18 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Testing You

Aquarius men are a rare breed, and if you’ve never dated one before, you’ll need to understand how they operate to have a chance at a successful relationship.

One of their main characteristics is they’ll test the women they date by doing the following: he will play hard to get, test your boundaries, and test whether you’re clingy.

As a result, it might take him a while to commit because he has to tick everything off his list before he moves forward. And unfortunately for the woman he’s dating, that list can be quite extensive.

So if you want to know whether an Aquarius man is testing you, here are eighteen signs to look out for. 

18 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Testing You And How To Respond To It

If your Aquarius date is playing hard to get, testing your boundaries, and testing whether you’re clingy, he’s testing you before he decides to commit.

It can be pretty frustrating dating an Aquarius man, but it’s well worth the wait if you’ve got the patience.


Here are eighteen signs your Aquarius date is testing you. 

#1 He Plays Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is typically a woman’s thing, but not with an Aquarius man. They can be slightly narcissistic, and playing mind games makes him look intriguing and mysterious.

It’s also important to mention that it may signify that he’s not ready to settle down. So if you’re looking for something serious, you may want to make your exit now. 

#2 He Will Test Your Boundaries

Aquarius men like dipping their toes in the water before jumping all the way in. They want to know what to expect before agreeing to anything, which is very important in a relationship.


One way he does this is by pushing your boundaries. First, he wants to know whether you’re the type who will tolerate people invading their space. And second, he wants to know what you’re breaking point is.

Will you fly off the handle if he goes too far, or do you have enough self-control to converse with him about what he’s doing wrong? Maintain your cool, and he’ll be impressed. 

#3 He Will Test Whether You’re Clingy

As a typical water sign, he enjoys his freedom. He wants to be able to come and go as he pleases, and the last thing he wants is a clingy woman.

If you don’t have your friends, goals, or ambitions and depend on a man to make you happy, he’ll run a mile. 

#4 He Will Test Whether You’re Controlling

Again, he enjoys his freedom and doesn’t want a woman breathing down his neck all the time.

If you have a controlling tendency and need to know his every move and won’t let him out of your sight for two seconds, he’ll dump you quicker than you can blink.


So expect him to do something like go out all night with the boys without telling you. He won’t answer your calls or texts just to see how you react. 

#5 He Will Test You To See How You Feel About Him

If he’s really into you, he’ll want to ensure you like him too. So you can expect your Aquarius guy friend to do something like spending the night flirting with another woman at a party he’s invited you to.

If you get jealous, he’ll feel confident that you like him just as much as he likes you. Pull him up on his behavior, but don’t overreact or he’ll label you as clingy. 

#6 He Will Test Your Relationship With His Friends

Aquarius men love their friends, have a very special bond with them and expect whoever they’re dating to share the same bond. Don’t get too excited when he invites you out with his friends.


It’s not because he’s crazy about you and getting ready to pop the question. If his friends don’t like you, or you don’t like his friends, you can expect to get dumped immediately. 

#7 He Will Test Your Sense Of Humor

This breed of man doesn’t take himself too seriously and doesn’t expect others to either. He can’t stand to be around stiff-necked people who can’t take a joke.

So you can expect him to poke fun at you to see whether you get offended or laugh it off and then return the favor. 

#8 He Will Test Whether You’re A Follower

Are you the type to follow the crowd? Do you follow the latest fashion trends and hairstyles? Are you social media obsessed?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re unsuitable for an Aquarius man.


They like women who set their own trends and do their own thing. They want someone who stands out from the crowd. 

#9 He Will Test Whether You’re Trustworthy

Break the trust of an Aquarius man, and you can call it a day. Trust is extremely important to them; he doesn’t want you around him if he can’t trust you.

And don’t expect him to make a big display of it either. He’ll test you with something small, and if you fail, it’s over. 

#10 He Will Test Whether You Can Hold A Conversation

Trying to impress an Aquarius man with your looks wastes time because that’s not what moves them.

He might hit it and quit it, but he’s more interested in whether you can hold an intelligent conversation than your 36DD breasts.

If you’re not the intellectual type, you might want to start reading and watching the news so you know what’s going on in the world. 

#11 He Will Test Whether You Can Stand Up For Yourself

One of the most annoying character traits of an Aquarius man is they can be very stubborn and may even come across as rude. They are quite condescending.

Some may even describe them as cold and self-righteous. They are unwilling to adjust their personalities for anyone, so if you can’t hack it, you can forget about being in a relationship with him. If he believes in something, he will stand his ground.

If he sets a goal, he will move heaven and earth to ensure he achieves it. He’s basically a no-nonsense kind of guy and wants to be with a woman of the same temperament.

You can expect him to step out of line intentionally to see how you react. Will you call him out or allow him to walk all over you? He has no desire to be with a submissive woman who responds, “how high?” when he asks her to jump.

He wants to be with a woman who will help him become the best version of himself, and that means you need to be able to challenge him.  

#12 He Will Test Whether You Have Things In Common

He would prefer that you’ve got stuff in common, but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t. He might ask what you think about a certain movie, singer, or political party.

If you’re not interested, that’s fine, but what he’s testing is if you’re willing to be enthusiastic about his likes and hobbies.


Some women make the mistake of pretending to be into the same stuff as the guy they’re dating as they think it makes them appear more compatible.

This is not a good idea in general, and especially not with an Aquarius man, because he’ll see right through it and lose respect for you. 

#14 He Will Make You Uncomfortable

Don’t be surprised if your guy friend engineers some uncomfortable situations for you to be in. He wants to know whether you can take the heat and maintain your cool when the going gets tough.


You see, Aquarius males are realists. They understand that life isn’t always going to be smooth sailing, adversity is a guarantee, and no one can escape from it.

Basically, if you’re not the type of woman who can roll with the punches, he’s not interested. 

#15 He Will Test Your Level Of Independence

Independent women scare most men, but not Aquarians. They love independent women.

As mentioned, clinginess is a big turn-off for him, and since he’s independent, he wants a woman who can live without him. He will get bored of you very quickly if you’re too dependent on him or others. 

#16 He Will Test Your Flirting Capabilities

Aquarius men are very flirtatious in many strange ways, and they want to ensure you can keep up with them. He’s not flirting to test whether you like him too, he wants to know how you respond to his cheeky behavior.


Do you blush or get totally thrown off and start stumbling over your words? On the other hand, maybe you’re the type who sees flirting as an invitation to the bedroom?

Either way, he’ll be intrigued by your reaction. 

#17 He Will Test You With His Vulnerability

You can expect this test if you’ve been dating for a while and he wants to be certain he can commit to you. You will rarely see the vulnerable side of an Aquarius.

Although he is very in tune with his emotions, he doesn’t share them with everyone. He is very rational and logical in his thought processes, and so you won’t hear him say things like, “that hurt my feelings, or, “you made me feel…”

However, since he wants to be with a woman he can be himself with, he wants to know that he can trust you with his feelings when he does have an emotional moment. You mustn’t act shocked or make him feel small when this time does come.

It will shock you because it’s the first time you’ve seen him get emotional but keep it to yourself. Instead, validate his feelings, and let him know you’re here for him if he needs you. 

#18 He Will Test Your Patience

Are you the impatient type? Do you want answers now? Are you the type who expects people to text you back immediately?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll have a very hard time dating an Aquarius man because they love to test the patience of the person they’re dating.


For example, if he’s said he’s coming to take you out some time during the week, he won’t confirm the plans and see how you respond. Will you start calling and texting him to find out exactly when he’s coming to pick you up?

If you ask him a question, you can expect to wait a while before he gives you a response. It may take a couple of days, but it might take a week. It’s not because he’s forgotten, but because he wants to know how long it will take before you contact him to find out the answer. 

What Do Aquarius Men Like To Talk About?

An Aquarius male is far from shallow, they enjoy having deep and interesting conversations with their women, and if you can’t hold one, you won’t be going on a second date.


You can expect him to talk about things such as politics, the injustice that is taking place in the world, and controversial topics that the average person doesn’t speak about, such as government corruption, artificial intelligence, and illegal immigration. 

How Can I Hook An Aquarius Man?

It’s not about changing your personality to get an Aquarius man to like you, but it would help if you knew what gets his attention.

In general, they seek out passionate, curious, and creative women. You can expect him to chase you if you are a dream chaser, confident, and authentic.

Here are five ways to hook an Aquarius man.

#1 Chase Your Dreams Without Compromising

A dream chaser is attractive to an Aquarius man because they are also dream chasers. Chasing your dreams shows you’ve got ambition, determination, and drive.

It’s a rare quality because most people may have goals but never see them materialize. This is especially true of women who give up their ambitions to become wives and mothers. 

Aquarius men don’t respect females like that. 

#2 Be Confident In Who You Are

An insecure, needy woman is an Aquarius man’s worst nightmare. They want a lady who knows who she is, where she’s going in life, and can stand her ground in any situation. 

#3 Be Authentic

Be yourself at all times. He will appreciate the real version of you a lot more than the version you think he’ll like.

Again, this ties in with being confident; an authentic person is not ashamed of who they are and won’t alter their personality to fit in with any people group. 

#4 Be Adventurous

Do something wild every so often and be spontaneous. Aquarius men are free-flowing.


They don’t like being rigid, so if you can surprise him occasionally with something wild, you’ll earn some brownie points. 

#5 Support His Ambitions

Aquarius men are very ambitious and goal-oriented. When they’ve got their heart set on achieving something, they go after it with everything they’ve got.

You can’t be the type to tell him to take a break all the time because he may need to go extended periods without one while he pursues his dreams.

He appreciates a woman who supports him and understands what it takes to make a dream a reality. 

What Special Qualities Do Aquarius Men Have?

There is no denying that Aquarius males are difficult to deal with in a relationship.

Still, they also have some outstanding qualities, they are visionaries, they have compassion, and they are non-judgemental.


Here are five special qualities Aquarius men possess. 

#1 They Are Visionaries

Visionaries want to make a difference in the world. They are problem solvers and have a strong desire to make things right. 

#2 They Have Compassion

They are big on social justice and will fight for the cause when something isn’t right. Aquarius men feel deeply for others; if they can help you, they will. 

#3 They Are Non-Judgemental

The Aquarius man’s motto is, “Live your life!” If that’s what floats your boat, then go for it. They don’t turn up their nose at other people’s lifestyles because they’re not concerned about it if it doesn’t affect them. 

#4 They Are Passionate

Passionate people are attractive because they have a zest for life that most people don’t. When they love, they love hard, and that’s not just with women. It’s with everything. 

#5 They Know What They Want

One of the main reasons Aquarius men test women they may be interested in is because they know what they want and are not willing to compromise.

They won’t settle, and if she doesn’t tick all the boxes, they won’t waste your time or theirs but quickly move on to the next. 

What Bad Traits Do Aquarius Men Have?

They are lovely, but they also have some bad traits, including they think they’re always right, are perfectionists, and don’t listen. Here are five bad traits that Aquarius men have. 

#1 They Think They’re Always Right

They are well-known for their intellectual capabilities, which is good. Who doesn’t want an intelligent guy, right? The problem is that they know they’re smart.

Unfortunately, they think they’re always right, which often leads to people getting offended. 

#2 They Are Perfectionists

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things done properly, but perfectionists go over the top with it. There is no plan B with Aquarius men. It has to go right the first time or else.

They are terrified of failing and looking stupid in front of others, which almost contradicts their personality type because they typically don’t care what others think about them.

Although some people have mastered the art of embracing failure and seeing it as a stepping stone to success, that’s not the case with Aquarius men. 

#3 They Don’t Listen

It’s not that they don’t always listen, but if they’re not interested in the conversation, they’ll zone out. Aquarius men are deep thinkers who don’t do small talk but forget that not everyone thinks like them.

So if they get into a conversation with someone who wants to discuss the latest reality TV show, they will either politely excuse themselves or make it glaringly obvious they’re not listening by playing with their phone. 

#4 They Don’t Compromise

It’s either my way or the highway with an Aquarius man, so if you’re expecting him to do what you want to do occasionally, you can forget about it.

This is a good quality in some areas, but it doesn’t work in a relationship unless you’re with a woman who’s into all the same things.

Again, this contradicts their personality type because Aquarius men like aggressive women who know how to put them in their place. And neither does he like a submissive woman, so what’s a girl to do? 

#5 They Annoy People

If you’re going to date an Aquarius man, prepare to be in a warzone every so often.

They can sometimes come across as condescending and cold because they’re very straight talking and don’t mix their words.


As a result, they are often accused of bullying by people with a more sensitive personality type.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that it’s difficult to date an Aquarius man because they know exactly what they want in a woman. This is good for them, but not so good for the female who falls for an Aquarius man, but the feeling isn’t mutual.

The good news is that he’s not the type of guy who will string you along. Even if he ends up in bed with you in a moment of weakness, he will let you know that he’s not looking for anything other than sex.

At this point, if you decide to pine on him, that’s up to you. But, on the other hand, if you’re the type of woman he’s looking for, you can expect to have a long and fulfilling relationship.