20 Signs Another Woman is Intimidated By You

What are the signs another woman is intimidated by you? When a woman is intimidated by you, she’ll make it obvious. Some signs might include outright bitchiness, complimenting you, or extremely shy behavior. You probably don’t consider yourself intimidating, but there’s something about you that makes other women feel threatened.

Do you find you’ve always had more male than female friends? When you do have female friends, do they start acting weird when you’re around their boyfriends?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry; you’re not alone. There’s an entire army of women who deal with this nonsense. It’s definitely frustrating, especially when you’re not trying to be intimidating.

Once intimidating women are made aware of the signs that another female is intimidated by them, life is much easier. Especially when choosing friends, keep reading if you want to know the signs that another woman is intimidated by you. 

What Makes a Woman Jealous of Another Woman?

Jealousy is a natural emotion; everyone experiences it at some point in their life. The problem with jealousy is that it can turn you into a nasty piece of work unless it’s channeled correctly. Low self-esteem is at the root of jealousy; a jealous woman feels like the woman she is intimidated by can take what she has, or she can never have what the woman she’s intimidated by has.

Women often get jealous over things such as physical attractiveness and financial success. Here are six reasons why a woman would be jealous of another woman. 


#1 Physical Attractiveness

Beautiful women get a lot of attention because of their looks. Whether they are all dressed up at a bar or dressed down going to the gym, all eyes are on them. Beautiful women can make less attractive women feel inadequate. When a woman suffers from low self-esteem, it can be intimidating to be around someone who highlights their insecurities. 

#2 Financial Success

When answering the question, what features make someone intimidating? Financial success is one of them. A successful, financially stable woman can be intimidating to other women because they exude confidence they wish they had.

They remind them of everything they want but don’t have. In some cases, their jealousy stems from knowing they don’t have the same work ethic as the successful woman, so they’ll never achieve that level of success.

An example of this is workplace jealousy; two women go for a promotion, but only one woman can get it. The woman who gets the promotion stays late after work has taken courses, studies at home, and has joined several professional associations.

She’s considered a highly respected expert in her field. Whereas the woman who didn’t get the promotion does the bare minimum. She clocks out the minute it’s 5 pm and hasn’t done any work to enhance her resume.

#3 A Fashion Conscious Woman

A fashionable woman who takes pride in her appearance can intimidate other women. She may not be necessarily attractive, but her dress sense is eye-catching. She wears high heels and brightly colored dresses; everyone looks in her direction when she enters a room.

A woman of this caliber can terrify the sneaker-wearing summer frock type of chick simply because she wishes she had the confidence to dress like that.  

#4 A Confident Woman

One of the main traits of an intimidating woman is confidence. She can come off as arrogant to the insecure woman. Let’s take it back to traditionally beautiful women. When she exudes confidence, the women who don’t fit the mold immediately assume she thinks she’s better than them. It’s almost as if she’s not allowed to act confident because it will make anyone who doesn’t measure up feel small. 

#5 A Thin Woman

A thin woman can be a bigger woman’s worst nightmare. Again, weight goes back to the unrealistic beauty standards enforced by the media. All the women at the forefront are thin.

Although women like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez placed on a pedestal for their curvy figures have shifted beauty standards, the dominant look is still one of a skinny woman. 

#6 An Unconventional Woman

An unconventional woman can make traditional women feel very insecure. Some women refuse to conform to society’s standards of what it means to be a woman. For example, many women like Oprah Winfrey have rejected marriage and having children in favor of pursuing their careers, and they are incredibly proud of it.

In some cases, the traditional woman only got married and had children because her family and friends expected it of her. But deep down, she wishes she had the freedom not to get married and not have children to pursue her dreams. 

20 Signs Another Woman is Intimidated by You

When a woman is intimidated by you, she will make it clear. Some of these signs will be obvious, like outright bitchiness where she’ll be rude and disrespectful to you for no reason.

Then there are the subtle signs you might not catch, like her refusal to make eye contact with you. If you want some sure-fire signs another woman is intimidated by you, here are twenty of them:


#1 She is Outright Bitchy

An insecure woman will invest much time and energy into attempting to drag you down to her level. She’ll antagonize you for no reason; she’s a bully.

She has narcissistic tendencies and won’t do it in front of other people; she’ll only act like this when you’re alone, so they won’t believe you when you tell anyone. She’ll say things to you like, “that dress makes you look fat,” although you’re a size eight. If you get a new haircut, in her opinion, it makes you look old.

If you get a new car, in her opinion, you shouldn’t be driving a car like that because it makes you look masculine. You can never do anything right with her, you’ll never look good, and you’re always in the wrong. 

#2 She Acts Shy Around You

Another one of the signs you threaten a woman is that she acts shy around you. With everyone else, she’s outgoing and bubbly, but when you’re in the group, or she’s alone with you, she starts acting shy.

She acts shy because she feels you steal her shine. To her, you’re an overbearing bright light, you make her feel uncomfortable, and the only way she can deal with these feelings is to shrink back. In general, shyness is about low-self esteem; it’s a fear that others won’t accept you for who you are.

And it causes people to make assumptions about what others think about them. In many ways, shyness is about projection. Shy people assume how they feel about themselves is how everyone else feels about them. So, the woman intimidated by you will think you think she’s ugly, too fat, etc. These thoughts will make her feel inferior when she’s around you. 

#3 She Puts You on a Pedestal

An insecure woman will highlight their flaws by putting the woman they’re intimidated by on a pedestal. They’ll be complimentary and keep banging on about how awesome you are.

She’ll make your beauty or accomplishments the main topic of conversation in a group setting. She’ll say things like, “well, if I had half of your beauty and brains, I’d probably be a lot more successful than I am today.” This type of conversation makes you and other people feel uncomfortable. 

#4 She is Uncomfortable Around You

Again, she’s uncomfortable around you because you highlight her insecurities. As far as she’s concerned, you’re everything she wants to be but believes it’s unattainable.

When you come around oozing with confidence because you’re genuinely happy for yourself and the direction your life is taking, your presence makes her feel awful. She may suddenly feel sick, sad, or irritated when you’re around. That’s just her way of dealing with the discomfort she feels. 

#5 She Doesn’t Let You Talk About Your Life

Because you’re such a go-getter, you have something good to say whenever you talk about your life. You chase your dreams, and you’re consistently winning.

Some women will find this intimidating because they don’t have the same level of success, and they can’t relate to how well you’re doing. They may feel you’re bragging, but that’s not the case; you’re simply talking about what’s going on in your life.

When a woman is intimidated by you, you’ll notice she doesn’t let you talk. As soon as you start a sentence, she cuts you off and steers the conversation differently.

#6 She Avoids You

A woman intimidated by you will feel so uncomfortable in your presence that she’ll avoid you. Everything about you reminds her of the insecurities she’s trying to escape.

Being around you highlights the things she doesn’t like about herself. When you walk into a room, she’ll walk out; she’ll take another route when she sees you walking in her direction. If you’re friends, you’ll notice that she has no problems going out with everyone else, but when it comes to you, she’s always got an excuse.

#7 Closed Off Body Language

Closed-off body language signifies that the person doesn’t want you around. If you’re standing up having a conversation with a woman who’s intimidated by you, pay attention to her feet; if they’re pointing away from you, she wants to run.

If she tucks her chin in, she’s subconsciously trying to make herself appear smaller. The torso is the largest and the most vulnerable part of the body.

When people feel nervous or insecure, they’ll protect themselves by avoiding what makes them uncomfortable. Turning away can also be coupled with crossing the arms over the chest. Another subconscious gesture to make the body feel smaller is to hunch the shoulders forward. 

#8 Passive Aggressive Behavior

A person exhibiting passive-aggressive behavior will do one thing but say another. Their actions don’t align with their words because they don’t dare to talk about their feelings.

When a woman feels threatened by you, she’ll do things like say you look nice with a scowl on her face. She wants to say, “why did you wear that dress? you did it on purpose to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Or, if someone compliments you in a group setting, she’ll agree, but she’ll have a bitter look on her face. Or she’ll quickly raise her eyebrows as if to say, “here we go again; she always gets the attention.” These are all signs she’s intimidated by you. 

#9 She Won’t Celebrate Your Wins

If you’re looking for signs a girl is jealous of another girl; this one is a major giveaway. Whether your boyfriend asks you to marry him, you buy a new house or a car. Or you finally launch your business.

An intimidated woman will never celebrate your wins with you because they make her feel even more insecure. She might pat you on the back and congratulate you, but it won’t be genuine. Deep down, she’s not at all happy for you but seething with anger.  

#10 She Celebrates Your Failure

Signs she is intimidated by you are, she won’t celebrate your wins, but she’ll celebrate your failure. You will notice a clear difference in how she behaves when you’ve got good and bad news.

When something good happens in your life, you won’t hear a peep out of her. As mentioned, she’ll give you a disingenuous pat on the back, but deep down, she’s not happy for you. On the other hand, when something bad happens in your life, she’s the first one to call you. She wants to know all the details and even offers to take you out for a coffee.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice she has a slight smile on her face while you’re talking. Inside, she’s doing cartwheels because you’re suffering. She acts like this because, as far as she’s concerned, you’ve got enough good luck. You’re pretty, you’ve got a boyfriend who loves you, a good job, and a lovely house. It’s about time you were down on your luck. 

#11 She’s Two-Faced

No sooner have you told her about your struggles, the entire world knows about it. The minute you part ways, she’s on the phone blabbing your business to everyone.

She’s so excited about it she can’t contain herself. But she doesn’t just give your version of events; she adds her two cents in as well. She tells everyone how stupid you are for putting yourself in such a bad situation.

Like Chinese whispers, it eventually tells you she’s been talking about you behind your back. When you confront her, she vehemently denies it, but since she’s the only person you’ve told, you know it’s her. This is one of the main signs you threaten a woman. 

#12 She’s Always Boasting

Because she feels the need to prove she’s better than you, she’s always boasting. Another thing she might do when you talk about your wins is talk about hers.

But hers are always bigger and better; most of what she says isn’t true. Think about it, you get a new job, and her response is, “Oh, I just got hired by XYZ company, but I turned it down; they weren’t offering me enough money.”

You get a new car, and her response is, “Oh, I just test-drove the newer version, I didn’t like it to be honest, or I would have pulled up in it today.” She can’t possibly have a better experience than you all the time. 

#13 They Try to Make You Look Stupid

An insecure woman will always try to one-up you because she somehow wants to prove she’s better than you. If you are in a group of people, she will find a way to embarrass you and make you look stupid.

She might do it by constantly disagreeing with everything you say and manipulating the group to get them on her side. Or, she’ll bring up something embarrassing that happened in your past.

You’ll know she’s trying to make you look stupid because it won’t be a one-off event; she’ll always do it. Trying to make you look stupid is one of the many signs a woman is jealous of you. 

#14 She Doesn’t Make Eye Contact With You

One of the physical manifestations of intimidation is the inability to look a person in the eye during conversation. People generally avoid eye contact because they feel they’re being scrutinized or judged.

Also, the eyes are the window to the soul; if a person is wise enough, they can pick up on their vibes by looking them in the eyes. The eyes speak, which is one of the main reasons many celebrities wear sunglasses in interviews. It has nothing to do with looking cool but everything to do with trying to hide.

The last thing a woman who’s intimidated by you wants to do is let you know she’s intimidated by you, so she avoids making eye contact with you. 

#15 She Tries to Steal Your Shine

Some women have naturally overpowering personalities. They might be loud, funny, or highly talkative. They don’t try to get attention; it happens by default.

Then some women only act boisterous to get attention. They need all eyes on them at all times and will do whatever it takes to ensure that’s the case. Women like this can’t stand it when someone gets more attention than them.

So they’ll take it up a notch to ensure the spotlight remains on them. If you pay attention, you’ll know when this is the case because she’ll start acting up each time the group turns to you. 

#16 She Tries to be You

We know that imitation is the best form of flattery, but she takes it too far. She copies every last thing you do. She buys the same clothes as you, cuts her hair, dyes it like you, and wears the same perfume.

She even copies the way you speak, laughs, the food you eat, even down to your personality. She’s so jealous of you, she wants to be you, and she’ll go to great lengths to make it happen.  

#17 She Antagonizes You On Social Media

A woman intimidated by you will have a problem with everything you do. One way she’ll display her true feelings is on social media. She’ll have a problem with everything you post and make it known through her comments.

For example, if you post a picture of your salad, she’ll comment, “not everyone likes rabbit food, you know.” With a smiley face emoji. If you post a burger, she’ll comment, “encouraging healthy eating are we now.”

With a smiley face emoji. You’ll get so fed up with it you won’t want to post anymore. And that’s her aim; she can’t stand the fact that you intimidate her, so she wants to make you feel just as uncomfortable as her. 

#18 She Gives You Backhanded Compliments

When a woman is intimidated by you, she’ll attempt to drag you down by giving you backhanded compliments. For example, you turn up for a night out wearing a brand new dress.

When you arrive, she looks you up and down and says, “wow, I love your dress, but the color wasn’t the best choice for your hips. The dress is nice though.” Or when you invite her to dinner at your first house, she says, “lovely house, but don’t you think it’s a bit small?” Or “you got lucky with that one because companies that big don’t generally hire someone with so little experience.

Do you know the manager?” She says this even though she knows how hard you worked to ensure you got that job. Now you’re second-guessing yourself and questioning whether she’s right. What she’s doing is projecting her insecurities onto you; she wants to make you feel just as insecure as she does.  

#19 She Fake Smiles With You

Pay attention to the look on a woman’s face when she smiles. If she’s intimidated by you, the smile won’t be genuine. She forces acting happy around you because your presence makes her feel inferior. The minute you turn around, that smile will immediately disappear from her face. 

#20 She Will Try and Sabotage You

In extreme cases, when a woman feels intimidated by you, she’ll do everything she can to sabotage you. She aims to get everyone to hate you and ultimately destroy your life.

This behavior is common in the workplace. She’ll spread rumors that you’re sleeping with the manager. She’ll get hold of projects you’ve worked on and tamper with them to make you look bad. She will also tell your co-workers that you’ve been speaking about them behind their backs. 

How Can You be Less Intimidating?

I understand that intimidating others must be difficult, especially because that’s not your intention. Unfortunately, even if you try to be less intimidating, there are still women who will feel intimidated by you, and that’s not your problem; it’s theirs.

But if you want to work on being less intimidating, you can start by evaluating yourself, and speaking about your insecurities. Here are some tips on how you can be less intimidating:


Evaluate Yourself

You may not mean to come off as intimidating, it may be unintentional, but there could be things about your character that make people uncomfortable.

For example, let’s say you’re the only one in your family with a degree and a high-powered job. When you go to family gatherings, you use vocabulary that everyone needs a dictionary to interpret.

Even though that’s just how you speak, you’re not in the right environment to use that language, making people uncomfortable. Maybe you’ve got a loud and boisterous personality and tend to overshadow people unintentionally. 

PLEASE NOTE: Evaluating yourself isn’t about shrinking to make others feel more comfortable. It’s about moderating your behavior to suit the environment. 

Speak About Your Insecurities

Have you noticed how shocked people are when celebrities talk about their insecurities? That’s because everyone assumes they live perfect lives, and they’ve got no worries.

But the reality is that the most beautiful women are often the most insecure. They know that behind the lights, camera, action, and makeup, they don’t look like they’ve just stepped off the front cover of a magazine, and the world judges them for this.

The paparazzi love snapping photographs of female celebrities without makeup or when they put on a little bit of weight. Essentially, they say, “this is what she REALLY looks like.” 

So one way to make yourself less intimidating is by discussing your insecurities. The women who assume you’ve got no flaws will find common ground with you, making you more relatable.

Talking about your insecurities isn’t something you need to do all the time, only when you feel that tension in the air because women are creating false assumptions about you in their minds. 

Dress For the Occasion

Dressing for the occasion might seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at the number of women who don’t get it. You may be confident about your body and have no shame in your game regarding showing it off.

However, sometimes, the way you dress might be inappropriate. For example, at your best friend’s wedding, you wear a halter-neck top with your cleavage spilling out! REALLY! You may not have consciously decided to steal your best friend’s shine intentionally, but that’s how it’s come across to everyone at the wedding. The same applies to other formal events like work functions. 

How to Not Feel Intimidated by Another Woman

Insecurity is the dirty little secret women don’t want to discuss. They mask it with makeup, material possessions, and outward displays of confidence, but deep down, there’s this fear that they’re not good enough.

Whether the woman you’re intimidated by is a friend, family member, acquaintance, or someone you’ve just met, when that uncomfortable feeling arises, it can be crippling.

You want to be confident not feel insecure always, but you don’t know how. You can start by becoming the best version of yourself and stop making assumptions. Here are some tips on how not to feel intimidated by other women. 


Become the Best Version of Yourself

I believe everyone was born for a purpose. There is something on this earth that was tailor-made for you to fulfill. You have the gifts, the talent, and the skillset in you; you’re focused on the wrong thing, which is everything you’re not, instead of everything you already are.

Think about it like this: if you didn’t know an apple seed was an apple seed when you looked at it, you would have no idea that it could turn into a tree and provide a never-ending supply of apples. But plant the seed in fertile soil water and fertilize it properly; it will become an apple tree. On the other hand, if that seed is left on the window sill and no one plants and waters it, it will remain a seed and never become an apple tree. 

What am I trying to tell you? The longer you sit on the window sill, the more you admire everyone else’s gifts and talents and refuse to work alone. You’ll never reach your full potential. You will remain that insecure woman who believes she has nothing to offer the world when everything you have is already in you. You’ve just got to water and fertilize your gifts and talents so they grow, and you become everything you were destined to become.

If you feel overweight, change your diet and start working out. If you don’t like the way you dress, change your wardrobe. If you’re unhappy with your job, get the qualifications you need to get the job of your dreams. You are in control of your life, and you’ll only stop feeling intimidated by other women if you’re happy with yourself. 

Stop Making Assumptions

Just because a woman appears to have it all together doesn’t mean she’s got it all together. She might look like America’s next top model, but she’s dealing with many issues. Just because she doesn’t broadcast them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Don’t get caught up thinking that every woman who appears to have more than you has got more than you. 

Final Thoughts

Being intimidating is difficult because people judge you unfairly. If they only took the time to get to know you, they’d realize you are not as intimidating as they thought. You share similar insecurities; the only difference is you choose not to wear them on your sleeve.

You’ve trained your mind to focus on what you like about yourself instead of on what you don’t like. When dealing with women intimidated by you, the key is not to stoop down to their level, especially with the women who try to make you feel small. Leave them to it; they’ll soon get bored when they realize their strategy isn’t working.

Additionally, don’t stop being who you are to make others feel more comfortable. Associate with people who will celebrate you for who you are, your success, and everything you stand for.