He Texts Me Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans.

Gone are the days when we had to pick up a rotary dial phone to communicate with our crush.

In many ways, technological advancement has made it easier for us to maintain relationships, but what does it mean when he texts you every day but doesn’t make plans?

It could mean that he’s in a relationship with another woman, that’s his preferred method of communication, or he’s not really interested in you.

The question is, how do you deal with this dichotomy? On the one hand, you’re excited he’s texting you daily.

On the other hand, you’re getting frustrated that he’s not trying to take things further.

Before you start crying into your pillow because your fairy tale is not working out as planned, you need to figure out the answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself: why does he text me every day but doesn’t make plans? Keep reading to find out. 

Why does he text me every day but never make plans to hang out?

You’ve met a guy and exchanged numbers. When you were talking at the bar, he clearly liked you.

You even locked lips at the end of the night. But now, all he does is text you daily, but he hasn’t asked you out.


This could be for several reasons, such as he’s in a relationship with another woman, he prefers to communicate by text, or he’s not really interested in you.

Here are 12 reasons why he texts you every day but never makes plans to hang out. 

#1 He’s in a relationship with another woman

When a man is in a relationship with another woman, and they are thinking about having an affair, when they meet someone they’re genuinely interested in, they’ll spend a significant amount of time texting them.

Why? I hear you ask because, in their mind, they think texting you is a safer form of interacting with you.

This is especially true if they live with their partner. You can put your text messages on silent and respond when you can.


But if he puts his phone on silent and starts sneaking around to answer it, his girlfriend or wife will get suspicious.

Additionally, he’s training you in how to communicate with him. If he never calls you, there’s less chance that you’ll call him. 

#2 That’s his preferred method of communication

Some people prefer the mystery of texting. To some, it’s a strange way of communicating because it’s difficult to interpret a person’s emotions through text messages.

Emojis help, but there’s nothing better than speaking to someone on the phone or face to face. In this way, you get to hear the inflection in their voice or monitor their body language throughout the conversation.

So the reason he hasn’t asked you out on a date yet is that he’s trying to get to know you. 

#3 He’s not really interested in you

Even though you exchanged numbers, deep down, he knew he wasn’t really interested in you.

Sorry to be blunt, but maybe you were the last resort on a night out. Some men go out with their boys and plan on finding someone really hot to sleep with.


But as the night draws to a close, they realize that sleeping with their fantasy woman was just that…a fantasy.

But he’s had a few drinks, his beer goggles are on, and suddenly all women look attractive to him, so he takes your number even though you’re not his type.

You don’t go home with him because that’s not your style, so he starts texting you a few days later.

But from his recollection, he knows full well you weren’t his type in the first place, and now he’s sober, he has no plans of meeting up with you. 

#4 He’s bored and just passing the time

Maybe he just got sacked from his job, or he’s just completed a large project and has a lot of time on his hands.

So he starts texting you several times daily because he has nothing better to do.

But no matter how nice you are, he’s not interested in a relationship because his number one priority is his career.

Once he finds another job or he gets another project to work on, you can expect him to disappear into thin air. 

#5 He’s too busy to ask you out on a date

This guy might actually like you, but his schedule is so packed that he can only text you in between.

I know you’re thinking, “well, why doesn’t he just say that?” There are a couple of reasons.

First, if you’ve just met the dude, he doesn’t feel obligated to explain why he does what he does.

As far as he’s concerned, he’s just trying to get to know you, and if he decides later when he has more time on his hands to ask you out, he will.

Another reason is that he might actually want to tell you, but he’s not sure how, so he figures he’ll just wait it out and see what happens. 

#6 He’s not ready for a relationship

There are many reasons why a man might not be ready for a relationship, such as he doesn’t have the career of his dreams, he’s not financially stable, or he thinks he’s too young.

So instead of stringing you along and asking you out on a date, he sticks to texting because he knows that going on a date is pointless.

After all, he’s already made up his mind that it’s not going to go anywhere. 

#7 He’s just ended a relationship

Some men jump from one relationship to the next, especially if they were hurt.

Others don’t. Your guy may have just ended a bad relationship, and he doesn’t have the mental energy to start something new.


However, he does enjoy female company and likes the interaction he’s having with you, so he doesn’t see why he should stop texting.

Basically, he’s being selfish, it’s benefiting him, and he’s not thinking about how it’s affecting you. 

#8 He needs validation

Does this guy you’re texting seem really needy? He’s constantly fishing for compliments and sending you topless selfies to get a reaction out of you?

If so, he’s probably really insecure. Maybe his girlfriend dumped him for someone much taller, better looking, and accomplished than him.

Or he got rejected by someone he really fancied, and now he’s questioning whether he’s attractive to women.

To test the waters, he’s going out on the weekends, collecting as many numbers as possible and spending his days texting females to see if he’s still got it.

But ultimately, he’s not planning on asking any of you out. His daily text messages are literally for an ego boost. 

#9 He’s too shy to ask you out

Some guys are so shy that they can’t even bring themselves to call the girl they like, let alone ask them out.

He’s texting you every day because he wants to make sure you actually like him before he makes a fool of himself.


Because he’s shy, he’s making life very difficult for himself on this wild texting goose chase he’s taking you on.

His messages do not indicate that he’s even attracted to you. He’s very polite and keeps things strictly platonic.

Since he’s not hinting as to whether he likes you or not, he’ll never know whether you like him because most women are not in the business of making a fool of themselves either! 

#10 He wants to make sure you like him too

Does he clarify in his text messages that he’s attracted to you? Does he compliment your looks? Or say, “I can’t wait to get to know you on a deeper level?” You don’t need to play guessing games with this guy.

He’s laying all his cards out on the table. If that’s the case, the moment you tell him you’re into him too, it’s on and popping. He’ll ask you out on a date immediately. 

#11 He’s heard rumors about you

Unfortunately, people are not very kind and can say mean and nasty things about others.

One rumor that can really put a guy off a girl is that she sleeps around. If he’s heard this about you, he may feel as if he’s in a difficult situation because sometimes rumors aren’t true.


So instead of asking you outright, he wants to get to know you for himself.

Even though it’s difficult to get to know someone properly over text, there’s a high chance he’s testing the waters before he takes things any further to ensure you’re not who they say you are. 

#12 He doesn’t want to appear rude

Perhaps a mutual friend had you exchange numbers hoping that you’d be a good match.

But he wasn’t really interested in you from the beginning. He didn’t want to appear rude when you first met.

He was never planning on calling you, but you text him, so he texts back. The problem is that you text him daily, so he feels obliged to text you every day.

You can solve this issue very easily by not texting him. If he doesn’t text you first, you know he was never genuinely interested and was only texting you back to be polite. 

What does it mean if a guy texts you every day but doesn’t ask you out?

When a guy texts you every day but doesn’t ask you out it could mean he is not an alpha male, he’s savoring the moment, or he’s texting multiple women.

Keep reading to find out what it means if a guy texts you every day but doesn’t ask you out. 

#1 He’s not an alpha male

An alpha male will always make the first move because they perceive anything else as easy to get.

They love the chase, and if they’re seriously interested in a woman, they won’t leave a stone unturned to get to her.

Alpha males like to take the initiative, and he won’t waste his time texting you daily. He’ll ask you out very quickly if you’re what he wants.

On the other hand, if he’s just a regular guy, not very confident and a bit on the shy side, he’ll have no problems with a female asking him out on a date, and that’s probably what he’s waiting for with his daily text messages. 

#2 He’s Savoring the moment

Do you and your guy friend have great text messaging banter? You seem to get each other’s jokes and never have an awkward texting moment?

If that’s the case, he may not want to spoil it. He may fear that meeting you in person won’t be the same as speaking to you over text. 

#3 He’s texting multiple women

For some men, texting multiple women is a cheap dating option. They can do the elimination via text messaging because they feel they’ve mastered the art of getting to know women this way.

To you, it’s taking him long to ask you out, but this is his process, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. 


#4 He wants to be friends first

Instead of rushing into asking you out on a date, he wants to develop a friendship with you first.

He may start calling you when he wants to take getting to know you as a friend to a deeper level. But this type of guy is all about moving at a snail’s pace.

You can either move with him or move on to the next. 

Will a guy text you if he’s not interested?

Yes, of course, especially if he sees you as a friend.

Some situations are slightly more complicated, such as you’ve already been on a couple of dates, and now he’s just texting you and not talking about anything that indicates something more between you.

If he’s stopped flirting, or he’s not flirting at all, it’s probably a sign that he doesn’t have a romantic interest in you. 

How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?

If a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will tell you outright, or he’ll drop so many hints through the compliments he gives there will be no doubt in your mind he’s interested.

You will know that a guy is not interested in you through text if he never compliments you, doesn’t ask about your relationship status, and keeps the conversation formal. 

#1 He never compliments you

A man will typically start complimenting you immediately if he’s interested.

When you’ve just met someone and you’ve got chemistry, this will come through texting, talking on the phone, or having a face-to-face conversation.

When two people first meet, physical attraction is all they have to go on, and if it’s not there, it can’t be forced.

So if he’s not complimenting you, it’s probably because he didn’t feel that initial spark of attraction. 

#2 He doesn’t ask about your relationship status

Men don’t like wasting their time, and unless they’re trying to friend zone you, they will find out whether you’re in a relationship before they start pursuing you.

Even if they plan on becoming friends first, they will want to know whether you’ve got a boyfriend because they don’t want to encroach on someone else’s territory. 

#3 He keeps the conversation formal

He hasn’t complimented you or asked about your relationship status, and he texts you as if he’s texting a work colleague.

Unfortunately, you can confidently say he’s not interested in starting a relationship with you. 

How to go from talking to dating or calling?

So you’ve met a guy you’ve been texting for a while, but you want to start moving things along.

You can do this in several ways, including suggesting a phone call, limiting your conversations, and dropping hints that you want to meet in person. 

#1 Suggest a Phone Call

If he’s sending you several texts throughout the day, don’t respond to all of them.

To avoid the text messaging trap, don’t spend too much time conversating with him through text.


Respond to one or two of his texts when you get home from work. After several short and sweet text messages and not responding to all his texts, he’ll either call you or ask why you don’t respond to all his text messages.

At this point, you can say, “text messaging isn’t my thing. I prefer to speak to people over the phone. You get to know them better that way.”

#2 Set a Limit on Your Conversations

Talking to a guy too much on the phone can get just as drawn out as him texting you every day.

What you don’t want is to go from him texting you every day without making plans to calling you every day without making plans.

You can prevent this by keeping your conversations short and sweet.

Don’t speak for ten minutes, and if he asks you why you’re rushing off the phone, say something like, “so we’ll have plenty to talk about when you ask me out on a date.”

In this way, you’re letting him know three things first that you like him enough to want to date him.

Second, that you’re waiting for him to ask you out on a date, and third and most importantly, that you won’t waste hours of your time talking on the phone if he’s not willing to take you out on a date. 

#3 Drop Hints That You Want to Meet in Person

Now that he’s got you on the phone, but you don’t spend any more than ten minutes talking to him at a time, he should get the hint that it’s time to ask you out on a date.

You can make this process easier for him by telling him about some things you enjoy doing. If he’s serious about getting to know you better, he’ll ask to take you out on a date. 

How long should you wait for him to ask you out?

The time you should wait before he asks you out depends on how you met and how far things seem to be progressing over text.

If you met on a dating website, expect to wait 1-2 weeks. If you met in a professional environment, expect to wait between 1-3 months.

Expect to wait a few weeks if you met on a random night out. Keep reading to find out why. 

#1 1-2 weeks on a dating website

According to relationship expert Hayley Quinn, it takes one to two weeks for a guy to ask you out if you met on a dating website. Because anything longer than that, the excitement is likely to wear off.

Also, what usually happens in the online dating world, is people can get so caught up in having a cyber relationship that they develop a fantasy of the person in their mind.

When they do finally meet up, that fantasy doesn’t match the reality, and there’s no second date.

Whereas if a guy is serious about a female, he’ll take her out on a first date before it gets to that point. 

#2 in a professional environment

It will take a lot longer for a guy to ask you out if you met in a professional environment such as work or school.

This is because he’s taking a greater risk with his reputation; therefore, he needs to overcome many hurdles.

For example, he must observe your character to ensure you’re not a blabbermouth. Are you the girl who will run around telling everyone he asked you out on a date?

If he has a high-ranking position within your company, he has even more to lose than the average employee.

So you can expect to wait between 1 to 3 months under such circumstances. 

#3 1-2 weeks on a random night out

If you meet a guy on a random night out, he doesn’t have much to lose by asking you out within a few weeks.

If you’ve been responding to his text messages and clarified that you’re interested, he’ll probably ask you out within one to two weeks.