How to Compliment A Guy When He Sends You A Picture?

When a guy sends you a picture of himself, he’s hoping you’ll say something nice about it.

Responding can be difficult because you don’t want to sound like you’re gushing over him, even if you are. Also, you might not find the guy attractive.

But you can respond in plenty of ways, such as, “Awesome, I get to look at you all day.” Or, “I like your hair in this picture,” or, “Gosh, you’re so handsome.”

There’s no need to feel nervous when responding to a picture that a guy sends you, whether you’re interested in him or not because you’re about to learn how to become a pro when complimenting men.

Keep reading to know how to compliment a guy when he sends you a picture? 

What do you say when a guy sends you a picture of himself?

You can respond to a guy in several ways when he sends you a picture of himself, including, “Awesome, I get to look at you all day.” Or, “I like your hair in this picture,” or, “Gosh, you’re so handsome.” After reading this, you’ll never run out of witty ways to compliment a guy. 

#1 Awesome, I get to look at you all-day

In other words… you’re so hot that I would be more than happy to sit and stare at you all day!

He will be thrilled with this response because it lets him know that you are attracted to him and that you want him to send you pictures.

It can be a bit nerve-wracking for guys to send pictures to the females they like. They don’t want to come across as soft or needy, so reassuring him that he’s doing the right thing will boost his self-confidence. 

#2 I like your hair in this picture

If his hair looks good, mention it. You’ve given him a compliment, but you’re not leading him on in any way.

He’ll have no choice but to accept the compliment and keep it moving. 

#3 Gosh! You’re so handsome

As much as men try and act all macho, they’re just as insecure as women when it comes to their looks.

They don’t need compliments from all women, but they want them from the girl they like.

Letting him know you think he’s handsome will have him blushing on the other end of the phone. 

#4 Your teeth are so amazingly white

Acknowledging his white teeth is a friendly compliment. He’ll be happy to hear that you appreciate his teeth, but that’s not what he hoped to hear. 

#5 Can I come and join you?

This is a very flirtatious response, and the conversation can go in many directions.

He might respond, “join me and do what?” Or, “I’d love you to join me. I’m in bed. I hope you don’t mind?” 

#6 I love your outfit


Do you want him to keep coming back for more?

If he didn’t send you a picture of himself in the hopes of you complimenting his outfit, he’ll be slightly disappointed that you didn’t mention how gorgeous he is.

After this response, he’ll start trying to impress you more. 

#7 I can’t get enough of those dimples

If you’ve told him you love his dimples before, reminding him is a great way of letting him know how much you appreciate his smile. 

#8 You’re giving me a run for my money with these selfies

If the guy you’re not interested in is sending you too many selfies, respond with this, and he’ll soon stop.

It’s a polite way of saying, “gosh, how many selfies do you need to send me?” 

#9 You’re smile is so captivating

We all love a beautiful smile, but to say it’s captivating takes the compliment to another level.

You’re letting him know that his smile draws you in and captures your attention with a response like this.

It’s made you stop what you’re doing to look at him. 

#10 I’m so thrilled to have such a good-looking friend

In one text message, you’ve acknowledged his physical appearance and friend-zoned him simultaneously.

If he was unsure about how you felt about him before he sent the text, he knows now. 

#11 I could look into your eyes all-day

According to recent research, looking into someone’s eyes for longer than two minutes can make you fall in love with them.

Telling a guy you could stare into his eyes all day is a massive compliment. It means you want to get lost in them. 

#12 You will make someone very lucky one day

Just because you can acknowledge that a man is handsome doesn’t mean you’re attracted to him.

With a text like this, you’re letting him know that he’s got the charms, and you are certain plenty of women out there would be more than happy to have him as their boyfriend. 

#13 Hopefully, you’re good looks will rub off on me

In other words, he’s so good-looking. He’s got more than enough to go around. A response like this also allows him to compliment you too.

He’ll probably try and throw the compliment back at you and say something like, “you’re the one with all the looks, babe.” 

#14 I think my friend will like you. Can I send her your pic?

With a response like this, you’re letting him know that you’re not interested in him romantically, but you know someone else who would be. 

#15 Can I kiss you?


You’re so pleasantly surprised by his gorgeous picture that you want to kiss him immediately.

He’ll say yes and probably say he’s coming to yours to get his kiss! 

#16 You look like you’re having fun

You’re endearingly complimenting him by saying he looks happy in the picture. But there’s no flirting going on. 

#17 How I wish I were your camera right now

This response doesn’t give much away, so he’ll most likely ask why. You can then say something like, “because it’s holding you and looking into your eyes.”

He’ll be pleasantly surprised by your witty answer. 

#18 This will make a good dating profile picture

When a girl likes a guy, she won’t advise him to sign up for a dating website.

With a response like this, you’re saying, “some other chick might find you appealing, but unfortunately for you, not me.” 

#19 You’ve just reminded me of last night

If you had a wild night, now’s the time to let him know how much of a good time you had and that you can’t wait to do it again.

This is a proper flirty text that will probably lead to some heavy sexting

#20 What a lovely background

This might come across as a bit cold, but if you’ve told him you’re not interested in him like that, but he insists on sending you selfies, don’t even acknowledge him in the picture and compliment the background instead. 

#21 You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

He knows you’re in bed by 11 pm, so he sends you a selfie ten minutes before you hit the sack.

He did so because he wanted to be the last person you think of before you fall asleep.

He’ll know what you mean when you send this response, and it will probably lead to some late-night banter and flirting.

You can end your texting conversation by saying something like, “I’d love a pic in the morning too.” In this way, you’ll have him thinking about you first thing in the morning.  

How To Respond When A Guy Sends You A Shirtless Pic?

A guy isn’t going to send you a shirtless photo unless he’s got some washboard abs to show off.

If you like him, great, you can flirt a bit, but if you don’t, such a picture can be a bit awkward.

You can respond with something like, “my oh my…” or, “that’s nice,” or, “how much did you pay for those?”

Here are six ways to respond to a guy sending you a shirtless photo.

#1 My oh my…

Let him fill in the blank. This response says you’re so impressed with what you’ve seen that you’re speechless.

If he gets what you’re trying to say, he’ll probably say something like, “that’s how I felt when I saw you in your bathing suit the other day.” 

#2 That’s nice

Even if this guy has an eight-pack, if you don’t like him, he’s just got to accept it, and no amount of sending you half-naked selfies is going to get you to change your mind.

The problem is that there’s a high chance he’ll see you as a challenge because if he’s got a killer body, he’s most likely used to having women throw themselves at him. 

#3 How much did you pay for those?

This is a fantastic compliment because, with a response like this, you’re implying his body is so perfect that he must have paid for it. 

#4 Is it hot where you are?


You’re so unimpressed by the guy’s six-pack that you’re demanding an explanation as to why he felt the need to take his top off. 

#5 It’s got hot in here all of a sudden

His shirtless picture has got you all hot and bothered that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

This is the perfect opportunity to take your flirting to the next level. 

#6 Wow, nice sunrise

The fact that you haven’t even acknowledged his body is a really kind way of saying you’re not impressed with his efforts. 

#7 Every inch of you is beautiful

Even if this isn’t the first time you see your guy friend half-naked, let him know how amazing he looks.

He’s the full package to you. Not only is he strikingly handsome, but he’s also got the body to match. 

#8 Your shorts are really nice. Where did you get them?

Again, you completely ignore that he’s displaying his abs and focusing on the wrong thing.

He wants to get your attention by sending you a topless photo, but since the feelings are not mutual, and you’re desperately trying to get the message across without telling him directly, focus on the one item of clothing he’s wearing. 

How To Respond When A Guy Sends You A Picture Of Another Girl?

It can feel really uncomfortable when your crush sends you a picture of another girl.

He might do this for several reasons, and your job is to find out by asking the right questions.

So when he sends you a picture of a random chick, respond with, “Did you send that by accident?” “Is that your sister?”


Or, “Is this someone you’re dating?” Here are six ways to respond when a guy sends you a picture of another girl.

#1 Did you send that by accident?

It really is weird that the guy you’re crushing on would send you a random photo of another female.

So it’s only normal that you assume he sent it to you by accident. People send accidental text messages all the time. Maybe it really is innocent. 

#2 Is that your sister?

He’s never mentioned that he has a sister, but since you’re just trying to find out why he’s sent you a picture of another female, you’re throwing anything out there. 

#3 Is this someone you’re dating?

Your crush is well aware that you like him, you suspect he likes you too, but he hasn’t made a move on you yet.

Maybe he’s in one of those complicated situations,’ and the photo is his way of telling you this. 

#4 Is this the ex you were talking about?

Your crush has been talking about his ex a lot lately. He hasn’t said that he wants to get back together with her, but he’s mentioned her in passing a few times.

If it is her, you find it strange that he’s sent you a picture because you’ve never asked what she looks like. 

#5 Is this your attempt at making me jealous?

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while, and you had an argument, so you’re not exactly on speaking terms at the moment.

You haven’t spoken in a few days, and then he randomly sends you a picture of another chick! Is this his attempt at making you jealous? 

#6 Why are you sending me a picture of another female?

Ask him a direct question, and hopefully, he will give you a direct answer. He sent you this picture for a reason, and you have every right to ask why he sent it.

Hopefully, he will reply with an honest answer. 

He Sends Me Pictures Of His Friends

There is only one reason a man would send you pictures of his friends, and that’s because he likes you a lot and he’s thinking about making things official.

You see, friends are a very important part of a man’s life, especially in their younger years.

Many songs highlight this truth, and men are often known to end a perfectly good relationship with a woman because he feels disconnected from his friends.

So when a guy starts getting his friends involved in his relationship, it’s a sign that he wants to take things further.

He’s sending you pictures of them so you can get familiar with the people he spends most of his time with.

He’s probably sending them pictures of you too. 

He Sends Me Pictures Of His Day

When a guy sends pictures of his day, be happy because it’s a sign that he’s really into you.

Men don’t text females when they’re bored. He’s doing it because he wants to invite you into his world.

There are several reasons he’s sending you pictures of his day, including he wants you to trust him, he wants you to know he’s thinking of you, or he wants your opinion on something.

Here are four reasons he may have sent you a picture of his day. 

#1 He Wants You To Trust Him

Sending you pictures of his day might be his way of telling you that he’s not doing anything you need to worry about.

Maybe he’s out with the boys, or he’s at work. If he’s sending you pictures while he’s out with the boys, he’s letting you know that he’s not spending his time chasing women and that even though he’s on a night out, his mind is on you. 

#2 He Wants You To Know He’s Thinking Of You

Maybe you guys have just started dating, and he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself by telling you he’s thinking about you.

Instead, he sends you a random photo of his workstation and says he’s bored. What he’s really saying is that he can’t get you out of his head. 

#3 He Wants Your Opinion on Something

He sends you a picture of his manager in a meeting and says, “I’m really thinking about handing in my notice soon.

What do you think?” You know how much he hates his job because he’s always talking about it, but from this message, it appears he’s at his witts end, and he wants to quit now.

When a man values a woman’s opinion, it’s a sign that he’s falling for her.

#4 He Wants You To Feel Special

If your love language is spending quality time with your partner, and your crush knows this, he’s going the extra mile to make you feel special.

He may not be there with you in person, but he’s trying to spend time with you by sending you pictures of his day. 

What do you say when someone sends you a picture of food?

Food is an important topic online. On social media, there are entire pages dedicated to delicious-looking food.

Some things you might say when a person sends you a picture of food include, that looks beyond delicious, wish I could get a plate or thanks for the invite.

You can say five things when someone sends you a food picture. 

#1 That looks beyond delicious

With a response like this, you’re letting them know that everything about the plate of food is fantastic, and you don’t have the words to describe how tasty it looks. 

#2 Thanks for the invite

This is a sarcastic response and a playful joke that will be easily understood by the person reading it.

You’re saying that the food looks so good you wish you could have been invited to join them. 

#3 I think I’ve put on a couple of pounds just looking at that

Maybe the picture is of your favorite dessert. It could be a slice of chocolate cake or some ice cream. Whatever it is, it looks so good, you can see yourself eating it. 

#4 When are you going to cook for me?


Whether it’s a friend or a crush, asking when they’ll cook for you is a compliment and an invitation to meet up.

You like the look of the food so much that you wish you were eating with them. 

#5 I think I’ve fallen for your cooking skills

If your crush sent you a picture of a meal he cooked, tell him how good it looks by responding that the food looks so awesome you think you’ve fallen for his cooking skills.