What Does It Mean When A Guy Texts You Every Day?

So, you’ve met a guy, and you like him! He’s started texting you daily, and you’re wondering why and if there’s any meaning behind it.

Or perhaps a good friend has started texting you daily, and you’re wondering why he’s suddenly changed his texting style!

It’s so easy to start ruminating: what are his intentions? Does he like you as just a friend or romantically? Maybe he enjoys talking to people, and you’re one of those lucky people. 

When a guy texts you daily, it could mean different things, such as he’s interested in you romantically, values your conversation and friendship, uses you for emotional support, or enjoys talking to you.

It’s important to consider the content and context of the messages to understand his intentions better. Ultimately, communicating and asking him directly is the best way to know his meaning.

It’s harder to understand intentions and emotions with text, as you don’t have the same benefit of seeing body language as you do in person.

It can be much trickier to gauge flirtation unless you’re used to receiving flirty texts and know what that language looks like. Not to mention that everyone has a different way of expressing interest anyway – argh! 

8 Reasons Why a Guy Texts You Every Day and What It Means

When a guy texts you every day, you’ve got to consider these things:

1. He’s looking for friendship and values your conversation.

He may see you as a friend and find you interesting to talk to. There’s usually a big difference between friendly texts and flirty texts, so read between the emoji lines and dig deeper!

If you like him, don’t be afraid to ask where you stand. Rather than wait for him to make a move or declare you as best buds, ask him!

You may get that awkward sending-a-question-over-text anxiety, but it’s a good way to clear the air, as he may wonder the same thing. 

Sometimes, this may result in a mutual interest in each other or an awkward moment where you realize you’re at different places.

If the guy you’re interested in is mature, he’ll appreciate your honesty however he feels. It’s always better to know.

2. He’s looking for a romantic partner and is interested in you.

Long texts are a good sign that he’s interested in you romantically, especially if the texts have many questions about you, and aren’t a simple “me, me, me” with him merely looking for an ego stroke. 

Wanting to get to know you is great. He may try to find some potential date ideas if he asks you about your favorite food, hobbies, and interests.

Is he always initiating the conversation? That’s awesome! He wants to talk to you and enjoys spending his time messaging you. You’re on his mind.

Look for sweet pet names, compliments, and your eagerness to reply. You’ll probably get consistent messages with lots of questions that you need to reply to, which is perfect for keeping the messages flowing between you! Make sure you ask him questions in return if you’re interested in him. 

Conversely, if you’re getting a basic “Hi, how are you?” “Yeah, good thanks” messages, there’s not much going on there. He might be hoping you’ll take it up to the next level, but it’s likely just lazy friendship, and he’s bored.

3. He’s already got a girlfriend, and he’s trying to make her jealous.

This is cynical but immature guys use their phones as a weapon to create jealousy. Text messages from another girl may worry his girlfriend, especially if he’s got a player reputation.

He may be capitalizing on that, trying to make her feel insecure in herself and the relationship, and using you for that purpose.

Usually, you can tell when a guy is doing this from the general vibe of the message if you’re attuned to this behavior, but this doesn’t mean you’re not being used as a pawn in his game of relationship chess! 

Don’t be afraid to quickly dig into his social media to see if he’s currently dating anyone.

You’d be surprised at the number of guys with girlfriends and wives listed on social media, yet they’re busy messaging lots of girls!

4. He likes the attention!

Most guys (and girls!) love attention from the opposite sex. He may be a player with loads of girls on the go and lapping up the attention. 

Normally, if he’s putting effort into his texts and isn’t just saying “wyd”, he’s looking for more than another name to show off on his text messages to add to his popularity score.

Whether this effort is romantic or friendly is for you to find out!

5. You have things in common, making conversation interesting and easy for you both. 

Sometimes, if you have a more obscure hobby or interest, it’s hard to find someone interested in it too. If you share something like that, you’ll be a diamond to him!

This may progress into something more, but if you’ve only got a single interest in common and nothing else, it may not be a relationship for the long haul.

6. Texting is a great tool for love bombing.

You might get long, flirty texts all hours of the day to start with. Then, he may stop texting you once he’s got you hooked. Part of the fun with new love interests is the chase, and once you’re caught, where’s the fun?

Love bombing is a common tactic used to overwhelm a person with love (hence the name!) and quickly capture their interest and attention.

It’ll make you feel gooey and excited, but it fades quickly into an uncomfortable gut feeling when not-so-desirable behaviors pop up. 

They may even ghost you entirely, and you’ll wonder what you did wrong, leading you to chase them with messages asking just that!

That’s exactly what they want; it’s a huge ego boost to them, knowing that they’ve got under your skin and potentially damaged your self-esteem.

You can spot love bombing with gushy texts very early on. Over-the-top compliments and promises. You may even get the classic, “You’re perfect, I want to marry you.” Love bombing often places the receiver on a pedestal, which they’re destined to fall from. 

Occasionally, love bombing may be used with negging, which is where backhanded compliments or small insults are thrown your way.

One minute they love your music taste, but the next they harshly criticize your favorite band. “That dress would look even more amazing on you if you lost some weight!”

A puzzling combination that may leave you feeling confused and hurt. 

If you pick up on these vibes, it’s best to cut and run before you’re pulled in further into something more nefarious.

This is often how abusers start a relationship. Always listen to your gut instinct and take the time to look at new connections from an objective viewpoint.

7. He’s using you for free emotional labor.

You may be asking, “What is emotional labor?” It’s a term used to describe the emotional demands of a relationship, and all relationships have it to some degree.

However, it’s different if you’re dealing with someone who always seems to be having a crisis.

A guy may share his problems with you. Whilst this is refreshing to see from guys, it’s sometimes draining if it’s a one-way street.

Does he offer you the same courtesy? Or are you always there at his beck and call to help him out with his never-ending life issues?

It’s good to reassess the balance of relationships and see if you’re giving 100% and receiving nothing back.

A relationship will never be perfect 50/50, but there should be an effort on both parts to show care and interest.

8. He values your opinions and ideas.

He might message you with questions about crucial decisions, such as his job, or other valuable things to him, like his family.

This shows he trusts you and your advice with important things, which is fantastic.

Let’s delve a little deeper into these daily texts!

Does it mean something if a guy texts you every morning?

Much like texting last thing at night with those sweet “goodnights”, you can consider this a good sign!

Maybe you’re the first thing he thought of when he woke up, or maybe he was dreaming about you. 

One thing to consider: if you’re wondering what’s going on when guys text late at night, they may just be looking for some flirty, sexy chat and nothing more serious than that.

If you’re into a guy and he’s doing that, it can be hard if you know he’s not into you, and likes to flirt.

That’s where you need to assert boundaries and remember your worth. If he’s using you for cheap thrills and you’re getting hurt in the process, kick him to the curb! 

If you get a “sleep well, beautiful” kind of message, he cares about you and is likely interested in you.

Again, some guys can be manipulative and say what you want to hear, but you can usually work that out in the context of your relationship.

Aka, if he only calls you nice names when you’ve given him something or done something for him, he’s manipulating you. 

Does it mean something if a guy texts you every morning?

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

Some guys are more talkative than others, but at least once a day, it shows you that you’ve been on his mind that day.

The quantity of the texts isn’t important. It’s more the content itself. It shows he likes you if they’re flirty, romantic, complimentary, or caring. 

Some guys may text too much. This is usually just a mismatch in your communication styles, and there’s no reason why you can’t tell him to back off a little if you’re finding it overwhelming.

How should you feel about the guys who don’t text back right away or don’t text much?

Even though instant messaging has allowed us access to people constantly, it doesn’t mean we’re owed a speedy response.

Guys who don’t text much at all might not be worth your time. Unless you’re not adding anything of interest to the conversation, then you might need to look at your contributions to the relationship.

How can you tell if he likes you through texting

Long texts are a great sign he likes you. It means he wants to get to know you and talk to you.

Compliments are another positive indicator that he’s interested in you, as are flirty or excessive emojis! Questions about your day and you show he cares.

Guys generally aren’t as open with their feelings as girls, and he may play hard to get. It might be easier for you to be open about your feelings first.

He may be waiting for you to make a move, as expressing feelings can feel vulnerable if unrequited.

This can feel like game playing, but sometimes it’s better to go for it and let him know how you feel instead of wasting time! As they say, life’s too short.

Why does he talk to me every day but not hang out?

Maybe he’s a shy guy who would rather send text messages. Lots of people prefer texting! Maybe he’s got a busy schedule with school or work and doesn’t have time for hanging out.

Alternatively, he may just be bored and want to talk to someone without putting in genuine effort. 

Will guys text if he is not interested?

It really depends on your definition of “interested”. He probably won’t bother texting you at all if he’s not interested in any sense of the word, but he might want to waste some time talking to someone. It’s not an indicator by itself that he’s really into you.