How Long Does It Take a Guy to Realize He Misses You?

So you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and want to know how long it takes a guy to realize he misses you? 

The answer depends on several factors, such as how much he depended on you, how long you were together, and whether he was in love with you. 

Every guy is different, so there are no specific time frames suggesting when a man will miss a woman after a breakup, but there are some estimates. 

Keep reading to find out the answer to the question, how long does it take a guy to realize he misses you?

How Long Does It Take A Guy To Miss You After No Contact Or A Breakup?

It will be business as usual for the guy when a couple first breaks up. He’ll go out with his friends, meet loads of girls, and post pictures of him enjoying the single life on his social media accounts. 

His behavior will make you feel even worse, but don’t let it get to you; his meltdown is on the way. 

It takes two weeks before a guy starts missing the girl he broke up with. Women have an immediate emotional reaction because they are more in tune with their emotions

So, while you’re sobbing over a tub of ice cream, he needs a few weeks to process what’s happened. If you’re asking yourself, when does a man start to miss you after a breakup? 

I’m sorry, but I can’t give you an answer to this question because it depends on several factors such as:

#1 How Much He Depended On You

Did you live together? Were you the one who ran the household, cooked, cleaned, and ensured the laundry was done? Were you better with the finances? How about healthcare? 

Were you the one who made sure he had his yearly health check-ups? Do you remember all the birthdays? 

If he were heavily dependent on you, he would start missing you like the things you were in charge of start coming up. When he’s struggling to do these things, he’ll realize how much of an asset you were in his life. 

#2 How Long Were You Together?

What makes a man miss a woman after a breakup? The length of time you were together is one of them. 

If you had a short affair for a couple of months, he might not miss you because you didn’t get the chance to become a significant part of his life. 

But if you were together for a couple of years, then he’ll feel your absence once you’re gone. 

#3 Was He In Love With You?

Couples decide to end their relationship even if they are in love because sometimes, love isn’t enough. You can be in love with someone but not compatible with them.


For example, the man wants kids, but the woman doesn’t. Or, the woman wants to live in America, and the man wants to relocate to the United Kingdom. 

When a couple cannot reach a healthy compromise where both parties are satisfied, breaking up is the only option. If this is your story, he will miss you when you break up. 

#4 His Emotional Attachment To You

He may not have been in love with you, but he had an emotional attachment to you. 

When a relationship reaches the stage of emotional attachment, it’s a beautiful place to be. It’s when two people have developed a meaningful and deep bond where you can talk about anything. 

Your conversations can fluctuate between reminiscing about your childhood dreams, your future goals, and a funny story at the post office. 

Your conversations flow effortlessly, and you can talk for hours. An emotional attachment makes people feel loved, wanted and appreciated. He felt comfortable enough to confide in you about his feelings, and he wouldn’t discuss these things with anyone else. 

But now that you’re gone, he has no one to talk to, so he’ll start missing you when he’s feeling emotionally low. 

#5 When He Realizes How Good He Had It

Most men move on pretty quickly after a breakup because that’s how they heal. 

It might seem as if he doesn’t care because your ex has jumped straight into another serious relationship, but that’s not the case. As mentioned, men take longer to process their emotions, but it hits them like a tonne of bricks when they do. 

Most men don’t drown their sorrows in chocolate and ice cream while watching romantic movies. Instead, they pour all their energy into another woman to forget about the heartache. 

But now that he’s in a new relationship, he realizes she can’t compare to you. She might be extremely attractive, which initially got his attention. But as he gets to know her, he realizes there are things about her character he’s just not feeling. 

At this point, he realizes how good he had it with you and starts missing you. 

#6 He Starts Feeling Lonely

After a night out on the town with the boys, he returns to his apartment and flicks through his phone, searching for someone to call. 

At 4:00 am, there’s no one willing to listen to his drunken foolishness. He hovers over your number but decides against it; after all, he dumps you.


Even after multiple one-night stands, he feels completely empty; he hates one-night stands. He would rather be in the arms of someone he cares about. 

He will feel even worse if all his friends are in loving relationships. According to the experts, it will take between two to four months before he starts feeling lonely. 

He’ll do everything possible to block out his emotions during this time. But once he surrenders to them, he’ll start missing you. 

#7 When Something Bad Happens

Life is full of ups and downs, and at any given moment, adversity can hit. So when trouble knocks at our door, we want to be around people who will soothe us and make us feel better. 

You were his safety blanket when you were together, he experienced a lot of challenging times, but he felt like he could take on the world because he had you to support him. 

Now that he’s facing some difficult times, he craves the support you once offered him. He wants to call you, but he knows he can’t, now he’s really starting to miss you. 

11 Ways To Make Him Miss You

So, you’ve broken up with your boyfriend and want to ensure he misses you. 

The best way to do this is not to call or text him; start working on your goals and leave something of yours at his apartment.


Since you’ve broken up with your boyfriend or you’re going no contact, the only way to let him know you’re moving on with life is to be active on social media. 

So make sure you’re posting about your hobbies and date nights, and most importantly, post pictures of you looking like an absolute baddy! Keep reading to discover 11 ways to make him miss you. 

#1 Don’t Call Or Text Him

Since women are so emotional, he’ll expect you to call or text him after the breakup. Your ex-boyfriend is probably used to females begging to get back with him.


But you’re not going to be that girl; what will make him miss you is if he doesn’t know how you’re feeling.

By calling or texting, you’re giving the game away, so try as hard as you can not to get in contact with him at all. 

#2 Don’t Show Your Vulnerability

After a breakup, people first run to social media and tell the world how badly they’re hurting. 

During this stage, people feel so vulnerable that they start posting quotes about having a broken heart or changing their status to reflect their depressing state of mind. 

Basically, they make it really obvious that they’re sad. Don’t be this person! If you want your ex to miss you, this is not how to do it. He won’t feel sorry for you. 

Instead, it will boost his ego, and he’ll think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. By posting things of this nature, you’re letting him know that you’re sad, lonely, and miserable without him in your life.

#3 Delete His Pictures From Social Media

A couple of days after the breakup, delete all his pictures from your social media accounts and change your status to single. 

This is a strategic move because even if he’s not spying on you, your mutual friends will tell him that your pictures are no longer on her page. 

This will infuriate him to no end because deleting his pictures is the same as burning them or throwing them in the trash.

 It indicates that you have decided to erase him from your life and move on.

He will want to know why you’ve moved on so quickly; it may even get him to second-guess himself. His thought process will be, “Why has she moved on so quickly? Why isn’t she upset? Wasn’t I good enough for her?” 

#4 Don’t Confide In Your Mutual Friends

Mutual friends are information carriers; whatever you tell them, they’ll go back and tell him how devastated you are about the breakup. 

Instead, use your mutual friends to your advantage. Since you know they will report back to him, ensure that everything you discuss indicates that you’re living your best life. 

When they ask how you feel about the breakup, tell them things didn’t work out, and you’re fine. Tell them about all the great things you plan on doing now that you have free time. 

#5 Start Working On Your Goals

What have you always wanted to do but haven’t accomplished yet? One of the most effective ways to make him miss you is to work on yourself. 


And I don’t just mean on your physical appearance; get a whole new life. Not only will it scare him into thinking that when you become the best version of yourself, you won’t come back to him.

It will also take your mind off the breakup because you’ll be so focused on what you’re doing, you won’t have time to miss him. So here are a few things you can get working on:

Start Working On Your Passions

What are you passionate about? What are the things that make you come alive and make you happy?

You may have stopped pursuing your hobbies to focus on your relationship, but now is the perfect time to return to them. 

Start Working Out

Not only does working out help you lose weight and look your best, but it will also make you feel good. 

According to research, exercise triggers the release of feel-good hormones, so hitting the gym will remove the temptation to sit pigging out on ice cream in front of the TV.

Going to the gym isn’t the only way to work out; there are plenty of fun ways to get your body moving, including dance, swimming, Pilates, yoga, and cycling. 

Reconnect With Yourself

Women tend to give their all in a relationship and get lost in it. They forget who they are because they stop engaging in what makes them who they are. You can reconnect with yourself by journaling, having therapy, and reading self-help books. You may even discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed or realize that you’ve got some issues you need to take care of. 

Transform Your Looks

Nothing screams you’ve moved on better than a new look. You’re basically saying, “out with the old, and in with the new.” Get your hair done, change your wardrobe, and wear a different makeup style.

When you look good, you feel good, the new version of you will feel like you can take on the world.

#6 Leave Something Of Yours At His Apartment

Whether it’s an item of clothing, a necklace, or a perfume bottle, be sure to leave something of yours at his apartment. Regardless of what it is, it serves as a tangible reminder of you. 

Whenever he sees your items, he’ll think of the good old days. Whatever you leave will evoke powerful emotions in him that he won’t be able to control. 

He might be able to physically erase you from his life, but those memories will never disappear. 

#7 Keep It Moving

If you’ve both agreed to go no contact for a few weeks or months, that’s exactly what you need to do. 

So if you see him when you’re out grocery shopping, don’t stop for an informal chat. Keep it moving! Act as if you haven’t seen him. Since you still have feelings for him, this will hurt because you’ll want to know how he’s doing. 

But to get him to miss you, you’ve got to be strong enough to follow through with the deal. No contact means no contact! 

#8 Go On Dates With Other Guys

I strongly advise against going on the rebound and getting into another relationship. However, there’s nothing wrong with dating and testing the waters.


Let’s call it window shopping, shall we. Dating is a lot easier than it was before dating apps became so popular; you can literally set up a profile today and be on a date within a couple of hours. 

If your confidence has battered after the breakup, getting dressed up and having guys treat you like a queen will do wonders for your confidence. 

#9 Meet New People

Whether you’re going no contact or you’ve broken up with your partner, it’s so hard because he was a significant person in your life, and you now have this void. 

Meeting new people can help you fill this space. If you’re the type who enjoys going out socializing, then go out and do so. 

Meeting new people can be refreshing and fun and give you another perspective on life. It can help you tap into parts of your personality you didn’t know you had and boost your confidence.

#10 Go On Vacation

When was the last time you went on vacation? People travel for many reasons, and going through a breakup is one of them. 

It can be very therapeutic and give you time to relax and take your mind off things. Additionally, experts state that traveling can be good for your mental health because it helps alleviate worry and anxiety and gives you time to figure out what’s important to you. 

#11 Ignore Him

If your ex-partner calls or texts you after the breakup, ignore him. Don’t answer the phone or text or email him back. When you ignore a guy, it’s a massive blow to their ego. 

He will want to know why you’re ignoring him; he’ll have so many questions running around in his head that he won’t be able to answer; it will drive him insane. Don’t be surprised if he starts begging to get back together after ignoring him for some time. 

How Do You Know When A Man Misses You?

You’ve been broken up for a few months; you’ve been good and haven’t contacted him. 

But you haven’t stopped thinking about him, and you’re just waiting for him to show signs he misses you.


If your ex-boyfriend misses you, you can expect him to try and get in touch with you, ask mutual friends about you, or start showing up where he knows you will be. Keep reading to discover some signs that your man misses you. 

#1 He Tries To Get In Touch With You

You’ll start receiving text messages and emails out of the blue, or he’ll slide in your DM’s. 

He won’t call because he’s trying to test the waters. But trust and do believe that the only reason he’s trying to get in touch with you is that he misses you. 

#2 He Starts Asking Mutual Friends About You

He knows your mutual friends will tell you he’s been asking about you, so he’ll start digging for information. Your ex-boyfriend will ask questions like, “Is she seeing anyone now?” “Has she said anything about me since the split?” 

#3 He Starts Showing Up Where He Knows You Will Be

He’s tried contacting you and got no response. He’s asked mutual friends about you; everyone’s talking about how great you’re doing. So his only hope of getting in touch with you is to turn up where he knows you’ll be. 

To avoid giving you stalker vibes, he won’t turn up outside your house. But he will visit places like your local grocery store on Saturday afternoon when he knows you’ll be there. 

Or, he’ll walk past your gym at noon because he knows you’ll be on the treadmill facing the window, and you’ll see him. 

Final Thoughts

Let me ask you a question. What are your intentions for your ex-boyfriend? 

There is a reason you want to know how long it takes before he starts missing you, and before you move forward, it’s important that you are honest with yourself about it. 

Why did you break up in the first place? Was the relationship healthy? Do you think you could resolve your issues if you got back together? 

I want you to seriously think about this because I don’t want you to waste your time and energy on a guy who isn’t any good for you. 

If you’re a match made in heaven, then excellent; I wish you all the best. But if not, you might want to consider moving on.