18 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

Your relationship is thriving. You and your partner are deeply in love, and you’ve never been happier. So there’s only one logical step to take next: to get engaged.

Some people have a clear suspicion that their partners are about to propose. Take TikToker Sam Doll, who was “95% sure” her partner would propose.

To her, the signs were clear, but every relationship is different. Another social media site user shared their disappointing experience, saying, “I thought I was getting engaged one day. Instead, I wound up being the proud owner of an ice fishing rod.”

If you suspect your boyfriend is showing signs he wants to marry you but wants to avoid disappointment, keep an eye out for the following telltale signs that suggest your intuition is spot on.

18 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring


#1 He Starts Saving Money

If your boyfriend suddenly becomes obsessed with how much everything costs and seems to be squirreling his money away, he might be saving up for something big.

Hopefully, that’s an engagement ring rather than an ice fishing rod!

Where he once spoiled you with expensive nights out and spontaneous mid-week breaks, he now prefers dinner at home.

In addition, he’s suddenly stopped splashing out on extravagant gifts, rarely even buying you a bunch of flowers.

In some relationships, these signs could be cause for concern, but if you’ve been together for several years and share a deep, intimate connection, it could be a sign that he’s saving up for an engagement ring.

Try to have a little faith in your partner and resist giving him a hard time about his desire to save money.

Engagement rings don’t come cheap, especially not if your man wants to treat you to something truly special.

On average, men spend around $3,00 to $5,000 on an engagement ring which is more than the standard salary can stretch to without much hard work and penny-pinching.

#2 He’s Keeping Secrets

In the past, your partner shared everything with you, even giving you the passcode on his cell phone as proof that he had nothing to hide.

If he suddenly starts behaving suspiciously, changing his passcode, or taking phone calls in another room, it might be difficult to trust him.


However, if things are going well between the two of you, it could be cause for celebration!

Maybe he’s taking a call from the jeweler designing your ring or grilling your best friend about the kinds of ring you prefer.

Maybe he’s already bought the ring and planning a big proposal.

The best thing to do is trust your gut instinct. If you believe your relationship is both happy and healthy, give your partner some space – you never know what the reward might be!  

#3 He’s More Attentive

When your partner keeps complimenting you on your appearance or highlighting the things he likes best about you, it could be because he’s imagining you as his future wife.

Maybe he’s started doing small things to please you, like putting the toilet lid down, taking the garbage out, or cooking you dinner.

For guys, proposing to someone is a big deal. It shows a huge level of commitment and only happens when there’s a genuine connection.

By pampering you or showering you with compliments, he’s not only trying to show you how much he loves you but also making sure he’s on your good side in the hopes that you’ll say yes when he does get down on one knee!

#4 He’s Planning a Trip

When your partner starts talking to you about a romantic getaway, it could be because he’s planning to propose.

Lucky you! Overseas proposals are some of the most popular, according to a survey by OnePoll.


After speaking to 2,000 Americans, OnePoll found that 47% believed holidays are the best time to propose.

While any destination will do when you’re head over heels in love, some of the most romantic include the sandy beaches of Goa, the colorful coastline of Cinque Terre in Italy, and the picturesque island of Santorini in Greece.

If any of those destinations pop up in conversation, your partner might be planning to pop the question.

Even if he keeps your destination a secret, the fact that he’s going to so much trouble suggests a proposal could be on the horizon. 

#5 He Pays More Attention to His Appearance

Any man considering proposing wants his partner to believe she’s getting a good deal. That means presenting himself in the best possible light.

The baggy sweatpants and hideous cardigan knitted by his grandmother suddenly disappear, and more sophisticated fashion choices appear.


By paying attention to his appearance, he’s showing that he’s thinking about his future and the man he wants to become.

He’s also thinking about the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with, and trying to live up to those expectations.

In this situation, the best thing to do is compliment him on his appearance and show how much you appreciate his efforts.

This will give him the confidence to proceed with his surprise proposal.

#6 He Shows More Interest in Your Past

It’s a good sign when your partner asks you questions about your childhood and where you grew up. 

He might be thinking about how he’ll fit into your family or taking into account the places that were important to you so he can use one of them for his marriage proposal. 


When your partner suddenly starts talking about your past, family, and relationships, he may already have an engagement ring hidden. 

Now, he’s trying to understand your family values better so he can figure out what type of relationship will make you happy in the future.

#7 He Spends More Time with Your Family

When you’ve been in a committed relationship for a couple of years, your partner likely knows your family members pretty well.

If he shows a sudden interest in getting to know them better and spending more time with them, it could be because there’s a proposal coming. 

Maybe he already asked your parents for their blessing, bringing them closer together.

Alternatively, it may have dawned on him that if you are together forever, your family will play a big part in your collective future. 

Some men get closer to your family before they propose because they want to learn more about you.

Maybe there’s an old engagement ring he believes will be perfect for you, or he’s getting ready to propose but wants some advice on the best time and place.

Your partner may want to deepen his relationship with your loved ones, but if he starts talking about what a great mum you have, it’s one of the surest signs he’s bought an engagement ring.

#8 He Tries to Find Out Your Ring Size

If you find your partner rummaging through your jewelry box, trying on your rings, it’s a sure sign he’s getting ready to propose. 

Some men are more discreet than others and may try asking your friends and family members rather than revealing their plans to you directly. 

Other men may suggest comparing your hand sizes against their own, asking to try on one of your rings so he can see how much smaller your fingers are. 

When your boyfriend shows an unusual interest in your left hand, it’s one of a few key signs that he’s considering buying an engagement ring. 

#9 He Lingers Outside Jewelry Stores

Few men enjoy browsing in a jewelry store unless they consider proposing. In the past, he may have surprised you with a pair of earrings or a necklace for your birthday, but he’s never shown that much interest in shopping around. 

Maybe it’s not only physical jewelry stores that grab his attention but online ones. 

Perhaps you find him scrutinizing the De Beers website when he thinks you’re not looking, or you discover a list of jewelry stores in his cell phone’s search history.

Either way, this is a red flag that he’s thinking of proposing.

#10 He Suddenly Knows a Lot About Rings

You don’t find the perfect engagement ring overnight. It’s a long process that requires lots of research.

If your partner suddenly knows all the little details about the best types of precious metals, the carat, and the clarity of stones, he’s started searching for the perfect ring. 

he knows a lot about rings

If this happens, try to contain your curiosity. Of course, you’re dying to know what he’ll choose, but it’s crucial to give him the space to find something he knows you’ll love and cherish for the rest of your life.

#11 He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship for a while, you’ve probably already met your partner’s most important people. Some men prefer to keep different parts of their lives separate, however. 

Maybe you’ve met his work colleagues but not his old school friends or the guys he hangs out with at the gym. 

When a guy starts introducing you to his extended family or inviting you to spend time with him and his friends, it’s a good time to start wondering if he’s bought an engagement ring. 

If he invites you to spend holidays with his family, he wants you to be a part of his life, both now and in the future.

#12 He Starts Talking About the Future

A man that’s started talking about the future and making plans for years to come is so committed he’s probably already bought an engagement ring. 

In the past, he avoided discussions about marriage or having kids someday, but now he can’t stop talking about what lies ahead for the two of you. 

Maybe he’s even started dropping hints about where you might live, what kind of house you’ll buy, or how many children you’ll have. 

Either way, focusing on the future is a great sign he’s bought an engagement ring and is planning a life together. 

#13 He Gets Nervous Around You

If your partner’s behavior seems a little odd from time to time it could be because he’s bought an engagement ring and is trying to hide it from you.

Proposing to someone is a big deal, and some men start acting a little weird before the big moment.

Signs that he could be planning to propose in the near future include struggling to make eye contact with you or getting tongue-tied when talking about the future. 

When men start acting differently, it’s a good sign that they’ve bought an engagement ring and are now waiting for the perfect moment to propose.

#14 He’s Interested in Weddings

When a man who previously shuddered at the mere mention of a seating plan or boutonniere shows a surprising amount of interest in your best friend’s wedding, it probably means he’s bought an engagement ring and is starting to think about tying the knot. 

Conversations about dresses, venues, cakes, and wedding food are notoriously off-putting for many men, so when a man starts talking about these little details, it suggests he’s got a vested interest in the subject. 

He is trying to figure out how to make the occasion perfect for his bride-to-be, and he’s also running through the budget in his head, figuring out when he needs to start saving for the big day. 

#15 He Introduces You as His Girlfriend

One of the first signs that things are getting serious is your partner publicly acknowledging you as his girlfriend. 

Men can be reluctant to put all their eggs into one basket when it comes to relationships, so one that’s keen to introduce you as his girlfriend and post your relationship status on social media could be thinking about marriage. 

His actions show that he’s comfortable with the idea of you two being a couple and feels you’ve reached a place where you’re both seriously committed to one another. 

He may not be ready to propose just yet, but he might be thinking about the next step and hoping that you’re on the same page. 

#16 He Asks Others About Getting Engaged

When a man starts talking to your friends about when and how they got engaged, it’s obvious he’s planning something.

Maybe he’s already found the perfect ring, and is trying to get a better idea of how and when to propose. 

If he pays attention to your friend’s stories about romantic dinners and boyfriends getting down on one knee, he’s getting ready to propose. 

As exciting as this might be, try not to steal his thunder by scrutinizing his every move or asking him endless questions to get a better idea of when the big moment might be. 

Trust that your partner knows you well enough that when he is ready to propose, he’ll do it in a way that sweeps you off your feet. 

#17 He Starts Looking At Houses

If you’re not already living together, a boyfriend who’s recently bought an engagement ring might start looking around for places that would suit a newly married couple. 

Maybe you are already cohabiting but want a place to call your own or need a bigger house to accommodate all the children you plan on having.

Your partner might suggest alternative living arrangements if finances make buying property impossible. 

He might ask you how you’d feel about moving into his place or suggest that the two of you could rent somewhere more suitable or convenient than your current living arrangements offer. 

Talking about getting onto the property ladder is a sure sign he’s bought an engagement ring and is making plans for the future. 

#18 He Keeps a Special Date Open

If there’s a special occasion around the corner that your boyfriend tells you to keep free, it could be because he’s bought an engagement ring and is getting ready to propose. 

special date

Many men propose on a special date, be it a birthday, a significant anniversary, or Christmas.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and he plans to join the other 6 million people that get engaged on February 14th.

If he refuses to share his plans with you or starts acting strangely in the run-up to a big event, stay calm and hope for the best. You may get more than a red rose for Valentine’s Day! 


How Do You Know if he is Planning on Proposing?

If your partner starts acting differently, but your relationship is better than ever, it suggests he’s getting ready to propose. 

A guy that behaves differently, asks about your past, or gets jittery when you talk about the future could well have bought an engagement ring. 


There are many subtle signs that your boyfriend’s getting ready to propose, from acting more secretively than usual to hanging around outside a jewelry store. 

Most women know in their hearts when a man’s about to propose, but it helps when that gut feeling is accompanied by other signs he bought an engagement ring. 

How Long do Guys Wait to Propose After Buying a Ring?

Experts recommend proposing around three months after buying an engagement ring, but many men struggle to wait that long. 

According to some online discussions, most men propose within a month of buying an engagement ring, while others wait for months or even years. 

It can be confusing and frustrating if you know your partner bought an engagement ring, but he never seems to get around to proposing.

He could be planning a romantic getaway or waiting for a special occasion. 

On the other hand, he could have cold feet and need encouragement – just be careful not to pressure him. 

If he’s bought the ring and is invested in the relationship, he’ll get around to proposing eventually. 

If you bombard him with too many questions, you could spoil the surprise element and hurt his feelings. 

What Does an Engagement Ring Mean to a Man?

Buying an engagement ring is a rite of passage for many men.

Not only does it show their commitment to their chosen partner, but it also signifies a willingness to enter a new phase in their lives. 

Stepping out from behind their fathers’ shadows, they declare themselves ready for commitment and responsibility. 


An engagement ring is a promise that you intend to marry someone and a strong symbol of the depth of your feelings. 

For some men, buying an engagement ring is “an acceptance of a path that’s been drawn before—and it’s an acknowledgment of the tradition we’re entering.”

When he sees you wearing the ring he chose for you, he feels a sense of pride and is reminded of how much you love him.


All men are individuals and, as such behave differently when getting ready to propose. Nevertheless, certain signs indicate he bought an engagement ring. 

Keep an eye out for subtle changes in his behavior, increased secrecy, paying attention to little details, or starting to save money, and it could give you a clue as to what your future holds. 

One of the most obvious signs he bought an engagement ring is finding the box hidden in his car or wardrobe. 

If that does happen, try not to spoil the surprise. Remember, your boyfriend’s been building up to this moment for weeks, if not months, and will only get down on one knee once he’s ready to propose. 

I know you probably want to be prepared for the big occasion, but if you can do that subtly and without giving the game away, it’ll mean a lot to your husband-to-be, making this nerve-wracking time in his life a little easier.