How to Get Someone to Stop Texting You? (Without Being Mean)

Do you want to know how to get someone to stop texting you? And not just that—is there a way to do it without being mean?

When someone just won’t stop texting you, it can be annoying at best and terrifying at worst. And it’s in your best interests to make them stop, no matter what.

There’s just one snag: How do you make them stop contacting you without hurting their feelings? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes. There are ways to get someone to stop texting you without being mean about it—although, as you’ll soon see, it may not be enough to get the job done.

This article will cover everything—how to make the other person stop texting you nicely and some not-so-nice ways to make them leave you alone.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

6 Ways to Get Someone to Stop Texting You Without Blocking them?

If you want someone to stop texting you and avoid hurting their feelings simultaneously, stick to these 6 options.

That way, you’ll have your best chances of setting your boundaries and staying on good terms with the other person.


#1: Ask Them Nicely

How to politely tell someone to stop texting you? Text them something like:

“I appreciate the attention, but please stop texting me. I’d like some time to myself.”

They’ll agree to your request and leave you alone if they’re mentally balanced. 

It’s that simple, and yet many people can’t bring themselves to be direct like this. Most times, the mere lack of communication makes insignificant problems bigger in relationships. So, learn the art of asking nicely—it makes life so much easier.

Just a fair warning, though. Be ready for the possibility that the other person abuses your kindness. Some people are narcissistic or manipulative and will jump on your weakness to exert more power over you. They’ll do so by making you feel bad for asking them to stop texting you.

Also, there’s a possibility they’ll start playing the victim. Watch out when this happens—it’s an obvious attempt at manipulating you and making you change your mind.

When this happens, don’t get swayed. Instead, redouble your efforts to create distance between you. The other tips in this article will give you more options to do just that.

#2: Tell Them You’re Seeing Someone Else

This little white lie works well when the other person is your ex. They may still try to stay in touch because they “can’t live without you,” or they want to get you back. Meanwhile, you’re done with the relationship, and you want nothing more than to move on with your life.

You can text your ex:

“I appreciate the texts, but I’m seeing someone new now, so please stop texting me.”

You can do this whether or not it’s true. (It’ll probably become true somewhere down the line anyway, right?)

Your ex might sputter for a few texts, raising a bit of drama for old-time’s sake. That’s fine. If they’re not mentally unstable, they’ll get through the denial-panic-acceptance cycle soon enough.

Most importantly, it’ll get them to stop texting you and maybe even encourage them to start seeing other people as well.

#3: Plead With Them

If you want to push “not being mean” to the limit, then plead with the other person. You can text them something like:

“I’m begging you—stop texting me. Please.”

You’re giving the impression this is your last resort, and you’re completely at their mercy.

This may feel humiliating to do, but it gives the other person one last chance to do the right thing. They’ll realize there’s no hope, and so they’ll meet you on the moral high ground and give in to your request.

As an added benefit, pleading allows you to expose the other person as a manipulator if they’re one. When you “put yourself at their mercy,” they might take the opportunity to abuse you and make you feel bad about yourself.

When they either start playing the victim or making you feel guilty, you’ll know for sure they’re trying to manipulate you. It’s time to cut ties fast, by any means necessary.

#4: Get a New Number

This tactic is faceless, yet not mean, at the same time. Get a new number for your phone, or have your number changed by your mobile network. That way, the other person can text you all they want, but you won’t get any of their messages anymore.

There are many other reasons changing your number might be a good idea, as well. For instance, it may be an old number and gets many nuisance calls and business offers. Or you may want to get away from more than one person on your phone list. You know how it is.

There’s a caveat to this method, though. It might not be doable if you share many mutual friends with each other. You’ll definitely update your buddies about your new number.

Once the offending texter finds out their messages aren’t reaching you, all it takes for them to learn your new number is to ask one of your mutual friends.

Meanwhile, if you don’t share any mutual friends, this is a sure way to make anyone stop texting you without telling them anything. It gives you a better chance of not hearing from them again than by merely asking.

#5: Take Time Away From Screens

The term for it is “digital detox.” You take some time—a few weeks or so—away from digital media and screens. And that includes your phone.

Tell the offending texter: “Sorry, I’m about to take a digital detox for the next week or so. So I apologize if I don’t reply.”

Or you can say: “I’m taking a break from screens for the next month, so I won’t be replying to any messages.”

Of course, you can forget about going on a detox. The idea is to have an excuse not to reply to their messages. They’ll eventually lose interest and stop texting you if everything works out.

#6: Ask Help From Mutual Friends

You can turn to your mutual friends for help if all else fails. Ask them to talk some sense into the person who won’t stop texting you. Perhaps strength in numbers is what it’ll take to solve the problem finally.

You can tell your friends:

“Hey everyone, I’m really sorry to bother you like this, but could you please ask so-and-so to stop texting me?”

Then, give a brief reason you want the texting to stop—something your friends can easily understand and agree with.

It might be best to save your mutual friends as your last resort when all other nice methods have failed. Now, what if even that doesn’t work? Then, it’s time to take the gloves off.

How to Stop Someone From Texting You if the Nice Way Does Not Work?

When the “not being mean” strategy gets tossed out the window, it’s time to turn to these next six methods.

All these are less than nice—some are funny, while others are downright serious. Check them out and see how you’d like to burn that bridge with the offending texter.

After all, they just left you no choice!


#1: Send Prank Error Texts

First off, you can try one of the oldest tricks in the book: Sending the other person something like: “ERROR Message Not Sent. Subsequent attempts will be charged to your account.”

And if they don’t buy it and keep texting you, send the same error reply repeatedly.

To make it more believable, check their mobile provider if it has a stock error message and use that. Hopefully, it’ll look authentic enough to dissuade them from texting any further.

#2: Block Their Number

This is definitely not a pleasant option. It’s quick and dirty, but it gets the job done. If your phone or mobile network allows it, block their number from texting or calling you. They can still try, but nothing will come through, and you can spend the rest of your life at peace.

By blocking their number, you’re banking on them getting the message and not bothering you again. The drawback is that they can always use a different number or use other methods to reach you, such as social media and email.

Still, blocking someone’s number is a good way to discourage someone from texting you. Consider doing it when asking nicely doesn’t work.

#3: Get a Number-Blocking App

What if your phone or network doesn’t allow number blocking for some weird reason? Not to worry—there are lots of apps out there that will do it for you. Here are some for Android.

If you use an iPhone, here are some good number blocking apps. There’s a wide range of options available no matter what phone OS you use, so find one that works for you and block their number for good.

#4: Ask Them Firmly

So you’ve asked them nicely to stop texting you. You might have even pleaded with them, but they’re still texting you. Now, it’s time to ask them much more firmly:

“I’m serious. Stop texting me.”

Sometimes, asking nicely makes the other person think: “I still have a chance. I can still change their mind.” And so they keep texting. In these cases, a firmer approach may finally send the message through.

#5: Threaten Them

What if even asking firmly still doesn’t work? Perhaps it’s time for threats. You can text them:

“I’ll only say this once. Text me one more time, and I’ll call the police.”

Depending on where you live, obsessive texting can be classified as harassment, and the police can help you. The requirements for classification might vary from place to place, so check your area and see if you’re protected against people who won’t stop texting you.

And speaking of this “nuclear option…”

#6: Ask Help From the Police

If you warn them, and they still keep texting you, now you make good on your promise. Contact the police and see what they can do for you.

Yes, this option is definitely not a nice one, and it’s a sure way to burn the bridge with the offending party. And yet, if that’s what it takes to feel free and safe, you’re finally within your rights to use it.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it—6 nice ways and 6 not-so-nice ways to get someone to stop texting you. To recap, here are your options if you don’t want to be mean about it:

  1. Ask them nicely
  2. Tell them you’re seeing someone else
  3. Plead with them
  4. Get a new number
  5. Take time away from screens
  6. Ask help from mutual friends

And when they force your hand, here are your meaner options:

  1. Send prank error texts
  2. Block their number
  3. Get a number-blocking app
  4. Ask them firmly
  5. Threaten them
  6. Ask for help from the police.

Remember that most people are mentally stable enough to get the hint when you ask them to stop texting. Others may require a bit more insistence, especially if you’ve added much value to their lives. For these people, the nice methods are likely to suffice.

You might be dealing with a psychopath, a narcissist, or someone with a mental issue. And with these people, the nice way won’t cut it since being ignored is what they hate the most. You’ll need one of the firmer, more drastic measures to make them stop texting you. And the sooner you do it, the better.

So go ahead—start with the kinder methods and move up to the firmer ones when they don’t work out. Your mental health depends on it.