20 Honest Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough

Is your relationship with your man giving you more anxiety and heartache than ever before? Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. But what are the signs he doesn’t love you enough?

Both partners try to make things work in a healthy relationship through the good and the bad.

If you’re beginning to feel like you’re giving the relationship your all while he withdraws, you’ll start to feel hurt and neglected. 

Perhaps you’ve begun to notice that the physical intimacy between the two of you has become less and less frequent.

He may not even hug you, kiss you, or even touch you at all anymore. Or maybe he doesn’t call or text as much as he used to.

Perhaps his family is creating obstacles in your relationship, and instead of setting boundaries with them, he lets them trample on your love. There are many ways that a man may begin to show you that he doesn’t care as much anymore. 

When a man truly loves a woman, he will go to the ends of the earth for her.

There’s nothing that would stop a man who’s in love fully. So if you’ve been wondering why he’s been emotionally distant and unavailable, these are the important signs that he doesn’t love you enough. 

20 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough


Have you wondered, “Does he love me as I love him?” Just the thought alone is enough to break your heart.

However, it’s important to acknowledge whether the man in your life is someone you can depend on or someone you need to walk away from. Everyone deserves a partner that will love them through it all.

If you’re beginning to feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship, then pay attention to these signs that show he doesn’t love you enough. 

1. He always has to be right 

Nobody is ever 100% right all of the time. As humans, we are all inherently flawed in one way or another.

However, it can be a pretty bad sign when the man you’re in a relationship with refuses to admit that he’s wrong.

When we’re in a relationship with somebody we care deeply for, we set aside our pride and need always to be right.

If he never backs down during a fight and continues to defend his case no matter what, then he doesn’t love you enough to salvage the connection.

This is also known as gaslighting. His desire to always be right will begin to drive a significant wedge in your relationship as it will stunt all possibilities for growth. 

2. He refuses to make up after a fight 

Every couple fights. Even the most perfect couple you know has had their fair share of arguments.

In fact, arguing can be healthy for a relationship as many experts agree that it allows you to understand your partner better and how they handle conflict. That’s why how he takes fights between the two of you is a big deal.

What is he like when the two of you fight? Does he go out of his way to hear you out and resolve things?

Or does he leave the house, turn his phone off, and refuse to hear you? A man who loves you will want to ensure that your arguments are resolved and that you feel safe and heard. 

3. He talks about other women all the time 

This one is a major red flag to watch out for. If your man always talks to you about other girls and their attractiveness, then he doesn’t love you enough to respect your boundaries.

Unless the two of you are in an open relationship and you are ok with him commenting on other women, this kind of behavior shows that he doesn’t care.

It’s enough to have any woman, even the most confident, questioning the relationship.

A guy who loves and respects you will always want to ensure you know how special you are to him. 

4. He begins to say hurtful things to you and puts you down 

Have you begun noticing that he constantly puts you down or belittles you? He may even do this in front of family and friends.

At first, he made it seem like he was only kidding or making jokes, but the comments have become meaner and meaner and more hurtful over time. This type of behavior is a humiliation tactic, and his goal is to lower your self-esteem.

It becomes even more painful when you realize that you can’t even remember the last time he didn’t make fun of you.

If this is the type of attitude he’s been displaying, then it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t love you like he once may have. 

5. He never compliments you on your appearance 

Looks alone should never be the reason why a guy chooses to be with you. He should find both your looks and personality attractive.

However, while it’s a bad sign if he only focuses on your looks, it’s also not great if he never compliments you on your appearance.

A guy who never tells you that you’re beautiful is either one who doesn’t see your value or one who does and wants to make sure you don’t.

A man worth your time and energy will let you know how good you look and will be healthily attracted to you. 

6. He refuses ever to apologize, even when he’s entirely in the wrong 

Every person makes mistakes. It’s all part of the human experience. One of the most humbling learning experiences is knowing when it’s our turn to say sorry.

Apologies help to fix broken hearts and hurt feelings. If he refuses ever to say sorry when he’s in the wrong or says things like, “This is just who I am.

Take it or leave it,” then he’s showing you he doesn’t care enough to mend things between the two of you.

His need to be right is more important to him than anything. When a man’s ego is more important to him than you, it clearly shows he doesn’t love you enough. 

7. He won’t introduce you to his friends or family members 

There are many reasons why a guy may be waiting to introduce you to his family. Perhaps he’s more reserved and wants to ensure the two of you are on the same page before starting the introductions.

Ultimately, the best time to start the family and friend introductions is based on trust.

However, if the two of you have been dating for almost a year and there has been no talk of family introductions, then take it as a sign.

This could mean that he doesn’t see a real future between the two of you. You could wait another year without any real family introductions with a guy like this. 

8. He never wants to spend time with his family or friends 

A guy interested in being with you will want to meet your friends. He’ll acknowledge how important these relationships are to you and will want to try to get to know everyone.

However, he more than likely doesn’t care enough to want to be a part of your life in a bigger way.

If he makes zero effort to meet or spend time with the people closest to you, then chances are he doesn’t love you enough. 

9. He avoids talking about your future together and refuses to talk about it when it’s brought up 

How does he react when you start to ask him about your future together? Is he eager to make plans, or does he roll his eyes and instantly shut down?

If the answer is the latter, you’re dealing with a big red flag.

If he does this every single time, he obviously doesn’t see things progressing any further. A man that is in love with you will be enthusiastic about your future together.

He’ll at the very least mention certain milestones such as moving in together or eventually getting married.

Even if his plans with you aren’t entirely solid, he should know where he wants things to go. 

10. Your sexual intimacy is dwindling 

Physical intimacy is a huge component of a healthy relationship. Experts agree that physical intimacy is necessary for human connections.

If the two of you previously had a healthy sex life and now things are beginning to fall off, then this is a huge sign that things aren’t going well. It’s normal for our physical needs and wants to fluctuate.

We’re not always going to be in sync with our partners. However, if the intimacy is starting to wane and he’s not open to discussing it, then it may be time to accept that his love for you isn’t enough. 

11. The communication between the two of you isn’t what it used to be 

There are a lot of key aspects that create a healthy and loving relationship. Any expert will agree that communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.

Talking to one another and expressing yourself is so important to understanding and relating in a relationship.

His lack of communication is a major sign that he doesn’t love you enough. This is different than someone deliberately ignoring you.

Instead, you’ll notice that he keeps more things to himself. He’ll keep his answers short and simple when you ask him questions about his day or feelings.

Even when he does respond, he’s also using his phone or watching TV and not giving you his full attention. All of these point to him not valuing your connection. 

12. He constantly breaks his promises to you 

A partner who follows through with his actions cares. How does your partner react when you tell him that you want to spend more time together?

Does he say, “Absolutely!” and then fail to deliver? Maybe he says it’s not a big deal, but it feels like one to you. 

Broken promises, no matter how big or small, will harm your relationship’s bond as they continue to happen. No one deserves to feel ignored and made to feel unimportant.

When he’s constantly letting you down, time after time, he’s letting you know that he doesn’t value you. He doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere or he would keep his promises to you. 

13. He loses his temper very easily with you 

How does he react to situations that stress him out or irritate him? Does he immediately lose his temper at you and react with destructive behavior?

This type of behavior is unhealthy and even borders on emotionally abusive.

Anger is a healthy human emotion, and everyone is allowed to feel it. However, how the anger is expressed determines whether it’s healthy or not.

Pay attention to the actions that upset him. Does the intensity of his reaction mirror the situation at hand? Let’s say you accidentally dropped his favorite mug, and it smashed to pieces.

Is his reaction frustrated but understanding? Or does he blow upon you and call you names or become destructive himself? A man who loves you will never turn his anger onto you. 

14. He lies…a lot 

Have you ever caught your lover lying? This clearly indicates that he doesn’t care enough about you, and there’s no getting around it.

A respectful man who loves his partner will avoid telling her lies. There’s no reason not to speak the truth if he’s not deliberately cheating or attempting to mislead you.

If you catch him in a lie, it’s a confirmation that he doesn’t respect you or the relationship.

15. You practically have to beg him to hang out with you 

A guy who adores you will frequently want to see and communicate with you. If you feel like you’re the only one trying to make plans, then it’s not a good sign.

It may mean that he doesn’t want to see you as much as you want to see him. It also shows that he’s not invested in wanting to build a deeper connection with you.

In a healthy partnership, both people should reach out and attempt to make plans happen. If you’re the only one doing it, then the chances are that he doesn’t love you enough. 

16. He keeps your relationship a secret 

There are very few reasons for a man to keep his relationship with you a secret. He should be delighted to be in a romantic relationship with you.

If he decides to continue to keep you a secret, it’s a pretty big red flag. You have to wonder why a man who truly loved you would do anything like that.

Keeping your relationship quiet may be a way for him to continue dating other women or simply keep his options open. 

17. He doesn’t want to post about your relationship on social media 

This one is pretty similar to wanting to keep your relationship a secret. Not everybody loves to post on social media.

Some people are private and prefer not to have their personal business out there.

However, it is problematic behavior if he prevents you from posting images, tagging him, or posting about him on any and all social media sites.

Unless he has something to hide, he shouldn’t have a major problem with a photo of the two of you being put up. This behavior clearly shows that he doesn’t care enough about you. 

18. He never offers to help you out 

A high-quality man who sees a future with you will want to support you in any way that he can.

Even if you’re the most independent woman, knowing that you can count on your man means a lot.

A man who loves you will help bring in the groceries or help with cooking dinner.

If he’s not contributing to the relationship, then he’s not worthy of your time or energy. A man who loves you enough will always offer a helping hand. 

19. He always talks about his ex-girlfriends and dwells on his past 

Does he always complain about his ex-girlfriend to you? Is he constantly dwelling on his past and can’t seem to move past it?

It doesn’t matter how horrible his ex was or how much he wishes he could change the past.

He has not moved on if he’s still thinking about it and complaining about it. Pay attention to the language he uses as well.

Does he call his ex “crazy” or “psycho”? This shows a lack of respect for his past relationships and for you. 

20. He compares you to other women 

A man who loves you is going to adore you through it all. He won’t compare you to other women because, in his eyes, you’re as close to perfection as possible.

When a man compares you to another woman, it can be so hurtful. Not feeling good enough for someone is one of the worst feelings.

If he isn’t as wild about you as you are about him, then does he love you enough? The answer is, unfortunately, no. 

How To Know If He Still Loves You After A Fight?


Every couple fights. It’s a part of life, and we won’t always see eye-to-eye with the person we love.

However, the worst feeling is thinking that you will break up after disagreeing.

If you’ve had someone break up with you after a fight when you didn’t want to split up with them, it can be hard to determine if your next partner still loves you after a fight.

Some men are great at ensuring you feel secure in the relationship, even after a fight. However, others always play coy and refuse to apologize because of their egos.

That being said, some several clues and actions might suggest their feelings for you.

So how can you tell if he still loves you after a disagreement?

These are the signs that he still loves you, even after an argument:

1. He’s comfortable discussing what happened with you

One of the signs that your partner still loves you is that he is willing to talk to you about what happened after a disagreement.

He is interested in hearing about what happened from your point of view and is willing to discuss it with you. He can also listen without reacting negatively or assuming the worst from their point of view.

He wants to figure out how to fix everything so that the two of you can move past this. He will stand with you through it all if he truly loves you. 

2. He is still eager to spend time with you

This might be an indication that he enjoys and misses being around you.

If after a fight he still wants to cuddle with you in bed or wants to watch your favorite TV show together, then it’s obvious he still cares.

A bad sign would be if he completely ignores you after a fight. Ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment may be cause for concern. When you’re the one being iced out, you begin to feel unhappy and invisible.

This can create rifts in the partnership and show that he may control or manipulate your feelings. 

3. He expresses regret for his role in the conflict, even if it was a miscommunication

When a man sincerely wants to make things right, he will admit and apologize for his role in the altercation.

This is a definite way to know if he loves you or not. He also doesn’t dodge the problem, even if it was a misunderstanding, and listens to what you say.

When he’s willing to look past your differences, that’s how you know he still cares and doesn’t want to lose you over a fight. If that’s the case, you can feel reassured that he loves you enough not to want to break up. 

4. When he knows that he messed up, he’s willing to apologize and ask for forgiveness 

He still loves you if he asks for forgiveness for his part in the fight, even if it was a misunderstanding.

A man who loves you will want to make amends. He’ll initiate hugs and kisses or will ask you out on a date night. He will appear to be remorseful for hurting your feelings.

When he asks for forgiveness, it shows that he knows what he did was wrong and will ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

5. He continues to make an attempt to do stuff that makes you happy 

He still loves you if he attempts to do things that used to make you happy together before you got into the fight.

He may even come off more loving and sweet to show you that he cares and misses you.

For example, he’ll go out of his way to bring you your favorite snacks. Or perhaps he puts on your favorite movie on movie night.

He’ll show that he cares in many small ways after a fight. If a guy doesn’t try to reconcile and show you that you matter, then he doesn’t care enough about you. 

6. You get the impression that he truly regrets hurting your feelings

Even though someone might say they’re sorry, it doesn’t always mean they are. We can tell when someone is being genuine with their apology.

Because of that, when you can tell that he’s upset about hurting your feelings, you know he loves you.

Some people aren’t always good at apologizing. Even if he doesn’t outright say that he’s sorry, he may do other things that show that he is.

Pay attention to his body language and behavior. All of these will indicate whether he is being genuine or not. 

If He Loves You, He Will Fight For You


A man who is sincerely in love with you would never stop fighting for you and the connection the two of you share.

When a man doesn’t fight for you, you may think that “he loves me but not enough.” With the right man, you won’t have to second-guess his intentions. You won’t need to question his motives. 

Here are the top ways a man who loves you will fight for you: 

1. He’ll do everything to grab your attention and fight for it 

The man who loves you will present himself properly, state his goals with you, and keep the lines of communication open.

He won’t allow a lack of confidence to keep him from getting to know you. He’ll make a great first impression, and try to make sure you remember him.

Setting himself apart from other men is a great way to get your attention and fight for you to choose him. 

2. He’ll go to great lengths to get to know you 

The man who cares about you dearly isn’t going to be the one who texts you on the spur of the moment when he’s bored.

Instead, he’ll make an intentional effort to get to know you. He’ll ask you questions about yourself, get a sense of your likes and dislikes, and will make sure to make a mental note about it all. This type of man will never leave you wondering.

He will try to engage with you and fight to get to know who you are and what makes you tick. 

3. He’ll go to great lengths to keep you captivated and interested 

A guy who loves you enough will ensure you always feel loved and engaged. He’ll arrange fun and creative dates.

He’ll engage you in stimulating conversation. He’ll always find a way to surprise you to show you that he’s ready to make an effort to keep your connection fresh and engaging.

When a guy loves you and sees that your connection can deepen, he will fight to keep you interested. 

4. On bad days, he’ll do everything he can to make you smile.

A man in love will fight to make you smile and feel better when it feels like your world is falling apart.

When you’re sad, he’ll go out of his way to cheer you up. He’ll notice what helps you feel better on bad days and will go out of his way to make you happy. This is because he knows you would do the same thing for him.

A man who doesn’t love you enough may not even pay attention to your moods at all.

He may even pretend like he doesn’t notice when you’re feeling down. A man who loves you enough separates himself from one who doesn’t. 

5. Every day is another opportunity for him to fight to love you more 

Can there ever be a limit to how much love two people can share with one another?

The man who will fight for you knows that you can never share too much love. He’ll work hard to make every day he spends with you memorable.

He knows in his heart that he will never stop trying to win you over. It doesn’t matter how many years you spend together.

Every relationship goes through phases of inertia, but when you meet your lifelong partner, you’ll want to keep developing and growing with them. He’ll fight to keep the love going when he truly cares.