15 Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Do you want to know the signs a married woman wants to sleep with you? These might include her body language, telling dirty jokes, or having sexual conversations with you.

Is there a woman at work you know is married but she seems a bit too friendly? Or maybe you suspect your brother’s wife is attracted to you?

Regardless of the scenario, it’s more than possible that a married woman wants to sleep with you. Just because she’s married doesn’t mean she doesn’t find other men attractive.

Additionally, she might have issues in her marriage and look for attention elsewhere.

Although pursuing a married woman isn’t the smartest idea, you should be certain before approaching her if you want to do that. Here are fifteen signs a married woman wants to sleep with you. 

What Is The Best Way To Know If A Married Woman Likes You More Than A Friend?

When a married woman likes you more than a friend, she will stare at you, wants to meet with you alone, and takes pleasure in teasing you.

If you suspect a married woman likes you more than a friend, keep reading. 


#1 She Stares At You

She rarely breaks eye contact with you during a conversation, and it’s not regular eye contact. Instead, she stares at you deeply as if she’s undressing you with her eyes.

You will feel tempted to ask what she’s thinking when she’s looking at you like that. If you work together and sit opposite each other, you may notice you often catch her staring at you.

When she realizes she’s been busted, she quickly lowers her gaze. 

#2 She Wants To Meet With You Alone

She wants to meet with you alone because she’s hoping for some privacy.

Your married friend wants to take flirting with you to another level and doesn’t want anyone around to witness it. She’s probably not trying to get caught out with another man.

She’ll stress that you come alone when you make arrangements to meet up. 

#3 She Takes Pleasure In Teasing You

Teasing you is her favorite pastime. It’s fun to her because she can see that it embarrasses you well.

She enjoys the shy smile you give her when she says something cheeky. She teases you like a girl would tease a boy in school. It’s all very playful but exciting at the same time. 


#4 Her Voice Gets Seductive

Listen to the way she speaks to other men. You’ll notice a stark contrast in her voice when she speaks to you.

Her voice will suddenly increase in pitch because she knows men prefer women with higher-pitched voices. Whether this is true for all men, we don’t know.

But research suggests that men like higher-pitched female voices because they assume the woman is thin and petite. 

#5 She Jokes About Being In A Relationship With You

She makes random statements during the conversation like, “We’d make an awesome couple. Just give me a few minutes to divorce my husband, and we can ride into the sunset together.”

She might not be planning on divorcing her husband for you, but she wants to see what kind of reaction she’ll get from you by making such a statement.

Will it make you feel uncomfortable? Will you laugh it off? Your reaction will determine how she continues to operate around you.

Clear Signs That A Married Woman Is Attracted To You

Most women make it obvious they’re attracted to a man so he can approach her. She might put you before her husband, compliment you, and buy you things if she’s married.

Here are three clear signs a married woman is attracted to you. 


#1 She Puts You Before Her Husband

If you ask to meet up, and she has plans with her husband that night, she’ll cancel what she’s got going on with her husband to see you.

And she won’t shy away from telling you that’s what she’s doing either. In this way, she’s sending you a direct message that she would rather spend all her time with you than with her husband.

#2 She Compliments You

Your lady friend compliments you because not only does she want you to feel special, but she hopes that you’ll compliment her back.

If she’s not the bold type, she’ll start by complimenting your sexy outfits and asking where you got a certain shirt and tie from because she wants to buy one for her son.

She’ll then move on to telling you how good you smell. Again, she’ll give the excuse that she wants to buy the same aftershave for her friend.

Finally, when she feels really brave, she’ll compliment your looks by telling you you’re handsome or that you’ve got a good strong body. 

#3 She Buys You Things

Have you ever had a conversation about love languages? If you have told her that your love language is gift-giving, she’ll take full advantage of that and start buying you things.

She’s not going to make it obvious and start splashing out on lavish gifts for you, but she’ll pay attention to the things you like and start buying them for you.


For example, if she notices that you always get a steak and cheese subway for lunch, if she goes to lunch before you, she’ll bring you back one and tell you to return the favor one day.

If you like a certain candy bar or enjoy a white cappuccino with two sugars, she’ll ensure she gets them for you occasionally. 

Possible Signs That A Married Woman Is Flirting With You

Some women are just friendly, and their behavior can be mistaken as flirting, which is why you need to be one hundred percent sure a woman is interested before making a move.

You’ll know a woman is flirting with you because she doesn’t like you talking about other women, wants you to be her hero, and laughs at everything you say.

Keep reading to find out whether a married woman is flirting with you. 


#1 She Doesn’t Like You Talking About Other Women

If you talk about attractive women, you’ll notice she starts getting jealous. She might say, “she’s not that pretty; I think there’s something wrong with your eyesight.”

Or, “I can’t believe you can’t tell how much plastic surgery she’s had. Is that your thing, plastic women?” If she doesn’t say anything, her face will say it all. She might go red and look slightly angry.

You’ll also notice that she doesn’t like you speaking to other women. Whenever she sees you talking to a female, she’ll interrupt and hijack the conversation, making the other woman feel so uncomfortable that she’ll just leave. 

#2 She Wants You To Be Her Hero

If she’s familiar with a concept called the hero instinct, she’ll keep playing the damsel in distress so that you come and rescue her.

The hero instinct is a term coined by relationship expert James Bauer. He claims that all men are biologically programmed to be a hero. It’s in their DNA to want to protect and provide for their loved ones.

In a relationship, they take great pride in doing things for their partner. They like it even more, when their partner asks them for help. If your married lady friend knows this, you’ll notice she keeps asking you for help.

One day she’ll ask you to fill up her tank. The next it will be to check whether her oil levels are getting low. If she understands the hero instinct, she’ll keep you busy whenever you’re together. 

#3 She Laughs At Everything You Say

Everyone loves to laugh, but research suggests that women are attracted to men who make them laugh, and men are attracted to women who find them funny.

Funny people are intelligent, and intelligent people are sexy. So if she laughs hard at anything you say that’s even remotely funny, she’s probably doing it on purpose.


Of course, there is a chance she finds you funny, but it’s even more plausible that she just wants you to think you’re funny because she knows that men get high off making women laugh. 

How To Tell If A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You?

When a married woman wants to sleep with you, she’ll make it very obvious. But you’ll never know if you’re not clued up about how females act when they want you.

You’ll know that because of her body language, she tells you dirty jokes and has sexual conversations with you.

So keep reading to find out if a married woman wants to sleep with you. 


#1 Her Body Language

Body language experts claim what we do speaks louder than what we say. When a woman is attracted to you, she’ll say it with her body before it comes out of her mouth.

A few signs to look out for include, she softly licks her lips while looking at you, keeps smiling at you, strokes you lightly while talking to you, or smiles at you a lot.

Don’t get too excited if she does any of these because it might be a coincidence. Some women are just naturally flirtatious, and you don’t want to get ahead. Instead, wait to see if you notice any more signs. 

#2 Telling Dirty Jokes

By telling dirty jokes, your married female friend tests the waters to see if you’ll follow her down the road she’s taking you on.

If you laugh along with her, she’ll hope she’s in with a chance. She’ll also be observing you to see how comfortable you are with her mentioning sex in a joke.

If you squirm or change the subject, she’ll probably back off and think of another plan. But if you engage with her, she’ll take it to the next level. 

#3 Having Sexual Conversations

Okay, so she’s gone from telling dirty jokes to having sexual conversations because she’s pushing the boundaries. Most married women aren’t going to chase the man they want.

They’ll make it very obvious they’re interested and wait for them to do the approaching. Although this isn’t a normal dating scenario, that’s typically what happens when a woman likes a man.


She’ll flirt and see if he takes the bait. Think about it, a married woman having sexual conversations with another man is unacceptable.

Do you think her husband would be happy about it? Unless they’re into swinging, he’s going to be extremely angry. By talking about sex with you, she knows exactly what she’s doing. 

#4 Complaining About Her Husband

By complaining about her husband, she wants you to know that she’s unhappy in her marriage.

She’ll bring up stuff like how her husband never compliments her in the hopes that you’ll come to her rescue and start bombarding her with compliments.

Or she’ll moan that her husbands so lazy and that he doesn’t help out with any of the housework. Then she’ll say something like, “You’re not like that, are you?

If you had a girlfriend, she’d be the luckiest woman in the world.” 

#5 She Will Entice You With Her Body

Women wearing revealing clothes is no big deal. In most cases, they dress that way to make themselves feel good and not to impress men.

But they know what to do with all those goodies when it’s time to flirt. Does she wear low-cut tops and lean forward in front of you to give you a good view. How about a short skirt and bending over to pick something off the ground accidentally on purpose?

She knows full well that men go wild when women expose their intimate places in front of them, and she’s hoping she’ll have that effect on you. 

#6 She Will Whisper In Your Ear

When there’s no one around, she’ll get real close and whisper something in your ear.

She doesn’t need to whisper, but whispering intensifies whatever is being said, making it that much more alluring.

For example, she may whisper something like, “It’s getting hot in here, isn’t it?” That statement didn’t need whispering, but it’s intentional because it could mean one of two things.


That the room you’re in really is hot, or that she’s getting hot because you turn her on. She’s hoping you’ll interpret it as the latter. Depending on how you reply, she’ll know you’re on the same page as her. 

#7 She Flirts With You Via Text

Her text messages are never innocent. She always has a plan. She’ll text something like, “I’m just out here licking this thick, juicy ice lolly, and I thought of you.”

Or, “Watching a romantic movie with my husband, and the guy in it reminds me of you.” All her messages hint at something sexual.

She’s desperately trying to tell you that she wants to go to bed with you.

#8 She Will Ask You To Fix Something In Her Room

If you’re a family friend and come over to the house often, you might turn up one day, and her husband isn’t home. So she takes full advantage of the situation and asks if you can fix a light in her bedroom.

Before you can say, “Can’t your husband do it?” She’s already said, “I’ve been asking Dave (her husband) to do it for weeks now, and he hasn’t done it.”

So when you get upstairs, she lies seductively on the bed while she watches you fix the light, hoping you’ll get the hint and ‘fix’ her after!

#9 She Will Unbutton Her Blouse If You’re Alone

Unbuttoning her blouse is her way of letting you know that she wants you to undress her.

Wherever you are could be as cold as ice, so she’s not unbuttoning her shirt because she’s warm. Instead, she is sending you a direct message about what she wants from you. 

#10 She Will Send You Provocative Pictures

Don’t be surprised if you ever get a semi-nude selfie from this lady. She’ll send it to you accidentally on purpose to see how you react.

For starters, she wants to sear the image of her naked body into your mind in the hopes that you’ll start thinking about her sexually.

Even if she doesn’t get the desired response, she’ll have achieved one thing. You know what she looks like, partially naked.


Now, this is either going to do one of two things. Repulse you, or turn you on. She’s hoping it will turn you on.

Additionally, when you get the message, you’ll express your delight in how sexy she is, or play it cool by asking if she sent that picture to you by accident.

Again, she’d want you to be just as direct as her and tell her how amazing she looks. 

#11 She’ll Dance With You

There’s a lot more to a woman dancing with you than just dancing. Did you know that some women won’t even date a man who can’t dance!

It sounds really petty, but there’s a biological basis for it. According to research, you can tell a lot about a man by how he dances. For women, it gives them the chance to evaluate their potential mates.


His coordination, his confidence, and whether he has a strong or a passive lead are all clues as to the type of lover he will be.

So don’t be surprised if she puts on some slow jams the next time you guys are alone together and asks you for a dance. 

#12 She Asks Questions About Your Love Life

Although she doesn’t really care if you’ve got a partner, she asks questions about your love life because she wants to know if you’re just as miserable in your relationship as hers.

If you do have a girlfriend, she’ll want to know every last detail about the nature of your relationship. If she’s really feeling brave, she may even ask whether you’re sexually satisfied with your partner.

If you say no, she’ll ask why and then proceed to tell you how you’d be fully satisfied with her if she had the chance to be your girlfriend. She’s now left the ball in your court, and it’s up to you what you choose to do with the information. 

#13 She Wants To Spend Time With You

If you work together, she’ll want to spend every break and lunchtime with you. After work, she’ll want you to walk her to her car or to the bus stop.

She’ll follow you at work parties like a lost puppy dog. If you’re a family friend, she’ll be a part of every conversation at social events.

You guys will spend so much time together that people will start suspecting somethings going on between the two of you. 

#14 She Gets Up Close and Personal

She can’t be around you without being in your face. When she speaks to you, she stands inches away from you.

When she hovers around your desk, she stands directly behind your chair. She’s always brushing past you. She wants to be as close to you as possible.


#15 She Tests Your Morals

Even though she wants to sleep with you, this woman has no intention of leaving her husband. She’s just looking to have some fun.

But the problem is, before she clarifies her intentions, she wants to ensure you’re just as immoral as her. To test you, she’ll ask direct questions such as, “Have you ever fancied a friends or a relative’s girlfriend?”

If you say yes, she’ll ask, “Did you fantasize about having sex with her?” If you say yes, she’ll ask, “Do you think there’s anything wrong with sleeping with a married woman if she’s not happy in her marriage because her husband is incapable of satisfying her?

If you respond no, she’s got you right where she wants you. At this point, she’ll get heavy with the flirting in hopes that you’ll get the message that she’s the married woman she was talking about.

How To Tell If A Married Woman Is In Love With You?

If a married woman loves you, she will lie to her husband to see you, nurture you, and tell you she misses you. Keep reading to learn how to tell if a married woman is in love with you. 


#1 She Lies to Her Husband To See You

When you two go out together, she tells her husband she’s going out with the girls. She can’t say she’s going out with work colleagues because he wants to know why he hasn’t been invited.

So to play it safe, she says she’s going out with the girls. Even though you two haven’t done anything, she knows her real intentions.

She hasn’t even mentioned your name to him, so it wouldn’t be very smart of her to say, “Oh, and by the way, I’m going out with Derek tonight.” He won’t respond, “Lovely.

I hope you have a wonderful evening.” He will ask, “Who is Derek, and why haven’t you mentioned him up until now?” And he’ll have every right to ask her one hundred and one questions about this random man taking his wife out. 

#2 She Nurtures You

Women are nurturers by nature and want to ensure their loved ones are cared for. But they don’t nurture everyone. The key word here is ‘loved ones.’

If she has a soft spot for you, she will naturally want to nurture you. It’s similar to the hero instinct in men. They don’t naturally desire to provide for and protect all women and children.

It’s just the ones they love. So don’t be surprised if she starts bringing you homemade cookies to work, making you cups of tea if she makes one, and straightening your tie when she’s talking to you.

If you’re single, the nurturing will be much more intense because you don’t have a woman at home looking after you. 

#3 She Tells You She Misses You

Whether you work together, or you’re a family friend, when you don’t see each other for a few days, she’ll tell you she misses you the next time she sees you.

When a woman tells a man she misses him, it means she has strong feelings for him. It means she thinks about you when you’re not together because of how you make her feel.

She has an emotional attachment to you, and when she’s not around you, she strongly desires to be in your presence again. 

#4 You’re Her Favorite Person

She’s very open about letting you know that you’re her favorite person.

Most of the time, that’s how she greets you, “How’s my favorite person today?” She’s given you this title because she trusts you, you’re a kind, warm and loving person, and she truly enjoys your company. 

#5 She Treats You Different

Pay attention to how she treats other guys, and you’ll notice they don’t get the same treatment. If you know her outside of work, she doesn’t even treat her husband like she treats you.

She’s super nice to you, always smiling, touching you lightly when she speaks to you, and always asking if you need anything.

She doesn’t just say you’re her favorite person. She treats you as such. 

#6 She Gives You Her Listening Ear

When you love someone, you prioritize them, which manifests in many forms, one of which is listening. Most people can sit and talk about themselves all day long because humans are naturally selfish.

But when you would rather hear what someone else says, it means you value them. You want them to feel that you’re always there for them when they need someone to talk to. 

#7 She’s Your Biggest Supporter

If you’re a very ambitious guy with many goals and dreams, you’re always on the move trying to get stuff done.

She admires this quality in you and always encourages you when you speak about the new project you’re working on.

One of the reasons she probably admires this quality in you is because her husband has zero ambition and spends most of his time sitting on the couch, flicking through TV channels. 

#8 She Remembers Small Details About You

When a woman remembers random things about you that you most likely don’t even pay attention to yourself, there’s a high chance she’s in love with you.

It means she listens to you and watches you intensely because you intrigue her. Even down to the smallest details about you, she finds you fascinating and wants to know more about you.

It will shock you when she tells you she remembers your dog’s name or your sister’s birthday. 

#9 She Asks For Your Advice

When a woman values your opinion, she asks for your advice. If she’s got something important to do, she’ll ask what you think about it before she makes a move.

You may be wondering why she doesn’t ask her husband for advice, and that might be because she’s lost respect for him and no longer values his opinion.

In some cases, it might be that her husband is emotionally abusive and doesn’t give her the support she needs, so she doesn’t bother asking. 

#10 She Gets Flustered Around You

Does she start blushing and fluttering her eyelids when she’s around you?

That’s because you make her heart beat faster than normal when she enters your presence. She knows you can see her blushing, and it makes her feel awkward, so she starts getting flustered.

She may start fanning herself or walk away quickly because you’ve caused her to have a moment. 

#11 She’s Interested In Your Future

Does she ask you questions about what you want in the future? Has she asked something like, “Where can you see yourself in the next ten years?”

That’s because she’s trying to imagine what the future will look like with you.

Even if she doesn’t plan on divorcing her husband, it’s nice to dream, so she’ll want to know every last detail about your future plans to see if they align with where she wants to go in life. 


#12 She Thinks You’re Amazing

Even though you’re a flawed human being just like everyone else, you’re perfect to her.

She always tells you how amazing you are and highlights everything she likes about you. She’s never disrespected you or pointed out your imperfections.