How To Compliment A Girl Over Text?

How do you compliment a girl over text without being weird? Warm flattery can go a long way to make a woman feel special. 

Compliments make women feel captivating and charming. She’ll love you for dishing them out.

Complimenting your crush every day is good practice. It makes for better intimacy, according to relationship experts.

But women have a sixth sense. They know a fake compliment and will see through you if your intentions are less than pure.

Instead, use your emotional intelligence. See what type of compliments fit your lady best. Compliment a girl on her way of thinking or mastery of some skill.

Be non-needy, authentic, and funny. Remember, a beautiful girl will be sought after by guys. She’s used to all kinds of bland compliments.

Every girl is different, so you will find exceptions. For example, sometimes gorgeous girls are sensitive. They look at even the most innocent compliments as a tactic to get them to bed. Or you might run into a girl with low self-esteem who craves compliments about her appearance. 

One size does not fit all, so have fun doing trial runs to see what works best for the girl you like.

A general remark on her appearance is usually appropriate and won’t sound creepy. It works well if the girl sent you a picture or you saw her earlier that day, but you can say it anytime. Avoid going on too much about what you like about her figure. 

Before we show you how to flatter a girl over text, you might want to know the following:

Why Should You Compliment Your Crush Over Text?

Most guys default to the most straightforward form of communication: texting. That’s how they deliver the bulk of their compliments. Yet, text compliments lack the depth of those offered in person. 


Let’s say you shoot your crush a text saying, “You look so good in that picture.”

In the end, you put an emoji with stars in the eyes. Compare that to walking up to them at work, school, in the street, or wherever you see them. Isn’t it better to look them up and down, smile, and say, “Wow, you look gorgeous?”

Is it Weird to Compliment a Girl Over Text?

In-person compliments are preferable, but dating has changed thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns. DMs, texting, and memes have replaced face-to-face conversations, connections, and traditional dating. 

With this shift, complimenting women over text became more popular. That was, after all, the natural progression of things. To keep it less weird, compliment her only after you have become acquainted. Also, avoid cheesy pickup lines.

Women love compliments

Yes, you read that right. But only the right compliments. Compliments are the key to making a girl feel secure and confident, and they keep her from yelling at you. 

Women value compliments on their mannerisms and personality. Occasional compliments are more effective than expensive presents. Your goal is to plant a seed that may blossom into romance. We’re not talking about pickup lines. We’re talking compliments.

How to Give Compliments to a Girl Over Text?

Women like it when men notice small things. It could be her makeup, hair, or accessories. Start by choosing a specific trait or feeling to comment on. If you see something, say something. It shows that you pay attention to her. 


But beware. Giving too many compliments at once will make your lady uncomfortable, especially if you text her only occasionally. Are you complimenting the woman you’re dating or your girlfriend? Then it’s time to step up the compliment game. Give her sweet compliments like:

“Don’t ever stop being you.”

“I’m on a mission to not think about you. I call it Mission: Impossible!”

“I always stare at you, even in a room full of people.”

How to Compliment a Girl Over Text Without Being Weird?

Be careful how you approach a woman, even in a public place. Is she wearing headphones, walking, or sitting alone? Then, your approach might seem startling or invasive. She might feel threatened if it’s nighttime.

Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood said, “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.” Thus, you should approach a lady in an appropriate setting. Or do it when she has already expressed interest in talking to you.

How to Give a Heartwarming Compliment? 

Love, in all its forms, is a powerful conduit for creating joy in the world. That’s why so many people seek love. But to attract love, we need words.

Words that will attract other people to us. That’s why it’s good to get into the habit of dishing out genuine compliments. 

Here’s how to compliment your crush over text. Do it with an authentic smile and the grace to listen if she wants to speak. Ensure your words are uplifting and designed to make her feel good about herself.

Be Concise

Don’t babble on, trying to describe the compliment. Give her the praise and end the story. The less you say, the better. Throw a casual yet insightful compliment, and let your words do the work.


Don’t Overstate Her Qualities

You know she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world. So why tell her that? Giving a BS compliment makes you look like you’re trying too hard. It also makes you look dishonest. You should give believable compliments that the receiver can recognize as real.

Give Compliments Sparingly

If you give compliments too often to the same people, they may view you as someone who is not genuine. Give compliments sparingly because people value what is in short supply. Others will feel special when you praise them, and they’ll be more likely to appreciate it. 

Also, try to match the intensity of your compliment to how impressed you really are. If you don’t, people may question the sincerity of your praise. Or they may wonder if you have an ulterior motive.

Women Like to Earn Their Compliments

A pretty girl isn’t always flattered when you compliment her lovely eyes. She’s accustomed to such compliments. Also, she didn’t have to do anything to earn it. 

Instead, try to learn about her unique skills, which she takes pride in. Coming up with perfect compliments is easy when you approach it from this standpoint.


They can be about her ability to speak several languages. Or that she has superb ski technique or she can make curries that are out of this world.

It’s good practice complimenting a girl you’ve just met on her achievements. It proves to her that you’re not only about physical appearance. This type of compliment also shows that her achievements mean something to you.

It distinguishes you from the “you’ve got a lovely smile” guys and tells her something about who you are as a person. For example, tell her you’re fascinated and impressed by her work as a UN peacekeeper.

She’ll know you have at least a passing interest in the good of humanity.

Genuine Compliments vs. BS

Genuine compliments are your best bet. A woman won’t like it if you tell her she’s beautiful only because you want to sleep with her. You can try it. Your lady’s level of interest will drop if she realizes you have selfish motives. 


Compliments are not the same as flattery. Flattery is excessive, insincere, and annoying. They make the receiver feel as if the giver were angling for something. 

It would be best if you always were sincere to prevent girls from tagging your compliments as BS. Fakeness is easy to spot and destroys credibility. You should also be specific. “That chicken alfredo was delicious” is better than “You’re a terrific cook.”

Whenever she crosses your mind, shoot her a text about it. Let her know what you were doing that reminded you of her. It will make your message more like a genuine compliment and less creepy. Knowing that she’s on your mind might be enough to make her smile.

Subtle but Appreciated Compliments

“You have great energy.”

“Your skin is glowing.”

“You’re so brave for trying to change your life.”

“I love your unique look.”

“It was great how you did that so well.”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”

“I’m still laughing about what you said in Physics class today.”

“There was a Jeopardy earlier, and it reminded me of you.”

Like Her Photos

Tell her she shines and sparkles in her pictures. People love hearing that they’re photogenic. So it’s nice to give her a simple compliment that she won’t take the wrong way. Something neutral like: “You’ve got something special going on.” 


Or, make your compliment more potent by comparing her to something beautiful. Such as, “Your smile is like a ray of sunlight. You look so happy in that pic.”

How to Tell a Girl She Looks Beautiful Over Text?

Here are some rules to follow if you would like to tell your girl she looks beautiful:

  1. Getting the timing right is more important than you think
  2. Remember, women love compliments (as long as you’re not creepy when you deliver them)
  3. Never compliment girls from a place of neediness.
  4. Keeping it authentic and personal is the name of the game.

So go for it now that we’ve covered the ground rules. Tell your lady her beauty reminds you of [insert your celebrity of choice]. Or compliment one attribute, such as her eyes or her hair. Bonus points if you tell her she looks beautiful when she doesn’t think she does.

If She’s A Girl You Just Met

Don’t say, “You’re beautiful,” and leave it at that. Choosing a beautiful detail and explaining it to your lady is far better. It might be how the color of her eyes changes according to her mood or how her smile lights up a room.

It might be the freckles on her nose. Be creative and find something unique about her. Choose a specific, exceptional detail. Then you’ll have a better chance of her taking your compliment the way you want her to.

After meeting her in person, drop her a message. Tell her what you liked about the time you spent with her. You might say, “Being around you is a thrill, and I love that.” Or, “When you smile, it could bring joy to the grumpiest person on the planet. Or even, “You’re so easy to be around!”

How to Call a Girl Cute Over Text?

The first and most crucial point is not to be creepy when you call a girl cute over text. Your compliment should be genuine, and she should be able to sense that you tailored it for her. In that way, your text will stand out. 


She’ll think you’re a cheesy guy if you send her a cheesy comment, reducing your chances of going on a date. Text her something like, “Wow, I love your hair today. You look so cute!”

How to Tell a Girl She’s Pretty Over Text?

If you’ve learned anything, you know that the texting game is not about what you say but how you say it. So make sure you come across as confident yet genuine. 

The trick is to start a texting conversation. Ask about your lady’s day. Warm her up with some jokes and laugh around. If you haven’t met, tell her, “I can tell you’re pretty even over text. I love it!” If you’ve already met, say, “I need more time with you, pretty girl.”

How to Compliment Older Women?

Older women like to know that they’re still beautiful. They want to appear desirable. So, they tend to like honest compliments about their appearance. 


Find something that you think she rarely receives compliments about. Be casual, laidback, and even funny. She’ll appreciate you for that.

Non-Physical Compliments Beat Physical Ones

The compliments above are well-intended. If we’re being honest, we all focus on physical appearance to some extent. But many compliments are not about appearance. Those may be more meaningful, both to give and to receive. 

We take appearance out of the equation when complimenting someone for who they are. For example, tell someone why you love them for the person they are. That can be a genuine, pure, and heartfelt expression of love.

38 Other Compliments to Send a Girl Through Text

Your Fashion Sense is Immense

It’s always nice when someone tells you you look good. It’s incredibly heartwarming when you wear something you know looks flattering. When you compliment a girl’s outfit, you tell her she looks great. But you’re also giving her a confidence boost. 


You can stand out by complimenting things like the pattern on her shirt. That will show you appreciate her unique style. Or tell her the fit is perfect (without making it sound creepy; you don’t want her to think you’re ogling her body). 

Say something like: “That outfit looks amazing on you. You’re so beautiful!” Or even something simple like “You have such a great sense of fashion.”

I Love Your Humor

Complimenting her humor takes the focus off her appearance, which is always refreshing. Her looks are, for the most part, out of her control. But wit and humor are things we spend years developing. So, getting compliments for these attributes validates our hard work. 

So tell her, “I have a blast whenever I’m with you.” Tell her you enjoy her company and that she’s fun. People love to know if they’re fun to be around, so it makes a perfect compliment.

You’ve Got the Perfect Physique

Many women also work hard to sculpt their bodies, so this compliment validates their efforts. Such a compliment is sure to elevate her mood.

Your Smile is the Best 

Do you like her smile? Send her a quote such as this: “Your smile is the most precious thing I have. It makes me the richest person in the world.” 


Or this: “Your smile is so precious; never let anyone dull its sparkle.” 

Or this: “You have a beautiful smile. It’s too bad you don’t smile enough. Let me try and change that.”

I Learn a Lot From You Always

It proves that you cherish her beyond measure when you compliment her this way. It also shows that you treasure her.

It’s a great compliment because it shows you value her beyond what’s skin deep. It also shows that you appreciate her input, which can help turn the gears in your relationship. 

You Always Have the Right Words to Suit Any Occasion

This compliment indicates that you appreciate all your interactions. It lets your lady know you always take her words to heart after every conversation. It also shows her that you want to hear what she says. She’ll love the fact that you enjoy talking to her.

Compliments About Her Personality

Complimenting her personality means that you take notice of the little things. It shows her that you’re interested in more than how she looks. After all, beauty is only skin deep. Here are some sample texts:


“You’re always willing to try things – that’s a great attitude!”

“Just one glance at you speaks volumes. It was enough to tell me you’re a great listener.”

“I’ve never met anyone with a heart as big as yours.”

“You’re a good/kind/sweet person.”

“Kindness is one of your greatest characteristics.”

“You have a heart of gold. Did you know that?”

“The world is undergoing positive changes because of your dedication.”

Compliment her eyes

“Your blue eyes remind me of the Caribbean Sea.”

“The almond shape of your eyes is so beautiful.”


“Your hazel eyes remind me of Rihanna’s.”

“Those glasses complement your eyes.”

“I love looking into your eyes, but then I feel all weak and fuzzy.”

Compliment her lips

“I know people who would pay a million bucks to get lips that look as juicy as yours.”

“Your lips look so natural and perfect.”


“I’m sure your lips taste like heaven.”

“Your hot red lips drive me to distraction.”

“You have the most kissable lips.”

Compliment her voice

“You have an amazing and melodic voice.”

“Your voice adds cheer to the most dreary day.”

“I never want to stop talking to you because your voice is so playful and teasing.”

“The sound of your voice makes me dizzy with joy.”

“I’m pretty sure your words can heal wounds because that voice of yours is magical.”

Here are some Flirty Compliments to Make Her Day

“I have been much happier since we started spending time together.”

“The sound of your laugh is like music to my ears.”

“I wish I were your mirror to look at you every morning.”

“If I had a cupcake for each time I thought of you, I’d be fat.”

How Not to Compliment a Girl Over Text?

Be wary of the compliments that make a woman respond with “Thanks?” (question mark intended). Those are the ones where she’s not sure if you meant to compliment her or if you’re trying to take some dig at her. 


Don’t tell her things like “You look fantastic for your age” or “You look great! Did you lose weight?” It will show her that you’re buying into the stereotype that one has to be young and skinny to look good.

Don’t Compare Her to Others

Most girls are not in any beauty contests with other girls. So don’t trash other girls to make her feel special with words like: “You have nice legs. Not like Thunder Thighs over there.” She’ll feel like you have an ulterior motive when you do that.

Don’t Expect Anything in Return

We’ve said earlier that a genuine compliment has no ulterior motives. Such compliments do not expect or desire anything in return. The receiver doesn’t even have to reciprocate. That’s not what giving compliments is about.

Give them because you like something in a girl, not because you want her to think about you as a nice guy. When you compliment a girl, it should never be just another tactic in your game arsenal.