23 Strange Signs from the Universe That Someone is Thinking of You

This article is about 23 strange signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you. And you might be surprised—spotting the signs when you know where to look is easy.

Did you ever have that indescribable feeling someone was thinking about you? Or that you were thinking about someone, and the next minute, the phone rings and that person calls. This is called Synchronicity, a concept used in Analytical Psychology. Carl Jung (famous psychologist alert) is the first to talk about this concept, which refers to how the outside world is sometimes related to the human mind.

There is a lot of skepticism about Synchronicity, but with the help of this concept, we can sometimes help explain things we otherwise can not explain.

So If you have ever wondered if someone out there was thinking of you, these are the signs from the universe to watch out for.

23 Strange Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

As a scientist, I approached these 23 signs from both a science and a psychic perspective. That way, we walk the tightrope of blindly accepting something as gospel truth and carelessly dismissing it as hogwash. My goal is to take an honest, objective look at these signs.

After all, isn’t the best way to arrive at the truth to question everything—including the claim that everything needs solid, measurable evidence to be true?

The premise is simple for those versed in the psychic realm: We’re all connected. Everything in the universe comprises a web of energy—interconnected, malleable, and conscious. It’s possible, even probable, to send messages across this web of energy through the power of our minds.

So here are 23 ways this web of energy interacts with us in a mundane, yet potentially useful, way. If you’ve ever experienced a weird coincidence or a welcome luck out of the blue, guess what—someone might be thinking of you.

Sign #1: You Blush for No Reason


Picture this: You’re just going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly, You blush. Your cheeks get red, and they feel like they’re on fire. Except you’re not embarrassed, excited, or flustered—it’s like you blushed out of the blue for no reason.

Psychics understand random blushing as a sign that someone’s thinking of you so intensely that your nervous system reacts. The energy they generated reached you through the universal web of energy and caused your cheeks to flush.

That said, certain medical conditions cause random blushing. But if you’ve never suffered from any of them and it still happens, then it might be the universe trying to tell you something.

Sign #2: You Get Hiccups Out of the Blue


Likewise, it may also be a cosmic sign when you get hiccups out of the blue. This is likely the case when you didn’t eat anything too fast, or you didn’t drink any soda or alcohol, and you didn’t get too excited—and yet the hiccups still struck you.

Like blushing for no reason, random hiccups can be caused by someone thinking of you so intensely, which manifests enough energy to irritate your diaphragm.

While this hiccup’s spiritual meaning, checking all possibilities is prudent, schedule a checkup with your physician if your random hiccups become too frequent and troublesome.

Sign #3: Sudden and Inexplicable Mood Swings

This can go both ways—either you’re in a high, happy state and suddenly get depressed… or you’re down in the dumps, and then you suddenly brighten up for seemingly no reason. If this happens to you—and you have no family history of bipolar disorder—then it’s probably the universe sending you a message.

Take note of the new emotion, though. You’d associate it with whoever is thinking of you at that moment. If you suddenly become depressive, the energy may come from someone who harbors a grudge or wishes ill on you.

Conversely, if you suddenly became maniacally happy, someone might have a really good opinion of you somewhere. Whether or not they know their energy would reach you is anybody’s guess, but the thought is appreciated nonetheless, right?

Sign #4: Unexplainable Sneezing Fits


This is when you normally don’t suffer from allergies but get a random sneezing fit anyway. If you can’t explain why it happened, it’s probably the universe letting you know someone is thinking of you. And that’s not all—that someone might actually be romantically attracted to you.

For some strange reason, this sign is much more common among individuals of Asian descent: Many believe sneezing means someone is thinking of you. If you immersed yourself in almost any Asian culture, you’ll likely come across the folk belief that when you sneeze for no reason, it means someone likes you and is thinking of you very intensely at that moment.

On a side note, you can play a fun game when you have an unexplainable sneezing fit. Quickly look around for the first number you see between 01 and 26. The number you see will correspond to a letter of the alphabet (e.g. 01 = “A”, 02 = “B”, and so on).

According to my Asian friends, the first number you see or hear will signify the first letter of the first name of whoever’s thinking of you at the moment. If nothing else, it’s a good way to have a little fun with an otherwise uncomfortable (and sometimes embarrassing) sneezing fit.

Sign #5: You Smile for No Reason


Has this ever happened to you before? For some weird reason, you can’t stop smiling. You’re not forcing yourself to smile and didn’t see or hear anything funny. You just smiled, and you can’t help it—like you had a wave of good feelings wash over you.

What happened? Psychics would tell you it was likely energies from the universe manifesting in your body as feelings of joy and well-being. Where did it all come from? Most likely, someone who’s thinking of you and wishing you well.

Sign #6: It’s Almost Like You Can Hear Them

Have you ever thought about someone—perhaps someone important to you or someone you miss—then, shortly after, you thought you heard their voice? But when you looked around, no one was there.

Most people would dismiss it as their mind playing tricks. “I’m hearing things,” they’d say. My psychic friends, though, would caution you to consider the possibility that they felt you, too, when you thought about them. And they also felt the unexplainable sensation of missing you.

Maybe give them a call and see how they’re doing?

Sign #7: Your Eye Twitches for No Reason

Eye twitching can sometimes be caused by excessive coffee, stress, or eyestrain. But what if you did and experienced none of that, and your eye still started twitching for no reason?

It’s yet another sign of someone’s thinking of you, though the details are somewhat muddled now. Some psychics say that when your right eye twitches, it either means good luck is coming your way or someone wishes you well. Meanwhile, if your left eye twitches, it means incoming bad luck or someone wishes you would.

Unfortunately, some psychics say it’s the reverse, so take this sign with a grain of salt.

Sign #8: You See Significant Numbers All the Time


Numbers mean different things for different people. So, if there’s a significant number for you and another person who’s important to you—and for some reason, you keep seeing that number everywhere you go. It’s on price tags, calendars, and the figures they flash on the news—it’s weird.

Seeing significant numbers isn’t only a sign they’re thinking of you—it’s both of you thinking of each other simultaneously. The universe then sends the message of this synchronicity by showing you these important numbers to both of you.

Sign #9: You Dream of Them Often

Have you ever dreamed of someone you’ve been thinking of lately, woke up in the middle of the night, fell back asleep—and dreamt of them again? It’s like waking up during a commercial break in the middle of a very interesting TV show.

As you might guess, it’s yet another sign from the universe. It’s not just you who’s thinking of this special person, but they’re thinking of you, too. Maybe it’s a good time to reach out.

Sign #10: You Come Across a Butterfly or White Feather


This is for when you’ve ever lost someone dear to you. They might have passed away or moved away to another part of the world, or they decided to cut off all ties with you for some reason. They’re still very important to you, and their leaving is a great sorrow for you.

Then, sometime after they left, you came across a white feather or a butterfly, either of which seemed extremely out of place (e.g. it was indoors or in a location with no wildlife). What do these signals mean?

White feathers are considered as signs the universe is answering your wishes and prayers (such as for relief, recovery, or getting over the pain). It’s also most likely the sign came with a nudge from the person in question.

Meanwhile, butterflies are especially significant signs after a loved one’s death. Psychics see butterflies as positive energy from the departed. If a butterfly alighted on you sometime after their funeral, they likely tell you they’re okay, hear you, and love you.

Sign #11: They Contact You Out of Nowhere

Imagine this: You think about someone—an old friend or ex, let’s say—and you realize you haven’t seen them for a long time. Then, out of the blue, they contact you. Is that just a coincidence, or was it destined to happen?

If you asked anyone with any psychic gift or training, they’d say you and your old friend were fated to get in touch with each other. And perhaps now would be a good time to meet up.

So the next time this happens to you, consider scheduling some time to catch up with each other. It just might lead to something beautiful.

(On a side note: If the contact is unwelcome and you’d rather not hear from them, here are 10 ways to get them to stop texting you without being mean about it.)

Sign #12: You Keep Getting Reminded of Them

Let’s say you were watching some videos on YouTube in the morning, and an ad comes up that reminds you of a past experience with a very old friend of yours. Then, later that day, you drove by a billboard by the highway that reminded you yet again of your friend.

And then, that same night, you watch a TED Talk of someone whose first name—to your surprise—matches your friend’s. What the heck’s going on?

When you get two or more such signs in rapid succession, listening to what the universe is trying to tell you may be best. It might be a message that it’s time to contact them. Something important might be about to happen, and you might have a role to play in it.

Sign #13: You Get the Shivers and Goosebumps Randomly


This is in the same category of signs as random blushing, hiccups, and eye twitching. You get the shivers and goosebumps out of nowhere. My New Agey friends call it “psychic chills.”

Be careful, though. Random shivers can be good or bad signs from the universe, and it’s best to err on the side of caution and spend the rest of the day playing it safe (e.g. don’t do that unnecessary but fun thing you were planning to do). 

In many cultures, random goosebumps are seen as warnings of potential danger of the paranormal kind. Whether you believe it or not, there are many things in the world we can’t explain, and it’s best to avoid trouble if we can.

Sign #14: Relevant Music Suddenly Playing

A friend of mine told me this story. Decades ago, he had a long-distance girlfriend with whom he shared a special fondness for a certain song. (It was Selena’s Dreaming of You.)

Once, after some time of not being in touch with each other (It was before cheap mobile plans came along), he decided to give her a long-distance call. She was listening to the radio when she picked up the phone, and within seconds of chatting with him, Dreaming of You started playing.

If a one-in-a-million musical event like this happens to you and someone special to you, it’s likely the universe telling you something must happen. Sadly, my friend didn’t act on it, and his relationship with his girlfriend ended within a year.

“Don’t you make that mistake,” is all I’m saying.

Sign #15: You Can’t Get Your Mind Off of Them

Here’s another signal you shouldn’t ignore: you can’t seem to get your mind off the other person. As the Naked Eyes song goes, no matter what you try, there’s “always something there to remind” you.

When your mind keeps steering back to thoughts about the other person, it may be because of incessant signals from the universe telling you this is important. It may be worth contacting the other person and seeing how they’re doing.

Sign #16: You Want to Be With Them No Matter What


No matter what you do, you can’t seem to shake the urge to be with them. Even if you try to forget about them and focus on other things, you can’t help it. It’s like you’re craving a “fix” of their company, and you can’t do anything else until you get it.

This is seen as a signal that they’re thinking of you just as intensely as you are of them, if not even more so. The deep connection is even stronger than you initially thought. It may be time to schedule that meet-up you’ve postponed for so long.

Sign #17: Sudden Upset Tummy

This is a bad one. While it’s always smart to see a doctor for sudden stomach pain, it also pays to check your life for any bad relationships you might have. It’s entirely possible the cause isn’t only physical but perhaps also mental, psychological, or spiritual.

Here’s why: A sudden burning sensation in your stomach can sometimes be a spiritual sign of a strained relationship, especially if you didn’t eat anything bad or injure your abdomen in any way. Your mind may be trying to suppress the stress of this relationship, but it manifests in your body nonetheless. And your stomach is the first organ to suffer for it.

Otherwise, it may be wise to heed the universe’s nudges and address the relationship quickly, whether it’s your marriage or something else. As always, not all toxic relationships can be fixed; in such cases, ending or leaving it is a viable option.

Sign #18: Your Psychic Friend Reads It

Have you ever had a strange experience and wondered if it’s a sign from the universe—and when you told a psychic friend about it, they confirmed it? If so, there’s no doubting it.

There’s nothing like an expert confirming your suspicions. If you have a psychic friend, stay in touch with them. They may also clue you in on other signals you’ve been ignoring.

Sign #19: It’s Like You Know What They’re Doing

This is one of the clearest signs someone is thinking of you—when you correctly guess what they’re doing at a certain moment, even when they’re in another part of the world, and you haven’t talked for a while.

For instance, you might have gotten a strange “vision” in your mind that your ex is seeing someone new. You think nothing of it, except a week later, they reach out to you to tell you they’ve just gotten engaged with someone they met a week earlier. (“Ouch,” but also “Wow.”)

Moments like this may seem like clairvoyance. You thought of each other so strongly that the universe decided to let you know about it.

Sign #20: They’re Viewing Your Forgotten Social Media Posts


Have you ever thought of someone one day, and then you suddenly get a Like or comment from them on one of your old social media posts?

It may be a coincidence, sure. It may also be when you thought of them, they got a signal from the universe and started thinking of you. And they decided to check on you on social media, ending up notifying you by reacting to one of your older posts.

Sign #21: You Experience a Phantom Touch

This is the “ghostly presence” experience. You feel like something touched you, brushed against you, or bumped you—and yet there’s nothing and no one there. Has that ever happened to you?

Psychics are familiar with these ghostly touches, and they say it may very well be the spirit of someone you know who passed away some time ago, but who has been on your mind quite a bit. It’s like the universe is letting them send you a tiny message to say they’re doing fine.

That said, they do warn you to watch out for negative phantom touches: Slaps, scratches, shoves and such. These could also be supernatural, but the negative energy might be from a malevolent entity wishing you ill.

Sign #22: They Read Your Mind


Picture this: You’re thinking of someone, hoping they’d ask you to meet up sometime soon. Then, after some time, you get a text from them asking if you could meet later that week. They tell you they suddenly have the urge to spend time with you. So what just happened?

Again, the universe got the message when you wished to see your friend soon. You wished for it, and the universe let it manifest in a desire in your friend’s heart to schedule a meet-up. It’s like they read your mind.

Sign #23: You Experience Something Serendipitous

Any psychic friend will tell you that nothing is an accident or coincidence. And this would certainly be the case with serendipities, or “happy, accidental discoveries,” as some people call them.

Here are a few examples of serendipities you might have experienced yourself:

  • You got fired from your dream job only to discover your true life’s passion
  • You join a random online chat on a whim and met your next boyfriend/girlfriend there
  • You decided to eat at a different restaurant one night, and you met a group of friendly individuals who later led you to the love of your life

Have you ever had any happy, accidental discoveries recently? They just might be proof positive the universe is telling you something.

And there you have it: 23 strange signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you.

Now, let me answer some frequently asked questions about this topic:

How do you know if someone is thinking about you?

The 23 signs we discussed in this article can be signs from the universe. Whether or not the signs are about someone who’s thinking about you will depend on who that person is.

First, if someone is unimportant to you, you might not make the connection, and you’ll ascribe the sign as a mere coincidence or fate. And so you’ll end up ignoring the sign or forgetting it altogether.

Meanwhile, if it is someone important, something about the sign may make you pause and think: “Wait a minute, I thought about this very recently.” And then you make the connection to a person you’ve been thinking about and realize the universe might be trying to tell you something important.

If you want to be 100% sure, contact that person and check on them. There might be something to it, or there might not. Either way, it’s the second-best way to confirm whether the universe reached out to you.

What’s the first-best way? Consult a psychic friend. They’ll help you find out what the sign really meant (if it meant anything), especially when they learn more about you and your life.

How do you know if the universe wants you to be with someone?


This is a tough question to answer. Do soulmates exist? They very well may. According to psychic experts, a person might be your soulmate if you experience these three signs with them:

#1: Absolute happiness

This is probably the easiest sign to spot. When you’re with this other person, you’re 100% happy and content. Everything about life seems perfect with them no matter what. Absolute happiness will cement your belief in soulmates more than anything else.

Of course, it’s also an experience you should take with a grain of salt. After all, most relationships start out “perfect” initially, only to turn hellish after a few months.

#2: Patterns

You notice patterns when you’re with this special person. You experience serendipities, you experience moments of prophecy, and you can seem to read each other’s minds. These signs suggest that they may very well be your soulmate.

#3: Dreams

You keep seeing this person in your dreams, over and over. You can take it as a sign that they can play an important role in your life—perhaps as your future significant other.

According to my psychic friends, these are the three biggest indicators of a soulmate. Take note, though: It’s entirely possible, even likely, to have more than one soulmate in your life. So don’t get too disappointed if, for any reason, a relationship with someone you thought was your soulmate doesn’t work out.

How do you know the universe is sending you signs?

Again, this is one of the many questions science can’t answer. So, if you’re looking for solid evidence of the universe sending you signs, unfortunately, there won’t be much.


So, this question steps out of science and into philosophy and spirituality. In these realms, the value of “faith” holds more influence than in the natural sciences.

That leads us to a little term called the “Leap of faith.” It’s the art of trusting evidence that’s not quantifiable or measurable yet completely observable. All 23 signs we discussed in this article fall under this category of evidence.

So to wrap up, what’s my “scientific” advice? Even if you can’t take that leap of faith just yet, at least be open to the possibility that the universe might sometimes send you signs that someone is thinking of you.

Eventually, I hope science eventually evolves into something less self-absorbed and more open to the study of that which can’t be measured.

Until then, Be open. Listen. Feel. See what the universe might be telling you. It might just lead you to what’s missing in your life.