If he loves you for what you have, it will be easy to leave you when things get tough.

Think about the assets you bring to the relationship. If you cannot think of anything and believe that your guy is not scared of losing you, there are some ways that you can make him want to stay.

#1 Cooking

Being able to cook a homemade meal is something that everyone should learn to do.

People love to have someone who can cook for them. It is a plus and very useful. If he is ill and you can cook, it’s one less thing for him to worry about. 

#2 Becoming wealthy

He is afraid to lose you because you have money and are independent, and he benefits from those things.

Some men feel threatened when their SOs are doing well and don’t need financial help.

But other men don’t care. That is a good thing for them. Yet material and wealth are not things you should use to pull anyone.

If you lose it all one day, they most likely will leave for greener pastures.

#3 Sense of humor

Your sense of humor matches his. Most people are funny in their way. Sometimes what you find hilarious isn’t what another considers to be funny.

If your sense of humor is similar to his, he will appreciate it. A guy likes girls who laugh at their jokes. It means they can entertain them.

#4 You are beautiful

Your guy thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world. To him, no other girl can compare to you. You can’t change his opinion or become.

It depends on if you are with the right one. The one for you would see you as the most beautiful girl in the world, whom he doesn’t want to lose.

#5 You’re great in bed

Sex adds to the relationship and can be a maker or breaker for certain people.

According to Glamour Magazine, men and women have different opinions about sex being a factor in the relationship.

The magazine ran an unofficial poll. The answers were close, but they concluded that for most women, sex isn’t a big deal-breaker for them. Whereas for most men, according to the survey, it matters.

It has to do with the psychological mentality of a male. Males have proven to be more driven by sex.

Women usually want more than sex from a man. Women generally get more attached to a person they have slept with than men.

That is why sex matters to them. So, if you look at quantity over quality, then sex would be a big deal breaker to men.

#6 By being you

Although the reasons above are all great, you will attract the right one by being yourself.

It’s okay if you cannot cook or are not as funny as others. Your guy may like you for something else not mentioned.

Please don’t pretend to be someone you are not because that would make him care even less. The one for you would love you either way.

Now you know what it takes to make a guy want to hold on to you forever.

But how will you know when he has reached that level of love for you? To the point where letting go will break him.

How do you know if he will never leave you?


Many women are afraid to commit to a man only to get their hearts shattered in pieces. It can be exceedingly hurtful, which no woman likes going through.

If you’ve asked yourself, “How do you know if he will never leave you?” No matter how many big signs there are he doesn’t want to lose you. The truth is you won’t.

You cannot know how someone feels if they never talk about it. But men usually don’t like to express their feelings even though they know that feelings matter.

So, it’s great when a relationship has a foundation of mutual love, trust, and honesty. It should also have good communication. That is the kind of relationship that has the potential to last.

According to Marie Claire Magazine, “The One doesn’t exist. In my opinion, people who feel they’ve found The One have just found a really great, healthy relationship.”

You cannot know for sure, but some signs can let you know he is the one and he is ready for a long-term relationship.

Over time, people grow apart if you do not build a relationship on a solid foundation.

Priorities change. That is why it is essential to enjoy each other as best as possible and talk through things.

If you notice him doing these things or behaving in the ways mentioned below, he is serious about you. He may even think you’re the one (if that exists).

He is comfortable around you

What’s he like when he’s around you? Does he feel okay to be himself without putting on a show to try and impress you? Then he considers you very special to him.

He doesn’t have to put on a show for you because you have already accepted him for who he is. A man who can be his true self with you is a man who wants to keep you.

Is he always nervous around you? Does he brag about what he has or what he has done? Then he is not entirely comfortable around you.

Willing to wait till marriage

He doesn’t mind waiting to have sex with you. This sign is one of the most obvious ones to know if a guy will stick by you.

Many guys want to hook up with girls and leave without a serious relationship.

So if he is willing to wait till marriage, he is pretty serious about you because marriage is no joke. He sees no one but you in his plans, so he doesn’t want to lose you over something like having sex.

He doesn’t love you only for your physical appearance

If a guy only values you because of your beauty or body, he doesn’t love you.

What would he do if you have body changes or your physical appearance isn’t pleasing to him anymore? He should fall in love with your personality, not your looks. That is what makes a relationship long-lasting.

To conclude, whatever the reason may be, if a guy shows signs he doesn’t want to lose you, he will work to keep you. Keep your standards high, ladies!