How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off?

If you’re thinking about cutting off the guy you’ve been seeing, you’re probably wondering how he’ll feel. Will it crush his ego? Will he think he’s not good enough?

Or maybe cutting him off will make him angry? No matter how he feels, you know you’ve got to end the relationship because his behavior is unacceptable.

You’ve given him chance after chance and spoken to him numerous times, but he still hasn’t changed. If anything, he’s got worse, and you fear that things won’t get any better if you stay.

Keep reading to know how guys feel when you cut them off.

When Should You Cut A Guy Off?

You’ve got every right to cut a guy off if you’re getting bad vibes from him. You should cut a guy off when he becomes physically or emotionally abusive, is cheating on you, or has commitment issues.

Here are nine reasons to cut a guy off.


#1 If He Is Physically Or Emotionally Abusive

You should have zero tolerance for physical or emotional abuse. A man who puts his hands on a woman or makes her feel that she’s anything less than amazing is a total loser, and there’s no coming back from this.

The second he starts physically or emotionally abusing you, leave! If necessary, call the police.

#2 If He Is Cheating

If you find out he’s cheating on you for sure. It’s time to go. When it comes to infidelity, don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t listen to other people. Conduct a thorough investigation and gather the evidence before approaching him.

Some men will come clean when cornered, but if he’s a narcissist, he’ll deny it even if you’ve caught him on camera. So be prepared for this; nevertheless, once you’re satisfied with the proof, cut him off, because cheating is a clear sign he does not love you enough.


#3 If He Has Commitment Issues

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you don’t have time to deal with a man with commitment issues.

He will string you along until he decides he’s ready to confront his fear of being in a long-term relationship. And for some men, that day might never come.

#4 If He Has No Respect For You

A man with no respect for women is dangerous and a sign he doesn’t care about the relationship. He will treat her like a piece of trash and expect her to tolerate it.

No matter how much she tells him how awful he makes her feel, he’ll continue treating her like dirt, and it will never change.


For the sake of your mental health, you can’t afford to be in a relationship like this. Cut him off now, please!

#5 If He Is Immature

With men, immaturity manifests in a lot of different ways. He might act like a spoilt brat and only care about his emotions. He avoids conversations that require him to look within.

He’d rather spend time playing video games than engaging with you, or he points the finger when something goes wrong instead of attempting to devise a viable solution.

Either way, the woman is the more mature of the two and invests much energy in babying him. If you’re going through something similar, run because immature guys don’t know what they want.

#6 If He Is Inconsistent

One of the requirements for a healthy relationship is consistency. Consistency builds trust, and inconsistency leaves you feeling confused and bewildered.

He says all the right things and sends Flirty text messages that make your heart skip a beat, but you have no idea where the relationship is heading because his actions don’t line up with his words.

He says he’s crazy about you, but you rarely see him. He’s always got an excuse for why he can’t take you out. And he has a terrible habit of canceling at the last minute.

If this is your relationship’s start, don’t expect it to get any better. 

#7 If He’s Emotionally Unavailable

Are you often left wondering how your partner really feels? Does he disappear when you get emotional or appear visibly uncomfortable when you start talking about your feelings?

Well, that’s probably because he’s emotionally unavailable. Emotionally unavailable men keep their feelings to themselves.

After a bad night out with friends, or a difficult day at work, he’ll drown his sorrows in an activity such as playing sports or going to the gym instead of talking about it.

He’ll act moody, and he’ll say nothing when you ask what’s wrong. In fact, the more you ask, the moodier he’ll get.

One of the worst traits of an emotionally unavailable person is they don’t support their partner’s feelings.

As a result, they end up feeling rejected and abandoned. 

#8 If He’s Playing Mind Games

Insecure men play mind games because they want control over their dating women.

They want her eating out of the palm of their hand. They will keep her on a leash by displaying hot and cold behavior.

One minute he’s the nicest guy in the world, the next, he’s developed two heads and acts like a monster. He will do this so you feel that how he treats you depends on your obedience to his demands.

A man like this has typically got something to hide. You’ll do everything possible to please him, but it will never be good enough. Don’t waste another second with a guy who plays games. 

#9 He Won’t Accept It’s Over

You’ve decided you don’t want to be with this guy anymore. You’ve talked and explained exactly why.

You’ve told him you don’t mind being friends, but the romantic side of things is over.

Unfortunately, he’s unwilling to accept this and tries to convince you to get back together. He sends you flowers at work, calls and texts several times daily, and even waits for you outside your house!

Since he won’t accept the relationship is over, the next step is to block him on all platforms, and hopefully, he’ll get the message. 

10 Ways Guys Feel When You Cut Him Off

When you cut a guy off for not being the person you expected them to be in the relationship, their ego is crushed, they feel like they are not good enough, and they feel angry.

Here are ten ways guys feel when you cut them off.


#1 Their Ego Is Crushed

According to Dr. Darcia Narvaez, a man’s ego is so damaged after a breakup that he convinces himself that the woman will lose out even though she’s the one who left.

However, it won’t take long before reality sets in, and he starts feeling the pain of being dumped. At this point, he will numb his emotions by burying his feelings.

If you see pictures of him on social media having wild nights out with his pals, it’s all an act. Going out and getting drunk is typically how men cope when upset.

#2 They Are Not Good Enough

Even if you told him why you’re ending the relationship, he might not be the type to accept your reasons, and his mind will start playing tricks on him.


He will assume he’s not good enough for you, maybe he didn’t earn enough money, wasn’t good-looking enough, or could never make you happy.

These thoughts will plague him and will make him feel insecure.

#3 They Feel Relieved

Sometimes, if a man doesn’t want a relationship with the woman he’s seeing but doesn’t have the guts to do it, he’ll start acting up.

He will treat her badly by starting arguments for no reason, canceling plans, and flirting with females in front of her. He hopes she’ll get fed up with how he treats her and dump him.

So when his plan finally works, and she cuts him off, he feels relieved because he didn’t have to do it himself.

#4 They Feel Angry

Some men mask their feelings of sadness with anger because it’s socially acceptable. He may feel depressed and want to cry, but he’ll get angry instead because men rarely express themselves like this.

How his anger manifests will depend on the type of person he is. There’s a chance he’ll go on a war path and destroy everything in his way, or he’ll voice his anger by calling and shouting at you.

He’ll get his frustration out if he can’t get through by leaving a nasty message.

#5 They Suspect You’ve Found Someone Else

Even if you provide a valid reason for cutting him off, he’ll assume it’s because you’ve found someone else.

As far as he was concerned, you two had a great relationship, and he’s willing to change if you give him another chance.

But you’re so adamant you want to end things that he can only process the breakup by convincing himself you’ve found another boyfriend.

#6 They Want Revenge

Some men will want revenge after they’ve been cut off. They’ll become so angry that they can only think about getting you back for what you’ve done to them.

Revenge can take many forms, and one of the most common is to get back together with their ex-partner, make her fall head over heels in love with him, and then dump her.

However, most men don’t have the time or the energy to go this far and would rather invest it in finding another girlfriend.

#7 They Are Curious

Cutting a man off can cause feelings of curiosity if you don’t give him an explanation before blocking him on every platform.

Naturally, he’ll want to know why you ended the relationship, and he may start his private investigation to find out what happened.

This could involve asking mutual friends and setting up fake social media accounts to spy on you.

#8 They Are Upset

If the guy you were dating liked you, he’d be upset when you cut him off. This is especially true if he had stronger feelings for you than you did for him.


The breakup will cause feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, and grief. He will miss the time you spent together and the special memories you’ve collected, even if you were only an item for a short while.

#9 They Are Confused

Some men are unsurprised when cut off because all the signs were there. She stopped responding to his phone calls and texts, and she was always moody when they were together.

But this wasn’t the case with you two. Things appeared to be going well, and suddenly, she disappeared! You don’t know what to think, you’ve tried calling, texting, and emailing her, but she won’t respond.

All you can do is speculate about what went wrong, but you’ll never know the truth since you can’t get inside her head.

#10 They Feel Betrayed

You promised your boyfriend you’d never leave him. You told him he was the love of your life and you’ve never met anyone so amazing.

You spoke about starting a future together and all the goals you wanted to achieve such as going on vacations and starting a business. But you’ve cut him off and haven’t given him a reason why.

He feels extremely hurt and betrayed, and he has every right to. He feels as if you sold him a dream, took him to the pinnacle of Mount Everest, and then dropped him like a sack of hot potatoes!

Final Thought

Now you know how a guy feels when you cut him off, it’s time to take action. You may feel guilty about doing something so extreme, but sometimes this is your only option.

If a man refuses to change or take no for an answer, you have no choice but to cut all contact with them.