20 Reasons Why I Love You ( For Him and For Her)

Love is a powerful emotion, and most people don’t know how to articulate it; they know how they feel.

Reasons you love your partner include he is trustworthy, he is considerate, and he is romantic.

But it’s important to mention that love is not a feeling. Those butterflies you get at the beginning of a relationship don’t last.

Eventually, the chemistry wears off. Love is a choice, and it’s based on your actions; you choose to continue loving your partner regardless of their flaws.

Some of you will have reached that point, and some won’t. But if you want to know how to tell your partner you love them, keep reading.

How Do You Answer “Why Do You Love Me?”

Telling someone why you love them can be difficult if you’re not good with words.

You will say, I love you because…and then get tongue-tied. You can answer the question by talking about their personality how your partner loves you, and you can mention why you find your partner so attractive.

I would always advise talking about your partner’s looks last because appearance may have caught your attention, but that’s not why you fell in love with your partner.

Here are some tips on answering the question, why do you love me?


Talk About Your Partner’s Personality

Personality is one of the main reasons you fall in love with your partner.

You can talk about things like you love how outgoing and full of life they are.

You love how compassionate and empathetic they are towards the suffering. If you love your partner’s ability to build rapport with strangers, you can talk about that.

Or how much you love their mindset. But, does your partner always see the light at the end of the tunnel?

List all the things you love about your partner’s personality and why. 

Talk About How Your Partner Loves You

One of my favorite songs is by an artist called Major, and he sings these words in the chorus, “this is why I love you because you love me.”

Sometimes, the intensity with which a person loves you can make you love them even more. You feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude because they love you the way they do.

Think about how your partner loves you? Is he/she highly romantic? Do they make you feel like you can achieve anything you want?

Does he tell you you’re beautiful even when you know you’re looking your worst?

Talk About Why You Find Your Partner So Attractive

Unfortunately, we live in a superficial world, and today, physical appearance is more important than anything.

But anyone looking for a serious relationship knows that looks are only one part of the equation.

Nevertheless, your partner still wants to know that you find them attractive.

So you can tell your partner how much you love their eyes, smile, hair, or any other part of your boyfriend/girlfriend that you find attractive. 

10 Reasons Why I Love You (For Him)

Men don’t express their love the same way as women, nor do they fall in love for the same reasons.

A few reasons a man might love his girlfriend include that she allows him to be a man, makes him feel needed, and makes him feel complete.

When a man falls in love, you can expect him to do anything for his partner. Here are ten reasons why you love someone. 


#1 You allow me to be a man

Your last girlfriend made you feel like a child. If you were on your way somewhere and took a wrong turn, she’d quickly point out that you were going the wrong way instead of letting you figure it out.

She didn’t understand that men don’t like being told what to do; they enjoy challenges. 

When they don’t understand something, they take great pride in working it out for themselves.

Also, when you were upset about something, your last girlfriend always assumed she had done something wrong. She would ask you to talk about it at the wrong time, and when you refused, she’d nag you and accuse you of being secretive.

The more she pressured you for an answer, the more annoyed you became.

She didn’t understand that men don’t express their emotions in the same way as women; when a woman is upset about something, the first thing she does is get on the phone and discuss it with her girlfriends. In most cases, men are not like this.

One of the main reasons you love your current girlfriend so much is that she allows you to be a man.

If you’re struggling with something, she doesn’t jump to your rescue; she leaves you to get on with it.

She knows that you’ll ask for help if you need it. When you’re feeling broody, she gives you your space and waits for you to come to her if you want to talk about your problems. 

#2 You make me feel needed

Your last girlfriend seemed perfect; she was gorgeous, you had great chemistry, and she was a good cook.

But any time you went round to hers, she was always in the middle of fixing something. Whether it was changing a lightbulb, fixing a door, or the washing machine.

You’d ask to give her a hand, and she would always respond, “no, I’ve got this.” So you sit in the living room and let her get on with it.

Half the day has passed when she’s done, and you’ve spent no time together. While you’re waiting, you have several thoughts; first, that whatever she was doing would be completed a lot faster if she just let you do it.

And second, what does she need a man for if she can do everything herself? The good news is that you don’t have this problem anymore.

Your current girlfriend keeps you extremely busy and gives you plenty of things to do.

She always asks when she needs help which makes you feel valuable to her because you can improve her life. 

#3 You make me feel complete

Some women are so needy; they deplete you instead of complete you. You’ve probably had girlfriends who felt she didn’t add any value to the relationship.

She didn’t motivate you to improve your life; she complained a lot, and any time you left her, you felt drained.

But your current girlfriend is like the yin to your yang, she’s everything you’re not, and she encourages you to get stronger in the areas you are weak.

When you’re together, you feel invincible; when you’re apart, you feel energized when you think about her. 

#4 You satisfy my every need

The assumption is that all men want in a relationship is sex. But that’s not the case at all. Men need a lot more than having their physical needs met.

Men also have emotional needs; sometimes, they want to be left alone or comforted. At times, they need to be encouraged and praised.

He needs to hear how much his woman loves him every so often. It isn’t easy to find the right balance in a girlfriend; she either knows how to satisfy him in bed but doesn’t know how to do so emotionally.

Or she knows how to satisfy him emotionally, but not in bed. I’m not making excuses for men, but this is one of the reasons why they have affairs.

They get what they’re not getting from their partner from another woman. But you got lucky with your girlfriend, she knows how to satisfy you in all areas, and you’re very grateful for that. 

#5 You inspire me to be better

Your girlfriend is a go-getter, she’s always working on her goals and dreams and doesn’t compromise with them.

Sometimes, she’ll cancel your date night if she hasn’t done everything. During your time together, you’ve seen her achieve some great things, and her drive inspires you to do better.

One of the reasons she inspires you is that she invokes a healthy fear in you.

She’s so determined to win in life that she may leave you behind if you don’t keep up. You ensure you’re equally as driven to achieve your goals to prevent this. 

#6 You are secure about the relationship

One of the most off-putting qualities in a woman is insecurity. Granted, some women have the right to be insecure about their relationship, especially if infidelity has taken place.

But you know from past experiences that when a woman lacks confidence in herself, she lacks confidence in her relationship. Because she feels that she’s not good enough, she fears you’ll cheat even if you’ve never given her a reason not to trust you.

Her fear manifests into always looking through your phone, starting arguments when you go out, and accusing you of having an affair with your secretary at work.

However, your current girlfriend is a breath of fresh air, she has high self-esteem, and she lets you live your life.

She’s not afraid to put you in your place, but her reasons are valid when she does. 

#7 You exude feminine energy

Feminine energy is free, fluid, powerful, and strong. It’s emotional, compassionate, kind, patient, and intuitive. 

Feminine energy combines the nurturing qualities required to connect humans in a fulfilling and meaningful way. Feminine and masculine energy are polar opposites, so they’re drawn to each other.

Men need feminine energy in their lives, and women need masculine energy in their lives. Feminine energy is one of the reasons men love their mothers so much; he loves her nurturing qualities.

Your girlfriend flows in her feminine energy; everything about her is feminine, including the way she dresses, speaks, and most of all, the way she cares for you. 

#8 You don’t use sex as a weapon

Women know how important sex is to men, and some of them will use it as a weapon against their partner.

Women are in control when it comes to sex because, in most cases, men want it more.

They will do things like rewarding their partner with sex only if he does what she wants. Sex is no longer about expressing each other’s desires towards one another, it’s a currency, and when the partner can’t pay, he’s punished.

Your girlfriend wouldn’t dream about doing this. You have a healthy sex life that’s not based on reward and punishment. 

#9 You make me chase you

It’s common for women to stop making an effort once they’ve settled into the relationship.

She stops trying to look attractive, and her idea of a romantic night is her wearing a pair of sweats, a movie, and a takeaway.

But your girlfriend has kept the flame burning by continuously coming up with adventurous ideas to spice up the relationship.

She’s unpredictable, and you never know what she’ll come up with next. 

#10 You are independent

When a woman is totally dependent on a man, it’s off-putting. When it comes to dependency, balance is important.

A woman with no friends, no ambition, and nothing better to do with her time other than hanging out with her boyfriend is draining.

What worsens things is that she resents that her partner’s got a life.

When he does things without her, she gets upset and causes an argument. Whereas your girlfriend is fiercely independent.

She goes out with her girlfriends; they go on vacations together. She has many hobbies, and she always has a goal she’s working towards. 

10 Reasons Why I Love You (For Her)

Your partner is so special to you that you probably love him for endless reasons, but you can start with ten. Reasons you love your boyfriend could include:

  • Accepting you for who you are.
  • Making you laugh even when you feel sad.
  • Making you feel safe.

So here are ten reasons why you love your boyfriend. 

#1 You accept me for who I am

We’ve all heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You’ll never be enough for the wrong person.

But they accept every part of you when you’ve found your soul mate.

There is no fear of being judged; you can comfortably be yourself around them. Many women fear wearing no make-up before their partner, but you don’t have that problem.

Your boyfriend loves you the same whether you’re dressed up or down.

#2 You make me laugh even when I feel sad

Laughter is medicine for the soul. This means when your soul is hurting, laughter is the best cure.

And your boyfriend knows just how to do that. He’s funny without trying, and after comforting you in your distress, the first thing he does is make you laugh. 

#3 You make me feel safe

Not only is your boyfriend tall, strong, and muscular. Because of his size makes you feel safe physically, and you’re confident he will protect you if he needs to.

But he also makes you feel safe emotionally, you know that you can confide in him about anything, and he’ll never make you feel stupid or insecure for expressing your feelings.

You trust that he will always protect your heart. 

You also trust his leadership. According to relationship consultant Nick Notas, male leadership is important in a relationship.

If a woman can’t trust a man to take control of things, she doesn’t feel confident following him.

Your last boyfriend was a terrible leader; he was inconsistent and lacked integrity, whether it was finances or keeping the house in working order.

As a result, you had to step up to the plate and take the reigns. He would then accuse you of trying to emasculate him, so it was a lose-lose situation for you.

One of the reasons you love your current boyfriend so much is that he’s an awesome leader.

He has integrity and consistency, and his words and actions match. He knows how to make decisions, and he makes good ones.

Even if his judgment is off, he makes things right, and so you trust him to get it together if he needs to.

You feel confident following him because you know he won’t lead you into a ditch and then leave you to dig your way out. 

#4 You are a provider

Even though you have a stable career and make your own money, your partner is a passionate provider.

He loves caring for his woman; your boyfriend always ensures you’ve got what you need, never without, and always satisfied.

His ability to provide for you gives you hope for the future. If he proposes, or you were to get pregnant, you’d have no worries because you trust you’ll be provided for as a wife, and your children will be raised in a good environment. 

#5 You encourage me to go after my dreams

You have friends whose partners are so insecure that they discourage them from pursuing their dreams.

Some people are just like that; if they don’t have the drive and the motivation to go after what they want in life, they belittle those who do. It’s called the ‘crabs in the bucket’ syndrome.

But your boyfriend is different; he’s your number-one cheerleader. He constantly pushes you to achieve your goals; when you start slacking or get discouraged. He motivates you to continue and you appreciate this quality in him. 

#6 You have accepted my family

No one has the perfect family, but yours is a hot mess! Your parents are divorced, you don’t get along with your siblings, and there’s always some drama.

Nevertheless, you love them anyway. On the other hand, your boyfriend comes from a more reserved family and meeting your family was a bit of a culture shock for him.

However, he has accepted them for who they are, he never complains about the drama they bring, and when he’s around them, they’re actually better people. 

#7 You give me a different perspective on life

He can see things in a way that no one else can.

He firmly believes that everything in life happens for a reason, and if you’re going through something uncomfortable.

It means there is a lesson to learn from it. 

#8 I learn from you

Your boyfriend spends a lot of time reading, so he knows a lot of random information that the average person wouldn’t know.

One of the reasons you love spending time with your boyfriend is because you leave feeling like you’ve learned something new.

You know that the conversation will always be refreshing and insightful. 

#9 I admire your inner strength

Your partner has been to hell and back, but you would never know it by looking at him.

He is the type of superhero every woman needs because he uses his pain to energize and fuel him to do great things instead of allowing the inevitable trials of life to destroy him. 

#10 You are in tune with my energy

One of the most frustrating things for women in a relationship is their partners don’t understand them.

But some men are so in tune with female energy that they know precisely what mood their girlfriend is in before she’s even walked in the door.

He doesn’t need to ask; he knows, and when you explain what you’re going through, he understands

Final Thought

Being in love is a beautiful experience; telling your partner why you love them gives them even more confidence in the relationship. 

A failure to express love and show appreciation for the person you’re with can cause problems in a relationship. 

People need to feel valued, and you can do this by consistently telling your partner exactly why you fell in love with them and why you continue to fall in love with them.