12 Really Mean Things To Say To Your Ex To Hurt Him Back

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is a phrase we all said during childhood.

But the reality is that emotional wounds caused by hurtful words are more damaging than physical wounds.

Saying things like, “I faked all my orgasms with you,” “you had a tiny penis anyway,” or “my new boyfriend makes more money than you and drives a better car than you,” will destroy your ex’s manhood.

Whether your ex cheated on you or gave you some phony excuse for not wanting to be in a relationship right now, it hurts when the man you loved leaves.

Well, it’s not about getting mad after you’ve wiped your tears and gotten over the pain he caused. It’s about getting even.

If you want to do some damage, causing him to feel the same misery he inflicted on you and turn your ex into a whimpering coward for the rest of his life, the following insults will do the trick.

12 Mean Things To Say To Your Ex

If you want to get even with your ex, throw some insults his way that he’ll never forget, such as,

“I faked all my orgasms with you,”

“you had a tiny penis anyway,” “my new boyfriend makes more money than you and drives a better car than you,”


These evil taunts will cut so deep that he’ll never want to date another woman again! Keep reading for ten mean things to say to your ex. 

#1 I faked all my orgasms with you

Men take great pleasure in pleasing their women, and it’s a testament to their manhood if they can’t make a woman orgasm. In their mind, it means they are terrible in bed, and all men want to be stallions in that area.

Telling him you faked ALL your orgasms implies you hated having sex with him and only did so out of obligation. Additionally, it will make him feel so insecure about his sexual performance that he’ll start wondering if his new girlfriend is doing the same. 

#2 You had a tiny penis anyway

This insult is like a sucker punch to the balls! It hurts so bad to hear he’s got a small penis to a man.

Whether a man is big enough is one of their greatest insecurities; they agonize over it because they don’t know what a normal size looks like.


Porn watchers feel even more inadequate about their penis size because the men in these videos have such big ones.

After hearing this, he will probably get a ruler, measure it, and then research to find out whether his manhood is considered small in general or just you. 

#3 My new boyfriend makes more money and drives a better car than you

This is another ego-busting insult because men place a lot of emphasis on how much money they earn and the things they own. When a man feels that he doesn’t measure up financially, it causes terrible insecurity.

When a man dumps a woman, he doesn’t want her to upgrade in her relationship status. He secretly hopes her new boyfriend can’t compete with him in any department. 

#4 I was waiting for something better to come along

Learning that you were the spare tire until your significant other could find a replacement is soul-destroying.

He will sit and think about all your conversations about how you were perfect for each other, but now you’re claiming that was all a lie. You’re saying you dated him because he was the only person available then. 

#5 My parents always thought you weren’t good enough for me

Men go to great lengths to impress their girlfriend’s parents. When he met yours, he pulled out all the stops. He wore his best shirt and trousers, refined his voice, and stood in the mirror practicing how he would convince your dad he could take care of you.

Saying your parents didn’t think he was good enough for you will knock his confidence down a peg or two. He’ll be thinking about all the times he came to family dinners and how friendly his parents were, but deep down, they were not impressed. 

#6 Everyone thinks your new girlfriend looks like Shrek

Men take pride in their girlfriend’s appearance. She doesn’t need supermodel looks, but as long as he finds her attractive and his friends think he’s done okay, he’s content.

This one wouldn’t sting as much if you said you thought she looked like Shrek, but getting everyone involved will have him questioning whether he’s made the right choice. 

#7 You were holding me back from living the life I truly deserved

Unless he was a complete narcissist, no man wants to feel as if he held a woman back from living her best life. But for women, this is often the case, the men don’t do it intentionally.

Some women have a terrible habit of abandoning their dreams and goals once they get a boyfriend and invest all their time and energy into the guy.

The main reason is that women start thinking about marriage faster than men. Within the first few weeks, she already imagines when you will propose and who she will invite to the wedding.

But when the relationship ends, she realizes how much time she’s lost and all the wonderful things she could have done if she wasn’t with him. 

#8 You are the worst boyfriend I’ve ever had

Men are very competitive and want to be first in everything, even in the boyfriend category.

They want to be the best boyfriend a woman ever had, to be the best in bed, and to have cooked you the best meal ever. They just want to be the best at everything.

Therefore, telling him he was the worst boyfriend you’ve ever had would crush his ego. 

#9 I never had any respect for you anyway

According to researcher and marriage expert Shaunti Feldhahn, men need respect, not love. He wants to feel admired and trusted by his partner.

Men feel disrespected in a relationship when they’re told what to do, when she shows she doesn’t trust him with small things and when she criticizes him publicly.

So, when you drop this bombshell, tell him why. You might want to say, “Even though I didn’t say anything, I watched how you handled money and just came home and slumped in front of the TV every night.

didn’t trust you to make a good husband or father.” 

#10 I was never in love with you

Telling a guy you were never in love with him will make him question his self-worth. When you were together, you told him you always loved him, so why would you lie?

Your ex will spend night and day worrying about why you needed to lie to him about your feelings. Was it because you felt sorry for him?

Was it because he said it first, and so you felt obligated to say it back? And the most important question is why didn’t she fall in love with me? What’s wrong with me?

#11 The worst thing I’ve ever been called was your girlfriend

With an insult like this, you’re saying it was an absolute disgrace to have been associated with him because he was such a despicable person.

You were embarrassed to have walked down the street with him arm in arm and introduced him to your friends and family. Now the relationship is over, you don’t want even to be remembered as his girlfriend. 

#12 I would be a lot better off if I had never met you

There are some people you are glad you met because they enriched your life, and there are others who bought you nothing but doom and gloom and misery. Your ex-boyfriend was one of them. 

Ask The Expert

Many women can’t move on after a relationship ends because they need closure. With many unanswered questions, you’ve probably tried to start a conversation with your ex-boyfriend, but he refuses to speak to you because, as far as he’s concerned, you are a closed chapter in his book.

Keep reading if you want to know the answers to some of women’s most commonly asked questions after a break-up. 

#1 Why do men change their behavior when they realize they are unhappy in a relationship instead of ending it?

Men check out of relationships a long time before they leave. You probably remember when he started acting funny.

Some signs may have included, he spent more time on his phone when he was with you. He always made excuses not to see you, and he started getting irritated about your habits that he once found cute.

They change their behavior instead of just telling you they want out because some men are cowards and don’t want to be the ones doing the dumping. Instead, they start acting like punks in hopes that the woman will get fed up and end it, and in that way, they won’t feel so bad. 

#2 Do men ever regret breaking up with an ex?

Of course! Especially when they get into a new relationship and realize the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

Even if he doesn’t have a new girlfriend, once he no longer has a woman, he will feel her absence because of random things she used to do like make home-cooked meals and fold his laundry.

#3 What is a typical deal breaker for most men? 

In general, it’s feeling disrespected. If a man feels a woman doesn’t respect him in a relationship, he shuts down emotionally. He stops trying to please her because he doesn’t see the point since she complains about everything he does anyway. 

#4 Do men recognize when they’ve got a good girlfriend?

Just because you were dumped doesn’t mean he didn’t see you as a good girlfriend. Men end relationships for many reasons, and some have nothing to do with the person they were with.

He may have thought she was the best girlfriend, but the timing was wrong. A guy who wants to focus on finishing school or his career may see a relationship as a hindrance to his progress no matter how much he likes the girl. 

#5 How quickly do men move on after a relationship ends? 

Pretty quickly. Although he was the dumper, he still feels emotional about the breakup. Most men are decent guys and didn’t mean to hurt the woman they were with.

They felt the relationship wasn’t working for whatever reason and ended it. Men don’t express their emotions in the same way as women.

Whereas you probably had a good cry and a chat with some friends, he buried his, went out partying, got drunk, and ended up in bed with a random female.

He jumps straight into another relationship to get over the pain he feels. From the outside looking in, he appears to be the happiest person in the world, but his unresolved emotions will eventually resurface and cause turmoil with his new partner.