75 Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Crush

Want some cute paragraphs to send to your crush? This article has 75 of the best ones out there.

You can use them verbatim, or they can serve as inspiration as you write your cute little messages to that special someone in your life.

No matter what you send to your crush, the most important quality for it to have is relevance. 

That is, it must be about something you share with them, whether it’s your mutual feelings for each other, shared experiences, or common beliefs.

That’s when you can be sure your paragraph will really touch their heart.

Meanwhile, if you copy-and-paste a random paragraph and send it to them, you might appear needy, insincere, sarcastic, or presumptuous.

And none of that will help your relationship with your crush. So use with caution!

The Kinds of Paragraphs You Can Send

You can send many different kinds of paragraphs, which is a good thing. It’s easy to find an appropriate message to send if you know the categories available to you.

In this guide, we’ll group the 75 paragraphs into five categories:

  1. Cute and sweet paragraphs that are warm and sincere, yet harmless and unassuming.
  2. Deep, emotional paragraphs that will really make your crush stop and think… about you.
  3. “Good morning” paragraphs that are great messages to send at the start of the day.
  4. Paragraphs that let you tell that special someone what they mean to you.
  5. Paragraphs that help you express your true feelings to your crush… which you know can be very hard to do.

You’ll find all the messages you’ll ever need within these five categories and much more.

So now, without further ado, let’s jump right into them.

14 Cute and Sweet Paragraphs to Send to Your Crush

The following sample paragraphs for your crush are great choices to send for when you like them very much, but you’re not exactly ready to show your feelings just yet.

So pick one to brighten up their day any time you want:

#1: You know something? When I let my mind wander, you’re always in my thoughts. I love the thought of being with you.

#2: I’m not a romantic, lovey-dovey person — I’ve never been. And yet being with you brings out the cheesiest version of me, and you know what? I love every minute of it. It’s the best feeling in the world.

#3: You know what annoys me? Time flies whenever I’m with you. Hours seem like minutes, and I could never get enough of you. I wish I could stop time and be with you for as long as I can, without a care in the world. I hope you feel the same way.

#4: When I’m with you, all my problems seem to fade into the background. You’re such a warm, welcoming, wonderful person, and I’m lucky to have you. Each day with you is a blessing.

#5: Hey, no worries. Even if we can’t always be together, we’re never apart because you’re always on my mind. That makes sense.


#6: I know it’s cheesy to tell someone they’re the most amazing person in the world because statistically, that probably wouldn’t be true. But I’ll say it anyway — you’re the most amazing person in the world. I hope you know that.

#7: You know what? I think about you many times a day. You looked amazing the last time we met up. I can’t get your beautiful smile out of my head — and, in case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing.

8: It’s like you cast a spell on me. All I want to do is talk and talk and talk until we both fall asleep at night. If this is a spell, I don’t want it to end.

#9: You’re always in my heart, and that’s why I know you’ll always be around.

#10: There are a million people around me, but I’m only looking for you. I can’t wait to see you again.

#11: I’m not the easiest person to motivate, but every time I need to do the impossible, I just think of you. And suddenly I have the strength and the will to see it through. Whenever I need a boost, there’s always you.


#12: Before I met you, my life was pretty stagnant. You introduced me to growth, hard work, and purpose. I hope you realize how thankful I am that you walked into my life.

#13: You’re like a guardian angel who came into my life to sort it out of the mess it was in. Everything you’ve said to and done for me has had a tremendous effect. I feel blessed to have met you.

#14: I love how you make me laugh. And it’s not just when your jokes are good, it’s also when they’re really, really bad. That’s what I love about you — you can make me laugh no matter what you do.

See? These samples clearly show how much you like your crush, and yet they stop short of clearly expressing your emotions. Meanwhile, the paragraphs in the next category do, and they’re great if you’re feeling brave…

Deep-Meaning Emotional Paragraphs for Your Crush

Want to make your crush stop and think of you? Then try these deep, emotional paragraphs out.

They’ll make your crush wonder if you have real, romantic feelings for them:


#15: It’s hard to understand, but I find myself falling in love with you more and more each day. It’s like an incredible journey that keeps getting better. I never want it to end.

#16: I’d like to apologize if I’ve been taking up so much of your time. Yes, I’m selfish and I’d rather not share you with anyone else — you’re that amazing. I won’t be shy to admit I’d love it if I could be your one and only.

17: Let me tell you something — I never wanted a perfect life. All I wanted was a perfect mess I could share with someone who was just as imperfect as I am.

And since I met you, I can confidently say I’ve never met, and probably will never meet, someone to share such a perfect mess with. Life is an absolute pleasure with you, and I look forward to sharing our journey.

18: I never wanted a perfect life, but you know what? Life with you comes pretty close to it. I’ve never loved anyone like this before, which has convinced me of one thing: We’re soulmates.

#19: I honestly don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t in my life. You’re both my biggest fan and my most honest critic. You keep me truthful, on the level, and always moving forward.


And when you celebrate my successes with me, those moments become the ones I will never forget. Life is so much better with you in it, and I hope you know that.

#20: I hate my life sometimes — it’s like I’m responsible for way too many things. And yet whenever I’m with you, it’s like everything seems ten times lighter. It’s like you’re my personal healer.

#21: Ever have those moments when something happens and your life takes a 180-degree turn for the better? I just had one of those moments recently, and it was when I met you. I’ve since been happier, more driven, and more motivated to conquer life — and it’s all because of you. Thank you.

#22: I guess we can both agree that nothing is perfect. Aiming for perfection is a game that never ends. And that’s why I think we’re so great together. You cover my flaws, and I cover yours. I’d be lucky if we became more than friends. What do you think?

#23: What do I love about you? Let me count the ways. I love your smile. I love how your care and thoughtfulness make me feel special. I love how you remind me every day what a very lucky person I am to have met you.

You’re almost literally the fire in my soul — you make me want to overcome the toughest challenges in my life and yours. I love you, and I hope you love me, too.


#24: I’ll be honest — seeing you hurt or sad is absolutely gut-wrenching for me. I’m not saying you should never feel that way, but I AM saying you’re such a special person to me that I’ll gladly go out of my way to make you feel better.

#25: I have this unbreakable sense of certainty that while I’m with you, I don’t need anyone or anything else in my life. It’s like you’re my reason for breathing. It’s like all I need to do is love you, and all is right with the world.

Do these long paragraphs sound poetic? Thought-provoking? You bet. Don’t be surprised if your message sticks to your crush’s mind for a while—they’re designed precisely to do that.

Now, let’s move on to something lighter—nice messages for your crush to wake up to.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush

Most people check their phones first thing in the morning. And while many scientists rightly argue that it’s a harmful habit, you can make it less harmful for your crush—and much more rewarding—with messages like these:


#26: Good morning! I know yesterday was a bad day for you, but I’m here to make today make up for it and more. See you soon!

#27: A saying goes, “Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” One of those moments is every time I wake up next to you. Good morning, sunshine.

#28: Good morning! Let me take this opportunity to promise, once again, that I’ll give my all to make your life as beautiful as mine with you in it.

#29: Good morning, better half! I call you that because you complete me, and I hope I complete you, too. Let’s overcome whatever the day brings.

#30: Good morning. The sun may be rising, but it’s you who brings warmth, light, and life to me. Have a great day ahead!


#31: Good morning! You make me stronger, more loving, and more driven than anyone or anything else in life. You’re special to me. I hope you keep that in mind as you go through your day.

#32: Let me tell you something — I stayed up for most of last night. Why? I was thinking of you, and that’s a piece of my reality that’s better than my dreams. Good morning!

#33: Good morning! I just want to let you know that when I’m with you, I’m bedazzled by your love. When I’m not with you, all I do is count the minutes until I see you again.

#34: Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that you give me the kind of feeling people write novels about. Have a good day!

#35: Good morning! I hope you’re not too tired — you were in my dreams all night long. That’s the impact you’ve had on me — even when I’m asleep, you’re there.

#36: What’s the one thing I’d rather see than your smile in the morning? Your smile tonight as you fall asleep, that’s what. Let’s spend the rest of the day together — I’d like nothing better.

#37: Good morning, love! I can’t wait for when we can spend a whole day again together. I’m looking forward to talking for hours, lazily strolling, and checking out the new things the town has in store for us.

#38: I look forward to falling asleep talking to you on the phone at night, or at least being the last person to text you before you go to sleep.

And in the morning, I look forward to sending the first good morning message to you—or receiving yours, if you get up before I do.

#39: You know what the best way to wake up is? To one of your good morning texts, that’s what. It’s enough to make me want to get up and face whatever the day may bring.

If these paragraphs sound much more forward or daring than those in the previous two categories, that’s because they are.

When you and your crush have reached the “texting each other in the morning” phase, you know you share something very special together.

And that means you’re probably also ready to express your feelings more clearly. And that’s what the next category is all about.

How to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text Paragraph?

You like them. By all chance, you may even love them. How do you tell them over a single paragraph?

Try the following samples—they’re meant to let them know, without a shadow of a doubt, how you feel about them:


#40: Recently, you asked me if I loved you. I meant what I said, and you know why? It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with you.

You’re amazing inside and out, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel special, too.

#41: I might be mistaken, but we’ve been flirting like lovebirds for some time now. I really don’t want you and me to be a casual on-and-off thing.

I really care about you, and, yes, I’m in love with you. What about you?

#42: I hope you don’t hate me for this, but I love spoiling you. I love how your face lights up every time I give you a silly little gift. You know what? I wish I could continue doing it for the rest of my life.

#43: I think we’re meant to be together. Do you know why? Because I can’t spend even one minute away from you. I want to spend every day of my life making you feel cherished.

#44: It’s official — we’re tied up together. Your success makes me happy, your sadness makes me depressed. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you.


#45: I’ll admit it — I hated those old love stories. I always found them farfetched — like they could never happen in real life. You know what? After having met you, I can safely say I was wrong. I found my “happily ever after” with you.

#46: I know you a little bit better every single day. As it turns out, I also LIKE you a bit more every single day. I hate to say it, but you’ve won me over completely.

#47: I know it sounds cliché, but I really didn’t know I was looking for love until I found you. It’s like you were the piece of my soul I didn’t know I was missing.

#48: Whenever I feel tired or world-weary, I yearn for you. Your easygoing nature is so refreshing for me — it’s like my own personal safe space in this mad world. Being with you makes me want to get back in the fight and build a fantastic life for both of us.

#49: A saying goes, “Love may not make the world go ’round, but it does make the ride worthwhile.” And that’s definitely true to me.

This ride has been bumpy, messy, and sometimes torturous for me — but with you by my side, it’s a ride I’ll gladly stay on for the rest of my life.

#50: It doesn’t matter how hard or toxic my day is — I’ll always go through it with a smile on my face and in my heart. Why? Because I know at the end of it, I’ll be with you, and that alone makes it all worth it.

#51: How many people in this world ever find true love? My guess is not many. And yet I’m one of the lucky few who can safely and confidently say, “I’ve found true love,” and I found it with you. Nothing can be better than what we have right now.

#52: It’s funny because when I first met you, I didn’t feel anything special. And so, I never expected to fall in love. I never believed in relationships, but after I met you, I know my feelings for you are true.

#53: Here’s a radical confession. Loving you isn’t a choice I make — it’s an aching need I must fill every single day. It was a one-in-a-million chance for me to meet you, and now that we’re together, I’m never letting you go.

#54: I’d have you arrested for stealing my heart the way you did. You’re my favorite person in the world, and my life is so much better with you in it.


#55: I’ll never forget the first time you held my hand. I’ve never felt anything like it, and you know what? I don’t ever want to stop feeling what I feel when I’m with you.

#56: No one’s made me happier than you’ve made me. From our goofiest moments to our most intimate conversations, it convinced me of one thing. You’re the most important person to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

#57: To me, home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling. It’s when you feel safe, accepted, and loved no matter what. You’re my home.

#58: I don’t know what the future holds for me. What I do know is that I want you to be a part of it. I want to keep seeing you, talking with you, laughing with you, and loving you.

#59: You’re why I look forward to every new day. Just the thought of seeing you, talking to you, and just being with you makes me happy. I want to feel like that all the time.

Now, here’s a common problem: What if you feel your crush isn’t aware of your feelings, but you’d want to express them anyway? Then I suggest you use the romantic paragraphs in the next section when you decide to shoot your shot.

How Do I Express My Feelings to My Crush Over Text?

This is it—the make-or-break scenario. You’re about to express your true feelings to your crush over text. How do you do it right?

You can start by picking one of the paragraphs below, or (even better) tweaking it to make it more relevant to the two of you.


#60: What I love most about you and me is that we go so well together. Like ketchup and fries or macaroni and cheese. That’s why I’ve been thinking about making things official and going steady. What do you think?

#61: I’m not really good at finding the right words to say, but I try my best because I care about you. There, I said it. I do care about you, and I want to be more than just your best friend. Do you feel the same?

#62: I love the weird bond we share. I’m thankful we’re such great friends, and I think we’d make an even better couple. I hope you feel the same way.

#63: If I were a songwriter, I’d write a love song about you. If I were a novel writer, I’d write a bestseller about you. Since I’m neither, can we make our own love story?

#64: I’ll be honest — I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to say it. I’ve looked for silly quotes and elaborate date ideas to show it, but ultimately I realized — all I had to do was send you this message.

#65: I think I love you. I’m pretty sure I do. I don’t feel as alive and as free to be me with anyone else as I do with you. Is that how you feel about me, too?

#66: When I met you, my life was going nowhere fast. I was living for myself and no one else, and I was miserable. That’s why I think meeting you was a blessing. You set me straight, and I just want to say I love you.

#67: Let me tell you something — you make my heart skip a beat when you smile. No one else makes me feel this way. I can’t help but wonder what life would be like with you by my side.


#68: I know it sounds lame, but I’ll say it, anyway. I want to be your superhero. I want to be the one on your speed dial you’d call if you needed rescuing.

#69: I must confess — I get the butterflies whenever I’m with you. No one else makes me feel that way. I love spending time with you, and I hope you feel the same way.

#70: I’ve been struggling with my feelings for a while, and I think it’s about time to come clean. I love you, and I think I’ve been in love with you ever since we became friends. I hope you feel the same, but it’s okay if you don’t. I just needed to get it off my chest.

#71: I’m eternally thankful for you walking into my life. I’ll never know what I did to deserve someone like you — all I know is that I want to make you feel loved and cherished all the days of your life. I want you to feel what you make me feel.

#72: I can’t stop thinking about whether we will be together. I don’t know for sure. All I’m sure of is that I wish it were true. Do you want to start a new chapter of your life with me?

#73: I need your opinion on something. I think I love you. And I don’t mean that as a friend — I think I love you because we’re such good friends. I think it’s weird, but it’s also true. What do you think?

#74: I’ve been daydreaming a lot more lately. It’s been getting in the way of work, and you know what? Mostly, I daydream about you. I think it’s time I asked you out.


#75: I’m amazed at how so many other people aren’t madly in love with you. No one could blame them if they were. You’re amazing to be around, and I can’t imagine life without you.

And there you have it—75 cute paragraphs to send to your crush. Now, you got no excuse to brighten up their day—pick an appropriate one, tweak it, and send it. Good luck!

Ask The Expert

Now, let’s answer a few commonly asked questions about texting someone special to you.

Q1: How do you make your crush blush over text?

The perfect text message to make your crush blush would be unexpected, romantic, and—most importantly—welcome.

They must at least like you very much, too. Learning that someone you like also likes you is always a reason to blush.

That means it takes two to tango. You can try your hardest to make your crush blush, but your text will only make them cringe if they don’t feel the same toward you. So look before you leap.

Q2: In a paragraph, how do you say I love you to your crush?

The formula is simple: tell a (very) short story, then tell them how it made you realize how much you feel about them.

Then you ask them out, or profess your love, or ask if they feel the same.

This article gave you 75 simple, yet powerful paragraphs for your crush that follow this formula. You need to say two or three sentences, “I love you.” No long paragraphs are required.

Q3: How do I express my feelings to my crush over text?

In two words—very carefully. First, knowing that at least your crush sees you as more than just a friend is essential. Otherwise, expressing your feelings might be a bad move.

Think of it this way: Imagine one of your friends suddenly professing their feelings for you.

You certainly don’t see them as more than just friends, yet here they are. How would you feel?

Awkward? Under pressure? Like you’d rather avoid seeing or talking to them for now? Exactly.

My advice: First, be reasonably sure your crush feels the same. Only then can you use any sample paragraphs in this guide to express your feelings and get a positive response. Good luck!