17 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

Have you ever thought about the questions girls are afraid to ask guys? Women like asking questions because they want to know what they’re getting into before becoming emotionally attached.

Some of these questions include: would you like to get married one day? What is your ideal woman? And who gets the bill when we go out? Females fear asking these questions because they don’t want to appear pushy and scare him away.

The good news is that we’ve picked seventeen of the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you. Keep reading to know the answers to seventeen questions girls are afraid to ask guys. 

17 Serious Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

The easiest way to get an answer to a question is to ask. But if you’re afraid to ask questions such as would you like to get married one day?

What is your ideal woman? And when we go out, who gets the bill? You’ll be forever in the dark.

Here are the answers to seventeen questions girls are afraid to ask guys. 

#1 Would you like to get married one day?

Many men want to get married and start a family one day, but this is probably the worst question you can ask a guy immediately.

He’ll immediately assume you’re desperate, willing to settle down with anyone, or that if he says no, you’ll try and trap him. Here’s why…when it comes to marriage talk, some men get extremely uncomfortable.


According to psychiatry professor Gail Saltz, it makes them feel vulnerable. They get scared they’ll get trapped, can’t live up to certain expectations, or lose their freedom.

It’s probably a bad idea to ask this question at the beginning of a relationship, but if you start getting serious, you’ll need to find a way to have the conversation.

The last thing you want is to waste time being with someone who has no plans on getting married if that’s what you want eventually. 

#2 What is your ideal woman?

All men have their ideal woman, but who it is will depend on the guy. Some men will value honesty and loyalty in a woman. Others will want someone strong and independent.

But in general, men want a woman with a good personality, someone light-hearted, with a sense of humor and attractive. After asking this question, in his head, he might be thinking, is she the bunny boiler type?

He will fear that you want to know so you can put on an act and pretend to be his ideal woman, so he’ll fall for you. But the reality is that you’re asking because if you’re not it, there’s no point in pursuing the relationship. 

#3 When we go out, who gets the bill?

Most men are traditional regarding the first date and’ll want to impress the woman they’ve asked out. But once you get serious, some guys will expect her to get the bill at least once in a while.

It’s a legitimate question; you want to know what kind of guy you’re dating. He may assume you’re trying to assess whether or not his pockets are fat.


If this is his line of thinking, he’ll label you as a gold digger, and you won’t get past first base with him. 

#4 Do you want to fall in love one day?

Even though you’ve just started dating and you’re not asking if he will fall in love with you one day, he may take it the wrong way.

Most men don’t start dating with the hopes of falling in love. They like taking things slow and getting to know the woman before considering a commitment.

#5 How do you feel about your girlfriend having mostly male friends?

This question is another way of asking if he’s the jealous type. This is a difficult question. You’re probably asking because you have a lot of male friends.

If he says he’s not a fan of it, you’re off to a bad start. Some guys hate their girlfriends having male friends because they are suspicious of other men.


In his head, he’ll be thinking the only reason they’ve accepted the friend zone role is that they’re waiting for you to get dumped by your current partner so they can be your shoulder to cry on, become your knight in shining armor, and then you’ll live happily ever after. 

#6 How do you feel about women who have slept with a lot of men?

Basically, you’re asking if he’s a male chauvinistic pig. Some men have double standards for sexual liberation; they will pat their male friends on the back for sleeping with a different woman every day of the week.

They will look down on a woman and call her derogatory names if she does the same in the same breath. But in general, men are less likely to have a serious relationship with a woman known to be promiscuous.

This is especially true if she’s slept with women he knows. 

#7 Are you the type of guy who talks about his feelings?

Some men find it difficult to express their feelings because society has conditioned them to suppress negative emotions.

A female has every right to ask this type of question because no one wants to be in a relationship with someone emotionally unavailable.

Nevertheless, asking this question directly can cause more harm than good. Instead, ask a genuine question that gets him to express how he feels; if he finds it difficult, you’ve got your answer.  

#8 How often do you contact your girlfriend throughout the day?

This is another question that can make a female appear needy. Texting or calling throughout the day should come naturally.

There may be times when you don’t communicate because your schedule won’t allow for it. Basically, the guy will make contact when he feels like it and if he can.


But if he can’t, it doesn’t mean he’s not interested anymore; he’s probably busy. 

#9 Do independent women intimidate you?

Men can be intimidated by a woman who has got her stuff together and is generally doing better than him.

But this depends on how she displays her independence. Does she throw it in his face that she’s more successful than him, or is she humble with it?

#10 When do you think it’s the right time to introduce your girlfriend to your parents?

To some men, this question could mean a woman is putting a timer on when she thinks a relationship should start getting serious, and the average guy doesn’t start dating with the end in mind.

He prefers letting things progress naturally instead of rushing if he likes a girl. 

#11 Are you the romantic type?

Men are romantic with the right woman. If he’s deeply attracted to you, he’s likely to go all out on a first date, flowers, candy; you name it because he wants to impress you.


But if he’s not that into you, he’ll do the bare minimum. Consider it like this; romance is a guy’s time and money investment.

Some men need time to decide whether a woman is worth investing in.  

#12 How long did it take before you committed to your last girlfriend?

As innocent as this question might be, there’s a chance a guy will take it the wrong way and assume you’re asking how long it will take to commit to you.

In reality, men don’t have a timeline for their feelings; they know when they know. Relationship coach Tony Gaskins says he knew his wife was the one after their first conversation.

For some men, it can take weeks, months, or years. Commitment isn’t something you can rush. 

#13 Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This is a good question to ask a guy because his answer will tell you how ambitious he is. A sensible man will have a five-year plan he’s actively working towards.

The only problem with this question is that he might jump to the conclusion you’re asking, hoping he’ll say something like, “living happily ever after with you.” 

#14 How do you treat the woman you love?

Women ask this question because men don’t show love in the same way as women. Men express their love through the things they do for their partners.

He’ll do things like making more effort to spend time with her. He’ll drive down to get her some pain medication if she calls and says she’s got a headache.

When a man loves a woman, he has a strong desire to make her life easier, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

#15 Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend

This question wouldn’t bother him if he were the dumper. He’ll tell you why he ended the relationship, and his response will probably be: “we just weren’t compatible, we didn’t like doing any of the same stuff, and it was too difficult to find common ground.”

Or, “I wasn’t ready to commit.” But if he caught her cheating or dumped him for another guy, he’s not going to want to talk about that. 

#16 Why are you so bothered by periods?

Men don’t like periods…period! Guys with sisters hate it even more because they grew up dealing with PMS, going to the store to buy sanitary towels, and seeing things they don’t want to see in the bathroom.

So they know exactly what to expect when a woman is on her period. They also know that unless she’s okay with period sex, there is less chance of having sex if a woman is on her period, which adds fuel to the fire. 

#17 Do you go to strip clubs?

The reality is that most men have been to a strip club at least once in their life because men love watching half-naked women dance.

Some men go often and would rather go to a strip club than a regular nightclub because at least they are guaranteed some action.

However, he may choose to hide this information from you because he doesn’t want you to think he’s some pervert. 

3 Spicy & Juicy Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

As your partner, if you’re looking to spice up your love life, ask the following questions to get his pulse racing.

What is your greatest fantasy? What part of a woman’s body do you like to please the most? And what time of the day are you the horniest? 

#1 What is your greatest fantasy?

Sexual fantasies are about pushing boundaries and doing things outside the norm, and men love excitement.

Why do you think the porn industry is so creative? Because they’re tapping into what they know men want.


Men fantasize about having a threesome, having sex in unusual places, and sleeping with an attractive older woman. 

#2 What part of a woman’s body do you like to please the most?

Men enjoy pleasing their partner because they get pleasure out of making her feel good. But it also boosts their ego when a woman expresses how good her man makes her feel.

Most men will say they like to please the part of the woman’s body that gives her the most pleasure. 

#3 What time of the day are you the horniest?

The assumption is that men are horniest at night, but the truth is, they can be at their horniest at any time of the day. It depends on what they’re exposed to and thinking about.

But a lot of men do say they get extremely horny when they’re in tight situations, and there’s no chance of anything happening. 

3 Questions About Men’s Interests In Women

Men have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to women.

Do these include what attracts a woman to a man? Why do women take so long to get ready? And why do women hate chat-up lines?

Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions. 

#1 What attracts a woman to a man?

Contrary to popular belief, women are just as visual as men. The first thing that attracts them is the physical. It’s why men considered unattractive have such a hard time getting women.

Once the guy has passed the looks test, his personality and sense of humor are next. 

#2 Why do women take so long to get ready?

Because women have to do more, and they enjoy the process of transforming themselves.


From shaving their legs to straightening or curling their hair, and putting a full face of make-up on takes time and effort. 

#3 Why do women hate chat-up lines?

Men get that chat-up lines can be cheesy, but many men truly believe they’re a great way to break the ice.

One of the main reasons women hate them so much is that they’re not spontaneous.

It’s obvious men have rehearsed these lines hundreds of times in front of the mirror, which also means they’ve probably used the same line to about thirty other women on the same night. 

Embarrassing Questions To Ask A Guy

Do you want to see your guy blush? Ask him these questions: how many times do you touch yourself weekly?

Do you watch porn? And have you had sexual fantasies about any of your sister’s friends?

#1 How many times a week do you touch yourself?

If a guy has a high sex drive and no girlfriend, he probably touches himself a lot!

But he probably won’t feel very comfortable telling a female how many times he does it because he’ll be afraid he’ll be judged as a sex maniac with no self-control. 

#2 Do you watch porn?

Men openly talk about their porn-watching habits with their male friends because it’s a form of bravado. But they are less likely to be open about it with a girlfriend.

This is because they know a lot of women disagree with their partners watching porn as it makes them feel insecure and inadequate. But the truth is that most men watch porn.

One survey found that approximately 95% of men have watched porn! So unless your guy is in the 5% who haven’t, he’s probably lying if he says no. 

#3 Have you had sexual fantasies about your sister’s friends?

If a guy’s sister has hot friends, there’s a high chance he’s thought about having sex with them. Why?

Because that’s what men do when attracted to women, they imagine what it would be like to go to bed with them.

But a guy may not want to answer this question if you know his sister or her friends. 

Questions Girls Have About Men’s Bodies

Men’s bodies are just as intricate as women’s, and women are just as curious about men’s bodies as men are about women’s.

They want to know things like, What part of your body are you most insecure about? How do men hide their erections in public?

And what is the most sensitive part of a man’s body apart from the obvious? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions. 

#1 What part of your body are you most insecure about?

You’ll be surprised to know that men have just as many body hang-ups as women.

They know what females are attracted to because they see and hear them swooning over men’s six-packs and chiseled jawlines like Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba.

But just for the record, men are typically most insecure about their height, weight, and penis size. 

#2 How do men hide their erections in public?

Erections don’t discriminate, and a man can get a boner anywhere. It doesn’t matter if he’s at a funeral, in a business meeting, or standing (pun intended) at a bus stop.

The good news is that men know how to hide them. Some of their ingenious strategies for hiding an erection include tucking it into the waistband of their trousers.


Be suspicious when you see a guy with his hand in his pocket! Another one of their tricks is to push it up and then put their hand in their pocket to cover it.

And finally, if it’s big enough (the sweatshirt, I mean), a good old baggy sweatshirt will hide a hard-on completely. 

#3 what is the most sensitive part of a man’s body apart from the obvious?

According to a survey conducted by the dating site Victoria Milan, you’ll be surprised to know that the neck and chin are high erogenous zones for men.

Some even enjoy stimulating their eyeballs, feet, and back of their knees! 

Questions Girls Have About Relationships

Girls’ most common questions about relationships include, What makes a man cheat on the woman he loves?

Why are men so scared of commitment? And what makes men happy in relationships?

#1 What makes a man cheat on the woman he loves?

Cheating is a complicated subject, and there are many reasons why men do it. But the one I find most interesting is the Madonna-Whore complex.

The Madonna-Whore complex is a term coined by the late psychologist Sigmund Freud. He found that men placed women in one of two categories, a whore, or a saint.


The saint was the woman he loved because of her motherly and nurturing qualities. The whore was the sexually free woman he had a strong sexual attraction to but would never marry.

A woman could not be both; as a result, men would cheat on their wives with the women they desired sexually. Even though this theory came about in the early 1900s, it is still prevalent today. 

#2 Why are men so scared of commitment?

Some men are scared of commitment because they have a fear of rejection. They’re afraid the woman they fall in love with will one day lose interest and end the relationship.

Then, others suffer from the fear of missing out. Men come into contact with so many beautiful women daily that committing to one might mean that someone better comes along as soon as they’ve said, “I do.” 

#3 What makes men happy in relationships?

Men are simple creatures and don’t need a lot to be happy in a relationship. But they need something very specific: to feel like a hero.

According to James Bauer, men are biologically wired to protect and provide for their families. They are at their best when they can operate in this capacity.