49 Ways To Make Her Feel Special Through Text

It’s never been easier to tell a girl how you feel.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can send a romantic text message to anyone in the world- no matter how busy you are or how far apart you live from one another.

But, at the same time, it’s more important than ever to be genuine and intentional when talking to a girl. It isn’t enough to send her generic platitudes or empty sweet nothings.

Here’s how to make her feel special through text:

Basic Texting Considerations When You’re Talking to a Girl You Like

She’s fun and beautiful, and you hope to take things to the next level. So how do you solidify these dreams and turn them into your reality?

First, if she’s talking to you, that’s a great sign! She probably wouldn’t keep responding if she felt like you were annoying or if she wasn’t into you.


But making a girl feel special requires effort and intention. You need to know the right communication rules when it comes to sending text messages.

Consider Where You’re at in the Dating Phase

How you talk to a girl before you go on a first date is dramatically different than how you will talk to her after six months of dating. Be mindful of the phase in your relationship (or lack thereof).

In the beginning, there’s nothing wrong with moving slowly. Spend time getting to know her and her personality. Show off your flirty side, but don’t do it in a way that’s creepy or uncomfortable (i.e., don’t bombard her, ask for nudes, or do anything that you wouldn’t want her telling her friends).

At the same time, don’t move so slowly that nothing happens. If this happens, you risk her losing interest. For example, make plans to meet in person. Take the initiative in moving things in the right direction.

Don’t Dismiss Basic Getting-to-Know-You Questions

It’s okay to keep things light-hearted, especially when you’re trying to make a girl interested in you. You don’t want to jump into heavy, serious discussions before you know how you feel.

What’s her favorite movie or restaurant? What does she like most about her job? Who are her friends, and what does she like to do when she’s with them? Does she have any pets? What’s her idea of a perfect weekend?

Remember it’s important to keep the conversation going. To do this, focus on asking open-ended questions, and don’t respond with one-word answers yourself!

Always Double-Check Your Auto-Correct

Proofread what you send! We’ve all experienced autocorrect fails. The right girl will find them amusing, but you should still pay attention to your messages.

Also, it goes without saying, but definitely make sure you’re sending the right text to the right person. You don’t want to make a huge mistake if the wrong text gets into the wrong person’s hands.

Follow Her Lead with Pacing

If she doesn’t text you daily, don’t smother her with multiple messages in a row.


You may feel like you’re being endearing, but she’s likely to perceive you as annoying. If you send them too frequently- or without regard to how she responds- your sweet text messages can quickly be misconstrued as creepy.

At the same time, if she texts you sporadically and it doesn’t seem like she’s very interested, consider reducing the volume of your text messages altogether. If she suddenly doesn’t get interested, it probably means she never was.

Don’t Be Too Over the Top

Even if you really like her, your text messages shouldn’t be so intense that they overwhelm her. There’s a clear difference between liking someone and acting obsessively.

Mix It Up

Don’t just send texts when you’re talking to a girl.

It’s totally appropriate to send a mix of texts, pictures, memes, and even voice messages to keep things fresh. The point is that you’re still paying attention to her cues. At the same time, you’re also aiming to keep things fun and interesting.

Sweet Text Messages to Send Her When You First Start Talking

If you’re getting to know her, you want to balance being thoughtful while also recognizing that you two don’t really know each other yet. Don’t text a girl your entire life story at this point! You want to build a connection without coming across as overdramatic.

#1 Hey, I’m Thinking of You! How Was Your Day?

This is a sweet text that shows that she’s on your mind and that you care about the daily parts of her life. When you’re first getting to know someone, this is an easy message that will cultivate deeper conversation.

#2 How Did That ___ Go? I Know You Were Feeling ___ About It

How did your test go? I know you were feeling nervous about it.

How did lunch go with your parents? I know you were feeling excited about seeing them.

This kind of text shows that you’re paying attention to the details of her life. Any woman who’s worth your time certainly wants you to care about what happens in her day. So, it’s your job to make the effort to ask!

#3 I Can’t-Wait For Our First Date

If you haven’t met each other face-to-face yet, this text highlights your enthusiasm without sounding too invasive.


Many women feel nervous before meeting a new guy, so this may help her feel calmer when she goes to see you for the first time.

#4 I Saw/Heard This Today, and It Made Me Think of You

Every healthy relationship has its fair share of inside jokes. Over time, the two of you will build a secret language that only you both understand. This shared connection deepens love.

With that, don’t be afraid to send her images or texts that remind you of her. Whether it’s a funny meme or photo of a meal you know she’d love, send it! You’ll probably make her smile and wish she had been with you to enjoy it.

#5 I Really Like Talking to You

Girls love getting this text! It will show her that you value the time you spend together, but it also conveys that you hope you two will continue strengthening your connection!

Sweet Texts to Send Her That Build More Connection

When you text a girl you like, you want to make her smile. At the same time, you want to make sure that you’re engaging in meaningful conversation.

Here are some great texts to tell her to make her heart melt:

#6 Good Morning. Just Wanted You to Know I’m Thinking About You!

Never underestimate the power of a good morning text!

There’s nothing like waking up to a sweet text message. Any special girl will feel flattered to see this on their phone first thing in the morning.

#7 You’re the Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Met

This is another super sweet text that will have her smiling. If she’s beautiful, don’t miss any moment you must tell her!


Consider being even more specific by telling her something like, You have the most beautiful eyes, or You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen!

#8 I’ve Been Waiting For You My Whole Life

Do you love making your girl blush?

If you really want to make her smile, this is the romantic text to consider sending. It says You’re the missing piece in my life!

This is a sweet text to send when you’re in the earlier-to-intermediate phases of dating. It shows that you realize she’s much different from other girls and that you’re incredibly appreciative of the relationship.

#9 I Want to be with Just You

If you love making her smile, women love this one. First, it shows that you value commitment and exclusivity. It also conveys that you hope she feels the same way!

#10 I Miss You So Much

This text can be particularly sweet if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Girls love knowing they’re on your mind. Telling her you miss her will be sure to make her smile.

#11 I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

If you’re in the middle of texting back and forth, this is a sweet text to send to disrupt the conversation playfully.

You’re showing that you’re so engrossed in the moment that you can’t help but tell her your feelings. Rest assured that most women would be completely flattered to hear you say this!

#12 I Dreamt About You Last Night

Dreams are incredibly intimate, and this is a sweet text to tell her that she’s literally in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Of course, if she asks, you should definitely tell her about your dream!

#13 You’re Amazing

Amazing is one of the best compliments you can give someone.

That’s because it’s a direct compliment on their personality. Unfortunately, many women are used to feeling objectified by men. But Amazing doesn’t comment on their physical looks at all.

#14 I Have a Surprise For You

Want a foolproof and fun way to make a girl smile?

If you know she likes gifts, this is a great text to drive her wild. She will probably keep asking you to tell her what the surprise is. Only you can decide if you want to give her a special hint ahead of time!

#15 Sometimes I Can’t Believe How Lucky I Am

This sweet text conveys that you recognize how fortunate you are to be with her. It’s cute but also meaningful. You’re telling this woman that you wouldn’t trade her for anything!


#16 You’re the Woman of my Dreams

Is she your dream woman? Don’t pass up the opportunity to tell her.

#17 You’re My Favorite Human!

This cute text will make any girl feel special. Who doesn’t want to be someone’s favorite?

#18 Your Smile Makes Me So Happy

This is a great response to a selfie or photo. Her smile is infectious, and you’re telling her you love it!

#19 All My Dreams Include You

If you really want to make her feel special, send her this romantic text. Consider following up by telling her exactly how you look forward to building a life with her.

#20 You are My Whole World

It’s a big thing to be someone’s whole world! Not only will this text probably make her feel special, but it will also show her exactly how much she means to you. She’s the most important, beautiful thing you have!

#21 Life Feels So Much Better Now That I Have You

Maybe life was pretty good before you two met. But now? It’s unreal. And you’re telling her that through this simple text.

#22 I Love Seeing Your Sweet Smile

This sweet text shows how much you love seeing her happy.

#23 Goodnight, Beautiful Girl!

You can’t go wrong with a classic goodnight text. You’ll be the last thing on her mind before she falls asleep. It’ll probably make her miss you that much more!

#24 I Love Making You Laugh

This text shows that you like making her feel good and that you’ll do just about anything to get a good smile or laugh from her. It also shows that you don’t take life super seriously.


#25 You’re So Cute!

Cute is a little friendlier and more playful than beautiful or amazing, but it can still be just as special. Cute is a great word for when you’re just getting to know each other or casually flirting back and forth.

#26 I Can’t Stop Thinking About Last Night

This text can be sweet, flirty, or downright seductive- depending on the context. But if you had an exciting night with her, this is one of those enticing texts to send her the next morning to get her smiling.

Sweet Texts to Send When You’re in Love With Someone

If you love your girl and in a committed relationship with her, the stakes change when it comes to your communication. You no longer have to try to guess if she likes you. But you also don’t want to get too complacent and assume you’re impressing her.


Relationships take work, and it’s important to nurture your dynamic by praising your girlfriend regularly. After all, you want her to fall in love with you every chance she gets.

Here are some sweet text messages to send the woman you love:

#27 You’re Seriously My Best Friend

How wonderful is it to have your true love be your best friend? In many great relationships, that’s exactly how it unfolds.

And being someone’s best friend is a huge compliment. It shows that you not only love her company but that you genuinely like all the time you spend together.

#28 You’re My True Love

Many women are die-hard romantics, so a text like this will likely make her swoon. It shows that you aren’t messing around with your feelings.

She’s the person of your dreams, and you’ve never felt this way about anyone else.

#29 Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Sometimes, we have to wait to find the right person.

And no matter how long you waited, now that you have her, you never want to let her go. This sweet text lets her know that you aren’t going anywhere- that you’re in this for a lifetime.

#30 How Can I Make Your Night Special?

This question can make things interesting! It’s a sweet text, but it puts the ball in her court.

What does she consider special? Is it you two cuddled up on the couch watching a new movie together? Is it you taking her out to a fancy restaurant? Is it just getting into bed and seeing what happens? You don’t know until you ask!

#31 I Love You With All My Heart

It’s a cliched text, but cliches exist for a reason. If it’s how you genuinely feel, any woman would love to see this pop up on her screen. It’s even better if you send it entirely unprompted.

#32 I Can’t Believe You’re Mine

Is there a part of you that still doesn’t believe how lucky you are to have her?

This is a sweet text to send your girl to reflect on your gratitude for the relationship. It’s sure to make her smile and feel special.

#33 I Can’t Imagine Life Without You

If your heart sings for this woman, this is the text to send her to let her know just how much she means to you. You basically can’t imagine your daily life without her!

#34 I’d Do Anything For You

This is a sweet text that also shows your integrity and intentions. You don’t just love her, but you’re also willing to sacrifice for her.

Of course, you should only send this text if you can walk the walk. Words without action are cheap, and you don’t want to sound like a slick guy who never actually follows through.

#35 Everything in My Life Is Better Because of You

This text basically says you’re the woman of all my dreams, and you’re on a pedestal, but I like you there. You deserve to be there!

It’s also honest. She makes your life more meaningful, fun, sweet, and electric. You don’t know what you’d do without her, but you do know that she makes it all worthwhile.

#36 Being With You Makes Time Stand Still

If you absolutely love every moment with this woman, this is a special text to send her after a nice date or talk together.

Sweet Texts to Send Her When There’s Conflict

Nobody wants to think about it, but you two will encounter tension. That’s just a normal part of any relationship, even if she’s the woman of your dreams.


The goal isn’t to avoid conflict altogether. The goal is to learn how to argue constructively and maintain a sense of dignity and respect while you do it.

Remember that the best conflict resolution usually happens in person. So, if you find yourself wanting to send her a stream of angry texts, pause. Reflect on alternative options. Cool down before you send any messages you might later regret.

With that in mind, here are some sweet text messages you can send her even when things aren’t going according to plan:

#37 I Just Want You to Know I Care About You No Matter What

The best part about this text is that it doesn’t invalidate anyone’s feelings. It basically translates to, My love for you is unconditional.

#38 I Know We Will Get Through This

This text acknowledges that you recognize times are hard right now. But despite the tension, you feel confident that you two will pull together and come out stronger on the other side.

#39 I Totally Understand Where You’re Coming From

Let’s face it: you’re going to upset her at some point.

So when she expresses her disappointment, frustration, or irritation with you, avoid defensiveness. Instead, let her know that you can see things from her perspective. You don’t think she’s wrong or seeing things irrationally.

#40 I Want to Talk About This When I See You

It’s okay to postpone a serious conversation. Mature women will respect that you want to communicate in a healthy, productive way.

That said, try to remain polite during the waiting period. If you must send her a message, stay cordial and don’t perpetuate more conflict.

#41 I Hope You Know That I Just Want to Make You Happy

This is a sweet text to send her if you know you’ve done something wrong and you’ve already apologized for it.

However, don’t just send it to brush her feelings aside or to justify inappropriate behavior. You want to convey that, despite hard times, her happiness remains one of your top priorities.

#42 I’m Sorry. I Messed Up

A genuine apology can go such a long way.

Immature men can’t acknowledge their wrongdoings. They become defensive or accusatory. They trick you with fake apologies instead of owning up to their behavior.

A real man promptly and effectively takes accountability for his mistakes. So, if she calls you out on something, and you know she’s right, own it. Quickly.

Sweet Texts to Send Her When You Know She Needs Support

Is your girl going through a difficult time right now? She needs you more than ever, but you might feel worried that you don’t know the right thing to say.


Here are some texts you can send that can help navigate challenging moments:

#43 What Can I Do For You Right Now?

This is a direct question that may be helpful if you have an assertive girl who is attuned to her needs.

The most important thing? If you ask her this, you must be willing to do what she asks. Otherwise, the question is pointless and potentially even insulting.

#44 I’m Picking Us Up Dinner. See You in 20 Minutes

A healthy relationship is full of generous ‘love gifts.’ It should never be a tit-for-tat. Instead, it should have an organic flow to it.

This is one of those kinds of gestures that doesn’t require much effort on your part. But when you’re going through a hard time, daily life responsibilities like feeding yourself often feel enormous.

#45 Do You Want to Vent? I’m Here.

Sometimes we need permission to complain. By sending her this sweet text, you’re giving her that permission.

#46 It Makes Sense That You Feel _

Ask any relationship expert about maintaining a connection, and they’ll likely start discussing the importance of validation and empathy.

This text highlights that you understand (to the best of your ability) her experience. In addition, you don’t think she’s silly or dramatic for feeling the way she does. You’re validating that her reaction is completely justified.

#47 You’re Never a Burden

This is another sweet text to send her if she’s feeling insecure about her struggles. Make sure you emphasize that her problems don’t scare you and that you’re there to support her no matter what.

#48 I’m Here No Matter What Happens

If you want to show your true commitment to the relationship, this is a sweet text that gets right to the point.

You care about her well-being, and you aren’t going anywhere- regardless of what happens.

#49 We’re Going to Get Through This Together

This text highlights your commitment to her and the relationship. You’re doubling down on your support and showing that you’re there for her when she needs you the most.

Make sure you back your words by offering to help her as much as she needs (without being too smothering). Continue reminding her that her feelings and thoughts are safe with you.

Final Thoughts

To make a girl smile, be genuine, forthcoming, and kind. Don’t be someone you’re not, but don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, either. Women appreciate a man in touch with his feelings and isn’t afraid to show his romantic side.

Remember that love requires ongoing nurturing. But a sweet text can go a long way in making someone feel special. And the more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it!

So, if you want to tell her how you feel, don’t wait. Grab your phone, and send it now!