20 Signs an Older Man is Falling in Love With You

Some signs an older man is falling in love with you include he will tell you, he asks if you’re single, or he wants to help you. 

An older man has hit on most young women and doesn’t take it seriously. 

But one guy has caught your attention. Maybe you’ve been on a couple of dates with him, and you suspect he’s falling for you on a deeper level, but you want to be certain before you start getting excited. 

To give you a better idea, here are 20 signs an older man is falling in love with you.

20 Signs An Older Man Is Falling In Love With You

One of the benefits of dating older men is they don’t play games. I’m not saying that’s always the case, but they’re more willing to commit than their younger counterparts. 

A few signs that an older man is falling in love with you include: he will tell you, he asks if you’re single, and he wants to help you. Keep reading to gain more insight into the signs an older man is interested.

#1 He Will Tell You

As mentioned, older men are more willing to commit to a relationship because they’re not getting any younger. 

Maybe they’ve been married once and gone through a divorce, and so now they’re seriously looking for a woman to settle down with. 

Whatever the reason, he doesn’t have time to play games, and so instead of wasting it beating around the bush, an older man will let you know he’s falling in love with you. 

#2 He Asks If You’re Single

Perhaps you haven’t started dating yet, you’re friends, but he’s started developing romantic feelings for you.


 Before falling deeper, he wants to know whether you’re in a relationship. He’s not trying to get in between you and your partner and would rather know now so he can stop pursuing you. 

#3 He Wants To Help You

Biologically, men are designed to want to help the women they love. Relationship psychologist James Bauer refers to this as the ‘hero instinct.’ 

When an older man falls in love with you, he will look for ways to help you, so don’t be surprised if he’s always asking if you need anything. 

His hope is that you’ll soon realize how useful he is and start asking him for help; it will make him feel valued and enable him to flex his masculine charms. 

#4 He Talks About His Investments

Men in general, understand that women like men with money. I’m not talking about it on a superficial level here. 

We all know some women want a man with money so they can go shopping and buy the latest Louie Vuitton handbag.

But a woman who is serious about building a life with a man wants to know they are financially secure enough to take care of them and their offspring. 


Therefore, an older man will attempt to prove his worth by talking about what he owns, whether it’s his investments or the latest money-making projects he’s working on. 

He may even go as far as to show you what he’s got in his bank account. 

#5 He Buys You Gifts

According to marriage counselor Gary Chapman, there are five love languages, one of which is gift-giving. 

If gift-giving is his love language, it means he feels most loved when people give him gifts. So he feels more comfortable expressing himself by giving the women he loves gifts. 

He may not buy you expensive, glamorous gifts like cars and jewelry. But his gifts are thoughtful; for example, he knows you like cute pajamas, so if he goes past the nightwear store, he’ll pick you up something. 

Or if he goes out of town, he’ll buy you a piece of memorabilia. 

#6 He’s Always Smiling Around You

Smiling can signify romantic attraction; if he’s smiling directly at you from ear to ear, he enjoys being around you and would like to get to know you more. 

Smiling comes naturally when you’re in the presence of someone you’re physically attracted to, so if it appears your older guy friend can’t seem to stop smiling when he’s around you, there’s a good chance he’s falling for you. 

You should also look out for the smile when he stares at you. He’s smiling because he wanted you to catch him admiring your beauty. 

#7 He Compliments You

Your older guy friend gives you genuine compliments, and they’re not always about the way you look. 

He’ll say nice things about your dress sense or tell you how much of a beautiful heart you’ve got. 

He notices things about you that no one else does, like how you take care of your nieces and nephews as if they were your own children. He appreciates you for who you are and your outer beauty. 

#8 He Talks About The Future With You

Older men think about the future a lot because they understand that life is short. If he’s in his fifties, he knows he’s already lived the majority of his life, and he’s not trying to waste any more time. 

He wants to spend his days with a beautiful young woman like yourself, and he has no problems telling you exactly how he plans on doing so. 

#9 He Calls And Texts You Throughout The Day

Older men typically have more time because they’ve either reached retirement age or made enough money to retire. 

As a result, he has more time to invest in a relationship with you, and one way he does this is by calling and texting you throughout the day. 


He wants to ensure you’re doing okay, how your day’s going, and if you need anything. 

#10 He Wants to Know About Your Life

He asks you plenty of questions and sits and listens attentively to each and every one of your answers because he genuinely wants to know more about you. 

When a man is curious about you, it means he’s looking for ways to develop a deeper connection with you. 

The next time he speaks to you, he’ll mention something you said about yourself during your last conversation to prove that he’s paying attention to detail. 

He’s carefully trying to absorb everything you say because the more he knows about you, the better he can treat you. 

#11 He Wants To Spend More Time With You

Time is a precious commodity, and older men understand this more than guys your age. 

When you’re young, you think you’ve got all the time in the world, but you realize how little time you have left when you’re older. So they want to make the best use of it, and if he wants to spend more time with you, he thinks you’re worth it. 

One of the biggest complaints from women in relationships is their partners don’t spend time with them. They find the time to go to the bar with their friends, but getting him to make time for them is like pulling teeth. 

You don’t need to ask, beg, or manipulate your older guy friend to spend time with you; he continuously volunteers. 

#12 He Talks To You About Things That Are Important To Him

It’s a good sign when a man opens up to you and starts speaking about important things, such as his past relationships or subjects he’s passionate about. 

It’s an indication he trusts that his secrets are safe with you. He knows you’re not a gossip, and the information isn’t going to travel any further than the room you had the conversation in. 

It also means he feels comfortable talking to you about the things close to his heart. Men find it difficult to open up because society has trained them to keep their emotions to themselves. 

As a result, they don’t talk about their problems. If a man feels comfortable revealing his emotions to you, you’re in a very good place. 

#13 He Introduces You To His Children

If your older guy friend has kids and wants to take your relationship to the next level, he’ll want you to meet them. They may even be close to your age. 

But one of the main reasons he’s introducing you to them is because his children are the most important part of his life, and he wants you to be a part of it. 

Additionally, he might be the kind of older guy who would rather date a woman his children love instead of creating conflict between them with someone they don’t like. So sometimes, meeting his kids can be a test. 

#14 He Doesn’t Care What Anyone Else Thinks

A lot of people frown on men who date younger women. They are perceived as desperate old biddies who can’t get the women they want unless they pay for them. 

The younger women who date older men are labeled as gold diggers. Labels and stereotypes don’t come out of nowhere; this is the case sometimes, but not always. 


There are plenty of older men and younger women who are in genuine relationships. 

Your older guy friend isn’t trying to hide the relationship; he’s open with friends and family and ignores any negative comments about your union. 

#15 He Wants More Than Sex

After sex, he doesn’t put on his clothes and leave or ask you to leave. He stays in bed with you, hugs you, and tells you how much he cares about you. 

In fact, you spend most of your time outside the bedroom. He takes you on romantic dinner dates; you take walks in the park or watch a movie. When you’re not together, you talk on the phone for hours. 

A good sex life is important to him, but capturing your heart is even more important. 

#16 He Tries Out New Things With You

Older people in general, are stuck in their ways, and in most cases, the last thing they want to do is try out new things. 

But you’ve given him a sense of adventure, and he actually gets excited any time you suggest doing something he’s never done before. 

Being adventurous also reminds him of his younger days when he and his boys were up for anything. 

#17 He Is Protective Over You

Another element of the hero instinct is that men have an innate desire to protect the women they love. 

For example, he’ll never allow you to walk on the side of the street closest to the cars because he wants to ensure if a car does jump the curb, he gets hit first. 

If you’re showing signs of being cold, he’ll take his jacket off and wrap it around you. If you need to go to the doctor, he’ll drive you there, wait with you and drive you back. 

He may not be the type of guy that will swing at someone on your behalf, but if you think about it, he protects you in more ways than you can count. 

#18 He’s Not Afraid To Express His Emotions

One of the main reasons relationships break down is because of a lack of communication. 

Men often learn a lot from their mistakes in their first marriage, especially if they’re still friends with their ex-wives. 

After the animosity wears off, they are free to talk about why the relationship broke down, and one of his flaws was that he didn’t express his emotions, and his ex-wife was always forced to guess how he was feeling. 

It is known that men and women express their emotions differently, but he has consciously decided to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. So with you, he’s an open book. 

#19 He’s Willing To Compromise

As mentioned, the older generation are typically stuck in their ways. You will often hear them saying, “well, this is just how I am.” 

They have no desire to change their ways for anyone, no matter who you are. But when an older man is willing to compromise, it means he wants to resolve your differences so that he can happily coexist with you. 

He will still maintain his personal beliefs, preferences, and opinions, but he agrees to find that balance and bridge the gap so that you don’t feel he’s not meeting your needs. 

#20 He Changes His Dress Sense

Older men tend to feel insecure about their age. In most cases, they won’t go as far as lying about it, but they will attempt to appear younger in how they dress. 


He might dye it back to his original color if he has gray hair. If he’s balding, he might shave his head bald. 

Older men also change their car to something more flashy and expensive to impress the ladies. 

What Makes An Older Man Fall In Love With A Younger Woman?

There are several reasons why an older man might fall in love with a younger woman, including he finds her attractive, younger women are less concerned with settling down, or he’s looking for someone to control. 

Keep reading to discover the five reasons that make an older man fall in love with a younger woman.


#1 He Finds Her Attractive

For some men, physical appearance is the most important aspect of a relationship. And unfortunately, they no longer find women the same age as them attractive. 

You only need to pay attention to what’s happening in Hollywood to figure that out. Every week, an older rich, famous man is pictured with a model half his age hanging off his arm. This phenomenon is not only reserved for the rich and famous. 

study published in the Science Advances journal found that women are most desirable at age 18 and men at 50. 

Another study conducted by the dating website OkCupid discovered that the average 30-year-old man desires women in their 20’s more than women of his age. 

#2 Younger Women Are Less Concerned With Settling Down

I am not suggesting that all younger women are less concerned with settling down. 

But some would rather invest most of their time and energy in building a career or traveling. A relationship is at the bottom of their list of priorities. 

This is an ideal set-up for an older man who has no interest in getting married again and has his stuff. He gets to have a beautiful woman on his arm without her stressing him out because her clock is ticking. 

#3 He’s Looking For Someone To Control 

Some men like women they can control. There’s nothing sinister about it, this type of relationship is actually a thing where there is an agreement of domination and submission between two parties. 

Nevertheless, in some instances, the older man feels it’s easier to find this relationship with a younger woman because it fits the narrative. 

He doesn’t feel as if he can dominate a woman in the same age range as him. 

#4 He Wants More Children

Although medical technology has advanced so much that older women can do things like freeze their eggs and have IVF treatment. The reality is that it’s a lot more difficult for older women to have children.

I’m not throwing any shade whatsoever; I’m talking biology here. The closer a woman approaches the age of 40, the more dangerous it is for her to have children. 

There is also an increased risk that the child will have some disability. In terms of evolution, according to research, men are biologically wired to find younger women attractive because it’s a sign that they’ll have healthy children. 

Additionally, younger women are less likely to have children, which is ideal for older men who don’t want to become step-fathers. 

#5 He’s Just Been Through A Divorce

Divorces are brutal, and they can severely bruise a man’s ego. A man spends months hearing that he’s a loser while all the reasons his ex-wife wants a divorce are read out in court. 

He may act tough during the proceedings because he doesn’t want to reveal his true feelings, but it’s tearing him apart. According to his ex-wife, he’s a deadbeat dad who doesn’t take care of his children. 

He doesn’t know how to fix anything around the house; he’s irresponsible with money, the list is endless. But then he meets a woman half his age who loves everything about him and strokes his ego. 

After the insults to his character he’s just endured, an attractive young woman telling him how great he is is exactly what he needs. 

As long as she continues to stroke his ego, he’s not going anywhere; he’ll fall deeper and deeper in love with her because she makes him feel like a man again. 

How Do You Make An Older Guy Fall For You?

If you’re young and relatively attractive, you will have no problems attracting an older man. However, keeping him is another story. 

You can start by being physically appealing, acting mature, and controlling your emotions. Read to discover ten ways to make an older guy fall for you. 


#1 Be Physically Appealing

It’s not rocket science that men like attractive women. So if you know you’re targeting a certain older guy, make sure you always look hot when you know you’ll see him. 

If you’re looking to attract older men in general, make sure you look hot any time you step out of the house. 

You want to go for the ‘wow factor’ as in, when you walk into a room, every man’s head swivels in your direction and goes ‘wow.’

Your physical appearance is the hook, but if you want an older man to fall for you, you’ll need to do more than look good. 

#2 Act Mature

Please consider that, in general, older men are a lot more mature than you. They’ve experienced life in a way that you haven’t, and their level of maturity is way up there.

I’m not saying you should match it, but if you’re eighteen, don’t act your age; he won’t find it attractive. You can start by listening more than you speak. In terms of intellect and wisdom, he probably has much more to teach you than you could teach him. 

Listening is a sign of maturity because it shows you desire to grow. Acting mature is not about changing who you are, but you want to ensure you’re compatible.

If you want to go out, get drunk and act the fool, you’ve got your girlfriends. Just make sure you don’t bombard him with drunken text messages afterward. 

#3 Have Control Over Your Emotions

No man wants a screaming banshee for his partner, no matter how hot she is, and especially not an older man. 

You’ll find that older men are reserved in their character because they’ve experienced life. They’ve survived trials and tribulations; they may have been through a messy divorce. 

Either way, an older man doesn’t want to be around drama. One way to gain control of your emotions is to remain silent until the emotion has passed. 

For example, if you’re in public and he does something to make you angry, don’t yell out the first thing that comes to mind because you’ll probably regret what you said later on. 

Instead, don’t say anything until the anger has subsided; gather your thoughts, and then speak to him in a calm and measured tone. It may be that you need to wait until you get home, but whenever you have a conversation with him, don’t raise your voice. 

#4 Be Independent

We all know that the sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship exists, and if that’s you’re thing, then fine. 

But the average older man wants to be with a woman who can look after herself. A stable job, a place to live where you pay your bills, and a car, make you appear grounded. 

It will give him the confidence that you’re not after him for his money, and two, he’ll view you as mature and someone he would consider settling down with. 

#5 Don’t Play Games

Game playing is a no-no with older men; they don’t have the time and energy to play silly buggers. 

Don’t do ridiculous things like try and make him jealous to get his attention, and don’t use manipulation to get him to do what you want. 

You’ll be surprised that some older men hesitate to settle down with younger women because they have a reputation for playing games. Be direct and confident if you’re physically attracted to an older man. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it.

#6 Give Him Respect

Men don’t need love; they need respect, and they’ll run a mile when they feel disrespected. 

Apart from the Tina Turner song R-E-S-P-E-C-T, when we think about respecting someone, most of us envision bowing to the Queen of England or some other authority figure. 

Rarely is it ascribed to how women treat men. However, when author Shaunti Feldhahn conducted a study for her book ‘For Women Only,’ she found that 74% of her male respondents would prefer to feel unloved than disrespected. 

As far as men are concerned, when their partner respects him, it means she trusts him, support him, and believe in him. She thinks he is more than capable of fulfilling his role as a provider, father, or husband. 

You can give an older man respect by respecting his judgment. For example, if he says a restaurant serves excellent food, don’t ask if he’s sure. 

Don’t treat him like a child; he’s more than capable of making his own decisions. If you ask for his help, don’t challenge it when he gives it to you. 

#7 Act Confident

Confidence is attractive, and men love attractive women. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a woman. Confident women know what they want out of life. 

They set goals for themselves and actively pursue them; they embrace the fullness of life and have a strong desire to live every moment to the fullest.

A confident woman isn’t arrogant; she’s secure; she knows exactly who she is and is not afraid to be herself. They’re proud of their strengths, but they also acknowledge their weaknesses and do what’s necessary to improve them. 

Finally, confident women are too busy pursuing their dreams and passions instead of sitting around waiting for their knight in shining armor. Most women need a man to complete them, whereas a confident woman is already complete; she doesn’t need a man. 

If she meets the right one, she wants him, and that’s highly attractive to a man. 

#8 Don’t Mention Your Age Difference

An older man doesn’t need to be reminded that he’s older than you. Not only is he more than aware of this fact, but it can also come across as mockery. 

If he meets your friends, make sure they don’t do this either. You might clash in certain areas because of the age difference. 

For example, music, hobbies, and movies he likes to watch. Nevertheless, use these differences as an opportunity to highlight your age gap. Embrace the differences; you’ll both learn new things from each other.