10 Signs a Girl With a Boyfriend Likes You

Do you ever find yourself really into a girl you know has a boyfriend? It can be challenging to figure out if she likes you too or if you’re just imagining things.

But don’t worry! You can look for certain things that might give you an idea of how she feels.

So, get ready to learn how to understand her feelings better and make smarter decisions about what to do next.

#1 She Maintains Eye Contact

A female who maintains eye contact with you for a long time may be interested in you or imply that she wants a deeper connection. Prolonged eye contact can indicate a variety of feelings and intentions.

However, please don’t jump to any conclusions based on eye contact alone because she might be an intense person who looks at everyone that way.

Please pay attention to other signs, such as tilting her head to the side or twirling her hair around her fingers while she’s speaking to you, all of which are signs that she could be flirting with you. 

#2 She Laughs at Your Jokes Even When They’re Not Funny

If a girl laughs at your jokes even if they’re not funny, it might be her way of letting you know she’s interested. Research suggests that men are attracted to women who think they’re funny.


So if she knows this, and you’re trying to make her laugh, she may laugh to boost your ego.

Nevertheless, you should also consider that she could laugh because she doesn’t want to embarrass you. If she knows you’re trying to make her laugh, but deep down, she doesn’t find you funny, she may laugh so that you don’t feel bad.

The good news is that unless she’s got the acting skills of Kate Winslet, you can tell if she’s faking it. Here are some signs:

#1 People Who Fake Laugh Breathe More

Strange but true, but according to the experts, people who fake laugh need to make more of an effort to get the laughter out, and one way they do this is by taking pauses and breathing more.  

#2 Fake Laughter is Controllable

Laughter is an uncontrollable emotion, and the body releases it naturally. When most people laugh, they need to get it all out before they can stop. A person who is fake laughing can literally go from laughing to a regular facial expression in 2.5 seconds. 

#3 A Stiff Face

Laughter induces relaxation throughout the body, including the face. A person genuinely laughing will have a broad natural smile, and their facial expressions won’t appear stiff. 

#3 She Touches You Lightly During Conversation

Light touching is a form of body language that suggests a person might be more interested in you than the conversation.

Think about it, you don’t touch people you don’t like, and this is especially true for women because they don’t want to give a guy they’re not interested in the wrong impression.

Physical contact is a sign of affection and a way to express your intentions without saying it directly. In general, friends stand close to each other when they’re talking, but they don’t invade personal space.

So if she feels comfortable enough to invade your personal space, she might be trying to drop a hint that she’s attracted to you. 

#4 She’s Quick To Speak To You

A sign that a girl is interested in you is that she’s quick to speak to you. She doesn’t waste any time when initiating conversation.

She’ll text you first or call you when she wants to talk. But don’t get too excited about this sign because it might be that she’s just a talkative person.

Before jumping to conclusions, please pay attention to how she interacts with other people. If she’s quick to speak to them too, you can safely assume that this isn’t a sign she’s interested in you. 

#5 She Always Stands Close to You

A girl standing close to you means she enjoys your company. She wants to be in your field of vision.


She will do things like get closer to you during the conversation, or if she sees you sitting alone, she’ll sit next to you. Basically, the closer a girl gets to you, the more likely it is that she’s attracted to you. 

#6 She Gives You Compliments

Giving compliments is a way to express appreciation and admiration for a person, whether its related to their personality, physical appearance, or talents.

If your lady friend is giving you compliments, it means she’s paying attention to you, likes what she sees, and wants you to know that she likes what she sees. 

#7 She Remembers Things About You

When a girl remembers things about you, it’s a sign that she thinks you’re important enough to fill her brain with information about you.


People filter out information that doesn’t serve them, including information about friends, family members, and anyone else they might come into contact with.

For example, you’ll remember a friend’s birthday their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests because you want them to know you care about them.

You won’t remember this information about some random person you have no interest in. Therefore, take her remembering things about you as a major sign that she might be interested. 

#8 She Acts Nervous When She’s Around You

In general, girls act nervous around the guys they like because attraction can make some people feel shy.


But when a girl likes a guy when she has a boyfriend, her nervous behavior will go through the roof because her nervousness is intensified by the fact that she feels guilty about having feelings for someone when she’s in a relationship.  

#9 She Always Looks Good When She’s With You

Firstly, when you look good, you feel good, so looking good for women gives them that added boost of confidence when they’re with the guy they like.

Secondly, women know that men are visual creatures, and they’re more likely to find  her attractive if she looks good. 

#10 She Talks About Her Relationship Problems With You

Women are smart, and if she’s planning on leaving her boyfriend for another guy, she’ll befriend the guy she has her eye on and discuss her relationship problems with him.


She does this so he knows exactly what she doesn’t want in a man. If you’re interested in her, you’ll pay attention to everything she’s saying so that you can avoid acting like that if you end up in a relationship with her. 

Ask The Expert

Q: How Do I Know If She Actually Likes Me Or Is Being Friendly? 

It can be hard to work out if a girl likes you or is just being friendly because some females are friendly.

They smile a lot, make eye contact, give compliments, use open body language, and are always willing to help. If a woman is bold and confident enough to clarify that she’s interested in a guy, she’ll do that.

But if she’s shy and more introverted, you’ll probably find it hard to tell if she likes you. The best way to get around this is to ask her directly. Most men want to avoid rejection, so they look for signs before approaching a female.

But if there are no signs, the best thing to do is ask; if you don’t get the response you were hoping for, brush the dirt off your shoulders and move on.   

Q; Should I tell the girl’s boyfriend she likes me?

No! The fact that you only suspect she likes you means it’s best that you don’t say anything.

There is a big difference between ‘think’ and ‘know,’ even if she told you she’s interested and you felt the same and were planning on starting a relationship with her, it’s best to leave it up to her.

You don’t owe him an explanation since the guy isn’t your friend.

Q: Should I pursue a girl who already has a boyfriend?

Before you do anything, it’s essential to understand that a relationship will fail without trust, and attempting to pursue a girl who’s already taken could erode that trust before you’ve even got a chance to get to know her properly.

Because even though she might be flattered, in her mind, she’s probably thinking, “If he’s shamelessly chasing after someone he knows is in a relationship, what other immoral practices will he participate in?”

Another thing you should consider is how you would feel if another man was chasing after your woman. Things are not always as clear-cut as we’d like them to be, and sometimes, our emotions can get in the way, and we end up in a situation we didn’t anticipate.

But what you don’t want her to do is force her to choose between you and the guy she’s seeing. Stay friends with her, and don’t cross the line; let things happen naturally.

Q: Can a girl have feelings for multiple guys? 

Of course. It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to people for different reasons. A woman can find one guy physically attractive; she might like another man’s personality and someone else’s sense of humor.

Nevertheless, although she might have feelings for several men, she probably doesn’t intend on acting on them because she’s just looking for that one guy she can settle down with and have that special relationship. 

Q: What should I do if I catch feelings and she does not want to leave her boyfriend?

First, you should respect her decision to stay with her boyfriend.

It’s unfair to try and persuade her to leave him and be with you. Besides, why would you want that anyway?

Why would you want to be with a woman you’ve got to coerce into being with you? Instead, invest your time and energy into becoming the best version of yourself and stay friends with her because you never know what could happen in the future.

But if you feel like your feelings for her are becoming too intense, step back from the friendship and get yourself together because you don’t want to end up with a broken heart.