How To Tell A Girl Shes Beautiful? Do’s And Dont’s

Tell a girl she’s beautiful, be genuine, specific, and appropriate. Choose the right time and place, express the compliment respectfully, and don’t expect anything in return.

Remember to be receptive to her reaction and feedback, and deliver the compliment respectfully and kindly.

Some women are told they’re beautiful all the time. Whether they’re walking down the street, shopping, in the library, or on a night out with the girls, they will likely hear a man compliment their physical appearance at some point during the day.

Many men are unaware that this can get annoying very quickly, and that’s not because they’re being told they’re beautiful; it’s because some men don’t know how to compliment a woman.

So, in this article, you will learn about the ten most effective ways to tell a woman she’s beautiful.

#1 Don’t Tell Her She’s Beautiful If You’ve Just Met Her

We all know that relationships are based on attraction. Both men and women want their partners to be attracted to them.

But that’s not all we want; we also want our partners to want us for who we are because, at the end of the day, if we’re going to spend our life with someone and grow old together, looks fade.

Superficial men tend to cheat; no woman wants to take that risk. This is especially true if the woman you’re talking to is traditionally good-looking.

Of course, she’ll know you’re attracted to her because of her looks, but if that’s all you focus on, she won’t be able to trust you for her future emotional safety.

We’ve all heard the stories of men trading in their formerly beautiful partner for a younger model once the wrinkles set in.

So the best way to compliment a woman you’ve just met is to say, “Your dress looks good on you. It compliments your skin tone.”

#2 Choose The Right Time And Place

If you’re crushing on a girl and you want to let her know you find her attractive, timing and location are everything.

You want her full attention, and you want her to know that you’re not just stating the obvious because you’re eager to get her into bed.

For example, the wrong time to say it if you want her full attention would be in a crowded location with a lot of noise.


She probably won’t hear you, and you’ll miss the moment. If you don’t want her to think you’re saying all the right things because you’re eager to get into bed with her, don’t tell her while sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Neither do you want to blurt it out randomly. This is especially true if you’re drunk.

Calling or texting her in the middle of the night to tell her how much you admire her beauty is also a bad idea when you’ve had one too many drinks. The question is, when is the right time?

The best time to tell a girl she’s beautiful is when she’s least expecting it. As mentioned, females are used to getting compliments when they’re out.

One of the main reasons for this is that most women take pride in their appearance and make sure they look decent before leaving the house.

You will often hear women say they rarely get complimented when they’re quickly running to the store in their sweatpants with no makeup.

So the perfect time to tell your crush she’s beautiful is when she’s not looking her best. She might have just returned from the gym, or she’s not feeling well at home.

A woman is likelier to take a man seriously when he tells her she’s beautiful when she hasn’t made any effort.

It indicates she can be herself around him without him judging her because she always doesn’t look like a supermodel. 

#3 Be Sincere

A kind, thoughtful, genuine compliment is a great way to brighten someone’s day. People are going through all sorts of things we have no idea about.

And while they might have the biggest smile plastered across their face, they could be carrying the world’s weight on their shoulders.

According to psychotherapist Lindsay Liben, compliments assist in enhancing and nurturing relationships.

They have the power to lead to a more intimate and deeper connection. Additionally, research suggests that compliments littered with a touch of gratitude lead to a greater sense of happiness, satisfaction, and optimism.

The bottom line is they give off positive energy, and who doesn’t want more positive vibes in their life? In case you’re wondering how to be more sincere when telling a woman she’s beautiful, here are some tips:

#1 Don’t Go Over The Top

Telling your crush you think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world might sound good to you, but it doesn’t to her.


Ask any woman what she thinks when a man says that to her, and she’ll tell you that he’s insincere because there is no way he could have met or even seen every female in the world to even come up with such a ludicrous compliment which means he’s clearly lying. 

#2 Talk About Your Favorite Traits In Her

Beauty isn’t just about looks; women feel that a guy is more genuine when he compliments her character, not just her looks.

If you witnessed her doing something kind for someone, mention how warm-hearted and generous she is.

If she comes up with an innovative idea, mention her intelligence. Get creative and think about how you can compliment a woman other than telling her she’s physically attractive. 

#3 Mention Why You Appreciate Her Beauty

Telling your crush why you appreciate her beauty will elevate you amongst the other men who probably tell her the same thing every day.

If you like her hair, you could say something like,

“You’ve got such beautiful hair; I can tell that you take care of it really well.”

If she’s got beautiful skin, you could say something like,

“You’ve got such beautiful skin; it’s always glowing so radiantly.”

Compliments of this nature are much more sincere than telling a woman she’s beautiful without telling her why. 

What do you value about a woman’s appearance? Do you prefer females who don’t wear makeup?

Women who prefer a more casual look? Or women who change their hairstyle a lot? Whatever you value about a woman, if she possesses it, mention it when you compliment her.

Just make sure it’s accurate. For example, just because your lady friend isn’t wearing makeup when you see her doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear any.

You could have run into her on a day when she didn’t have time to put any on. It’s best to wait a while before you jump to conclusions. Better still, you can ask. 

#4 Be Specific

Being specific when giving a compliment shows the object of your affection that you’re paying attention to them and not just handing out generic compliments because you feel that’s what you need to say.

You want to avoid compliments such as: “You look amazing,” “You look awesome,” and “You’re really beautiful.”

Instead, say something like: “You look amazing, I love how your blue top compliments your green eyes.” Or, “You look awesome. Those highlights in your hair really give it an extra shine.” Or, “You’re really beautiful, your eyes are so kind.” 

#5 Be Mindful Of Her Feelings

Some time ago, a friend told me how the guy she was dating gave her an accidental back-handed compliment.

He apologized profusely when he realized how offended she was, but it was too late; the damage had been done. He said, “Wow, your weight loss is really visible!

You still have much more to lose, but keep doing what you’re doing because whatever it is, it’s working.”

He really thought he’d given her a nice compliment, but all she heard was, “You’re still overweight!” What he gave her is referred to as a back-handed compliment.

It’s praise wrapped in an insult. So whatever you do, don’t give that kind of compliment.

Some examples might include:

“I love your new haircut; it makes your nose look much smaller.”

“Your Jeans look amazing on you. Your bum looks more round now.”

“That dress really looks good on you; it makes your waist look a lot smaller.” 

#6 Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex

One of the worst things you can do when complimenting a girl is to compare her to your ex-partner.

First of all, when you’re with your crush, your ex should be the last thing on your mind!

And second of all, the woman you’re trying to impress is unique and valuable in her own right. There’s no one else on the planet like her, and it’s important that you understand this.

By comparing her to your ex, or anyone for that matter, you are devaluing the compliment, and there’s a high chance that she could interpret it as, “I think you’re good enough to help me get over my ex.”

Even if that’s not what you’re saying, you don’t want to risk her interpreting it as that. 

#7 Practice Good Body Language

Body language speaks volumes; in fact, experts say it says more than what’s coming out of your mouth.

Body language is subconscious, and because most people are unaware of it, they give themselves away when speaking.

I can only assume you’re reading this because you don’t know how to tell a girl she’s beautiful, and you want to make sure you get it right and don’t make a fool of yourself.

But no matter how much you try to cover up your nervousness, your body language will reveal it if you’re unaware of it.

So here are some tips on how to appear more confident when you tell your crush she’s beautiful:

#1 Don’t Speak Too Fast

Nervous people are known to speak extremely fast because they want to finish what they’re saying as quickly as possible to overcome the embarrassment they feel.

It’s hard to catch what the person says or tune into the essence of it when you speak too fast.

To overcome this, take a deep breath before speaking and enunciate your words. In other words, don’t speak too fast or too slow; somewhere in the middle is just fine. 

#2 Put A Smile On Your Face


We all know that smiling makes a person appear more friendly and approachable, but studies suggest that it also makes the person smiling feel better.

According to the evidence, smiling makes you feel happy even when you’re not. If your feeling happy, you’re less likely to focus on the fact that you’re nervous about telling your crush she’s beautiful. 

#3 Make Eye Contact

There is no point in telling your lady friend you think she’s beautiful while looking over her shoulder because you don’t want her to detect your nervousness.

By not looking directly at her, you give the unintentional message of dishonesty.

But you can avoid this by looking into her eyes when you say it. Obviously, it’s not about staring and making her feel uncomfortable; a good three seconds of eye contact is enough before looking away.

#4 Don’t Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms makes you appear closed off and guarded, and that’s definitely not the image you want to portray to the girl you’re attracted to. Instead, use your hands to express yourself.

The technical term for this is ‘gesticulating,’ the most influential people in the world are known to do this when they speak.

If you’re not sure what to do, pay attention to people like Barak Obama and Oprah Winfrey when they speak, they use their hands a lot. 

#8 Don’t Use Overkill

By this point in the article, you probably know how to tell a girl you think she’s beautiful.

That’s wonderful, and you’re most likely really excited to tell her how you feel. But you don’t want to go over the top with it because, after a while, the compliments will lose their power, and she’ll eventually get tired of hearing it.

Think about it like this: what’s your favorite food? If you were to eat it every day for six months, you’d get bored of it, and it wouldn’t be your favorite food anymore.

The same goes for compliments; additionally, she’s less likely to believe you if you keep saying it all the time, and she might start suspecting that you’re not being truthful or that you’re love-bombing her, and you really don’t want her to think that. 

In case you’re wondering what love bombing is, it’s a strategy narcissists use to hook their victims.

They’ll say everything right, buy gifts and take them on expensive vacations and restaurants.

Once the narcissist is confident that their victim is in love, then the abuse starts.

Basically, you want to avoid being labeled as a narcissist at all costs because it will destroy your reputation with the women in your town. 

#9 Keep It Simple

Many men over-complicate telling a woman she’s beautiful by acting like Shakespeare. They come up with all this unnecessarily flowery language that makes it seem like they’re just trying way too hard.

You don’t want your crush to think you’ve swallowed a dictionary just to tell her she’s beautiful; she’ll think you’re a clown.

This is especially true if you’re not the type to use big words. Just speak from the heart and be your authentic self; she’ll appreciate you much more if you do. 

#10 Remove Yourself From The Equation

Another terrible way to compliment a woman is to mention how she makes you feel.

This sounds confusing to some people because, after all, isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of a relationship to meet someone with whom you develop strong feelings?

That’s correct; you’re meant to develop strong feelings in a relationship. However, your feelings for your partner should not be because you were miserable before they came into your life.

For example, you should avoid saying, “I’m a better person because of you.” Or, “I am so happy now that you’re in my life.”

When you give compliments like this, you indirectly say it’s your partner’s responsibility to make you happy and a better person.

They are now tasked with doing what they are supposed to do for themselves. It’s your responsibility to do the inner work required to become a whole person.

I’m not saying that’s how you feel, but that’s how it could come across.

Final Thought

Don’t expect the heavens to open when you tell a girl she’s beautiful because she may take your words with a pinch of salt.

If she hasn’t clarified that she likes you too, don’t get offended if she doesn’t react as you hoped.

As mentioned, women are told they’re beautiful all the time, and it could be that you were the tenth guy that day, and she’s sick of hearing it.

Also, if she is attracted to you, there’s a possibility she might not take you seriously until you’ve made more of a commitment to her. Either way, good luck with telling the girl you like she’s beautiful!